A work in progress

by Yeshe Dorje

© Copyright, Yeshe Dorje, March 17, 2003


Email exchange with Tony Peru

I have been keeping an email dialogue going for a few days with Tony Peru, mostly I am beginning to have questions about his writing. I find myself wanting to best him as a favour to return him to ‘reality’, so I have been challenging him, hoping to make some sense of what he’s thinking. At the same time I find myself thinking some radical thoughts. The war is changing the world and the Empire is becoming so obvious but it gleams as if covered in fresh blood, there is a growing agreement among my friends back in San Francisco that the gang of neo-cons also has a new face and more apparent sinister purpose. There are stories each week reflecting a flagging economy where there is more unemployment and a growing number of discouraged depressed disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans alike its beginning to look a lot like the Thirties. One would think an election would solve all of this but the last election was stolen… is there something to what Tony Peru says? It seems that the causes and conditions for the first 21st Century revolution are present now in these the most troubling of times. Is this the birth of a manifesto? So I asked Tony some questions in emails…

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

> is it us, are we all Tony Peru?

> wanting someone to cut off our heads?

> Is this where the memories of the French Revolution come from?

> Tony, this whole multidimensional aspect of your experience

> makes me hear past lives

> Different voices

> and so you want me to think of different ideas as different planes

> of perception?

It’s not that I want you to do anything, but feel that you must to survive.

I know that if you don’t want to change, or to listen

Is really a result of your Karma, but you can overcome some

Karmic tendencies with your will

That is where a map comes in handy, someone to show you a different path

Leading to somewhere else

But this is a revolutionary treatise as well

Because my heart seeks to speak

And my Brain has allowed it to be so


> as if his mind could no longer fit and he would cry

> to his mother to cut off his head

> don't ask me to explain the connection, but this

> sounds like it could have been written by borges...

This actually happened to me, a scene of reality, don't know about the Borges.

But yeah, now that you point it out there is a message from the

Truth and Reconciliation Committee of my dreams

We are all clubbing each other

In longing to know a cataclysm is nigh

We scream to have someone cut off our heads

As we see each image of suffering enter our consciousness

And connect with the pain of that person

We are collectively screaming for our heads

We have become desensitized to the pain

This is all an experience which reflects

A shift in reality


> but i don't dig the reference to the shifting of

> reality itself

Doesn't matter if you dig it man, it matters if you see it, and by the way, it is about matter after all and what I am saying is that the basic nature of matter is changing as we find new ways to perceive it, one way to think of it would be in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle: The "path comes into existence only when we observe it."

The pith of what I feel is that there is a paradigm shift underway transforming everything. The Guide is meant as a preparatory tool for surrender, and thus perhaps evolution of the soul into a new and better dimension… best of all - we all make our way out of Samsara… we begin to discern its outlines - as the path comes into existence – and as some of us point it out.

> (i recently realized that i am a buddhist in my

> heart

> but not in my head...)

A Photonic axiom: to be free, to heal, we must unite the head and the heart,

and I say here it is better to struggle to become a Buddhist in the heart

because it is a struggle

because eventually the head will follow.


> it wasn't the industrial revolution that fucked us

> up > (though that sped up the fallout,

> making more of us aware of it)

> it was descartes' elevation of the mind to the

> denigration of the heart-

> that is what allows us to objectify our victims...

The roots of alienation can be found everywhere in Samsara. The mention of the Industrial Revolution came completely unbidden but it is something I studied so in my heart it is to welcome a Marxist discourse, because speaking the truth about capitalism always feels better than the lie... and perhaps to suggest that the radical economic changes that are taking place as part of Globalization are a sign of a much greater shift, just as the Industrial Revolution was part of a shift in human agrarian consciousness to urban consciousness, leading to greater identification of shared interests amongst the proletariat etc… My dream is to witness Proletarian Bodhicitta consciousness, all of us are being united by the power of loving kindness in our hearts and minds, the union of wisdom and compassion.

I might also mention here that I am certain the final struggle between the worlds of order and disorder has begun, as the great white empire would have it, as they extend their hegemony, and this is a sign of the end of this old paradigm and our heightened awareness and evolving consciousness are signifying that we are the initial vanguard of the Photonic Age. We seek balance. We seek an end to the tyranny of greed.


> it would never occur to you to try and walk from

> Wolfville to Canning

> i'm pretty sure you're right about this...

Well the fact is that I did try to walk across what is known as the Southern Bight of the Bay of Fundy. I went there when the tide was out, and that is why I have a picture of myself covered in the mud, and for me it is a symbol of my ignorance, and in classical Buddhism the lotus grows from the mud of ignorance

A reminder that I spend much of my time trying to get out of this mess we’re in.


> And of course he is central to my ability and my

> struggle to relate much of what is true and parse

> that which is false and if I were to just type the

> words he would say now directly to you to open your

> hearts as this is our greatest gift and the

> opportunities are presenting themselves with great

> frequency in this age of the luminaries.

> i don't understand this sentence at all; it has an

> 'if' but no 'then'...


Try again, but if you really need a then, then insert your then wherever you might but remember I was saying I am typing the words of a higher consciousness.

> who is the bolshevik bodhisattva?



> the truth is there is no OTHER - the dream of men

> clubbing each other must end

> this has been brilliantly set up, and comes home

> with real force


Again these are multidimensional visions, the hermeneutics is to discern layers of meaning and make choices about what realms you choose to exist, this is the secret of living multidimensionally. When one is convinced there is something more to what they perceive, the truth is concealed so some of us are compelled to set the truth free by questioning everything. This is the message from Albert. If we agree there is no duality, that the duality is the illusion which is where I am headed, then I see this as a sentry posted at the gates beyond duality and must learn a better way to find my way in. The dream of the wooden club really happened and my listening to the voices and paying attention to the visions is what immediately led to the Guide being written, or at least motivated me to really get to work and get it our there

What I found interesting as I wrote and thought about this dream is that its meaning has many facets and these were unveiled in the next few days. The force of the meaning is what is powerful and it comes directly from the clear light of wisdom, from which the dream arose...

> surrendering to the dream

> is not a simple thing, except in love

> for many, not even then

> i don't think this argument will convince people to

> lay down their arms

I am not writing to those who are armed, I am writing to the perplexed, much of what they read will trigger hidden codes within their DNA and so meaning as we understand meaning is irrelevant, the truth is beyond conceptual thought.


> even to let go of their fears

> their hatred

> their multipronged attachments


Yes we will, we will let go of it all, for these are the end of days before the flood of light.


> capital is not the true dragon;

Capital is one of the heads of the dragon.

> it is simply the current tool of competition,

> manipulation, and hatred...




> I say its all alienation and say it from the mind

> that forgives, and think that after all forgiveness

> is a benign forgetting whilst anger always

> remembers.


> i guess anger remembers but this is not obvious to

> me

Anger is a form of attachment, or as the Teachings refer to it, a poison. Non-attachment is a form of forgetting, as is forgiveness. If we remain in memory, our thoughts full of anger, we get sick.

> i understand the value of forgetting as we forgive

> but don't want to forget why i got burned...

Transforming suffering into wisdom is what its all about, its what you do with the fuel that matters, anger is an energy we can learn to use in new and improved ways. Throw the anger on the fire of transcendence, transform it into wisdom, forgive and move forward. We need to protect ourselves in Samsara and we are warriors, but if we are always maintaining mindfulness and cultivating loving kindness then we find a way to get over getting burned that has nothing to do with he who held the flame.

> i don't know much about the dadaists but the punks

> knew no grace and were filled with spite and

> mistrust and kerouac finished by drinking himself to

> death in his mother's basement


The punks chose not to refuse the dream, they held up a mirror to capital and rescued us from bad progressive rock, continue to influence fashion and are underestimated in terms of social influence to this day, and after all they were a response to hypocrisy and Thatcher, and anyone who stood up against Thatcher is a hero to me… I have a newspaper photo of a headless statue of Thatcher, taken when an angry man knocked it off after a gallery put the statue on display. I love this photo. Plato said that major changes in a society would be reflected in music first and so I say the punks captured some of the dissonance in the spheres as the old Europe dissolved and the Sex Pistols kicked everyone’s butt.

As for Kerouac, look where he points, not at his finger, and read the Subterraneans. All his work is an exploration of mind, and underlying it all was a profound compassion and love of his fellow brothers and sisters. He is Icarus, and he is an excellent example of the pioneer Buddhist who paved the path that we follow a tad more easily for his having been there before us. This was his service and worthy of iconic status. He also taught me about cacoethes.


> We live with unseen evil and it could even be said

> that it is foolhardy to consider ourselves as the

> top of the food chain - the worst evil remains

> unseen and unknown and this should strike terror in

> your heart because it is this terror that makes you

> human and calls you to awaken

> unseen evil is what strikes fear in all of us;


The important message here refers to the food chain. No one ever taught us that there are beings in other dimensions that eat our energy. I say so here.

> many modern psychologists think that all fear comes

> from fear of the unknown, so that fear of snakes or

> fear of the bomb simply put names on the fear of the

> unknown;

> jr saul says that's why we love both rationalism and

> false populists- rationalism holds out the promise

> of knowing the truth, which is of course not

> possible for humans, and false populists seem to

> know the truth (or at least the answers to all of

> the hardest questions, which they of course frame

> for us)

> thus, is enlightenment the conquering of fear? this

> makes sense to me, because the prophets all knew

> love and bliss, both of which are kept out of reach

> to most of us by fear...


I am learning more and more that it is best not to wonder what enlightenment is or even to think that I will become enlightened, as this attachment becomes one of the more difficult subtle obstacles to enlightenment. After teaching ourselves to open our hearts and strongly wish to free all beings, we learn to let go of our attachment to the ultimate outcome of our lives, which is why I think of myself wandering in complete confusion with utter confidence. We must release our attachment to our own enlightenment and cultivate the wish to free all beings... But yes I do think enlightenment must be a confrontation of the most primeval fears… most of my contemplation is spent overcoming my fears and afflictive emotions because there is a never-ending supply of suffering in Samsara.


> do we not agree that it is seemingly impossible to

> work for a wage and choose to refuse the Lie?

> no, we don't all agree with this; working for a wage

> is not evil in and of itself, and i enjoy working

> for a wage and it gives me a window to something

> better; i have the privilege of working in the

> sanest, most loving atmosphere imaginable...


Well this is a difficult one for me, I'm working through this right now because I believe all wage work is a form of exploitation, salaries co-opt even the most ardent socialists, and all thinking people see the work based on service to others as one of the most undervalued and thus most exploited forms of labour.

But if one is able to transform these circumstances from the Lie of exploitation to the truth of service then what does it matter how much you earn in dollars? By entertaining us and opening our hearts with the holy words of the theatre, you earn priceless merit my brother...

> If the goal is to never refuse the dream

> it may seem like semantic quibbling, but my goal is

> to never tolerate the nightmare;

> we need to stand up at work and scream:

> but this is madness!

> we need to panic with dignity

> somewhere, if we can free ourselves from the

> nightmare's death-grip, there will be leisure,

> inclination, and the tools to pursue the dream...

My fist is raised my brother, but not too much leisure as the struggle is long and there are so many others to be freed...

> (of course, if we could loose that grip, perhaps we

> will have lived the most crucial part of the dream;

> i- like a few others- still have a dream)


> i really have to stop this now, cause it's late here

> and the temptation to stay up later pursuing the

> dream and then not work in the morning (when i

> should be pursuing a less interesting dream) is too

> strong and palpable so i'll make a few closing

> comments


> this is nowhere near as insane as promised, and much

> more coherent and relevant than expected;


> Balthazar is an interesting character-


> the focus on the present chapter of human madness is

> refreshing;


> trotsky fits in well


> (although all that herculean lauding and magnifying

> of the heroes in this story is a bit too intense for

> me;


> as mozart might have said, they are made to seem as though they shit marble...)

> keep on dreaming

love, Kent

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

Tony, you write:

> the punks chose not to refuse the dream, they held up
> a mirror to capital and rescued us from bad
> progressive rock, continue to influence fashion and
> are underestimated in terms of social influence to
> this day, and after all they were a response to
> hypocracy and Thatcher - Plato said that major changes
> in a society would be reflected in music first and so
> I say the punks captured some of the dissonance in the
> spheres.


i say the punks were filled with spite and envy;

they hated immigrants, they hated the (largely irrelevant) queen

they hated women, they hated themselves;

so much of the angry young man version of the punk movement was self-hatred...

you say: 

> As for Kerouac, look where he points, not at his
> finger.  All his work is an exploration of mind, and
> underlying it all was a profound compassion and love
> of his fellow brothers and sisters.  He is Icarus, and
> he is an excellent example of the pioneer Buddhist who
> paved the path that we follow a tad more easily for
> his having been there before us.


i don't get the solo man in the mountain thing;

it attracted me when i was young, and i understand the value of getting away from all the noise

in order to hear your own heart beating

but if you don't come back down the mountain, what use is it?

all this fine talk of collective consciousness yields nothing but frustration

when dubya is part of that same web, with his influence that seems to outstrip the more interesting, saner voices;

when lennon said the fabs had more influence than jesus, he was right...


> We must release our attachment to our own enlightenment
> and cultivate the wish to free all beings...

i had a teacher who told me not to worry about how the more enlightened would respond to a question,

since it is only possible to digest small bits of the path at one time,

and this struck me as wise


Tony about Wages:


the wage is a red herring in the search for the value of work

if your work merely enriches a capitalist while destroying the earth,

exploitation does not come close to describing the horror of the activity

but much work has other value, even if it seems to be primarily a mode of exploitation


not too much leisure
as there are so many others to be freed


insufficient leisure is the primary block preventing us from freeing ourselves, let alone others;

i am constantly amazed by the paradox of living in a world in which people (in the wealthy countries, let alone elsewhere)

work harder than we did twenty years ago,

though frantic improvements in productivity have rendered it needless...


Tony, i think the dream for an improvement in human consciousness is shared by many,

but i see no reason to think that we can effect it,

or to believe that it is going to happen anytime soon;

also, the rapid changes in human consciousness will likely soon be too numerous to count

(i only know a little bit about previous changes in our consciousness, and they seem to have been fairly rare;

the teachings of christ turned us away from fatalistic thinking,

but this change is still incomplete;

the cartesian flip into reason missed the islamic world,

if not all of the east and south,

not to mention the fact that it was somehow rejected by the modern existentialists;

the printing press catalyzed a profound leap in consciousness,

by enabling a more secret form of public inspiration and conspiration;

similarly, mathematical teachings once focused on students' ability to prove the soundness of the underlying theorems they were using;

this seems like madness today;

similarly, computers are creating a 'post-literate' world

(i believe this is a misnomer, and that we are entering into a new phase- probably more profound- of literacy

not having to know how to spell opens the doors of literacy to more people then ever before)

how many other changes are being wrought by the internet, the genome project, nanomachinery, the proliferation of branches of investigation (ucsf has departments i'd never heard of)

and the popularization of increasingly sophisticated theories

(though few people understand relativity,

its basic meaning had become part of our culture when Hupfield penned as time goes by...)?


the obsolescence of memorizing the spellings of words

reminds me of the jettisoning of requiring students to prove the validity of math that had been in use for centuries

but none of the changes of which i am aware resemble a return to the awareness of the pulse of the universe that other animals have retained;

if anything, we seem to be moving further away from this,

closer to a world in which things not wrapped in cellophane are somehow incomprehensible, disgusting...

at the same time, we do see a resurgence in holistic approaches, natural processes, and so on;

however, these things are growing at the speed hippies are able to muster;

the moving of our species out of mundane reality and into hyperreality

is happening at industrial speeds, at conscriptive levels of ubiquity...

so that much of the shift in human consciousness seems to be positive

but the franxious transformation of otherwise decent people into bioengineers and other sorcerer's apprentices seems to be the overarching reality


the voice from the mountain is not likely to have much impact in the post-rational world we see rising up around us...

let the screaming begin

let us panic with dignity


*what you call the photonic age i call the future

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

> and hoping to goose blair's brown nose out of the

> bush...

> not seeing any shift in the nature of reality

> wondering how you see said shift

Kent, I say we catch glimpses of the shift

and know this is true with my heart

I believe with all of my heart that as I transform my consciousness I change the world I live in

so the shift comes from within

despite the fact I am pointing all over the place at ideas and thoughts

thoughts are fundamentally untrustworthy

the Guide is a means of communication

and thoughts are not all we have

to make sense of our perception

I begin with the intention to be

a telecommunication device

using new technology

like the world of optical science now

just about to solve the metro telecommunication bottleneck

and bring big brother’s eyes

to observe the end of the world

there is more information pouring into me from other dimensions

you read the words and hear the songs and if you


you can see the visions, like I do

and hope for the best

making great effort and suffering the vicissitudes


> since you say reality is an illusion

> (which begs the question of our ability to assess

> the extent of its suffering...)

Kent, the idea is to find the portals into other worlds

through this discovery we validate the concept

that all we perceive is an illusion

and this awareness is the throttle we open

we have an inner drive to discover the truth

of who we are

you say

> if this war comes it will be the great one,

> cause america won't get away with it this time;

> the avengers are all over the gaza strip

i think we will see the advent of new terror

and this will shift our consciousness

there is a growing fear consciousness throughout America and the world

this is the way the Empire communicates

command and control is their aim

we are watching the uncloaking of American Fascism

our job is to transform all of the negative energy

as we are all interconnected

the negative events will find their way into

our consciousness and its our job to purify

this creates the shifts in hundred monkey increments


> bursting out of jordan

> seething in syria

> awaiting trips to pakistan for full metal american

> funded training

> dad wasn't afraid to wet the wick in reception


> what if i am being written by some otherworldly

> novelist

> dwelling in his capacious imagination?

> but i am not doing that

> and i shall awaken the red queen with alacrity and

> impunity

> (carroll was probably a pedophile anyway)

wow that is so deathly cynical

have you ever seen any of Lewis Carroll's photographs?

Is this where I go when I want to see

Young nineteenth century women binding each other


> alienation is not a global phenomenon it is

> familial;

> the age of leisure has taken parents away from their

> children

> because they have to work hard if they want to have

> washing machines, microwaves, and trips into

> consumer hells

> er, i mean, consumer meccas

> to buy trinkets in flashy packaging

> industrialized man apparently had no defences when

> the age of the consumer came along

> his wife went to work with a new, portable neurosis;

> hypervanity, the result of fear that the day's

> fashionable models would defeminize them

> as men are said to fear castration by their sons


Kent! - grandiose cynicism now

> and it's just great to fantasize a world in which

> people cease the stream of rational input/output

> but it's nearly impossible to get them to turn the

> fucking television off long enough to tap into their

> own stream of consciousness

everyone will be changed, it is the law of entropy

> the most entertained generation in history

> is also the most easily bored;

> our most effective mindsucking devices- video games-

> set us on a collision course with our reptilian

> ancestors

> and as the music video seeks to recreate the

> hallucinogenic experience

> television and film now seek to duplicate the level

> of stimulation of the reptilian centre

> which only strobe lights can do properly

> are you ready to rumble?


Kent, I believe all of what you observe here is to facilitate

the ease of feeding by service to self degenerates in other dimensions,

they feed on the energy of beings and

all of these entertainment devices we are addicted to

facilitate this as never before

> a few weeks ago i went to a bar to sit in on a

> poetry reading

> being by far the oldest person aho would have paid

> to go into that room

> and the only white one

> made it look like a likely unsuccessful night so i

> sat at the bar and had a drink

> wrestling was onthe tube

> i think it must be catching on these days;

> all that false rage and nintendo violence

> should fill that gap until the next cnn war comes

> along to generate some real excitement,

> cleansed of any acknowledged gore and thus

> guilt-free

what about the poetry?


> a friend told me he thought the death toll, though

> regrettable, from the next expansion of the gulf

> war,

> would likely number in the high hundreds

> because of the stated goal of the security forces

> a very intelligent, discerning man, remarkably free

> of prejudice, apparently believes some of what bush

> says


> funny how canning was a shortcut,

> invented for napoleon's armies;

> in ww1, my grandfather walked on emptied canned beef

> cans in those trenches of static misery

> it kept some of the reddened mud off his pants


what our grandfathers taught us, keeps the blood off of our hands


> i am looking at a picture of

> shri mataji nirmali devi

> not feeling the cool emanations of goodness

> purported to be coming from it

> but at this moment i am as one with randy weston,

> pharoah sanders, et al

> who must have been one with all when they captured

> this little piece of heaven for anyone to enjoy

yeah man dig those groovy sounds, Randy and Pharoah out of Africa

> perhaps you have heard of khepera

> it must mean heaven in some culture...


> perhaps you know where you are going

> try as i might, i have little clue what is coming

> next


I really do not know where I am going, and am more convinced of this with the passage of each incomprehensible moment


> (passed october brown at her house today; she seemed

> not to recognize me and was deep in conversation,

> so- only 90-% sure it was her- i let her continue

> unobstructed..)

> kent

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:


entropy is the worst bullshit going the rounds of protointellectual


all things decay

because they stop being what we would like them to be

the evolution of the universe into a place able to support our fragile

bodies is overlooked by entropy apologists

the beauty and perfection of the big crunch also comes in under their


the manipulation of humans by apparently entropic forces in ad agencies


by corporate marketing generals

is too tautological to escape your notice;

the pain this generates in the pit of my stomach is not cynicism,

though it may be akin to despair

if the devil is sucking our energy through the feelies,

what am i doing in front of this screen

spilling my ressentiment into a like portal?

i missed the poetry,

as the text implies...

If there is no reality, is there an escape?

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

> yo-


> i am glad that you have finally formally pronounced

> your position vis-a-vis reality

> though it was no surprise, it confirmed what i have

> thought since we renewed contact

Kent, reality can't be found

and so many minds make it up

that's what the internet is all about

please see this

> Tony, i recall reading (in plato?) a diatribe against the

> willing suspension of belief,

Plato had insights into other realms

that lead to his theories of the Platonic solids

ever check out his sacred geometric forms?

also the music of the spheres

why not his ideas as opposed to

contemporary philosphy and science

maybe we are a tad closer to the truth

but not by much after 2500 years

> a diatribe i thought was hysterical,

> since it seemed impossible to me that anyone could

> ever really suspend disbelief;

> in fact, i have trouble letting go of reality long

> enough to enjoy a movie

> it is one of the strangest ironies of my career as a director

> which is why i am so critical of anything which

> strains credulity;

> it ruins the experience


> but i have known people who willingly suspend

> disbelief in various ways;

> yesterday i went to a website at which members can

> speak their minds

> once i started reading the posted positions,

> however,

> it became clear that these seekers of liberty

> believed they had already achieved it

> they must suspend disbelief every time they listen

> to the news

> whenever colin powell speaks on saddam's ability to

> produce mineral water


> i was recently speaking to a woman who stopped me

> short when i criticized the occult science of

> buddhism,

> asking if it wasn't simply a matter of aligning

> oneself with the earth's energy

Kent: Wow! This is it man, this is exactly what we do

this is the Photonic principle of alignment

wait till you read about the Current Sheet

and really begin to plug in to the earth’s energy

and follow the tides as they come from the sun

the power of the sun is more noticeable

in Arizona

> i don't believe anyone has demonstrated this alignment is

> achievable


Of course many beings have demonstrated this technology

Buddha, Jesus, Einstein

> yoga i can understand

> astrology makes no sense

> if the upcoming periterrion of mars is responsible

Kent is this right periterrion?

can't Google it

you know how strongly I feel about Mars

> for the slaughter of iraquis, we might as well give

> up now

> and i see no reason to believe there is any remote

> connection between the two events


Throughout hisdestroy history Mars is associated with


the moons of mars are panic and fear

now some believe the moons have disappeared

apparently there are no professional establishment sightings of them since 2001

curious events require greater curiosity

and as war looms is not looming Mars curious?

The fact there is a legend that fear and panic

Have been loosed upon these the end of days

This strikes me as noteworthy.

> i don't have a mechanism for projecting sentience

> onto the sun

Kent, tune in to the earth's energy through meditation

it is easier to do in nature

hence my wanderings in Oak Creek Canyon and the

Sonoran desert

but a teacher in Toronto suggested

getting out into trees so when was the last time

you went to a park?

Muir woods is amazing, it is so powerful there…

Open your mind and allow there to be no thoughts

then ask for awareness of the earth and sun relationship

these are subtle silent voices that will speak


> susan was always frustrated by my

> inability/unwillingness

> to imagine that we were on a desert isle/ in a fancy

> restaurant/ strangers

> we just weren't, and the pretence that we could be

> seemed absurd to me

Kent, what is imagination for

why did Einstein say imagination is more important

than knowledge?

> only the impossible is truly absurd

> and it still seems absurd to me

> but it is not absurd to many other people

> i can't imagine an escape from reality

if there is no reality

is there an escape?

> i remember my grandmother always jumping to

> conclusions about my infinite happiness before i

> could finish a statement

please say more about this

> i didn't disillusion her

> but it made me feel like she had no interest in

> getting to know me


could this feeling be attributed to her

or are they yours alone

> although i sometimes feel like i am living inside a

> beckett play,

> that only tells me that he was on to something


> my interest in reality is dear to me

> i can't understand forgoing it

> i can't understand how people could move to

> jonestown and follow that creed

> how they can sign away their worldly goods to

> scientology

> how hopes and fears can outstrip the value of this

> moment and its palpability


I think we all have a tenuous grasp on understanding

what is happening to us, sometimes someone comes along

and takes advantage of our collective longing

> i am a dialectical materialist

> truth changes and evolves

> as pedestrian as it sounds,

> utility is the ultimate test of reality, of truth

> imagination is not

I do not think that real truth changes

there is a constant within truth

that is why we long for truth

in an impermanent world


> you asked me to open my mind to the wonder of the

> desert yesterday

> i was stuck in an infernal shoebox, awaiting a

> non-life-affirming experience

> which did arrive and was less fun even than it

> promised to be


> there is my reality

> hard as a diamond

> and telling as a book

> can i break out of it?

> no

> can i improve it?

> not by imagining it away

if our imagination can allow an expansiveness to

pervade our consciousness

we leave the small prisons behind

this is why I love the desert and called you from out there

on the other side of Starr pass

our thoughts close doors and create small prisons

our thoughts can also do the opposite if we

hone our guidance system to the earth

much of our alienation comes from being

detached dislocated disenfranchised from

our spiritual birthright

the Photonic Manifesto is a reclamation project


> i am now

> i don't want to be other

> freedom begins after necessity is understood;

> this step cannot be avoided by anyone who is to get

> closer to the truth


> no matter who he says he is

> or what he says he can do

> or how many people praise him

> no one person has found the best route to the truth

I believe with all of my heart

that Buddha is this person

of this I have complete confidence and conviction

and this gives my heart a sense of peace

amidst the chaos and confusion of Samsara

and I have met great teachers who obviously

have found this path

so I follow those who know the way

as I find my own


> and whoever gets closer to it didn't use pure

> imagination to escape

> they used their several faculties in concert to

> focus on now and here

they used a system as the woman you met

describes succinctly


> the various gods created by various people and

> peoples simply reflect our hopes and fears, our

> visions of heaven and hell

> which is why useful books can be written on dream

> analysis

> but we each have our own lexicon, so these

> archetypes must be understood through the dreamer's

> personal lens


> enjoy your dream

> but live your diamond

Kent, you shine like a diamond mind

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

> man makes war whenever he can;

> he doesn't give a shit where mars is


Kent, this merely reflects our level of collective ignorance

As a modern society we have forgotten

Much of the ancient wisdom about the planets

Hence the overall disregard for astrology

and some of the healing arts rooted in antiquity

we are all under the influence of the heavenly spheres

hence my preoccupation with what I call the Dance of the Luminaries

what I am suggesting is that all large bodies

the sun the planets the moons the asteroids

are concentrations of electro-magnetic energy

or focal points of light

here in this region we perceive as our solar system

the celestial bodies interact with each other

this is the dance of the luminaries

each luminary has a particular quality

and the quality men have associated

with mars

is violence - war

man obviously does care where Mars is

because somehow man is aware

mars does influence his behavior

this is seen in many cultures across the planet

how can we discount the voice of human consciousness

from the mists of before time to the bright light of now

when we can track the path of Mars on a monitor

in the Epic Café?

there is a great battle being played out

between evil and love

darkness and light

when I was with all the Masters in Graz

there was a sense that negative energy and evil

is being attracted to our planet

in those days just before war

I am merely reporting the glimpses

I see as veils are lifted

and I see Mars and Comets and coronal mass ejections

and I see the Moloch of war rise up with its

jagged jaws agape

I just pray that enough of us wake up

to prevent a hideous feeding frenzy of evil


there are strange attractors

and interference patterns

throughout this local space scene of ours

and Mars has a signature

watch what happens to the Earth as Mars approaches

there is a correlation

I choose to honor ancient wisdom

rather than continue here in the mud in ignorance

man makes war because of habitual tendencies

and karmic patterns

in the great wheel of karma

there are wheels within wheels

does this not sound like

our solar system or the atoms and molecules?

Kent, one thing you keep repeating

is this idea I am saying go to a mountain

or to retreat from this world

quite the contrary

I am suggesting that by making

great effort to transform oneself

while living in this world and being challenged

by all the lonely people

our personal transformation

creates change

that's why Gandhi said

be the change you wish to see in the world

and Blake mentioned some doors of perception

opening and he learned something

brought it back and created sound and vision

I am entertaining myself with visions and thoughts

of a Universe that is interconnected by an invisible

fabric woven of energetic threads

and so if a comet comes by

or a celestial body approaches

as heavy with human sense memory

as Mars surely is

I choose to see the interference patterns created

by these energies I am connected to

so our motivations and actions are affected on a deeper

level than by psychobabble

i really honestly beleive that we are in a profound

time of transformation and so I experience things

with this foremost in my mind

I could be wrong I could be right

I know I don't truly understand

I just like my world bigger than the base human

fear and hope dialectic

I choose to welcome the spiritual tools

that assist me as I climb out of the muck


--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

> one minute, reality is an illusion,

> the next, it is so clear that you can explicate its

> most obscure workings


Kent the fundamental tenet of the Manifesto is reality is an illusion

this is hwy we love the nursery rhyme

row your boat

I don't think anyone can explicate its most obscure

workings as much as describe the madness one feels in

catching glimpses of a world beyond the surface of this one....

> Tony, one minute, man is contemptibly (collectively)

> ignorant,

> the next, we can't ignore the voice of his

> collective consciousness


the individual is ignorant

the collective consciousness

is the source of genius

what is spirit?

In the Novum Organum Bacon writes,

"...the Sun enters the palace and the privy alike and is not polluted thereby. We raise not a Capitol or Pyramid to the pride of man, but a Holy Temple in his mind on the model of the Universe, which model we imitate. For whatsoever deserves to exist deserves to be known, and knowledge is the image of Existence. Now the mean and the splendid alike exist..."

> where are the veils being lifted?

> i'd love to have a glimpse

I believe most of us are too afraid to try

otherwise the mystic traditions would be more readily

embraced, instead I think we choose the comfort of

keeping an orderly world that keeps chaos at bay



> man makes war because he is taught to make war

> we continue to glorify violence

> we continue to mock anyone who suggests that we try

> to cooperate

> this doesn't sound like physics to me,

> it sounds like base psychology

I believe that man makes war because of karmic propensities and habitual tendencies, the pain of countless lifetimes is embedded within our consciousness, I strongly believe this has nothing to do with our psyche, our mind reflects the nature of Samsara and our karma is played out in this field

the Dharma gives us a map out of suffering and into the true nature of our existence

it is a flash of lightning in the dark of night

> it is not necessary to understand the metaphysics of

> reality

> to get a handle on psychology;

> in fact, there is little likelihood of physics or

> metaphysics ever shedding any light on psychology;

Check out Alan Watts, The following is Watts's 1959 extemporaneous address to the American Psychiatric Society. Impatient with the seemingly endless stream of technical presentations, Watts decided to speak off the cuff. I regret to report that his remarks are still relevant.

Gentlemen, this is not going to be a scientific paper because I am a simple philosopher, not a psychiatrist, and you are hungry for lunch. We philosophers are very grateful to you for showing us the unconscious emotional bases of some of our ideas, but the time is coming for us to show you the unconscious intellectual assumptions behind some of yours. Psychiatric literature is full of unexamined metaphysics. Even Jung, who is so readily repudiated for his "mysticism," bends over backward to avoid metaphysical considerations on the pretext that he is strictly a physician and a scientist. This is impossible. Every human being is a metaphysician just as every philosopher has appetites and emotions--and by this I mean that we all have certain basic assumptions about the good life and the nature of reality. Even the typical businessman who asserts that he is a practical fellow unconcerned with higher things declares thereby that he is a pragmatist or a positivist, and not a very thoughtful one at that.

I wonder, then, how much consideration you give to the fact that most of your own assumptions about the good life and reality come directly from the scientific naturalism of the nineteenth century, from the strictly metaphysical hypothesis that the universe is a mechanism obeying Newtonian laws, and that there is no other god beside it. Psychoanalysis, which is actually psychohydraulics following Newton's mechanics, begins from the mystical assertion that the psychosexual energy of the unconscious is a blind and stupid outrush of pure lust, following Haeckel's notion that the universe at large is a manifestation of primordially oafish and undiscriminating energy. It should be obvious to you that this is an opinion for which there has never been the least evidence, and which, furthermore, ignores the evidence that we ourselves, supposedly making intelligent remarks, are manifestations of that same energy.

On the basis of this unexamined, derogatory, and shaky opinion as to the nature of biological and physical energy, some of your psychoanalytic members have this morning dubbed all the so-called mystical states of consciousness as "regressive," as leading one back to a dissolution of the individual intelligence in an acid bath of amniotic fluid, reducing it to featureless identity with this--your First Cause--mess of blindly libidinous energy. Now, until you have found some substantial evidence for your metaphysics you will have to admit that you have no way of knowing which end of your universe is up, so that in the meantime you should abstain from easy conclusions as to which directions are progressive and which regressive.


--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

thank you for responding to my request for request for more verbal gonorrhoea from the ranting man

was thinking of you when i started rereading the bhagavad gita this morning

it was of course written in this very moment some two millennia ago;

right now, when the two armies face each other across a moral gulf

about to charge and clout,

the battlefield becomes still as krishna tells arjuna the answers

flies pause between wingbeats to allow this moment to take place

somehow the magic is missing from this moment,

with the button having been pushed, the remote and other enemy awaiting

the hail of technology we have built with sales taxes-

thank god for that wealthy-enough-to-be-consumers class-

is krishna being heard in this rewrite of that great battle between good and evil?

we may have changed the world

i remember reading an interview with chomsky,

perhaps two months ago,

in which he was asked if things had changed for the better or for the worse since he first started narrating the tale of good and evil

absolutely for  the better came his answer

when we went into vietnam, raining napalm and agent orange- which has yet to run off- nobody said a word for years

this war is already under protest and it wasn't even newsworthy yet

it will be newsworthy tomorrow,

as the ancient city in the cradle of western civilization is erased from future memory, never to be dug up more

never to reveal more ancient secrets to future peoples

(can this man take himself seriously?)

on my 45th birthday

krishna will cry with us

krishna is much greater than jehovah;

he requires no antithesis, but truly is alpha and omega

is beyond is and is not

what a poet conceived him,

closer to socrates than to homer

of course arjuna is awed

picture that fly on the battlefield,

one of few survivors of this battle

hovering, silenced, the horses very breath in suspension

this is now

might we, like arjuna, learn from this moment?

the wind just picked up, disturbing the newspaper sitting inside my front door, waiting for the recycling bin

12:26 am, 19 march 2003

 in peace and love, Kent