A work in progress

by Yeshe Dorje

© Copyright, Yeshe Dorje, March 17, 2003


Tony Peru and the Space Shuttle

Today as I was sitting having my coffee Tony came in and was really excited. I found myself glad to see him, I wanted to know what crazy thoughts he was having. I think I am finding him entertaining.

"Kent, I had a real breakthrough with the whole Columbia disaster. Remember my conversation with Gabrielle? Well I read this quote of Victor Frankl, and I was sitting there just kind of contemplating the whole thing when it all stated to just pour into me."

"What do you mean it started to pour into you?"

"You know most of what I write is me just opening my mind, emptying all my thoughts and writing what comes out don’t you?"

"No, actually, I thought you were making all this stuff up but I really didn’t think about how."

"Well a lot of the time I just empty my mind, you know so there are no thoughts, and that’s what I was doing the day before the shuttle went down and I had been reading about the space weather. Well I learned the most incredible stuff. I want you to look at the latest chapter."


"What is to give light must endure burning"… FREESTAR and the secret cause of Columbia’s demise…

What is to give light must endure burning, so said Victor Frankl, which naturally brings us back to the comets and the Space Shuttle, which met its demise in the skies right above us as we were creating this Guide for you. Given our conversation with Gabrielle, the unfortunate disaster has added relevance within this Guide to the Perplexed, as we can transform the suffering into wisdom and see it as a clue revealing the now quite dramatic evolution of the planet. The nature of the very skies is being transformed by the shifts in the interplanetary magnetic web. I ask you to see this shift as the Dadaists saw the invisible planes in that Paris apartment, take Leon’s leap as he reached out to his fellow prisoners. I ask that you ‘make art with reality’ by transforming your doubt and fear. Accept this following empirical account of disaster as my twenty-first century collage of the transformation of suffering into wisdom, hints of the unseen forces at work here in the postindustrial future west.

An astronomer who regularly photographs space shuttles when they pass over the San Francisco Bay area has captured five "strange and provocative images" of Columbia as it was re-entering the atmosphere. The mainstream media San Francisco Chronicle reports the images "appear to be bright electrical phenomena flashing around the track of the shuttle's passage." This story will quickly disappear, and few will remember. Did you know of these photographs before you read this Guide?

The pictures "clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past", said the mystery astronomer, "and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly ... when the Columbia may have begun breaking up during re-entry".

These unique photos are windows into another realm, and were taken by a man who faithfully documented the re-entry of each Shuttle’s mission. Though the unnamed astronomer is not making the pictures public immediately, he invited the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper to view the images on his computer, this weekend in his home, and David Perlman, science editor for the Chronicle, says the photos are "indeed puzzling."

"They show a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L", Perlman said.

"The flash appears to cross the Columbia's dim [white trail formed in the wake of the craft], and at that precise point, the [white trail] abruptly brightens and appears thicker and somewhat twisted as if it were wobbling."

"I couldn't see the discharge with my own eyes, but it showed up clear and bright on the film when I developed it," the photographer said. "But I'm not going to speculate about what it might be."



That was astronaut Tammy Jernigan's stunned reaction last night when she viewed a photo of what appears to be space shuttle Columbia getting zapped by a purplish electrical bolt shortly before it disintegrated Saturday morning.

"It certainly appears very anomalous," Jernigan told the San Francisco Chronicle. "We sure will be very interested in taking a very hard look at this."

For how long, I ask, will you look, and to what end?

"In the critical shot," states the Chronicle, "a glowing purple rope of light corkscrews down toward the plasma trail, appears to pass behind it, then cuts sharply toward it from below. As it merges with the plasma trail, the streak itself brightens for a distance, then fades."

"I couldn't see the discharge with my own eyes, but it showed up clear and bright on the film when I developed it," the photographer previously said. "But I'm not going to speculate about what it might be."

David Perlman, science editor for the Chronicle, called the photos "indeed puzzling… They show a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L."

This is the new collage of hidden planes that evolves our perception of reality and opens the inquiry into a strange world of high-altitude electro-physics and the scientific study of a place in the skies once described by physicists as the "ignorasphere," because so little is know about it. The ignorasphere is populated by ghostly electromagnetic beings science has identified as "blue jets, elves and sprites".

The Manifesto recognizes the senescence of the planet.

One of the experiments conducted during Columbia's ill-fated mission by Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon involved observations of the ‘sprite’ phenomenon. Sprites are powerful electrical discharges that occasionally leap from thunderclouds to the borders of the ionosphere. But there were no thunderstorms beneath Columbia as it re-entered the atmosphere over California.

"Even if there was a storm in the area, it is not likely to be the cause of such a discharge," said Mark Stanley, an expert in high-atmospheric physics at Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. Nevertheless, he said the upper atmosphere is capable of building up enormous electric charges. "Streamers" of static electricity can conduct electrical charges at twice the speed of lightning based on the ground.

So think of these images creating a collage that reveals the Truth, it is our thoughts that create obscurations, allow your mind to be free of the dominant paradigm. As a part of the interestingly named FREESTAR experiment, the Israeli photographic equipment on the shuttle captured Transient Luminous Events (TLE), a critical event in the revelation of new realms and our planet’s evolving senescence, as the universal tides get higher. The mission was to obtain coordinated measurements from various locations, both on the Earth and from space; in order to triangulate the origination location of any optically observed TLEs.

A very important event was filmed on Tuesday, January 21, by the shuttle Columbia. They had captured what scientists later said [two days later on Thursday, January 23] was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curvature of the Earth. It was described as a narrow limb-like glowing arc of light, hundreds of miles in length, horizontal with the curve of the earth.

This was the day I learned about the existence of my daughter, awaiting her birth in my estranged wife’s womb, and my life was changed forever.

"Two nights ago [on January 21 when the shuttle was positioned] over Africa was an extraordinary image. We saw a huge horizontal line of air glow - which had been brightened by lightning below it - which extended to several hundred miles horizontally and we feel it may be something new," said Dr. Yoav Yair. This is the voice of the observer, reporting the discovery of new planes of perception.

Yair was the project coordinator for the Israeli experiments on board the Columbia, and he said that this glow was not a "sprite" nor an "elf," which are two electrical phenomena associated only with thunderstorms. "Sprites" are red flashes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, which science first ‘discovered’ in 1989. "Elves" are spreading red doughnut shapes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, first ‘discovered’ in 1994. "It is raw data hot from the oven," Yair said.

While the shuttle was over Africa, filming a geographical area ranging from mid-Africa to the Middle East, the special video cameras unexpectedly captured this "arc of light". The coordinating ground crews also triangulated the source of this new arc of light. After that, nothing more was said about this phenomenal "discovery." But what was the source and why was nothing more said about it?

The biggest reason for the silence is that the triangulated source of the light was shown to be over Iraq where no thunderstorms were present. What they filmed was neither an ‘Elf’ nor a ‘Sprite’, and the Moloch knew this after analyzing the space video and ground equipment information. The crew of Columbia had unexpectedly filmed a light power unknown and unseen prior to this day.

We create thoughts to explain our perception. But what use are these thoughts when one’s perception cannot be trusted? So we turn to social constructs elaborately and slowly created by great minds over the centuries, and we ask physicists for answers. As far as science "knows," nothing with mass or energy moves faster than the speed of light. Here Albert Einstein leaps in and asks that we ignore this axiom.

Though nothing moves faster than the speed of light, physicists have concluded that the size of the luminous ring in an "elf" begins by growing over 100 km in radius in a small fraction of a millisecond; thus, an "elf" can be said to expand faster than the speed of light. This was also the same with the arc of light filmed by Yair aboard the Columbia. To the late Israeli scientist, this arc of light is not explainable by currently accepted laws of physics. See these leaps to develop the courage to make your own.

Knowing where the geographical source of the light arc, this leap of the earth’s wisdom in the heavens leaped into our consciousness and translated their discovery into a matter of national security. This is one of the reasons for rumors of war.

If we were to ask the light about the truth of its source we might hear a voice whisper gently in our ear: "The land where old Babylon once stood is now named the City of Light, and it is the place where the children of Light will dwell... The City of Light was uncovered before me and I saw the foundations of the walls were deep in the earth. These foundations were made of gold and they formed a circle around the city. At the center I saw an immense light that gathered its brilliance from the circle of gold."

"Because of this, Iraq was given spiritual knowledge from these ancient writings and holds an awesome Light to the 8th power within their hands. This is the same ´Light power´ that built the pyramids and Solomon´s Temple without machinery to carve the stones or lift them into place. It is sound and vibration of the 8th Light magnitude and dimension." This is part of the machinery within the Photonic Revolution.

So some may think that the Shuttle was shot down from the new Babylon by an ancient super weapon. I say the weapon exists but the Shuttle explosion was merely a reflection of our anger.

But what if the sun is being transformed by new tides of energy flowing through our universe and everything is not what it once seemed?

As our minds become flummoxed with the seemingly ridiculous and incredible thoughts presented in these pages I realize some of you may require further militarized ‘empirical scientific data’, and so we present:

A message from the Space Vehicles Directorate, Battlespace Environment Division, Space Physics Models Branch, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA:

"Air Force satellites orbit planet Earth, which is approximately 150 M km (8 light minutes) from the sun, commonly regarded as a uniformly luminous body that remains unchanged from day to day. Galileo's sunspots are often easily dismissed as inconsequential surface blemishes; however, at least two misperceptions need to be addressed. First, while the sun appears placid at visible wavelengths that originate in the photosphere, emissions from the corona are quite dynamic at ultraviolet and x-ray wavelength… The sun emits the equivalent of 40 trillion megaton bombs every second with about 1017 J/s, (10,000 megatons per second) striking the Earth. Even small changes in total solar electromagnetic or corpuscular emissions are considered big by human standards and, in considering the U.S. strategic national interests in space, must be regarded as such.

"Of particular concern are geomagnetic storms, which first manifest themselves as large, episodic variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Early satellites revealed that the Earth's magnetic field is confined by a solar wind that carries a weak magnetic flux. The most dangerous storms occur when large amounts of plasma and magnetic fields are violently ejected outward from the solar corona toward the Earth. These are called coronal mass ejections (CMEs)… The charged particles and magnetic fields of a CME act directly on the Earth's magnetic field and the plasma it contains.

"After a CME makes contact with the Earth's magnetic field, the initial effect is a contraction of the Earth's field. To achieve pressure balance with the new interplanetary environment, a large amplitude hydro magnetic wave is launched inward.

This is a description of how the increasingly dynamic energy that transforms us enters the Earth and enters our bodies. We are affected by this weather in mysterious ways.

"The wave's energy is partitioned between compressional and transverse magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves. Prior to March 24, 1991, the assumption was made that the compressional wave simply traveled toward the Earth and produced positive magnetic spikes called sudden storm commencements.

"Measurements from the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (CRRES) changed that idea. As an electromagnetic pulse passed, CRRES was instantly bathed in multi-MeV electrons and ions… Diffuse populations of high-energy ions and electrons in the outer magnetosphere were caught up by the compressional wave and entered the inner magnetosphere, gaining energy along the way.

Now if one is to wonder what changes in this energy does to one’s body, consider what it does to machines. It isn’t a great leap of thought, a small arc really.

"Microprocessors onboard satellites control the flow of information between the sensors and spacecraft components. These processors, smaller than a penny, communicate with memory cells to direct all satellite functions. On the ground and in quiet space environments, processors and memory chips are usually highly reliable. In the radiation belts, however, ionization trails, created as corpuscular radiation passes through a memory chip, can cause a malfunction. Electrical charges can accumulate in wire insulation, then migrate into computer components as currents discharge. Operating for extended periods in intense radiation environments can cause chips to decay from the effects of accumulated radiation doses.

"The transverse MHD waves launched by CME impacts carry magnetically field-aligned currents that couple the ionosphere to the energized interplanetary medium. Associated electric fields cause the ionospheric plasma to circulate in two large convection cells. Looking down from above the North Pole, there is a clockwise rotating cell in the afternoon/evening sector and a counterclockwise rotating cell in the morning sector.

Satellite-borne sensors have measured total potential drops of >200 kV and field-aligned currents of approximately 10 MA, coupling the magnetosphere to the high-latitude ionosphere. Three things happen immediately. First, the high latitude ionosphere brightens with auroral light, obscuring our ability to monitor strategic missile attack corridors on the Continental United States (CONUS). Second, the neutral atmosphere above 90 km heats up at a rate of 2 x 1012 J/s, or 12 megatons/ minute. During the March 1989 magnetic storm, Joule heating of the upper atmosphere caused the temporary loss of approximately 3,000 space catalog objects. Third, electric fields permeate the magnetosphere, energizing local ions and electrons. As a storm progresses, bright auroral forms appear at much lower latitudes than normal. The optical clutter in the night sky increases immensely and the mid-latitude ionosphere becomes turbulent, disrupting long-distance communications in regions where they are normally quite stable. Energized electrons and ions migrate earthward to replenish the inner and outer radiation belts. Satellites at geostationary altitude charge to several tens of kilovolts."

Some on this planet choose suffering. They choose to create "Battlespace". They are observing the transformation of the planet from a military mindset. I call to you my brothers and sisters to subvert the dominant paradigm and be radical spiritual revolutionaries. Perceive these changes in space weather as an opportunity for our consciousness to make use of the energies offered that results in our hearts opening to love. There are vast planes opening to us for the first time and we are the artists of our own destiny. There are changes occurring within the Solar System that we will never comprehend, as the greatest teachers explain the truth is beyond conceptual thought.

It is a fundamental tenet of the Photonic Manifesto that the sun is currently undergoing a transformation resulting in the evolution of the human species, with many beings volunteering to become the ‘Shining Ones’ – Bodhisattvas dedicated to ending the suffering of all beings. The current transformation of the interplanetary magnetic system is misunderstood, hidden by disinformation, and misrepresented by the Moloch of capital. These are the days when Bodhicitta will be victorious.

Despite the Moloch’s efforts to create "Battlespace", we can read from their own observations that the planet is evolving to destroy the Moloch’s efforts. This is the end of days for the Moloch of Earth. The very fabric of the dynamic relationship between the consorts is shifting, this is revealed by observing the dance of the luminaries. The Shuttle Columbia attempted to land whilst a large comet passed by the sun and coronal mass ejections transformed the earth’s atmosphere in ways ‘science’ cannot comprehend and the Moloch seemingly did not anticipate. If there is a conscious reason for this we cannot truly understand what it is, but we can choose not to refuse the dream, and thus allow the transformation to continue.

So let us dream the dream where we see there the many invisible waves in the tide, and we see the many invisible tides carrying new information from the source of light to our Sun. We begin to dream the invisible dream. We know that our sun is our Father and loves us, transforming us in his image while making love with our mother the Earth. These are the consorts whose union exists to set us free from Samsara. Thoughts are but waves in an ocean of Samsara. There is a new tide in the ocean that is transforming the nature of reality, and in so doing the very nature of mind is being revealed.

"There is only the mind which can transform the mind

Suffering, negative emotions, destructive states

Come about from mistaken views of the world

The grasping at self-existence is the fundamental ignorance

We must cultivate the insight into the true nature of mind
This wisdom dispels ignorance

Have awareness of the negative and positive aspects of the mind
So that you may discriminate between the two
This awareness will naturally help you to transform your mind

There are two levels of understanding
Intellectual and Experiential
The latter is far more difficult and comes about
From sustained practice and compound feeling"--His Holiness the Dalai Lama