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When I opened my inbox for today's session, it seemed like it was
Christmas... information-wise... in September. Wow, did I receive some good
stuff. I wound up so busy printing it all that the time grew short to
respond to your latest mailing to me. Which I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm
doing this to keep the lines out of here open. Now they're trying to cut me
off from my sister's/brother-in-law's e-mail address. I've been through it
all before, more times than I care to think. I've got a lot... I mean a
lot... of stuff to send you. If you think you've seen something so far,
stand by, Joni Ferris. You ain't seen nuthin' yet... to paraphrase Al
Jolson, during the first talkie movie.

Until next time, take care.

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First of all, you've alluded to 'visions' and 'symbols' in several of your
mailings to me. If you want, describe them to me and I'll see what I can
make of them and let you know. If you wish to, that is. I'm not a psychic,
nor am I professionally involved in anything. Except what I've been writing
to you about. I can't promise you a rose garden, but I'll see what I can do.
If anything at all.

About that Val Valerian interview of Col. Stevens... around 30-some pages.
The high point for me was his discussing how they've... quite possibly
CIA... has perverted the minds of the men and women who value this country
deeply. How, through the process, they've gotten them to believe that while
we're their enemies, those who programmed them are their true friends. I've
sometime reflected back upon the programming scene in "The Paralax View"...
a Warren Beatty movie, where he played a reporter who went undercover in a
fictional corporation, called the Paralax Corporation. Which was a front for
professional assassins. Good movie, probably one of the best of the
conspiratorial movies..

I'll content myself with finishing this e-mail with diabolical control and
howe it's accomplished.

Demonic/satanic possession:

There are 3 steps to total control of an individual, since we're all
interdemensional beings. As I believe that I've already mentioned to you.

1. Overcoming the inborn will to succeed, thereby accepting that which is
attempted to be given to you. This is the hardest stage towards complete
mental control.

2. Once 1 is accomplished, then the will to resist overtures to you have to
be overcome. This accomplished, you then become like a lamb to slaughter.

3. Once the first 2 stages are successful, then the mind is taken over
completely. You then are no longer yourself, even though you physically
remain like you were. You, in essence, 'cross over' to the other side of the
fence. Millions among us are in that position and they're everywhere, even
where you are. Trust me, Joni, you have them among you.

I'm almost out of time, so next time I'll write about "Projects M-K Delta
and Ultra". Same thing as demonic/satanci control, but accomplished by
humans on humans.

Until next time, take care.



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A couple of mailings ago, I gave what I believe was the overall mosaic
leading to satan and his Luciferans aligning with the Dracos and beginning
the never ending series of universal wars. Which led to the three basic
universal camps. But I had to end it there, to pick up on it later. Which I
think that I'll do now.

As the stan/Draco alliance began spreading throughout the universe... at
least our sector of it... new and different lifeforms began springing up.
This due to the satanic/Draco penchant for genetic engineering. One of my
printouts has the name of the star system that is comprised strictly of
Draco crossbred lifeforms. Bear in mind, they can't create lifeforms, just
like our side can't create any lifeforms. It's merely bioengineering of
lifeforms... altering the DNA, which can sometimes prove out to be
disastrous. What if you, as a chemist, created an acid before you created
the container for it and the acid that you created began expanding its
molecular structure? What would you then do?

And now, fast-forward, or look backwards... depending on how you wish to
look at it... to Terra and its ability to sustain life, following its
formation and development.

The first group of star travelers to land upon Terran surface were the
Dracos. They were also subterranian dwellers, in addition to be surface
dwellers. They decided to proclaim Terra for their very own. Being that they
were by this time satan's children (the 'Greys' of Hopi tradition), satan
began to expand and strengthen his power over this house.

Then one by one, three other groups of star travelers began colonizing
Terra. Most of us, in this timeframe, are descendents of one of these groups
of star voyagers. One of the names of the other groups that I have are the
'Nordics'/'Swedes'. I may have more names, but I've got so much information
now that they're buried in there somewhere.

All four groups led an uneasy alliance with each other, until the Dracos
began the ancient war. A terrible bomb was unleashed upon the surface of
Terra... quite possibly along the lines of a cobalt bomb... which was so
powerful that it knocked Terra off its axis a couple of degrees. This made
Terran surface uninhabitable, forcing some underground and the rest to flee
Terra for other star systems. I have no idea how long, but for a very long
time, the surface was virtually uninhabitable. Most who went underground
were the Dracos, the rest being of the other three groups. Most who left
Terra were of the other three groups. They became known as the 'Blues' (the
'Bird Tribes' of Hopi tradition). Aka, 'The children of the Feather.

Eventually, Terran surface once again became habitable and the dwellers of
the Underworld began surfacing, leaving those behind who preferred living
beneath the surface. They managed to create an entirely different world
beneath the surface. Thus begins Native history, then ours. Every Native
nation believes that they began when their ancestors surfaced. Also
Classical Greek tradition tells of the Underworld.

Yesterday, I mentioned how satanic/demonic possession works. Now I'll
explain about "Projects M-K Delta/Ultra"... CIA mind control.

The 'Ultra' denotes the 4th Reich. The 3rd Reich was referred to as The
World Order. The 4th Reich is referred to as The New World Order, with
agents placed in every level of government, everywhere. Who are now
gradually being smoked out, ending their affair with this world. 'Ultra' is
also the security classification level pertaining to 'Black Operations'
bases. Due to the underground base situation, the Nazies placed all of
Antarctica under 'Ultra' classification.

'M-K Delta/Ultra' - evolved out of a supersecret mind control facility,
located in Nazi Germany, during WWII. Like the Hitler elite, the
psychiatrists and MDs engaged in this mind research were dyed-in-the-wool
true satanists. Everyone one of them were satanists. The demonic forces were
over Germany so powerfully that the average German wasn't that aware of the
death camps and what they were doing there.

Tell you what, Joni. Think I'll stop here and pick up on this in the next
mailing. Take care.


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From this point on get yourself into the p.o.v. of a more technologically
advanced, negative society, rather than thinking like all of us were taught
to think. So, you've selected a planetary culture, in a star system that
you'd like to take over. Like us. You wouldn't do it by overt military
action, no way. You'd be faced with possible failure. Too great a risk of
loss of life and craft, not to mention eventual failure. What happened to
Germany... not Nazi Germany... during WWII? What happened to the French in
Indochina, USSR in Afghanistan, the U.S. in Vietnam? Rather, what you would
do would be through infiltration of the planetary society. Once the Dracos
overcame Rigel, in the Orion system, they made the Rigellian 'Grays' their
infiltrators. The reason that they're called 'Greys' is because the
Rigellians are humaniod in appearance and have a grey skin color. They could
possibly be the so-called MIBs. Don't quote me on that one, though.

Once you've selected the planet, you would ascertain the most powerful
country on the planet. Our country, pertaining to Terra. You would then
insert your clandesting agents into the core of their intelligence and
military heirarchy. Then all other institutions... religious, educational,
law enforcement. You would foment territorial wars by pitting country
against country, people against people, classes against classes. You would
manufacture false beliefs, false economic situations, etc. etc., while
making sure that the citizenry of the planet is made to believe that they're
all alone in the universe. You would instill hackneyed belief systems in the
various countries, making sure that the citizenry hangs on to them, to the
point of killing one another in the protection of the belief systems. You
would know how to manipulate the peoples of the planetary society, in order
to get them to do your bidding. All the while making sure that they don't
realize that you're manipulating them to the ending that you plan to happen.
And all done under the context of globalization and nationalization. Along
with a subtle dosage of politics and religion.

"Projects M-K Delta/Ultra"

This was born out of a supersecret mind control lab operating in Germany,
during WWII. This was in addition to the 9 supersecret flying disc research
centers. I have the names of 4 of them, but can only recall the names of 2
of the research centers. They were Thuringia and Kummersdorf. All 9 had
flying prototypes by the end of WWII. These flying craft may have been the
'Foo-Fighters' reported by Allied pilots, during their sorties over Germany.
I find it somewhat interesting that at this very timeframe, the German
Luftwaffe have a squadron stationed at, I believe, Hollomon AFB, N.M.. They
calim that the New Mexican weather affords their pilots perfect year-round
flying conditions.

What about the rest of the European air forces? Isn't part of one's military
training supposed to take place in adverse weather conditions? Of course,
the extent of my Air Force training was 6 weeks in the Fall, in San Antonio,
Texas - Lackland AFB. A little bit of harrassment, was all.

Back to the mind control. It's referred to as 'Greentree Programming', named
after a Joe Greenbaum, a Jewish death camp internee. He was very bright and
his heritage didn't mean squat to him. The Nazi MDs and psychologists took
him under their wing and trained him thoroughly in it. When the war ended,
he was smuggled into the U.S. and shortened his name to Green. CIA also
became very interested in him, because their experiments in mind control
ended up in failure. They were attempting chemical altering of the mind,
rather than satanic/demonic/ET control. Then they began experiencing success
after success. All of these alledged unconnected shootings are the result of
'M-K Delta/Ultra'. The desired result being to have the population of this
country call for first, gun control. And then gun confiscation. That way
there wouldn't be any opposition to the specially trained Special Operations
Group personel, when Martial Law is declared.

"Greentree Programming"

1. Based on the Kabala

2. Entails colors and each color corresponds to a desired classification of
one who is put under this process.

3. Entails massive dosages of electroshock therapy and mind altering drugs.

4. The 5 known classifications, more classifications are supected to exist.

A. Alpha - 'I'm no good, not worth a damn.

B. Beta - The sex slaves, porno sex slaves and child porno slaves

C. Delta - Programmed assassins, triggered to kill on command. They're
referred to as 'Manchurian Candidates'. I think of them as 'Agents
Provocateurs'. I must fall into this catagory, since I've been 'beeped'
hundreds of times. Recently, about a week ago. But since I haven't done
anything, I don't know what it is that I'm supposed to do.

D. Theta - Specially-trained people to kill via their minds.

E. Omega - Trained to commit suicide on command. I believe that 'Heaven's
Gate' was part of this process and classification.

The triangular craft being reported over our heads are from 'Silver Fleet',
the largest war armada ever put together by the Federation, in our war with
the entrenched Dracos.

Until next time, take care.


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The technical term for ETs are EBEs (Extraterrestrial Bilogical Entities), a
term coined by one Detlov Bronk, one of the original members of the
'Aviary'... the code-name for the NSA Majestic-12 Special Studies Group, as
put together by then-president Harry S. Truman, as part of the National
Security Act of 1947. It was code-named 'Aviary', because each member had
the code-name of birds... Eagle, Falcon, Condor, etc.

There have been encountered and recorded... beneath the surface of Terra...
at least 54 different lifeforms. They fall into 2 basic types... Evadamic
and Draconian. Oh yeah, there's a different type of ET... ABE (Anomolous
Biological Entity) - Chupacabra.

Evadamic - Possessing an internal soul matrix.

Draconian - Lacking an internal soul matrix, but controlled by a negative
'force'. Not that Evadamics can't be controlled.

The rest are crossbred between the two groups.

'Project SETI' (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

It operates out of, I believe, the Goldstone Deep Space Tracking network,
located within the China Lake Naval Weapons Storage area and FT Irwin, Ca. I
find this scenario hysterical, since there's a major ET base residing
beneath their complex up there.

Underground bases that come to mind, although there are many more of them,
scattered beneath the surface of Terra.

'Dreamland' - the real 'Dreamland' and not just 'Area 51'.

The nucleous of it resides beneath Salt Lake City, UT

It extends north to Burly, ID.

It extends east to Creede, CO.

It extends sout to Page, AZ.

It extends west to Groom Lake, NV

At each point is a joint interactive base between elements of CIA, FBI,
Special Forces and Reptillians. All Terrans completely under mind control.

Other bases that I can recall:

Montauk Pt. ,LI, N.Y.

Sleeping Ute Mtn, CO.

Edwards AFB, CA

Albuquerque/Santa Fe, N.M.

Every military base worldwide and native reservation worldwide. The military
due to attack mindset and the natives for their laid back mindset.

Our Dulce Base, N.M. underground facility is very similar to the Pine
Gap/Alice Springs complex in Australia. Another notorious underground base
is beneath Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Think I'll break it off here, Joni. More next time. Take care.


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Before I get into this, thought that I'd mention this, since I find this
whole 'secret world' stuff weirdly fascinating. Plus, I'm out to save my own
skin in the process. Not to mention my soul. I got intrigued at the
intelligence thing, in Washington and consulted the 'Congressional
Quarterly' publication on governmental agencies operating in Washington. I
counted 24 distinctly different intelligence organizations. All in operation
and all doing their own thing on everyone else. Not to mention every other
country. Like everyone else is doing their own thing, re: us. Then a story
that I read in the "L.A. Times", back in the old USSR/KGB days came to mind.
It went something like this, I found it so absurdly real that I've never
forgotten it.

A KGB drop... the passing of secrets sort-of-thing... was going down in
N.Y.s Central Park. An FBI unit was a short distance away, watching
everything. A KGB unit was behind the FBI unit, also watching everything.
Another FBI unit was behind the other units. And another KGB unit was behind
that one. Still another FBI unit was behind the other four units. The drop
takes place and the cast of characters leave the park. One by one, each unit
merges with traffic and all 5 cars follow each other through the streets of
Manhattan. A true story. And they call it intelligence work. Isn't it any
wonder someone can do their own thing sometimes, without anyone even aware
of it? Think about it.

There's a couple more of your questions that I think I'll get to now.

As for any underground bases in your area. I understand that there's an
undersea base off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale. Also, what ever became of the
'Miami Circle' thing. I guess interest just died out on it, I suppose.
Follow my reasoning on the following.

1. The Egyptian Pharoes symbol was the cobra, a snake, part of the
reptillian family.

2. The Dracos may have colonized Atlantis, since the Atlanteans were
believed... if you place any belief in Atlantis, that is... to have been a
warrior culture. The Atlanteans were believed to have had routine contact
with ancient Egypt. Plato was believed to have learned about Atlantis from
an Egyptian priest, during one of his trips to Egypt.

3. They now believe that the pyramids never were burial places, that the
'Valley of the Kings' is the actual burial place of the pharoes.

4. Atlantis was believed to have been west of the 'Pillars of Hercules'
(possibly the Atlas mountains of Morocco?). Hercules/Atlas/Atlantis... hmmm.

5. I believe that the Biblical account of the Great Flood may have been an
account of the sinking of Atlantis.

6. Atlantis may be buried... and still in operation... below the Sargasso
sea, not too far from you.

7. The power source attributed to the Bermuda Triangle may be coming from
Caiphul, below the seafloor. Atlantis was a huge continent, but nothing like
Lemuria, which was in the Pacific.

8. Ruins have been sighted on the ocean floor throughout the entire area,
from Florida to the Azores. An unknow city has been found deep in the
jungles of Central America, just before it begins to connect with South
America, where the Pacific and Atlantic aren't far apart. Check the
coordinates on the first 5 that I've just written.

9. Chupacabra surfaced from below Puerto Rico, possibly a subterranean base.
I believe that he was a Draco lab experiment. As I've said, the Dracos are
very into genetic engineering.

I'm near the end of this mailing, so I'll add a couple more bases. One of
them, actually. That is Archuleta Mesa, CO. More on that one soon.

Until next time, take care.



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The crux of this message will concern the Dept. of Energy, another of our...
in my opinion... suspect federal agencies. To begin with, let's go back to
the nuking of the Alfred P. Murah Federal Center, in Oklahoma City. Yes,
nuked. What didn't make the news was that the concrete and steel were
melted. A fertilizer bomb can't melt concrete and steel. I don't know how
long you've listened to 'Coast' and 'Dreamland', but I go back to the Art
Bell days. He used to have one Norio Hayakawa on his show. At that time,
Hayakawa was involved in the 'Area 51' business and had his own website. One
day I was clicking around the 'Coast' website and found a link to Hayakawa's
website. I linked to it and began scrolling down the links page until I came
upon... "The Truck". I got intrigued and clicked on it. What came up was an
aerial shot of a parking area of a national guard base in Muscogee,
Oklahoma... not that far from Oklahoma City. A private pilot flew over the
base and shot some photographs of down below. This shot was of the storage
area of the NG halftracks. In the middle of the vehicles was a little yellow
truck. I clicked to enlarge the image and saw 'Ryder Trucks' painted on the
side of it. This was one week prior to Alfred P. Murah. Needless to say,
there was a block preventing me from printing the image. One week prior to
Alfred P. Murah. The nuke that was used is what the AEC euphemistically
calls a 'clean' warhead. In other words, the warhead has the power of a
conventional nuclear warhead, sans the radiation. They developed this for
tunneling out below ground, for the construction of more bases. They issue a
press release, saying that a nuclear test is about to happen. The warhead
generates enough heat to litteraly melt the earth, then when it cools, it
becomes like sprayed concrete. Couple that with the RAND-developed boring
machine and tunneling isn't any problem. They're able to construct any
number of bases without the general public becoming aware of what they're
doing. After all, their masters, the Dracos, demand that this be done.

"Dulce Base, N.M."

As I've said, it's located within the Jicarilla Apache Res., in the 4
Corners area. There are 7 known levels within the complex. The security
classification is 'Ultra', as in the 4th Reich's 'Ultra' and 'Project M-K
Ultra'. The deeper you go, the higher the needed security clearance. The 7th
level is the grizzliest... there may be more levels below this level. This
is where the 'growing vats' are, containing body parts from untold numbers
of humans, preserved in fluid. Also are thousands of humans... men, women
and children...that are held in cages. This is referred to as 'Nightmare
Hall'. When guests come across them, they're told that they're mental
patients, waiting for a cure.

I also tend to believe that the 7th level is the communications center, for
the Draco Terran Infiltration Forces to contact their main nerve center in
planet Typhon, of the Alpha Draconis star system. I've seen 'level 7' in the
intercepted transmission from them.

"Dulce Wars of 1979"

There was an attempt by Special Operations personnel to break into the
complex and rescue the held hostages. But there was a traitor within their
ranks, who blew the operation. A number of repitillians were killed, along
with Special Forces, FBI and CIA.

"Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt of 1980"

Remember when Carter had a Special Forces unit attempt to rescue our
hostages, following the takeover of our embassy in Tehran? Lt. Col Oliver
North (then of the NSC) was seen doctoring the fuel of the helicopters that
were parked in the Iranian desert. Thus foiling the rescue attempt. I feel
that this was payback for the previous year.

The Board of Directors of Dulce Corporation

This governs the day-to-day operations of the complex. They hold their
meeting min both Denver and Santa Fe. Unless there's been a change, this
is/was the membership of the board.

Chairman - John Herrington, Reagan's Energy secretary, second term.

President- Jim Wright, former Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Washington, D.C.. He left Congress under an ethics charge.

CIA/NSA Attache - I have the name, just can't recall it right now.

In the early 80s, a contract was let by the Energy Dept to a huge
shipbuilding firm in the Pacific Northwest, to build a series of RR boxcars,
with thousands of pairs of shackles in them. To transport the public to the
already setup camps, following the imposition of martial law. The New World
Order imposed upon us.

Until later, take care.


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I'm going to be including a couple of things that at first may seem to not
have any bearing on this territory, but really does. This is yet another
element included, to help with the understanding of the overall mosaic. The
one that I understand all too well anymore.


As far as I'm concerned, numbers and letters are just that, numbers and
letters. But to the practitioners of the occult, they're extremely
important. Numeralogy deals with both numbers and letters, with both having
numerical values. It deals with single digit-only numbers, excluding '0',
since it's a non-number.

1 = God/leadership/'take no prisoners-sort-of-personality

2 = satan/follower-type of personality

3 = A combination of the first two numbers

4 = Grumpy, down to earth, hopeless-type of personality. Also it's sqare
root is #2

5 = Unpredictability/risk taking

6 = Harmony, the opposite of #5

7 = Mystical, the most powerful number of all. Think of how many times #7
runs through religious and metaphysical text, Eastern and Western.

8 = Worldly-wise/involvement. The opposite of # 7

9 = Denotes truly human, as in the 9 months-to-term pregnancy.Represents
people committed to society, completeness.

Numerology as applied to letters.

1 = A,I,Q,J,Y

2 = B,K,R

3 = C,G,L,S

4 = D,M,T

5 = E,H,N

6 = U,V,W,X

7 = O,Z

8 = F,P

9 = No letters

I used this process to help me to understand the basics of 'Tate/LaBianca
(Charlie Manson)/Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman/'Son of Sam'
murders. I've learned that neither O.J. Simpson, nor David Berkowitz killed
anyone. They're maerely fall guys. And I'm not too sure of the Manson Family
guilt, either. There's the hand of CIA/Israeli Mossad/our Rigellian
'friends' in there somewhere. I'll trace it out for you, so that you'll be
able to see the hidden hand of intelligence at work.

By the way, want to know how the Grand Deception of 1945 (the alleged
suicide of Hitler) was carried out? Go into any main library that handles
the "N.Y. Times" and go to ther newspaper index filebooks. Pull 1945 and go
to the subheading of 'Hitler'. Then take it line item by line item...
analyzing each one. Then see what you come up with. Look closely, very
closely and you can detect a touch of intelligence in there.

From this point on, when I mention CIA, I don't mean Langley-wide. Only the
government-within-the-government. It's technical name may be 'Alternative
3/Alternative 003/A-3'. It's the organization, I believe, that's referred to
as either the 'Fourth Reich', the 'Corporate', or New World Order'.

'Alternative 3'

The third tier of a 3-tier plan for escape from Terra, once worldwide
conflict breaks out, usually involving nuclear weaponry. Which is part of
the plan, of course.

'Alternative 1' proved unworkable. 'Alternative 2' held out possibilities
and it was included with 'Alternative 3'.

Oh yeah, before I forget. If you want a full explanation of Numerology, most
major libraries have, in the religion/occultic section, a multi-volume set,
called, "Man,Myth and Magic:The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology,
Religion and the Unknown". Quite a work, I've referred to it more time than
I can remember.

Until next time, take care.


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First, I've just realized that I failed to answer your question, as to why
'Dreamland' is beneath Salt Lake City. I don't think that I have. This
accounts for quite a few underground facilities. It's due to the network of
underground caverns, throughout the subsurface of Terra. This was
accidentally found out... probably by Branton... when someone began
exploring the subterranean caverns and encountered a colony of reptillians.
I don't think that it turned out to be a very pleasant experience for them
,since reptillians tend to have slight attitude problems. I guess they take
after their parents, the winged dragons and their father, Lucifer.

You remember about 2-3 weeks ago, there was a natural gas explosion in the
Carlsbad, N.M. area? I tend to think that that was a cover story, since
somewhere within my mass of information is a reference to some walled-off...
I think they're walled-off... areas, next to Carlsbad Caverns area. And this
is part of yet another underground Draco base. Remember all that seismic
activity in the Mammoth Mountain, CA area?
My information states that Mammoth Mountain is the area for a very notorious
Draco base. Very notorious. I believe that warfare was fought over that base,
but warfare involving very advanced technologies.

Ever hear of 'cloaking'? That's the process where the surrounding area of
the ET craft is supered upon the hulls of the various crafts... thus making
them appear to not be there. And the established fact that they fly
soundlessly. That means that they're invisible to us Terrans.

Let me run a 20th Century chronology past you here. Merely a mosaic, with
few details.

1. Adolph Hitler is born in the 1890s. It's been said that he was born under
a negative star - he was consumed with desires for world power, from the
time that he could begin to reason things out.

2. Hitler joins the Thule Society in 1919. He comes under a mentor... I
havew the name, just can't recall it right now... who tells him about the
'Spear of Longinus'.

The 'Spear of Longinus'/'Spear of Destiny'

The legend has it that while Jesus was undergoing crucifixion, a Roman
Centurion pierced his side with the spear. I don't know if it had occultic
symbolism/power on it then, or gained it afterwards. Anyway, it was then
protected down through the centuries and wound up in a museum in Austria. It
was then said... it had been on display there... that whomever would gain
possession of the spear and could decipher its symbolism would gain
incredible, worldwide power. That's why Austria was the first country to
have been invaded by Hitler's forces, as he was rising to power. When I
first came upon that, I immediately thought of Excalibur. As I've gotten
deeper into this area, I've begun to believe that it's quite possible that
all myths were based upon some real incident, sometime in the past. I'm
familiar only with the name... Joseph Campbell... but maybe he was onto
something, while alive.

All wars are planned in advance, by a cadre of select, very powerful men.
Some are European. Some are Jewish. Some are Christian. Some are world
leaders. Etc, etc, etc. Publicly, that is. Privately, their allegiances are
to the Draconian Empire and satan. They truly believe that if they deliver
all of us over to the other side, they'll gain a place in the planned-for
New World Order. Irregardless of how many of us Terrans they've arranged to
die. But what they don't know, since they've never been told, is that
they'll be the first to be picked up and disposed with, should that false
scenario ever take place. Which it won't.

WWI and the Bolshvek Revolution were planned together. WWI to destroy ther
German economy, since many of these secret, occultic groups came out of the
Bavarian region of Germany over a number of century timespans. Lenin was a
secret agent of these groups... probably the Illuminati...andd sent to
Russia to help foment the Bolshevek Revolution... so that Hitler could have
something for the German peoples to hate and rally around him, against.
Remember what I put in this last mailing to you?

Nazism and Communism aren't true socialism. They're totalitariansm.
In true socialism, the masses run the structure. Lenin and Hitler didn't
trust them, hence the secret police state.

I'll pick up on this next time. Until later, take care.