Science Friend:  Kent,  I know this is odd.....but I was wondering if there was any connection between Houston and the number 215.   Old vision thing.    
Science Friend:  It would be blatent.   Nothing obscure or needing decoding. 
BARDSQUILL:  aggh, dunno
BARDSQUILL:  215=8 my lycky number
Science Friend:  I was just wondering if there was a building known as the 215, or major highway etc.

BARDSQUILL:  Wellll....A real Estate company called the Crescent Group just bought this place, now I'm trying to remember the name of the joint
BARDSQUILL:  Crescent seems to be like a foreclosure group
BARDSQUILL:  ohhh...Chevron Tower
Science Friend:  any idea on the address?
BARDSQUILL:  KAHHHBOOM! Collect insurance sorta like the WTC
BARDSQUILL:  I'll look
Science Friend:  thx
BARDSQUILL:   Location: 1301McKinney Avenue, Houston, United States


BARDSQUILL:  This German Guy pretty sophisticated Troll-spook if nothing else, but I think these dudes are into the "noise-agenda"
Science Friend:  ?
BARDSQUILL:  Like recently Aussie Bloke, stirring up the soup making a big confusing brew.
Science Friend:  ah - yes.  
BARDSQUILL:   If GG is  disinfo then it is of a higher level than what we see routinely. If it is  valid INFO it is also of a higher "insider" level. Either way the brighter Spooks are suddenly coming into GLP for whatever reason, which might pose  the basis for the key sleuth which is WHY?
Science Friend:  China is inking a deal with Canada for oil.  Breaks the US monopoly on the Canadian market.
Science Friend:  Ohio and Wash recounts.
Science Friend:  Various department appointments over the winter break.
Science Friend:  etc.. etc..
Science Friend:  Keep people afraid. 
Science Friend:  My feeling though is this....if something does happen, there is going to be disinfo as to what actually occurred.  Ie:  a truck bmb being reported as a plane crash etc...
Science Friend:  Sort of like the real concern on Y2K.   The risk assessments weren't based on the power going out....they were based on people's reactions to losing power ...or... hearing that power had been lost elsewhere. 
Science Friend:  Hypothetical situation for you....
BARDSQUILL:  Well there are now I believe mini-nukes with you know, shaped blasts. I think Bali was one-such
Science Friend:  If there were news reports from 'reliable inside sources' that there had been a bio attack in some misc. city, neccesitating the lockdown of that would we know if anything had actually occurred?
Science Friend:  I agree with the assessment on Bali.  May have been something completely new though.
BARDSQUILL:  duhhh...dunno
Science Friend:  If there was a petrol explosion in some state, and it was reported as being a mini-nuke, and martial law was would the standard every day person ever know otherwise?
Science Friend:  A big enough petrol explosion makes a similar cloud.  Eyewitness reports from surrounding areas would support the disinfo.
BARDSQUILL:  Bali was freakin weird, reports of people being vaporized with somebody across the table coming out fine
Science Friend:  Yeah.  Lack of radiation poisoning too.  I'm thinking it was something new that hasn't been seen before.
Science Friend:  well...prior to that at least.
Science Friend:  example: microwave weapons.   They have been around at least since the early days of the cold-war, but only now are starting to garner any attention.  Mostly they are viewed as 'non-lethal'.   However, they most certainly are not.
BARDSQUILL:  When the WTC came down, one of the first reports I got in was a gnarly old electronics engineer insisting it was a neutron weapon, of course everyone quickly jumped him.
Science Friend:  I still think they were pulled.   By who is another story.  Why is another story.
BARDSQUILL:  but.... WTC turned to powder
Science Friend:  Interesting.  Were any autopsies done?
Science Friend:  Either wtc or bali?
BARDSQUILL:  Mike thinks that asbestos was the issue about the WTC
BARDSQUILL:  WTC was essentially a condemed building aheada time
Science Friend:  What melts steel but leaves paper mostly unharmed?
Science Friend:  What is random in its force output?
Science Friend:  Non-concentric circles. 
Science Friend:  Those are the questions I'm pondering about wtc and bali.
Science Friend:  Anything with a fractal pattern on its force release?
BARDSQUILL:  Asbestos sleuth

BARDSQUILL:  fractal dunno, but we do have seismic signature

Science Friend:  date?
BARDSQUILL:  on the seismic?
Well tis here:

Science Friend:  I'll be honest....the GG thing is interesting to me.  Namely because of the snow storm in the midwest.
BARDSQUILL:  GG extremely detailed
Science Friend:  ::nodding:::  Some of the things he was saying rang a major bell with me.  
BARDSQUILL:  Thing is when the WTC came down the German Minister was first to publically smell a rat
Science Friend:  This is linked to wtc, bali etc...
Science Friend:  I'm trying to spot the pattern.  Money isn't the motivator.   Power isn't either.   I'm having a hard time finding the root cause.   I would suspect religion or ideology simply because they usually allow for such passion.   It is frustrating.
Science Friend:  I don't think Aussie guy was a hoax btw.  I think it was a trial run.   The 'final' message didn't ring accurate.  The cadence, word usage, etc.. was wrong.   That part was a hoax I'm thinking.  The first part was something else.
Science Friend:  As to GG, I don't know.  I have a hard time finding his stuff vs. the thousands of comments.
Science Friend:  The fact that he put alqueda in quotes is very interesting.
BARDSQUILL:   In a full-page interview with the Sunday edition (Jan. 13) of the Berlin Tagesspiegel daily, former German Minister of Technology, Andreas vonBuelow, said he does not buy any of the official theories that have been presented to date, on the events of September 11.

Science Friend:  He gave an identifier : "I was once a very good friend of Douglas Kramer, a Clinton appointee who was Vice Consul in 1997.)


Science Friend:  I'm reading the GG stuff right now.
BARDSQUILL:  lot of friggin reading, might try this for a synopsis

Science Friend:  He's biased, but I think he's legit.  Hold on for more comments...
Science Friend:  k.  I can't find Kramer listed as vice-consul.   However, I haven't checked with the state dept. on that. 
BARDSQUILL:  Couple of side notes:
 Bush while joking with rep orters after his  speech
  did  say he wouldn't be in Crawford Texas for the holidays if anyone was looking  for him

BARDSQUILL:  Filipino  Terrorist Protected by U.S. Embassy? NOW In Houston?

Science Friend:  I've read both of those.  The crawford one concerns me.