Time to tell all.
 1st.....Khufu=Earth..........No Capstone....Still in Growth Cycle
2nd....Khefre=Mars........With Capstone....At the end of it's Cycle
Our alignment was taken from dead center of the location of the "Hall of Records"(explained in our Door #2 article)
The Plateau Layout
 Now using the Vertical Meridian Point of the Pyramid Khufu as your pivot point, rotate (as a single UNIT) ALL the Pyramids including the Satellite Pyramids, precisely 120 Degrees towards  the EAST. Now you only have to extend out line projections (Apex thru Apex) and at the end intersection points you will find the following objects: MARS....MAY 5th location (at the time of alignment) Betelguese....May 5th location (at the time of alignment) Alnitac ..MAY 5th location (at the time of alignment)

I forgot to mention that from the apex on Khefre, you extend the line across the center location of the spot we call the HALL OF RECORDS.


 If that is not clear enough, try asking......