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DEATH CLOUD  China's dust storm to reach U.S. Broadcast


Recent dust storm: related to TOMS Aerosol Index images?

List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from man. Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. THOTH

3/15/02 4:38:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

(Note: Some greatly respect the Jinn, particularly some of the Muslim faith. I
personally think anything like faith or belief is suspect. That includes all
religions. But I could be mistaken, and if so please spare my soul oh wise God!
And Jesus too! --SW)

From an anonymous friend: The JINN from the INNER EARTH, are Manipulating the Surface Population!
(CBS) Sheik Mubarek Gilani is the man Daniel Pearl was on the way to meet when
The "Wall Street Journal" reporter was kidnapped. Sheik Mubarek Gilani was
interviewed on "60 Minutes", on March 13th, 2002.

Dan Rather reports...Before the kidnapping, few had heard about Gilani. But for
years, the U.S. government had kept him and his organization in the State
Department's report on terrorism.

Sheik Gilani states that he had nothing to do with Pearl's kidnapping. He also
said that the real problem was "The JINN".

Sheik Gilani talked about what he sees as the most serious threat to the world,
why bad things happen in America, including acts of terrorism. These bad
things, he says, are caused by invisible forces.

"There are beings who are not visible to you," he says. "But they inhabit this
earth. And they are damaging, causing psychotic diseases, fits, epilepsies. And
controlling the agents, controlling the human beings."

Gilani says he can control those evil forces. He says that he is not a threat
to the U.S., but could be its salvation.

To understand why, he points to an American television show "The X-Files." He
says the mind control and evil influence that aliens wield over human beings in
the program is much like the power of the invisible forces he believes in.
"What is an X-file? Most of things - could have happened or will happen,"
Gilani said. "Human beings can be made to do things against their will. They
can be made to commit crimes. They can made to go and kill people. You know?
And all your missiles, all your rockets, space ships go up. And electronics,
they can be damaged, influenced, and misdirected through the agencies of gin
beings." Muslims all over the world also believe in these invisible evil forces
that are described in the Koran. The sheik feels that these forces are a much
bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism. He says the United States should
thank him for passing on his message about the invisible world instead of
accusing him of terrorism.

Excerpts from :

The JINN, from the INNER EARTH

The Jinn from a scientific(?) viewpoint by Chris Line, Flying Saucer Review
Consultant Excerpts follow :
This article came about as a result of a discussion concerning the nature of
the JINN, and their apparent activity in the UFO and psychic fields. Jinns
are beings which dwell on a parallel level to man, but due to their existing at
a different vibratory rate, they are not normally visible to us or detectable
by us. In spite of this invisibility, when UFO events or psychic events
occur, there are often changes in an energy that we can measure - and this is
the electro-magnetic spectrum. Our starting point is with the traditions of
Islam, and, in particular, the Qur'an, which contains some quantity of
information of a metaphysical nature, a proportion of which deals with the

NOTE : New Zealander Trevor James Constable in his second book, "The Cosmic
Pulse of Life", states that UFOs began to appear in numbers around the time
when man started to use Radar. Or - to put it another way - the UFOs began to
appear around the time when man started to fill the Earth's atmosphere with
microwave radiation.- bearing in mind that the Jinn may possess bodies of
infra-red - then we can certainly see a good reason for their becoming

Microwave radiation is just below infra-red in the electro-magnetic spectrum
(i.e. - just above Radio waves) - therefore our projection of microwaves into
the Earth's atmosphere may well disrupt, or disturb, the bodies of the Jinn and
the medium in which they live and dwell.

In the Islamic texts it is stated that the Jinn are able to materialize or
disappear at will. This would imply one of three things:- (1) They have control
over the matter that we consider to be "everyday reality"; (2) They have
control over certain aspects of our own psyche, and can create in us the
subjective experience of matter; (3) They can create illusions of an external
and very realistic nature in the same way that we create holograms.

NOTE : Trevor J. Constable's first book, "They Live in the Sky", he states
that he contacted "Entities" describe themselves as being "from the
interplanetary Etheric".

"Infra-red" denizens could dwell inside Earth! Lower-frequency Infra-red
penetrates deep into the Earth. Consequently, if a being had a body of low-
frequency Infra-red, it could live deep down inside the Earth, interpenetrating
what we consider to be solid materiality.

Trevor J. Constable suggests that if one looks through a red filter at ordinary
daylight for some time and then looks at a living thing without the filter, the
aura of that thing becomes visible for a short while. This information probably
originates with the British Dr W.J. Kilner, who worked during the early part of
this century on the human aura, employing magenta filters. Now, if the eye
accommodates in the same way as our other senses do, then, after looking for
some time through the red filter, it may begin to recalibrate the visual range,
taking red as it were the usual light blue (of the sky in daylight). Hence,
when the filter is removed, the usual range may, for a short while, extend down
into the Infra-red.

Clairvoyant faculties : Suppose that for reasons of exceptional physiology (or
possibly only of mental programming) they are able to perceive a greater range
of frequencies than is normal, and can therefore see into the Infra-red and the
Ultra-Violet realms?

The JINN live in Desert CAVES and LAVA TUBES

Caves beneath the desert, pictures and reports on the exploration of caves in
Saudi Arabia :

Oman caving tours -- stellar vistas underground! The lower you go, the
higher you feel! : One of these
awe-inspiring treks is coveted by cavers on 6 continents. Visiting "Majlis
Al Jinn" -- The Spirits' Waiting Room -- second-largest underground chamber in
the world at 4 million cubic meters, is such a monumental undertaking that only
the toughest cavers should even dream of it.


The Fisherman And The Jinni Fisherman finds jar which holds Jinni and frees
him. * Do Djinns belong to another species than humans (they can interbreed
with us, can't they?) or another phylum, or are they thoroughly non-organical
(they are made from fire, while man was made from earth)? Inquiring minds want
to know.

Beneath the Southeastern Platform

of the Temple Mount [see map : ] is
an underground area named Solomon's stables. The underground halls are made of
12 pillared avenues which differ from one another in length. The northern wall
contains a gem stone. Due of the impressive construction of these stables and
the mystique surrounding them, Solomon's stables are an important part of
popular Muslim tradition. Their myth has it that there was a need for "the Jinn
intervention" (a demon), so this demon carried the massive stones to their
place. "This was carried out according to Solomon's order," it is said, because
he "was known to rule over all the demons."

Now that this Jinn is out of the bottle.....

Excerpts from :

"The Qur'an, Surah 55 says: "And when the heavens splitteth asunder and becometh
rosy like red hide, which is it, of the favours of your lord, that ye deny? On
that day neither man nor jinni will be questioned of his sin."

"Ah, those mysterious jinni. Is it they who Whitley still encounters? Igerna was
tricked at Tintagel by the cole-man Merlin, son of a jinn and a human woman,
who helped Uther Pendragon shape-shift into the guise of her husband. From this
magical seduction came Arthur, named as one of the revered Saints by Crowley.
Demon-spawn Merlin, pimping Igerna so that he might snatch the magically-
conceived baby afterward. Merlin the falcon, sharing that bird with Horus.
Whore-us Igerna, be our Scarlet Woman in this magic, anchor the bloodline of
the Dragon. The banner of the Dragon flies at the conquering of Cornwall by his
white-lie lay, while later Arthur is said to be buried on the line of the
dragon ley running through Glastonbury. Centuries later an old Cornish woman
passes on the oral lore of her family, regarding a disaster on Mars and
evacuation to Earth of pregnant women, using circular space ships. Anchor the
bloodline of Igerna, who also produced Morgan le Fay, Morgan whose fairy blood
ran hot."

"One tale says that Arthur was star-born, maybe from those samples the jinni so
carefully collect at night when their victims lie frozen in dream."

"These star-people, who are reputed to meddle in the bloodlines of the kings
like we breed showdogs. These star-people, who think that Earth Girls (and
Boys) are Easy. Was it they who spoke with Crowley almost daily on Esopus
Island? Little LAM who made thee, dost thou know who made thee? Was LAM, whose
portrait Crowley exhibited months after his sojourn on the island, a birthing
metaphor? Or was the Big-headed One with the strange eyes later to visit
Whitley eight miles west of the island? The Catskills are so lovely at any time
of year, who can blame the star-people for coming back from whatever dimensions
they frequent?"
-- Carol Maltby

REPTILIAN or ANGEL, which ever you are.

The Shape-shifting Myth and Mystery : A Theoretical Perspective by Wm.
Michael Mott

Excerpts from :

One of the oldest types of entities in folkloric and mythological accounts is
also one of the latest, and of late, more common in paranormal or fortean
accounts. Various entities may, upon initial consideration of witness accounts,
seem widely-disparate in nature; yet whether of "gray" alien, the original
Puerto Rican "chupacabras," "grinning men" (of various sizes, heights and
descriptions), MIBs, or "REPTOID" type, all seem to share a variety of
characteristics which can be more or less identifiable as "REPTILIAN" or
"amphibian" in nature. These characteristics range from "leathery" or lizard-
like skin texture, bulging eyes, slit or oblique pupils, webbed hands or
fingers, and to some extent, sparseness or absence of facial and body hair.

The Reptilians or "REPTOIDS," stretching back through the centuries, have had a
folkloric reputation of being deceivers, shapeshifters, vampires, and anthropophagous.

Underworld beings are traditionally the masters of "glamourie," or glamour,
illusion, shape-shifting, deception, and so on....

The interest in human blood and genetic materials, exhibited by fairy lovers
and abductors, elves, trolls, undines, incubi, succubi, frog princes,
JINN, "deros," and the elemental or sylph-like "gray aliens" is all too
obvious. Is it possible that we might be dealing with something which is
PURELY A GENETIC THIEF OR PARASITE? A thief of genomes, in whole or in part as
the necessity arises, a "blank slate" predator which can
assume a variety of appearances? .....this has traditionally been the province
of "underworld" or subterranean beings in folk traditions worldwide,
from western fairies and demons, middle eastern JINN and dubuks, to Indian

Aliens(JINN) and UFOs are NOT ET from outer space. The most common UFOs we see , hear
or talk about , are those from this "Jinn"s . They live here on Earth , and
have set their bases in many places

UNDERNEATH the earth / ocean surface Jinn Also singular Djinn or Jinnee, plural
Djinni or Jineeyeh (Jin and Jinx are other variants). Arabian spirits, perhaps animistic,
but more probably accurately mythological like the Persian divs. The word is usually
translated as meaning approximately elementals although they are fearsome and
frequently portrayed as monstrous demons. It is also likely that
the word genii comes from Jinn.

The Jinn were created out of fire, and populated the earth for many thousands
of years before Adam and Eve. They were perverse and vicious,
and would not reform, although prophets were sent to salvage them. Unrepentant,
they were eventually driven from the earth, and took refuge in
the outlying islands of the sea.

One of them named Azazel (afterwards called Iblees or Eblis) was carried off as
a prisoner by the angels. He then grew up amongst them, and
eventually became their chief. But refusing, when commanded by God, to
prostrate himself before Adam, he was degraded to the condition of a
Sheytân or Shaitan, and becomes the father of the sheytâns, or devils.

The Jinn are not immortal, but destined ultimately to die. They eat and drink
and propagate their species, living in communities, and are ruled
over by princes.


Excerpts from:

In every culture the human imagination has populated the world with extra-
dimensional denizens (EDDs) and created myths about the dangers of
dealing with them.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, a djinn (jinni or genie) is "in
Arabic mythology, a supernatural spirit below the level of angels and
devils. They delight in punishing humans for any harm done them, intentionally
or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many
diseases and all kinds of accidents; however, those human beings knowing the
proper magical procedure can exploit the djinn to their

Djinn feature heavily in the classic ancient story anthology collectively known
as The Arabian Nights or Thousand and One Nights.

In my travels to India and Pakistan, I have come across a widespread belief
amongst, in particular, the older generation of Muslims in the actual
existence of djinn. Belief in the reality of the djinn is held as easily as
belief in other natural forces such as light or darkness. I was talking with a
well educated, highly qualified friend in Islamabad; he expressed great
surprise in my own surprise that a graduate from Lahore could believe in
a hidden race of beings existing alongside us.

The djinn are renowned for their ability to pretend to be our allies only to
lead us astray - even Muhammad the Prophet originally feared that his
revelations might be the work of djinn. But we are informed from many sources
that humans do have the ability to control all shades of these extra-
dimensional denizens (EDDs).

Dealing with demons, devils and djinn is a dodgy business, as Aleister Crowley
and others found to their cost...

The Bible and the Koran are full of references to angels, devils and djinn with
a similar human connection and contract. Today, aliens allegedly
have a special relationship with their human subjects with many thousands
apparently engaged in a willing or unwilling contact (sometimes also reported
as a contract) over many years. George Adamski's Orthon is an archetypal angel
whilst the large-eyed Greys could be viewed as demonic as they go about their
surgical inspections of abducted humans.

Devils are far more powerful than elementals, with a strength close to that of
angels although, of course, for evil. Unlike elementals that must work in their
own natural current, devils can operate anywhere and act with full
consciousness and deadly intent. Add to this potent mixture a wonderful
facility for deception and you should be sufficiently warned to avoid the
devils; the trouble is, how do you reliably tell who is who?

------- End of forwarded message -------------------------------

"In little more than a year we have gone from enjoying peace and the most
prosperous economy in our history, to a nation plunged into war, recession and fear. This is a nation
being transformed before our very eyes."

Steve Wingate, Webmaster


Who are the Jinn?  








A New Form of Matter

Scientists have created a new kind of matter: It comes in  waves and bridges the gap between the everyday world of  humans and the micro-domain of quantum physics.

Commercial fishermen demand answers to 'black water' mystery  Satellite images show 'black water' progression, giving researchers some clues

EDITOR'S NOTE: SAMAEL, dark Watcher, Jinn, rumored to lurk China, also rumors of "going into portals at NY or PA."


SUMER: You have mentioned a machine. It has been destroyed and those that tended it along with it. The 'tunnels of light' exist no more in fact. This system not only forced 'souls' back into bodies, it stripped the soul of all worthwhile knowledge and experience and quite callously. The pan-dimensional 'ruling' creatures fed themselves for hundreds of thousands of years off the entities raped in those 'tunnels'. That main source of food/energy has been closed down. These creatures are now attempting to feed off one another. You can see it in politics from the top down.


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Hello Kent, I have uploaded a .9 hz signal file taken from a six hour data  recording on the 21st of March. As you can see, instead of a steady carrier, there is now what appears to be some type of modulation. Sound File

Take care, Charlie, ELFRAD  ARCHIVES: Lunar Signal Lunar Signal 2

  Interesting Movies from STRS-80

TIMEBOMB 2000, NUKES AND RED MERCURY: According to one of my sources, Iraq possesses "s-megaton" micro-nuclear warheads. These are softball-sized two-megaton fusion bombs triggered by an irradiated and compressed compound of mercury antimony oxide. This device doubles the nuclear yield with a hundredfold reduction of weight. Using heavy hydrogen instead of uranium or plutonium to fuel its explosive reaction, this hand-held nuclear weapon cannot be detected by U.S. sensors. EDITOR: Notice the reference to Red Mercury, not only an alleged substance ke in nuclear interactions, fusion, fission, but a rumored substance important to alchemy. Legend has it that the alchemist in possession of Red Mercury had sway over, you guessed it, the Jinn [sometimes I wonder after reading Cathie if nukes themselves are toys of the Jinn?] Links 2 3 Did Timothy McVeigh have a bag full of red mercury? The Pool of Mercury in the Tomb-Chamber of the Emperor [hearing rumors that Egyptian nobility were embalmed in Red Mercury and that the substance is being "mined"] Mercury-Hermes [Thoth] SLEUTHS?

VIMANA Ancient Aircraft  Mercury vortex propulsion and mercury gyros Ancient India Energy


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