Date: 3/22/02 4:24:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, In this photo set I believe there is a clear impact point [circled yellow] which would agree with eye witness claims that a aircraft rammed the Pentagon. However, it is too small to be caused by a Boeing 757. The impact point seems to be nearly head-on with damage being more concentrated to the left. Considering the size of the Boeing 757 it is probable the forces involved would have caused massive forward deformation of an area twice the size of what did occur. If a jet fuel fire was the cause of the fire damage why is it not more apparent? I do not see a 1600f degree blazing inferno.

{a link to a web page listing melting points for commen metals:}

The supporting beams for the second floor are still intact below the impact point. But people will say well that Limestone kept the 757 from penatrating the building. So here are some links with more info.:

The people who can model the Pentagon problem and I would say at this point it would be of national interest:

properties table

A more detailed investigation of the remains of materials left in the collapsed section would have yeilded a considerable amount of scientific information covering significant aspects of such an unprecedented collision. That alone demanded such an investigation, as well as, general scientific understanding of such impacts. One way to discover better ways of protecting people and the buildings they occupy is by catastrophic analysis. The speed in which the entire area was cleared and removed gave no credibility to the [unsupported] conclusions given by the Gov.

Subj: more debunking of flight 77 conspiracy

Date: 3/23/02 1:58:18 PM Pacific Standard Time


Date: 9/17/01 6:37:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, I'm curious as to why no one has mentioned the all white, no markings jet that was flying in an erratic flight pattern over the Pentagon just minutes before the explosion turned jet crash happened? I was sitting near my home listening to the radio broadcast when they mentioned once, AND ONLY ONCE, about the eyewitnesses who had seen this all white, unmarked aircraft flying erratically over the pentagon just before the crash.

The reason this stood out to me and caused major bells and whistles to go off was because about a year ago, I was living in Western North Carolina during alot of "chemtrails" on a daily basis. I just happened to get up early one morning to catch, with my binoculars, a low flying, all white, unmarked jetliner (no windows) that had green tanks mounted on the back near the tail fin.

These were not engines and were spewing a trail of white chemtrails that were laid down in a tic tac toe manner (stopping and starting). I watched the white gas come out of the tanks, then stop as each new line was laid down. When I heard the radio broadcast mention the all white, unmarked jet, I immediately felt a sense of knowing confirmation that sometimes the enemy is right in front of us and yet we cannot see. Perhaps......or perhaps not......