Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked Down on the world. Seeing the children of men in their bondage, bound by the Force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. THOTH

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him-- REVELATION CHAPTER 12, vs. 7-9

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There's some solid ET research being done in Europe these days... research
that those in power in this country would like to quash. What you mentioned
sounds pretty good. But that's not the way to defeat them.

When I mention war, people probably think "War, what war? I don't see any
ships firing at each other." This has been a superadvanced war, with the
ships on both sides engaging in cloaking technology. As everyone knows, they
move soundlessly. Couple that with supering the surrounding terrain on the
hulls of the ships and what do you then have? This has been, as I believe
that I've said, a war of psychology and infiltration. The other side looks
exactly like us and conducts themselves accordingly. How to defeat the
Dracos. By exposure, which is why I'm even doing this. At the core of it all
is their father, satan. But, the subspace transmission of their's... to
their command center in planet Typhon - Alpha Draconis - shows them to refer
to satan as Lucifer... their father Lucifer. This was from their
infiltration forces for the U.S. and Canada, probably based on the 7th level
of Dulce Base, N.M.. Interesting place that Dulce Base, N.M..

By the way, remember my mentioning that I'm an abductee and put through the
usual ordeal. They also probably put me through "M-K Ultra/Delta", thinking
that I'm their's. But I'm not, irregasrdless of what they think. They
haven't the slightest idea of what I've been learning. Which of course is
burning them. Watch what I say.

Take care, until next time. Glad you're there.


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Subject: more information
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:51:30 PDT
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After hearing Mike Siegel mention the intense chemspraying that our
high-flying elves were doing over L.A. yeasterday... he mentioned it on last
night's "Coast"... and the events that've transpired today, I'm going to
have you do something. It's up to you. But first, more on myself, so you get
a better idea of where I'm coming from. No, I haven't been to any school, as
you seem to think. Yes, I am part of an organization, which is very
secret... due to what we're up against. Think of the Terran Resistance
Movement as the real life version of the 'Impossible Missions Force' of
"Mission Impossible" fame... once of my all time favorite series. Not the
remake, but the old CBS-TV series. I'll go more into myself in future

My involvement in all of this began prior to March 1988... when the Writers
Guild strike began... which went on for a very long time. I had a screenplay
in a production company, which almost made the green light, but died on the
vine... due to the length of the strike. Along with many other screenplays.
In all this time, I've had only one goal in mind and that's to see this
purgatory to the end and get on with my life, before it completely eaks away
from me. Because of this p.o.v., I've been able to see things far more
clearly than others... so as not to get totally sucked into all of this.

First, it was the Dracos who thought that I belong to them, due to my having
been abducted by them. Not true... ever. Then it was several adherents to
witchcraft who attempted spellbinding on me... thinking that they were
successful and I've come under their control. Again, not true. Then it was
all of those in my position who believe that I'm one of them... the streets.
Again, not true. After all, if you suddenly found me among a group of
doctors, I hardly believe that I've suddenly become a doctor. That one is
true. And all of these years, through all of the research that I've done and
tried to understand everything that was taking place around me, I was free
to begin understanding it all. Which no one here realized what I was doing.

This is along the lines of the "Star Warrior's Philosophy/Ten Commandments",
which was passed down to the Hopi elders, following the crash of an ET
craft, back in 1947. It stresses learning and maintaining passion in all
that you do. And the only truth that you will come to undersdtand is that
which you have learned yourself and not what another tries to tell you is
the truth.

And this is what I need you to do. began feeding you information...
information that must, must be made available to anyone that you can think
of. Chemspraying... from what I've been able to ascertain... is mind control
chemicals, laid down by Lockheed/CIA 'Black Operations' personell. This is
the forerunner to offensive action by specially trained and fully-equipped
SOG (Special Operations Group) personell... both men and women... authorized
to apprehend all of us, killing on sight any of us who refuse to surrender
to them. They operate of of a series of clandestine bases, with fleets of
attack helicopters. On three separate occasions, I've witnessed them fly
over me. They've been programmed to believe that all of us are their enemies
and the Dracos are the only friends that they have.

The only way that any governmental (Federal level) agency can get created is
by both Houses of Congress. Any other way is considered unconstitutional.
When Jimmie Carter was in office, he created FEMA (Federal Emergency
Management Agency)... a regulatory agency, not cabinet-level agency. Created
it out of his Executive Previlege, which was left intact. And since then,
succeeding presidents signed legislation, making FEMA the single most
powerful agency in Washington.

l. They can declare martial law.

2. Department of Defense will then be placed under them.

3. Through their REX (population relocation program), they can arrest you on
sight, killing you if necessary, then transport all survivors to already
setup camps. Administered by the Energy Dept. Think Los Alamos and that
scientist who's been in the news lately.

4. Every allegedly senseless shooting... Columbine, Alfred P. Murah, Las
Vegas, etc.,etc.,etc, has been attempts to set machinery into motion. It's
referred to as CIA's 'Greentree Programming', aka "Projects M-K
Ultra/Delta'. Some say Manchurian Candidates, I say Agents Provacateurs.

I'm prevented from getting this out, due to how Santa Monica Is. There are
too many negative factions here, wanting to end our freedoms. I need all the
help that you can give me in bringing attention to Santa Monica. Your life
and the lives of others are very definetely in the line. Why else would I go
to the trouble of doing any of this?

Check back with me, Joni and take care.


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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:55:24 PDT
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I hope, i truly hope that I'm now being able to see the end of this thing...
from this position that I've been in for so long. The first thing that I
check out, once I've logged-on, is the "Coast to Coast" website. Sean
Morton's going to be on with Mike Siegel and they included a fast blast
question for the guests, from the listeners. I posed one and now I wonder if
it'll be brought up.

Think, now that I hope things are settling down here, I'll answer some of
the questions that you've asked of me... that I couldn't get around to
answering. Or answering properly.

As for the length of my involvement in this war, I mentioned over 12 years
now. But that was when I found myself here in Santa Monica. It began in
earnest over in Malibu. Remember my mentioning that I had a screenplay in a
production company, over in Hollywood? I was piddling around Malibu, waiting
for word on it, not knowing that WGA was going out on strike. That is when
the first of many metaphysical experiences began. I've had so many of them
that by now some of them are history. I delivered bbq at night and piddled
around during the day. As you know, restaurant pay isn't great, but you
don't starve either. Like any restaurant, I used to take food with me, after
the place closed for the day. I don't know if you're familiar with Malibu,
but PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) runs through it, with little islands to park
in. I would eat the food that I took out and then park in one of the canyons
for the night... Malibu, like the rest of California, consists of lots of
canyons and valleys.

I was parked to where the Santa Monica Bay was to my left and the canyon
walls were to my right. I had my full attention on something on the radio
and was having a cigarette. Something compelled me to turn towards the water
and that's when I 'saw' it. Notice I wrote 'saw' instead of saw. If you were
next to me, you wouldn't have seen it yourself. It was an enormous craft,
but not a solid one. It was made up of, as they like to say, 'millions of
points of light'. I could sense a whole city of 'beings' in that craft, with
someone... possibly the commander... observing me. The color is reminiscent
of a certain shade of brownish/tan that always been fashionably popular. It
appeared to me to be very bright.

To this day, I believe that that was the first shot that was fired.

Several days passed and I was working the counter of the bbq place. It was,
if I remember properly, the middle of the week and the weather was bad...
hence no deliveries at that time. That place had the standard bbq menu...
beef, pork, ribs, etc. Standard fare. Some guy comes in to place an order.
You know how it goes sometimes, with people you meet for the first time?
Only a few people, that is. Some you instantly like,others you don't. This
mone I didn't like. He went down the menu... yes... no... yes... no. I went
back into the kitchen, filled his order, returned to the counter and he paid
for it. Then he left. A few minutes later I realized that at no time did we
ever verbalize a word between us. Not once. Most of what I've learned, I've
learned in retrospect.

Then there was the pidgeon that landed directly on the wiper of my car,
looked directly into my eyes... drawing me into its eyes, imparting to me a
sense of intense love. Then flying off to somewhere else.

Then there were the times where I was 'shown'... notice again the way I
wrote that word... other planes or dimensions. While being wide awake both
times. It was an overcast night, without a star in the sky... when the night
sky parted, and a golden world was imparted to me. I couldn't detect any
known form, only that everything was absolute perfection, with an almost
overpowering sense of love present. 'Everything's okay' sort of thing.

Then there was the other side, where millions... I'm only guessing at the
numbers... of beings were imprisoned in total darkness and soundlessness.
Like your being locked in a closet, not being able to even move one

These are a couple of things that I've experienced, while involved in all of
this. Tell you more if you want to know of them. These are just the mild
ones. Until next time, take care.

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Although there's much more that I can impart to you... much, much more...
think I'll just stick to your questions that you're asking me. I'm going to
bew quite frank with you. I'm so damned tired of this bullshit town, crap
attitudes displayed towards this subject and the arrogant and conceited
attitudes of the ETs that're here. And I'm talking about the good ones.
These people seem to think that since they can zip around the universe...
probaby via Hyperdrive... and traverse the various planes, that their shit
doesn't stink. Sorry about the language, Joni, but I'm burned out. This has
been a brutal 12 years, in a town running on arrogance and conceit. I just
can't deal with it anymore.

Listen to what I'm about to impart to you. I know what I know, which has
attacked the negative element here, because I was doing only one thing. And
that was to protect my world... my creativity. One thing ETs do
magnificently is manipulation. They excell in it. No matter what you
try to
do and what you try to say... if allowed to do so, that is... it is always
perverted to look like something else. To benefit themselves. And only
themselves. It's all bad here, Joni, all bad. I'm hanging by a thread and
only a thread.... I've not chosen to be here and I've not chosen to remain
here. I've yet to enter into religous crusade, become a coomunity activist
or chosen to become a legend. Irregardless of my involvement in this for
all of these years, it damned
sure hasn't benefitted me. You and others, sure. But not me. My life is
ruined, because I've been brought into something that I've never wanted to
enter into and induced to remain in a place that I've come to loath totally.
So, when I impart my knowledge to others, such as yourself. then I'm merely
giving a clinical assessment of the situation and how we as a society almost
bought the farm. Even my own family didn't want to be bothered. For over 12
years, I've tried to establish dialog with someone... anyone. And all I've
gotten in return is a monolog. Everyone telling me the way it is and for me
to get screwed. That's been the attitude here and with my very own family.

What kind of town is Santa Monica? Remember the O.J. Simpson trial held
here? He's totally innocent and I can show this to be so. Nicole Simpson and
Ron Goldman were victims of satanic ritual murder, with Nicole knowing that
she was to die. 4 men killed them, not O.J. Simpson. I can also tie the Feds
to all of these alleged unconnected killings. No one has any idea of the
information that I've amassed over the years and it all ties together.

Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos scientist is taking the fall for nuclear secrets
given to Beiging by a group in Washington. One of my printouts claims that
the Dracos have the Chinese controlled. I believe it. Remember the
Rosenbergs, who were executed for espionage? This to cover FDR's transfer of
3/4 of a kilo of enriched uraneum and other nuclear paraphernalia to Stalin,
as part of the 'Lend Lease' program signed by U.S. and USSR.

Now for your questions.

Questions asked Siegel: "Are you aware of a very secret, intense war between
the Federation and the Draconian Empire? I fell asleep just after midnight,
when Siegel went live with Morton. I didn't focus too well on Shirley

Like I said before, Santa Monica has just got to be exposed, along with
everything else. I served 4 years in the Air Force and never thought that
this country would become like it's become.
I'm damned proud of my service record, although it isn't all
that great, but I'm completely turned off by the way this country has
become. This is our country, Joni, not some other foreign culture's

So you're in the Miami area, huh? I lived on both the Atlantic and Gulf
sides. Vero and Ft. Pierce and Ft. Myers and Naples areas. Unless Sanibel's
changed, I remember it fondly. Too much buildup for me now.

As for that guy in the bbq place. I didn't realize that it was mental
telepathy until afterwards. Remember my using the term 'retrospect'?

About the pidgeon, thought I'd just throw that one in.

The two visions:

No form, as we know it, but we don't have anything as beautiful as that
golden world in our world. But then, we're in material form, so I may not
have been expected to see any form. Whatever.

Both things that I 'experienced' I experienced out of the blue. I had my
mind on other things and suddenly I had those two visions. They left me as
quickly as they came to me.

I've never been in conversation with anyone about anything. Around here, I
can understand why this has been so. This pace has been way too dangerous to
do otherwise. I've had four outright attempts made on my life, with
constant, daily harrassment to break me from my course. All attempts have
failed. As they will continue to do so.

12 years ago I found myself here as a single act and to this day I remain a
single act. Due to the dangerous... and it still is... situation here.

That's about it for this. Anything more.

Take Care.


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Since I'm on a short time today, I'm going to go to the basics here. From
this point on, I'm taking the mindset that this is the first time that I've
written to you and everyone else. So, bear in mind that there's going to be
a lot of duplication. First of all, all that I've come to learn I've learned
by a process that even I can't quite fully explain to you, nor anyone else.
I'd love to communicate with others, but really don't know how to. I've been
forced to go it alone here, due to the nature of this place. Much of my
learning has come from the fact that I'm extremely instinctual. I'm a
product... as I believe that I've mentioned to you before... of the Midwest.
People are very different out here and not because it's a different part of
the country. There's an enormous amount of negative power here, because of
all of the different factions that have settled in here. I've just gone by
my instincts and my mindset, which is acutely inquisitive by nature. I have
no idea how the world should be, although I wish that it would be a certain
way. Then again, that's only my personal opinion, shared only by me.

This is the core of everything negative, that manifests itself to us...
through external means. Think of anything negative and this is the core of
it all. And that core is satan. Period. I was raised a Methodist, but
stopped going to church when I turned 13. I just couldn't deal with the
hypocrisy of it all. I'm not into religious texts, even though I'm the total
Taoist. But yet I'm not against any faith... Eastern/Western. I'm
philosophical by nature now. Satan will factor into everything that I'll
have to impart to you and anyone else, from this point on. The Draco are
considered magical in their powers and what they're considered able to do.
Without their father Lucifer, they'd only be hohumm. Tomorrow, I begin the
Beguin, as Cole Porter wrote about. Take Care.


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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:54:35 PDT
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A couple of things first. I fully concur with that posting you did, re:drug
bust shootings. Too much of it by law enforcement is going on. I'm beginning
to think that this drug business is merely a ruse for law enforcement to
rampage their way through society. I'm truly beginning to believe this.

Secondly, don't give me or anyone else's phone numbers. I'll continue to
feed you pertinent info and hope that you pass it on to other interested
parties. I've been having trouble with 'Echelon', NSA electronic
surveillance program. My e-mail has been broken into, intercepted and
certain postals have also been intercepted. Just pass what I give you onto
other interested peoples.

I can't prove it, of course, but over the years I've been under intense
surveillance by various investigative agencies. This whole thing has been.
This, too, may very well come out later. I'm going to pass on some reference
information to you and then continue with yesterday's mailing.

Begin your research this way: www.altavista.com - search engine

Once into it, type in any catagory that comes to mind. Some of the
catagories that might produce results for you, but I'm not sure... since I
haven't checked into alta vista lately... are:

1. Branton

2. Base 211

3. Dulce Book

4. Underground bases

5. Unidentified Flying Objects

6. Secret Societies

7. Committee of 300

8. The Octopus

9. Project HAARP

If you find something, revue it and let it lead you to other things. Don't
worry too much about "Area 51" and other things like that, since you may run
across governmental P.R..

Now for the continuation of yesterday.

I listened to some of the "Dreamland"/Whitley Strieber interview of Dr.
Wayne Dyer last night and found his reasoning quite lacking. First, I should
describe Santa Monica to you and why it's factoring in so much. Santa Monica
is part of L.A. County. It fronts the Santa Monica Bay. On one side is
Venice, on another side is W. L.A, and the other side is Brentwood. Montan
Ave. is this city's version of West Palm's Worth Ave. Santa Monica has it's
own government. A lot of well-to-do people live here, many associated with
the various studios. It's a pretty, bucolic place. Lots of sunshine,
beaches, palm trees and laid back lifestyle. It's also a bedroom community
for L.A.. And rotten to it's core.

Modern society refuses to believe in the concept of satan and the fact that
satan is very much alive and well. People from all over the world have moved
here, bringing their occultic practices with them. Primarily witchcraft in
every conceivable practice. White and Black. I hit on it when I mentioned
the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. All of this has
contributed to a very powerful 'force' over Santa Monica and why I'm using
this means to draw attention to Santa Monica. How am I fighting the Dracos?
By chipping away at the secrecy surrounding this area... hence satan itself.
Satan is nothing more than a negative energy source, but also reality.

No matter where in the universe that we're from, we're all interdimensional
beings. Whether or not we possess an internal soul matrix, we're still
interdimensional beings. In other words, we have a psychic side, in addition
to our material side. And the psychic side is where all the action is. In
other words, diabolical possession. Whether it's the result of "Project M-K
Ultra/Delta" or demonic/satanic possession, it's all the same thing. Just
different avenues taken is all. By gaining an evergrowing understanding of
the basics, I can then take action against the very core of it all.
Eliminate satan's influence over Terra and you neutralize the Draco's
effectiveness. It's just that basic and simple. As I've been doing for
longer than I care to remember. I live for the day that all of this comes to
an end, which hopefully won't be far off now.

Understand that this is what satan is using to control and eventually
eliminate all of us and you then can begin to understand everything else.
Fail to understand the basics and you'll continue to be confused. Really.
Until next time, take care.



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Subject: more information
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:55:27 PDT
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You mentioned that you want information, here's more of it. I might as well
feed you... and through you, others... since nobody, but nobody wants to
even talk to me now. Tough darts, Santa Monica. In yesterday's mailing I
left off another potential source of research for you... the Leading Edge
Research Group. They and Branton are without peers, when it comes to this
sort of thing. Apparently for years, many different researchers were working
independently of one another and somehow got together to compile some of
their findings. Much of what I have are the words of former 'Black
Operations' personell, who risked their lives to get the truth out. And some
have been tracked down and tortured to death. But they felt that freedom and
liberty for all is far more important than their individual lives. Which is
why I've come to be enraged over the people of Santa Monica. Everything's
been taken from me, including my personal freedom. I don't know where my
next meal's going to come from, if I'm lucky to even have a meal. Sounds
kinda strange, in this day and age, doesn't it, Joni? Of course, all this
can change instantly if I just put my tail between my legs and blend in
here. They've already determined my station in life. Even though it's my
life, I'm totally incompetant in managing my own affairs. According to them.

Oh yeah, another search engine that you might investigate, should you choose
to do some research, is www.metacrawler.com.

The following is a chronology of sorts, that I've put together... which
leads into how things are this very timeframe of ours. It's more of a
mosaic, bereft of a lot of details. I've drawn this from the many sources
that I, myself, have drawn upon. Including personal experiences and the
research that I've already done and applied to my everyday situations... in
order to understand what's going on around me. So, here it goes:

1. Long before the formation of our solar system, there was Paradise, our
Creator's abode in the Astral Plane. Two of the most powerful archangels
were there. Michael and Lucifer - 'The Bringer of Light'. And possibly

2. Lucifer began believing that he was the heir to the Throne. He and the
disenchanted angels staged an attempted palace coup... which resulted in
Lucifer and his followers being defeated and thrown out of Paradise.

3. Lucifer then became known as satan - the sword of vengeance. One of the
most powerful artifacts that a black magician can possess is something
called a 'satan's sword'. Charlie Manson had two of them, according to
Vincent Bugliosi's "Helter Skelter'. Most of our religious leaders continue
to tell us that we humans took a fall from Grace, when it really was Lucifer
who did. Upon his fall, satan swore that at some point in time, he would
become powerful enough to return to Paradise and become the new supreme
ruler. But, in order to accomplish this, he'll have to destroy everything
that our Creator created. For to destroy all that the Creator created will
surely make him far more powerful.

4. Then he and the Luciferans (fallen angels/demonic forces) went in search
of the very vehicle in which to accomplish his goals. And found just the

5. The Dracos weren't a bad lot at this timeframe. They began in Alpha
Draconis and had developed Interstellar travel. But were also fooling around
with something that endangered their chromosomes, causing them to face
extinction. They became desparate for anything to change this. And along
came Mary. Satan made a deal with them... align totally with him and his
forces and they'll live forever. Break away and their traitors... punishable
by death. They... the winged dragons agreed... thus satan assumed their

6. Then became the organizational setup of the Draconian Empire, as they
prepared for endless universal warfare against the other star systems.

A. Ruling Elite - Winged Dragons

B. Warriors - Reptillians (genetically engineered beings)

C. The 3 classes of 'Greys': Short, tall and the 'big-nosed' greys.

7. Universal warfare begins and the setup begins as follows.

A. The Federation - our ancestors

B. Draconian Empire - our enemies

C. Goes by 3 names: The Corporate, Astarte, the Ashtar Command.

D. Federation and the Draco maintain underground facilities everywhere, most
being Empire facilities, the rest Federation... to keep an eye on what the
Dracos are up to.

E. The third group are the infiltrators, disinformation specialists and
introducers of occultic practices into each society deemed ripe for
takeover. Like the reptillians, the members of the third group are
shapeshifters, able to aquire whichever form that they need to take, in
order to successfully infiltrate a planetary society.

More on this next time. Take care.


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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 14:56:43 PDT
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First of all, some really good stuff is beginning to cross my inbox...
really good stuff. It's beginning to look like drivel-time is about over.

You asked me about Val Valerian, in this latest mailing. My personal opinion
of him is of the highest order. Absolutely. I've got his interview with Col.
Wendell Stevens... just solid interviewing. Solid.

As for your wondering about my loss of personal freedom. Oh yeah, you can
believe that one. Oh, yeah. However, I will be regaining it, once all of
this is over and I've made my presentation. Of which you already have a
taste of. And you haven't the slightest idea of all that I do possess. More
in this mailing. The Draco undercover people haven't the slightest idea that
they themselves have been under observation by the operatives on our side of
the fence. And it's all coming down to the wire in this here horse race.

About my own personal situation. The biggest misunderstanding about the
street scene is that it's the result of either alcoholism, downturn in the
economy, bureaucratic bungling, bad breaks in life, or they just decided to
adapt the free and easy lifestyle. All that I've just said are the apparent
reasons. There's a saying, "If you're not careful, something will get you.".
That something are demonic forces. That's why I'm here and have been for
over 12 years. To learn about it and to expose it all when ther time is
right. This also has the Dracos factored into the equation. The street scene
is a community unto itself, no matter where you go. Although I've been on
the streets, I've never become the streets.

About manipulation on the part of the Dracos. Never a word is said... quite
literally. Everything is made to look like they want it to look. It's hard
to explain it, but you've got to be in this same position to recognize it.

All I have to say on this situation... once it comes out, as it's doing ever
so gradually... is that a lot of very powerful people are beginning to see
their downfall happen. This cancer begins on the Federal level and filters
down to the local level. They're doing all they can to protect their
backsides, but they can't hold out much longer. The old guard is fighting
the incoming new guard, to no avail. Been listening to "Coast" and
"Dreamland" lately? They're picking up speed, aren't they?

When this is behind me, as it's getting closer to being, I'm going to be
able to write my own ticket. You bet. I doubt that you know, but I've been
under intense investigation by numerous agencies for a very long time now. I
can guess which ones they are, but naturally, I can't prove anything.
They're local, state and Federal agencies. The more, the merrier, I say. I'm
in at least two computers. They are FBI and Naval Intelligence. Absolutely.

Let me continue with yesterday's mailing.

Psychology of satan-think (his p.o.v.)

1. His reasoning is totally contradictory in nature, going back to when he
was defeated during the war in Paradise. What is good is bad, because the
only thing that is good is actually bad. In other words, he who thought that
he was the only thing good, got the shaft by everything associated with our

2. Self-loathing aspects of human nature. This human trait is rooted in
satan's hatred for everything, including himself. After getting the boot
from Paradise, he came to hate everything that our Creator created. Which
included himself.

3. Mysogeny. Women are the only gender with the power to bring new life into
a world that satan swore to destroy. This is why there's been so much
violence against women, while women have traditionally held second-class
status. And why male dominance has been so prevalent for so long.

4. Hatred of children. A newly-born child represents the continuation of a
world that satan swore to destroy. That's why child porn was born... to try
to screw up the minds of the children, so that they'll grow up to become
screwed-up adults. With satan's pleasure, of course.

Now, do you begin to see what I meant when I wrote that you've got to go to
the core of the situation and think in terms of psychology. And once you
begin to enter this kind of mindset, you begin weeakening the power of
satan... hence the Draconian Empire? Since the winged dragons are totally
under the control of their father, Lucifer. They don't say satan, they say

These documents exist:

"The Ultimate Secret" - a genuine Pentagon document attesting to UFOs,
abductions ands governmental authorization for these abductions to take
place, in return for alien technology. It's a 32 page document, put together
by the Pheonix Group. Probably refers to the "Greada Treaty of 1954", signed
by then president Dwight David Eisenhower and Ambassador Krill, of the
Draconian Empire.

A 4 page document, leaked from 'Project Sigma'- the NSA program of
interception and decoding of alien transmissions. This printour is from the
Draco Terran infiltration forces, to their headquarters on planet Typhon, in
Alpha Draconis. In this printout, they say 'Our father Lucifer'.

Until next time, take care. Hope you find my information interesting.