Date: 3/17/02 1:17:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Been doing some more digging, because after I read this report and its very informative historical info I think it is quite possible to prove the flight path and damage do not support the 757 conclusion. I believe I have found a photo from a Spanish site which shows no HOLE previous to the secondary round of explosions as reported on the Washington Post site. I will send that link as well.

Rebuilding the Pentagon

Another close up with additional info. on what the F.B. I. found. feature

Date: 3/17/02 9:09:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

While extensively reviewing dozens of web sites, photos and stories concerning the Pentagon I noted several important details which perhaps unintentionally misled many people. The first critical detail is the time of the event itself. Many photos and stories placed the 757 striking the Pentagon anywhere from 9:20 to 9:43 am. While this may not seem important it is the key to correcting the 30 minute window in which a section of outer ring E actually collapsed.

This link is to the Spanish site:

The first photo I believe shows the first initial moments after the first explosion. Because the picture was small and the building quite dark enlarging the image did not reveal what I believe is the next important clue which is the arrival of the first red fire truck. I have combined three photos to show what this entire debate is about: namely the missing 757. The french site and several others used photos directly from the Pentagons own site and I also downloaded their images to see if they supported the angle of entry into the building, the stated amount of penetration and structural damage as cited by the wash. Post: Rebuilding the Pentagon,

the sun


and here

[from this page]

this is a large image showing great detail of a very powerful explosion but not from a 757. The image has been noted by many people but the critical aspect to this is keeping in mind the flight path into the Pentagon would have placed that 757 directly into the left side. Look at the monitor resting on the shelf. The clean edge which has no fire damage down the middle but in the rear. The front of the Pentagon did not collapse for thirty minutes. Now look at the middle photo in the attached file. This had to be taken shortly after the Spanish photo 1w. There is no hole and there is no evidence of a 757 striking the Pentagon. The defenselink site has several photos of the Area in Question prior to the collapse. The entry angle on many news sites states that the 757 flew just above ground level straight over the helicopter pad and into the bottom floors. The explosion however seems to come from below allright but around the entire section which was being remodeled. That first photo shows thick smoke from the area just in front of the trailer/fence but it also shows puffs of smoke coming from further down as well. The time sequence coupled with the odd video showing the wrong date and time gives the impression that portion of the E ring collapsed with the strike of a 757. But that is not what the evidence actually shows. Another reason for confusion was this action by the Pentagon: {This image was captured prior to a Department of Defense-imposed total restriction on photography in the vicinity of the recovery operations.} The image was not critical but the clamp down on photographing the area explains why critical steps in the event itself and the aftermath do not provide a clearer accounting of the investigation and actions around the damaged areas. And it didn't help that every news source had a different take on what happened. So naturally people believe what they are told. There is a site with the names of the people who died at the Pentagon: and I am sure out of respect for the dead many would rather move on then stir up more trouble. But the sad fact is that if the truth is not being addressed then those who died are not being honored by our refusal to act on our better conscience. Go through the images in such a way that they can be seen side by helps to clear up the confusion. Then ask yourself why did they lie about something like this? The motive for this crime must be something quite rotten to behold. But that is why they blamed it on the Talibin.

Date: 3/18/02 1:19:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman: While everybody is getting juiced up about whether there was a jet at the Pentagon, we are about to get blindsided, with the help of the Eastern establishment media.  None of this is being reported by the Eastern media.  The agenda seems to be to suck us dry using a world IRS and then run us off and change the US into a world wildlife park.  Enjoy.

Date: 3/18/02 3:21:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

WHY are all National Guard Troops being called up for Duty in US. Well get ready for Your Spanish Flu Shot or !!!!!


Raw exposure of government cover-up of no-airliner in Pentagon

The rule of law is dead.


When U.S. Joint Chiefs Planned Terror Attacks on America




Date: 3/18/02 2:25:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here is an excellent closeup of the stump that remains where a large tree once stood immediately to the right of the impact site. It appears to be shredded at a height of about 3 - 4 feet off the ground. The plane was reported by witnesses to have made a slight right-bank, probably to increase the angle of attack closer to 90 degrees, just prior to impact. That would mean the the damage caused on the left side of the main impact hole (prior to building collapse) should be somewhat higher than the height of the stump on the right of the main hole. Yet that does not appear to be the case.

Date: 3/18/02 4:12:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

Was this communications antenna which is located along the approximate path taken by AA77 clipped during it's final run eastward along the Columbia Pike? It does look a little sawed off? One witness said the plane appeared to have just completed veering left as it came into his field of view, as if to avoid something. Was it this communications tower, which would have been almost directly behind the witness, who was facing east from the Annex building?

Red: Approximate path of AA77 according to witnesses Green: Approximate location of tower Blue: Approximate camera angle

Also examine all of these photos at this site from P1010011 to P1010027 and see if you can spot any clipped lamp posts. Also note the tree directly in front of impact hole is unscathed, so the plane must have passed to the right of it. Did the right engine catch the chain-link fence to the right of the impact hole? There is a fair amount of burning debris piled against the outside base of the building just to the left of the main impact hole and a fair bit of chaff on the chopper pad. Could this be the remains of the left wing? If the plane came in at a angle from the right, some of the debris should have ricocheted off the wall and out to the left, which it appears to be the case in these photos. This is also the general area where the single semi-identifiable piece of the wreck was located.

Date: 3/19/02 12:45:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,  Take a look at this German version of flight 77's [click on flash animation for maps] approach to the Pentagon compared to the eyewitness "Green". There is plenty of evidence to show that the Military is quite capable of using drones, dressed up to be copies of passenger jets for black Op projects and so can other agencies. Is it possible the White House was a target that morning along with the Pentagon, in fact they were to be concurrent? If so then the "plane?" hitting the Pentagon was not flight 77 but once again we have to find where flight 77 ended up after an aborted attack on the White house. I think it is also important to remember that officials stated that flight 77 was off Radar and Transponder identification long before coming into Washington airspace. If it left the area just the same it could have ended up far from the area without being properly identified by authorities.

I am also wondering if anyone in your reading audience might be able to put together a simulated crash with correct scale in order to prove the kinetic, fuel, material/energy properties of a 757 crash match what has been presented. I think a honest crash analysis will prove quite the opposite.

Grafik: Der Terrorangriff auf die USA - Politik - SPIEGEL ONLINE,1518,156971,00.html

If the bottom half of the plane flew through the ground floor and the top have plowed through the floor of the second story then we would have had a sheared mess -- the top portion would not have proceded more than a few yards and the bottom would have gone much further. But if the plane did have to travel horizontally through and across the floor then the "mountain side" wreckage would be the expected result. But it is not there. It did not happen. What really happened is that a fighter jet fired a missile ahead of its own impact.

First observe from the security video released by the Defense Department, how the attacking jet approached horizontally at first-floor level. (note also that this is a fighter jet and that it is firing a missile that leaves a white trail.)

Now look at these scenes taken from the street straight across the lawn from the explosion :

How did the plane get past these street lamp posts?

Boeing 757 could not have passed between these lamposts as the Defense  Department security video shows that the attacking plane, flying in  horizontally at first-floor level obviously did.

Flight 77 ----

Where is flight 77 ?



Click here for a blow-up of what the mainstream media claims is a large  passenger plane preparing to smash into the Pentagon.




Eamonn O'Brien shakes his head. "There is no way only 3,300 people died if those buildings have been fully occupied," he says.

The NWO will be defeated from forces within

After you read this you may think twice about flying!

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield  the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences  of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy  of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy  of the State. – Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels

Lying to the public is all right, says Washington's chief lawyer

`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'

Date: 3/21/02 8:12:02 AM Pacific Standard Time

Connecting More Dots. . . .

How much do you want to bet these "art student's" (forged) paintings all come with a bug implanted in them at no extra cost.

Other MOSSAD agents connected to the MOSSAD "art students" through a "moving company" were seen filming and CELEBRATING the successful completion of the WTC attacks/mission and were subsequently arrested. Another MOSSAD cell working for the same "moving company" was also caught and arrested while monitoring and filming the Sears Tower in Chicago that day.

Now look at the list of 911 targets reported by (Pentagon confirmed) US Naval Intelligence Officer, Mike Vreeland on AUGUST 11, 2001, as taken from diplomatic documents he was delivering from Moscow when arrested in Canada on bogus credit card fraud charges, at the request of the US Gov't.

Navy Pier?



Sears Tower - Chicago

World Bank - Malaysia?

Water Supplies

Scotia Tower - Toronto

Royal Bank - Toronto

Parlament Building - Ottawa

The notation below the list states; "Let one happen, stop the rest". (Does this explain the shoot-down of flight 38 in PA?) The information appears to be taken from a document titled "Coo (Coup) Agreement 96 - 97"

- Interesting that celebratory MOSSAD agents were caught on 911 monitoring two of the Vreeland list's target sites? Were they waiting at the other target sites as well?

- Interesting that the Navy Pier was targeted. Note it was the Navy's new command center that was targeted and hit at the Pentagon as well, despite the fact it's probably the most difficult face of the Pentagon to attempt to fly into. It was initially reported on 9/11 that several key Navy generals were found dead in the rubble under suspicious circumstances. Also note that Mike Vreeland is a Naval Intelligence Officer, (who the US Government is currently doing everything in their power to permanently silence). I would not put it past the Bush administration to nuke Toronto just to take care of Mike and further justify his "endless war". Who in their right f#$%ing mind willfully pursues an endless war (using tactical nukes) when the consequences can only lead to mankind's destruction?

- Note that the targeted Toronto-based Scotia Bank is the same bank that had all that gold and silver stashed in the WTC when it was hit and later recovered. Yet another 911 coincidence? Why was a Canadian bank storing their precious metals at the WTC? Who really owned it? Was it simply laundered through the Scotia Bank? Precious metals are typically used as a hedge against economic collapse are they not? Who was preparing and who didn't want them to? These are critical questions that are not being asked.

Date: 3/19/02 7:46:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

I am satisfied that this response substantiates the fact of flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. For those who receive this message in plain text format, please go to this first link where you can view the text in a format that makes it easy to see when the author is quoting the original piece by Geoff Metcalf and when he is giving his reply.


referenced from

Date: 3/21/02 11:07:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Been doing some more reading of various posts from other sites.

Chief Master Sergeant John Monaccio, the senior Air Force enlisted police officer for the Air Force was in the Pentagon on Sept 11th, in room 1B461 and some of his quotes 1: "The answer is that the plane did damage the rest of the building, it just didn't cause it to collapse. The plane hit at a 45% angle to the face of the building. An impact hole was clearly made (reference the web site photos), and the aircraft and wreckage continued some 240' through the rings of the building coming to rest in A&E Drive. The engines were buried inside the building and they took many of the support columns out that resulted in the eventual collapse of the E-Ring (in conjunction with the fires). The entirety of the E, D, & C rings were demolished as a result of the blast effect from the plane. 2: You can see from the pictures I posted that the plane did just crash into the front of the building. There are corresponding holes in the building to meet the fuselage and a limited portion of the wings and tails section. The plane did not strike the ground first, it hit right below the second floor of the E-Ring. 3: There was wing damage, but remember the plane's wings are 1/8" aluminum against solid granite. The wings disintegrated and spewed small parts and pieces across some 800 feet by 300+ feet of area to the front of the building. If you look closely at the pictures I posted, you'll see an impact hole that basically accounts for the fuselage and to width of where the engines were on the wings.

With respects to Mr. Monaccio for coming forward and explaining some important details there are several problems with his explaination. Critical to his and many others' cause of missing airline wreckage is the solid construction of the Pentagon itself. The only trouble is the outer wall is 6" Indiana LIMESTONE. It is not made of solid granite. Behind the Limestone facade is eight inches of brick and then ten inches of reinforced concrete. The total being 24" inch walls. Impressive yes but not solid granite. These are the kind of details that keep getting glossed over. A solid granite wall sounds impressive and seems to justify why there are no parts to be seen in any photograph and not just the ones posted on the Defense site itself. The E, D and C rings were not demolished entirely and the Pentagon site itself has photos showing the D ring directly behind the collapsed section was intact and without any blast damage period. A close-up showed that there were no parts on the roof {d section} directly behind the collapsed area aside from a few seam covers . The middle photo of the comparison set clearly shows there were only blasted out 2,500 pound two-inch thick windows. These windows were clearly blown outwards by a very powerful explosion. No trees or lamp-posts were knocked over directly in front of the collapsed section of the outer e-ring. A 757 even at a 45' angle could not have missed impacting everything in front of that section. Wings may crumple, twist and deform to tiny pieces but they do not vanish. Flying debris would have struck the small white car, the black SUV and the control tower. The fence in front of that section was blown outwards as well. The early photos do not show so much as a blade of grass out of place either. So we now have a 757 coming into the Pentagon at a forty-degree angle. Only that is not how it was originally reported:

The graphic does not show true scale but it looks close enought to convince people what has been told to them is the truth. {see following links for good close ups of the size of a 757] The forward motion is illustrated to show the nose knocking down support pillars. How can this be if the nose was plowing at 45 degrees into the ground? Note that this graphic shows the 757 coming in at ground floor level, but early photos of the crash scene do not show a hole or a caved in portion of the critical section upon impact. And despite the repeated claims that the 757 bounced and plowed into the first floor there is no such visual evidence. The forty-five degree angle is also at odds with the Pentagons own damage path graphics. In which case such an impact would have caused the tail section to be nearly vertical and with nothing to stop it from going over the E-ring. In which case there would be large pieces strewn over ring D and and beyond. There is also the still uncontested fact that a computer monitor is quite visible in the left-hand section of collapsed area untouched by explosion and fire.

Another brief quote from Lt Col (ret) Tom McClain of Arlington, VA: "I saw the remains of the engines in the North parking lot of the Pentagon as well as melted aluminum and other debris left from the aircraft. When the 757 hit the reinforced concrete and steel shell of the Pentagon, it exploded as you can see in the time lapsed photography on the MSNBC site"

Take a look at the Wash. Post graphic then try to visualize how the engines ended up in the North parking lot?Also Mr. Monaccio stated they were buried in the building. Who is telling the truth here? And once again what's the deal with not releasing one single photo of the alleged final resting position of the engines. I do not believe there were too many secret documents floating about to prevent identifying photographs.

More from a listener of msnbc: "Again the MSNBC audio is to be cited. If you assert that the plane impacted the ground slightly before the building, and that it was being radically maneuvered for line-up. Radar tapes indicate the plane made a 270-degree turn to the left. The hijacker/pilot probably overshot his aimpoint and overcorrected. The plane then was most likely in a nose-down rolling attitude at the time of initial impact with the ground. This would have cart-wheeled the plane and crumpled it into a mass of steel and aluminum that plowed into the ground floor in a skidding manner."

What radar tapes? According to the early press reports this unidentified airliner was off radar? There are no skid marks. There are no crumbled masses of anything in the initial photos which are not not shown on msnbc.

Some info on the 757 can be found here:

most interesting at 255,000 pounds (115,660 kilograms), the 757 weighs as much as a diesel train locomotive

Some pictures to help visualize scale:

Cad file:


Flight simulator: and more:

ground photo american airlines 757

Good closeups:

who is in charge:

what is expected from investigations:

Another aspect to this is the flight paths of what people saw and what was reported.

Quote "On the morning of September11th, I was listening to a local news/talk radio station, WMAL. Within a few minutes after the Pentagon explosion, several eye witnesses phoned WMAL and

were put on the air. All described a large airline type of airplane that they saw fly almost overhead and saw crash into the Pentagon. One explicitly said it was an American Airlines plane as it was close enough to see the logo and name. This witness was on Columbia Pike, a road quite close to the Pentagon, and was in a car pool with others."

A witness in the same area said it looked like a twelve-seater Lear jet and yet another witness stating it looked more like a fighter jet. Put it all together and the result is still flight 77 coming in towards the White House veering off at the very last minute. Another smaller jet at the same time was flying at tree top level up Columbia Peak and then into the Pentagon. One would think that this information and the conclusions would have been apparent from day one. The blame for so many conflicting versions of what happened rests soley on the F. B. I. and the news media. Both of which seem more interested in their own illusions of power and authority on the publics perception of reality then the truth.


Subj: 9-11

Date: 1/2/03 2:09:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: monaccio



I found your threads about 9-11 and the Pentagon, some mentioning me from a note I wrote to Mr. Metcalf quite a while ago. I'd like to provide some additional information to clarify points, but I'm not certain the best way to do so. As an example, my account speaks to the engines deep into the building, where as another states they were in North Parking. Both are true as the engines, once recovered from the building, were moved to a fenced area in North Parking in order to be screened for evidence by the FBI. All the aircraft parts, and building debris, was brought to North Parking and hand searched for personal effects and evidence before being either disposed of, or retained for another portion of the investigation.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

John Monaccio Stafford, VA

US Vice Admiral - Globalization Is Main Cause Of Terror Attacks

Date: 3/22/02 12:43:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

It's looking more and more like my premonition was accurate.

The morning of 9/12/01 I woke up from a strange dream where I dreamt most of the night I was staring a a big white sign with the word MOSSAD! on it. (Remember; Mossad does not = "Jews" anymore than CIA = "You's". Both agencies are complicitly out of control)

Now read this bombshell......


By David Stern Intel (Canada) 11-27-1

Stern-Intel (Canada) - A US military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The intelligence source, who requested his name be withheld, confirmed the internal US intelligence memo circulated four weeks ago described information that pointed to the threat of a covert Israeli operation on US soil to turn mass public opinion against Palestinian Arabs via an apparent terrorist attack on US interests that would give Israel the green light to implement a large scale military onslaught against the Palestinian Arab population.

The 11 September attack has been described experts as being too sophisticated for a lone terrorist group to execute.

If verified, the news of Israel's involvement in the US attack will come as no surprise to intelligence experts. The state of Israel has a long history of covert operations against Western targets with attacks on the King David Hotel, USS Liberty, murder of a Scandinavian UN envoy as well as espionage against the US during the Jonathan Pollard case.

On Wednesday the US defense department issued a warning to its officials to halt the leak of information on the investigation which it says is happening on a daily basis since the attacks occurred.

"We paid $3 billion for these television stations. We'll decide what the news is. NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS."   - David Boylan, Fox

Date: 3/23/02 1:27:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

This is probably the best evidence to debunk the 'Where's the Boeing?' conspiracy talk.

Dated Jan. 11, 2002

Experts ID 184 Pentagon Fatalities News & Media - News Releases


URGENT: 911 Cartel Infighting Info