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Clue-related: Arsenic is cited in death of man  "The Library" 2  THE ENEMY IS INSIDE THE GATES

Disclaimer: sometimes disinfo is trolled into a forum to bring it down--so do use discernment in sleuth. If GG is disinfo then it is of a higher level than what we see routinely. If it is valid INFO it is also of a higher "insider" level. Either way the brighter Spooks are suddenly coming into GLP for whatever reason, which might pose the basis for the key sleuth which is WHY?--Kent [Email] Additional Commentary on GLP

THERE WILL BE NO NUKE TODAY OR ANY DAY - Here is Why  "If an internal nuclear attack ever occurs in this country without a major failure of our satellite assets...perhaps we should rethink just who the enemy really is..."

HOUSTON TX USA)- Firefighters are battling a three -alarm fire at a north Houston hotel near Bush Intercontinental Airport.  4 businesses destroyed in fire

RAMSEY (KSTP) -- A building being used by a bank for office space, and owned by Premier Commercial Properties, exploded around 9:45 this morning near Highway 10 in Ramsey. Rescue crews are still searcing the rubble for one person.

VOICE OF THE WHITEHOUSE: We have a number of faked IPs that permit government stool pigeons to send out reams of pro-Bush and pro-government propaganda to sympathetic bloggers and right-wing websites. A false vox populi but sometimes effective. Also, the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories to put out to the boobery to keep their minds off of the growing and deadly disasters now beginning to loom over the heads of the Administration such as the Iraq mess and the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us. (Incidentally, I took all of our savings and put them equally into Canadian dollars and the euro. I am hedging my bets here.)

These bright boys, working with the Rove people, are starting stories about weather control, a new Ice Age, the spread of SARS, Mad Cow (but only in Canada as a way of punishing them for daring to harbor US deserters), weird plots to blow up US cities and so on.


12/19/2004 10:32:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent -
This is just information for you to be aware of:
My friend, [Anon]., and I are fair psychics (but, while doing our work, we stay in a strange mind-state of healthy skepticism  balanced with belief and trust).  We checked out "the German Guy," and found that he is an old geezer, WWII vintage.  Was a member of the Resistance.  Not connected to any particular source of information now other than the internet.  Nevertheless, about 80 percent of what he writes is true, except that not much is going to happen this month of December.  January is a different story (and we're working on it, believe me).  He's trying to get people's attention and wants them to listen to him.
FYI: Huge shipments of military supplies being moved about in the US now.  Getting ready for a big push...   Never leaving Iraq, planned destruction of the US (first politically, then financially, then what?)  Military will be pushed to move into Syria soon.  Possible military coup, because the top brass has about had enough.  Russia, China and N. Korea, as well as much of the Pacific countries banning together.  China about ready to make a big move (They had a spaceport on a high plateau of Tibet.), Putin trying to out-maneuver them.   None of these lizards (Well, ok, the Chinese rulers are Mantis, but same difference.) have much time left, so they're going for it.  
This is simply what we have put together so far, and is information only. 
However, all is not lost; we do have limited help from the Galactic Federation (Yes, there really is such a thing, and some folks have what is known as "Alliance Sanction," which gives them the ability to call for help, when appropriate.), but we, for the most part, have to do the work ourselves.  Numbers are not important; a few dedicated souls with clear hearts and intense focus can do a lot. 
We have the ability to work with timelines and space/time.  (When I was in Australia last spring we started that work, and were immediately besieged with hit teams.  Must have upset them a little...)  Unfortunately, our opponents can also counter-act our "fixes."  Basically, this is a spiritual and mental war.  It appears to be dangerous, but we're already in free-fall, so we have nothing to lose.
Love your site.



My first thought was that if something does happen, to not believe the info on what it actually is. Ie: if it is N, then it probably is something else.

Awaiting more commentary