UPDATE OUTRAGEOUS 12/7/01: Closure of Interior Department Web Sites Ordered: Computers: Ruling comes in Indian case alleging lax security. Earthquake data are among items affected.


  10/5/01 QUAKE

Date-Time  2001 10 05 02:37:30 UTC; Location  36.32N 71.21E; Depth  62.8 kilometers; Magnitude  4.7


  9/30/01 QUAKE

Date-Time  2001 09 30 11:30:16 UTC; Location 36.69N 71.03E; Depth 261.5 kilometers ; Magnitude  4.4


2:00 a.m. Oct. 8, 2001 PDT

Following the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was questioned on ABC television's This Week program about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in the expected conflicts to come.

In practiced Pentagonese, Rumsfeld deftly avoided answering the question of whether the use of tactical nuclear weapons could be ruled out.

Though large "theater" thermonuclear devices --doomsday bombs -- don't fit the Bush administration's war on terrorism,smaller tactical nukes do not seem out of the question in the current mindset of the Defense Department.

US Deploys Tactical Nuclear Weapons In Afghanistan

HAARP last on 6.965 MHz  10/01 0057 UTC - 5:57pm 9-30 PDT HiPower -- 3sec pulses with no military pre-tones -- long-short sub comm pauses

Quake Rocks Northern Afghanistan

Subj: Bin Laden Base Quaked!?!?!

Date: 10/2/01 2:45:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

FOUND: Bin Laden in Missile Silo Complex:

A Pakistani Newspaper is running a story that Osama Bin Laden has been found.

The News International Pakistan is reporting that Bin Laden has found refuge in an abandoned missile base built by the Soviets to house nuclear ICBMs. The facilities provide abundant resources including even electricity. It is 35 miles from the northern borders with the Tajikistan border.

Shaped like a panhandle, the marked place has exit routes to three countries. Tajikistan and Pakistan's northern areas are located in the north and south of it. After turning to the East from this point, you can also reach the Muslim-majority province of China, Xinjiang. The peaks of this range average 20,000 feet while the highest point goes up to 25,000.

Thanks to a huge storage capacity, hundreds can survive for years while staying put at this base. "The residential quarters" of it is "buried" well under the mountains south of the Sari Qul Valley, a spot on the Tajik frontier north of Buzai Gumabad. "An alternative fort" is also erected there, in northeast of Wakhyir which has exit routes to the People's Republic of China.

There are reports that Bin Laden and 200 of his closest operatives are inside the complex, deep underground. It is reported that there may be as many as 2,500 additional troops stationed as guards at the approaches to the base.

It is believed that even a massive aerial bombardment would do little if any damage to the facilities buried deep underground. This means that only ground forces can effectively be used to 'get' Bin Laden. The Pakistani article contains a great deal of precise information on how the allied forces are now slowly making their way on a 35 mile mountain trek to the hideout.

An advance party of the said commandos is already reported to be crawling towards the said base, which highly reliable sources claim were 'launched' from a Dzhartymumbez base of Tajikistan three days ago. Osama and his die-hard followers are believed to be staying around 35 miles away from this launching site.

Kent, your link on the Earthquake states:

"35 miles (55 km) SE of Feyzabad, Afghanistan"

If this ain't on it, then its gotta be fairly close to the reported missile silo base.

Date: 10/3/01 8:23:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

verified...hardened bunker penetrating munition 35-40 kt weapon detonated under a hardened bunker 380 feet under pak-nvor in little pamir!!!

Mushroom cloud after massive Afghan explosion

Where Did The Taliban Come From?


Afghanistan - Militia Facilities  Afghanistan - Darunta Camp Complex

02Oct2001 00:39:26.3 35.9N 70.6E 80 mb=4.1 M GSR HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANI0329

China has placed its military forces in the western part of the country on heightened alert and is moving troops to the border region near Afghanistan in anticipation of U.S. military strikes.

EDITOR: when tuned electromagnetic waves intersect they sometimes seem to cancel out, but do they? Is a super potential scalar energy created? Could such a pressure wave be controlled--directed through a quantum universe? Has this happened for years now? Do rogue groups on and off planet wield strange new weapons? Do directed waves go beyond machine technology and actually reside within human potential? more

It's a Bomb! Bush's Baby Nuke

COREASERCHER: hey...didn't you hear on the news today that we were using 'bunker busters'???
BARDSQUILL: not sure
BARDSQUILL: was napping
COREASERCHER: hmmm...well i think i did...
COREASERCHER: and then i see this...
BARDSQUILL: assumed they were though
COREASERCHER: well then we be using nukes...

COREASERCHER: The current Bush Administration is studying options for the development and production of
a small, low-yield nuclear weapon called an earth-penetrator or bunker-buster, which
would burrow into the ground and destroy a deeply buried hideaway of a "rogue" leader
like Saddam Hussein.
BARDSQUILL: vewy interesting!!!
COREASERCHER: i will try to find the terminology in the mainstream reports...
BARDSQUILL: brings up other observations I've made...
BARDSQUILL: See, the US has always had a really bad habit of testing these weapons here first, and......
BARDSQUILL: might explain the quake-swarms at China Lake.
COREASERCHER: got it...hang on...

COREASERCHER: page down...
COREASERCHER: Evidence was growing that U.S. forces were directly targeting the Taliban leadership. U.S. sources told NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski that for the first time, GBU-28s — huge
Persian Gulf War-era bombs known as “bunker busters” —  blasted through command and control bunkers used by Taliban military leaders this week.
COREASERCHER: nope gbu28 is a conventional bomb...
COREASERCHER: The "bunker buster bombs"referred to over the last few days are GBU-28s (GBU=Glide Bomb Unit). These are 5,000 pound, laser-guided bombs built out of retired artillery cannon barrels so they will be strong enough not to collapse upon themselves when they impact heavy rock and concrete.
COREASERCHER: but the fact that they even using the term...i'm sure we nuking em...
BARDSQUILL: but how about the quakes showing on USGS earlier?
COREASERCHER: no coikydink
BARDSQUILL: right under old Russian bunkers and silo complexes.
COREASERCHER: you can bet on it
COREASERCHER: we in deep kaka
BARDSQUILL: Now I wonder about Seattle quake too, felt really weird preceded by a radio signal by 20 mins.  A test?
COREASERCHER: i remember
BARDSQUILL: They always nuke us first you see
COREASERCHER: here's the nasty one...

BARDSQUILL: but, harumph, a test, why, tha's different by gum


07Jan2002 20:33:35.4 36.2N 71.1E160 MS=3.8 M GSR AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN BOR0646

07Jan2002 19:13:47.7 3.8S 101.4E 50 MS=4.9 M GSR SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONES2025

2002 01 03 07:05:26 UTC 36.04N 70.76E 119.5 kilometers 6.0 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

2001/12/05 15:35:25 36.33N 70.78E 199.0 5.0 A HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

30Nov2001 02:11:19.3 37.2N 70.9E120 MS=3.4 M GSR AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN BOR0457

26Nov2001 20:08:03.7 36.7N 71.1E250 mb=4.4 M GSR AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN BOR2105

24Nov2001 14:44:50.9 36.8N 70.6E230 mb=4.3 M GSR HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANI1542

2001/11/23 20:43:01 36.37N 71.56E 89.2 5.9 A  AFGHAN-TAJIKISTAN BORD REG

2001/11/13 16:35:52 36.41N 70.79E 205.3 4.7 B  HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

04Nov2001 16:37:42.2 25.3N 57.7E 10 mb=5.3 M*SED SOUTHERN IRAN

02Nov2001 22:35:23.2 36.9N 69.7E 70 MS=4.3 M GSR HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANI0026

02Nov2001 22:05:18.7 26.6N 56.0E 0 mb=5.0 M*MAD SOUTHERN IRAN

02Nov2001 14:55:43.6 29.6N 68.9E 33 MS=4.2 M GSR PAKISTAN

2001/10/31 17:07:35 36.44N 69.42E 33.0 5.0 B  HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

2001 10 27 19:30:26 UTC 36.10N 70.54E 77.0 kilometers 5.1 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

SLEUTHS: huge unprecedented blast north of Tabul this morning, mushroom cloud goes 1000 feet in air.

Hussein: War may spread, set 'world on fire' 


Date: 11/29/01 4:58:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

Who did this really belong to?,,2001550174,00.gif


Mystery of Disappearing al-Qaeda Soldiers [Disintegrated?] Mystery of trembling artwork linked to war SEE: EISCAT  With the Latest High-Tech Sensors, U.S. Can 'See' Inside Caves  MSNBC HAARP ANCHORAGE MAGNETOMETER SPIKES FRIED RABBITS FRIED BIRDS  Scientists Say Mysterious Lights in Hessdalen, Norway Are Thermal Plasmas of Unknown Origin  ARRAY NORWAY RESEARCH THAT COMES BACK TO HAUNT

Date: 11/26/01 6:26:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have talked to several people who used to be radar and electronics technicians in the military, who described a common practical joke they would play. This involved modulating a microwave transmitter with a voice, and directing the beam at unsuspecting people far from the transmitting site. The victims would hear the voices! Of course, that was back in the days when nobody thought that such things might have hazardous side effects.

Date: 11/25/01 3:09:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

Elfrad equipment detected and recorded a very unusual unidentified anomalous signal (UAS) Sunday afternoon. Details may be seen at:

Strange weather radar over Afghanistan [animation]