April 27, 2002

Living Wisdom Presentation

by Grandfather Martin


These are teachings from long ago. I learned this long ago; it took time to understand. The words are from elders speaking into the future. They talked about what is happening around us, where this is taking us.

They foretold: Volcanoes asleep will awaken; fissures like fingers will extend north, south, east, and west. Polar caps will melt and build up the waters. Mother Earth will get angry. Such events have taken place before.

I am afraid for people who have disrespect for Mother Earth, nature, and one another. This will take many lives, and we will see around us wars, starvation, sickness.

All these events were foretold to happen all at once. To me, I don’t think so, but that there will be a chain of events.

All these things are connected to beliefs and teachings. We have ignored them. It will happen.


We are now waiting for the time of purification. A time of endless wars.

With this, I am asking you to watch yourselves, to care for one another. It will be all over [everywhere], and it will reach us here also. Be careful with your lives.

These are some of the things taught. We should watch our food; we should watch for ourselves, with planting of fruits and vegetables; we are uncertain of weather and sudden changes; we don’t know if corn will grow, and then freeze.

We are trying to go along with these teachings but there are outside interference of things. We are starting to quarrel, we disagree.

These are teachings for us, our beliefs. We’re not pushing you to step on the path. It’s a choice we must all make for ourselves. We talked for so long to so many people everywhere. It’s a choice from your heart.

So because of these teachings and our beliefs, it’s up to the individual, at the end when you have made a choice of your path. If you follow my path, if it’s not the right path or right choice, arguments will begin. I’m trying to avoid this. They say arguments will arise - arguments are not the answer.

From all the talk here, we should unite as one. Our teachings may differ. Only when it is right and proper [will they be one]. They are not [one] right now.

This is a critical time. Choices should have been made much earlier. It’s already too late.

Spirit must believe in your heart, not over night; it takes a long time.

Food becomes scarce. We cannot eat money. Watch your food. Money will become obsolete. Starvation comes again. From teachings and beliefs we knew how to take care of that. But we forgot, we ignored how and what ceremony to remedy it.

With these teachings also comes about economical things, like running water and electricity. These things what the control is all about. When these come in, that will also destroy us. Natural disasters. Electrical storms will take out homes and they will burn down. The water system, sewer system. We have been fighting from encroachment onto our homeland, but many are for that. Yes, there’s some good in it but disadvantages also.

There are a lot of things yet to happen, still waiting to happen. We have been to many gatherings, but when the time comes all will start removing “necessities.” We know that there are a lot of things not being done right.

One Person

We are a part of the group that are working toward helping so that things will not be as horrible. We are searching for someone to stand up strong, to stand up against these things. No matter the age or race; it may well be a child. Because what our elders talked about is that one person is enough. If we find two, that’s a lot. Three is too much.

Emory adds: One person can make a difference.

With this, we’re still in search of that 1-2-3. Whatever strength and knowledge we have, whatever we still have left within us, that person will be the receiving end of it. We will give all our power to that person. That person will become our leader, the one we shall look toward.

The same thing is true, that different countries are coming together to help one another. We are working on this, for everything will come to one at the end. Wars taking place are part of the purification, depleting the population. Who ever is left will come together then, and become one. Teachings become one, understanding and language.


Every morning we pray. It will be our prayers that will make a difference. Individual prayers for ourselves. Each person thinks for themselves. I encourage you to make prayers each day. When you make prayers, when your prayers are strong enough, your own homeland will remain standing, like a mesa.

So we know there are spirits watching over us, everywhere and in certain areas. Many don’t have belief, say there is only one god, but there are other spirits. My experience tells the truth. There are sacred areas everywhere, spirits living there.

So I’m asking you to keep your prayers up. One day you’ll see something like a spirit. If you turn your face and look back it will be gone. It will make you believe even more.

These are the beliefs and teachings. With that, we are still skeptical. We have to keep after it, not forget that.

So keep those prayers going. Even with prayers you may not be able to see what’s happening. In your dreams, they can tell you many things, the truth. Reality happens later. Not to lose faith in that part of yourself will keep us going forward. You may run into a wall. Back up, and continue.

At the Time of Emergence, we were told, were left behind writings on walls, writings that tell of our history. These areas left behind are sacred, with spirits. Desecration of sacred areas will turn on you.

Maybe Hopi will stand up for you, maybe not. Don’t point fingers or judge. One day, you may turn to the person and want them to speak up for you.


All the teachings that have been handed down, take them seriously. At the end will be a world court, judgment day. Listen. Take it seriously.

This is a lot to be talked about. Keep your prayers up. The outcome depends on our hearts, our souls. These words spoken today, I hope this message is taken into your hearts and souls.

Take this wisdom home.