All the beavers circled around the launch site. Hundreds of flaming torches glimmered in the night. The full moon frowned in the sky. It was thirty seconds to "blast-off" and counting.

Bear and Leah were cupped in twin bucket seats way back at the tip of the arm of the giant catapult. The launching arm was cocked and ready. Timbers strained, creaking.

Professor Beaver gripped the trigger pull-string. Standing next to the professor, Benjamin Beaver observing his pocket watch recited, "twenty-eight, twenty-seven, twenty-six. . ."

Leah was right in the thick of scolding. "Just calm down, Bear! Why do you always have to worry so much?"

Hunched up in the bucket seat, Bear was covering his face with his paws. "Leah," Bear gasped through nervous lips, "haven't you ever heard of, 'one percent'?"

"Of course, it's arithmetic. I know all about that stuff."

Bear uncovered one eye. "Yes, but this has to do with a certain kind of arithmetic. Let me explain. . ."

Leah interrupted sharply, "Bear, this is about the dumbest time ever for explanations. At least we're going to have a real fun ride, an adventure! Lately I've been getting bad bored, too many stupid meetings!"

Professor Beaver nodded his head to the count-down. His paws twitched at the trigger string. Benjamin Beaver swung his arm in cadence, counting: five, four, three, two, one, BLAST OFF!"

Silence filled the night. Nothing happened! With frustration the professor yanked repeatedly at the string, but the trigger remained stuck.

Up above, Bear sighed with relief. "All right," he roared. "it's about time somebody got some sense around here. The launch has been canceled!"

Leah huffed, "oh, Bear, you are so negative. Probably they all just took their evening tea break."

Bear puzzled. "Tea break? Now?" He scooted around to peer over the back of his seat.

A flurry of activity boiled below. About a dozen Beavers strained at the trigger string.

The professor hollered, "pull together now. Heave ho!"

"Oh no," croaked Bear.

The trigger snapped loose. The mighty catapult swished forward in a blur. A violent wind screamed. The ground quaked. The catapult EXPLODED! Huge logs flew everywhere. Beavers scrambled for cover.

Bear and Leah disappeared into the night sky.