Kent: so many times I'm required to  do a touch-up discussion on the creative-truth presentations of Rush Allen. Many who are separating their minds for his "truth" of sorts, aren't following how the ancients actually grasped time and space together.

Your comment is close: our space/time is unravelling. Why? because it is based on a falsehood...the more one analyzes (current media/education dictums) the more we will be confounded by the presentation of the universal god-head. Recall this:

Adam sleeps..and is still sleeping... no where does it say that he woke up! most important..this is but a dream likened to the matrix. Stand outside the matrix and voila! Rush's  visions of a mind that we as a humanity can be seen as a laser-writer.

Jesus did say : You are the light...what do you think he meant by that!?

So Nibiru: if it comes via Orion it is an illusion...if it comes via the place of the skull...then we''re talkin....the attached photo was from a Black American artist who sat, plopped down on the city street doing wonderful things.

The photo is self-explanatory... she was seeing from her matrix mind... about the return of Nibiru and the Orion constellation...they are connected ...

Kent: here Rush outlines the writings on the Cosmic Wall, the heavens--I can't imagine any other way the great prophets like Isaiah could have known what they knew without looking up...

You and I see the physical force, but the force of the awareness, the third eye in the what Rush is focusing who is living in the past?


The ancients tried to show that the prescient moment would arrive when First Father came out of the mouth of First Mother. This metaphor means that humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Intent for life. That is as big as it gets.

The latest work on the December 4, 2002 solar eclipse is shaping up to be a prelude to some very big occasions of the Sep Tepi type.

See the latest artwork at It reveals the path of Nibiru in accordance with R. A. Day's thesis. The path of Nibiru rises from Golgotha (Coalsack) through the Ben-ben, across the feet of Moses (Akhetaten, Sculptor) and spreads out as it approaches the sun. It encompasses the Whale of Jonah, and the two lines of Pisces (Christian and Islam Zep Tepi's) as it engulfs Andromeda and Cassiopeia at the top of the Phallus of Osiris.

Click on the images until you come to the zenith chart that shows the descending path of Nibiru. It come down from the king's head and encompasses the "child" in the womb of Tauret (Little Dipper in Draco). The it engulfs the "upraised arm" of Bootes. This is the same "man with upraised arm" that has many records in the Semitic lands. (As an aside, I think this is Angel Raphael.) The message is clear, "Matt 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us." After passing through the Virgin, Planet X-Nibiru is last seen approaching the Cross at Golgotha. Sound familiar.

As a bombshell, rest assured, the World is not going to accept this message without a lot of trauma. But, that is precisely what is happening. The masses of Cetus do not need to be caught in the net of Neith. However, a few "Chosen Ones" will realize what the "X" in  Planet X stands for, as in Xmas! The descending path of Nibiru is through the right arm of the man standing up the Celtic Cross in the north.

But, to see the whole apparition, you have to realize that the two Celtic Crosses are on opposite sides of a Greater Cross. This cross runs across the Horus of Two Horizons cuts the pie of the Disk of the Sun into four quadrants. The axis of the disk is where the two Celtic crosses stand. thus, this is the return of Christ, Akhenaten, Ra, Osiris, and all the rest of the ancient Cosmic Lords. When the Sun goes out on December 4, 2002 the horizon at the genesis point for the three great religions of the west will be on the axis of the galaxy. This is precisely what the Aten priests claimed would happen. The Messiah has come on schedule. But, what has been saved is nothing less than the Whole Cosmos. But, that was the Intent.

Look to the south and see the setting point of Nibiru at the Southern Cross and the phallus of the Centaur. Look west and see the man who lost his head trying to save the world as he slips under the horizon of the past. Then turn north and see Akhenaten and Nefertiti kissing the sacred horizon of Akhetaten in El Amarna and on the Way of the Dead. Then turn to the east and see what Hamlet's Mill has given to us. There on the horizon in the east is the Child Wrapped in Swaddling Cloths.

Luke 2:12
12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Ok, so it is not what you expected when Jesus came again. But, one undeniable fact is present. The people who told the story of Planet X knew precisely what meridian the Christ Child would come on. Though they did not call him Christ. The called him Vishnu, Garuda, Isaac, Joshua, Horus, etc.

Is it enough to understand that the people who came before us knew we would get lost in our dreams? Is it enough that they wrote a story that will titillate the Ages, and then happen in a way they probably did not simulate in their own minds? And though it may have been feasible to calculate the orbits of the planets and the precession, rest assured that none of them "knew" that Comet Hale Bopp would come and take 39 to Heaven's Gate. None knew that Comet Ikeya-Zhang would take the path of Ishmael from Sculptor to the Archer. Noah knew that Comet Hoenig would strike the Upraised Arm of the Man who holds the Celtic Cross above. None knew that the asteroid 2002NY40 would come within 300,000 miles of the earth and appear to shoot across from the Flail of the Child to the Lion in Seventh Heaven in just one day. None of them knew that the KBO Quaoar would be found on the year that the Angles would take down the Seven Giants from the north in an exact duplication of the ancient story of the Native California Indians. All they knew was the appropriate path from the trash heap of the earth to the King of Kings, and back again. But, that was all they needed. We on the other hand put our faith in the collisions of Black Holes.

Finally, I am reading Claudius Ptolemy's book Tetrabiblos. Last night I came across a statement by Ptolemy regarding crucifixion. In a chapter on the prediction of the nature of death using natal charts he said, "Death will be by crucifixion when Andromeda and Cepheus are dominant." That is the path of Nibiru from the Southern Cross to the Phallus of Osiris, where Andromeda is being nailed to a tree. The story of Christ is more than history. It is more imaginative than any fantasy. The story happens to be the Word of God as it is written upon the Cosmic Wall. The advocates of the Planet X were not talking about destruction of the World. They were talking about the destruction of God. And, that is why the story is so God Damned important as we start a war between Christianity and Islam, while the Jews hang around hoping to come to the grave yard and pick up the pieces of the Way it Was.

Date: 11/25/02 10:39:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: to aid us in the understanding that cataclysmic episodes are part of the shaping of the genetic pool of humanity. Our Australian cyber-member JM sent this link...

This suggests that the remnant of the Phoenician navies was honored by the burial of their ships at Giza...also if their tradition does go as far back as 20 000 years..then it is obvious they were treking in the Southern Hemisphere that was free of the glacial movements.