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Analysis of Terrorist Camps in Afghanistan

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This thing about China and the Taliban was forwarded to me. Perhaps someone else can find it at, because I couldn't.

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Subject: Fw: Taliban - Confidential (WHAT "HIDDEN GOVERNMENT" DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW)

Taliban - Confidential

China has provided the Taliban with state-of-the-art electronic defence equipment. It was developed by military contractors in Britain, the United States and Germany and stolen by China’s Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS).
The deal was cemented in Kabul on the day the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were hit.

In return for beefing-up Afghanistan’s defences, the Taliban have agreed to close Afghan-based camps used to train Muslim Fundamentalists currently terrorising China’s northern provinces.

Details of the deal leaked out of Beijing last week to the Sunday Express from anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan. It was confirmed by Washington – where the State Department was “highly disturbed” by the news the U.S. Embssy in Beijing had sent about the deal.

Secretary of State Colin Powell was told the deal involved two major Chinese companies, Huswei Technologies and ZTE. Both are major suppliers to China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army. China’s Ministry of State Security supplied missile-tracking equipment and a range of electronic counter-measures to the Taliban.

The equipment had been developed in Britain.

Since last Sunday Chinese air force transporters have been flying into Kabul’s airport with the equipment. It was immediately distributed to areas from where the Taliban fear a U.S. attack would come.

And for the first time we can reveal the close contacts between CSIS and Osama bin-Laden. It has emerged that in the past year he has made several visits to Beijing, usually accompanied by China’s ambassador to Pakistan who is Beijing’s most senior diplomat in the region.

A high-ranking Chinese defector to America, with full access to the CSIS, has revealed the most comprehensive-ever details of China’s spying operations against key economic and industrial targets in Britain.

State-of-the-art research and technology worth an estimated £14 billion has been stolen in the past three years since CSIS intensified its operations in Britain.

The defector, Colonel Xu Junping, was Director of Strategy in China’s Defence Ministry. For the past five years he oversaw all secret operations by CSIS against the West.

Xu has told his CIA debriefers how:

CSIS has established bases in London’s Soho (Chinatown) and other cities. Some are above restaurants or in brothels.
CSIS pays for Chinese students to have further education in Britain. Many attend university post-graduate courses at our leading universities including Oxford and Cambridge.
After qualifying – usually in computer or science-related subjects – those students are taught how to apply for jobs with British firms – some of whom have sensitive defence contracts. Xu has provided a list of target firms. Most are in the high-tech industry.
CSIS trains those graduates to steal trade secrets from their employers and bring them to safe houses. Xu has provided a list of the houses in London, Glasgow and Manchester.
CSIS has twenty full-time agents working in Britain. Only two of them have diplomatic status. The others are attached to Chinese business organisation to provide them with cover for their secret activities. The number of CSIS agents is larger than any other foreign intelligence service operating in Britain.
In the five months that Xu has been kept under wraps in a safe house deep in the countryside outside Washington – its perimeter guarded by crack-shot agents – the slim, good-looking 44-year old defector has also provided valuable insights about how much China knows.

Of MI6 operations in the Far East.
How China secretly contravened sanctions against Saddam to re-arm Iraq with nuclear weapons. Iraq now has a capability to produce long-range nuclear missiles.
How China secretly helped Slobodan Milosevic during the Balkans War – and how a CSIS team flew to Belgrade, ready to whisk Milosevic to sanctuary in China - shortly before he was arrested and sent to The Hague War Crimes Tribunal.
Even more alarming was Xu’s revelation that Osama bin-Laden – to the U.S. “the grandmaster of terrorism” – has close contacts with CSIS.

“Our intelligence service operates on the principle that your enemies are our potential allies,” Xu told his debriefers.

So important were some of Xu’s revelations that U.S. National Security Adviser, Condolezza Rice, sat in on debriefings. She heard:

Xu confirm CSIS plans to stage an escalating series of crises to help China become the new Superpower of the new Millenium.
How CSIS is working hard to exploit Europe’s growing problem with asylum seekers.
Xu’s predictions have now been included into a CIA report entitled “Global Trends Up To 2015”.

The report contains these chilling claims:

CSIS will provide biochemical and small nuclear devices to terrorist groups to attack the United States and Britain.
CSIS will increasingly support rogue states like Iraq and Iran. “On present calculations, with the help of China, both countries will have gone nuclear by the year 2005,” says the report. The report is a grim precursor to the present economic slowdown.
CSIS will exploit the present economic stagnation that will reach its peak in the year 2015. All the indications are there could be a major war by then. The main protagonists will be China and America. But Britain and NATO will inevitably be drawn in.
White House sources say a copy of the report is permanently on President Bush’s desk in the Oval Office.

Xu, who speaks fluent English, was one of China’s new breed of high fliers, “a brilliant strategist” – according to one CIA source.

He defected with nothing but the clothes he wore and a small overnight case. With his diplomatic passport he had no problem catching a China Air flight to Bangkok earlier this year. From there he flew to Washington. There he called a number a CIA agent had given him in Beijing.

An hour later he was installed in the CIA safe house. Last week his five months of intensive debriefing was over. During that time Xu was given the courtesies of a top-level defector.

He had his own chef to cook his favourite Chinese meals. Disguised in wig and padded suit to add weight to his slim body, he was taken to sports games.

Even his passion for football was catered for. Videos of Manchester United, his favourite team, were obtained from Britain for him to watch.

Then it was back to work…..talking for hours into a microphone.

This coming week Xu enters America’s Witness Protection Programme. He will have plastic surgery to change his appearance. A language teacher will coach him in the latest buzz words. He will get used to his new name. A job will be found for him and he will receive a secret pension for life.

But he will have no physical protection against the ever present threat that a CSIS team will assassinate him.

“To give him a bodyguard would be to draw attention to him,” said an FBI source. “His best protection will be his ability to melt into his chosen background.”

Chinese Spies. Sidebar to Main Story.

China now has the world’s largest intelligence-gathering apparatus.

As well as CSIS (approx 4,000 staff), a third based overseas, the others are:

STD. Headquartered in the monolithic Ministry of Defence building in Beijing, the Science and Technology Department (4,000 members) has two prime functions. Collating all signals traffic from the Chinese Navy, overseas embassies and satellites. Targeting all foreign firms at the cutting edge of military and civilian technology.
MID. Reports to the Politburo and Army General Staff. Brief includes updating all foreign military capabilities. Members attached to every Chinese embassy and consulate. Number of staff estimated as 1,500.
ILD. Small specialist unit (300 members). Conducts high-tech intelligence-gathering.
MSS. (3,500 staff). Equivalent to MI5 but three times larger. Targets all foreigners in China and spies on its own citizens.
NCNA. Nominally a news agency reporting on Chinese affairs. Based in all major countries. Has long been a cover for all other Chinese intelligence agencies engaged in clandestine activities.