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by Yeshe Dorje

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We’re still here. At least I am in San Francisco and you’re back wherever you are. Its May 21, Planet X is arriving and this is the day the earth will stand still according to the Zeta-Reticulans. Right now I could take you to a website where people are reporting on the rising and setting of the sun, people in Sweden who watch webcams of Japanese volcanoes and a woman in South Africa who drew lines on her home to measure the movement of the sun in the sky, checking to see if the invisible sun was slowing down the day. Yesterday Tony sent me a new link to a site claiming that when Regulus is directly above Giza, time dies. Tony is reading by the minute reporting of earth changes, and has become particularly concerned with the seismogram coming from Wake Island.

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We are all still here and for some reason I keep getting emails from different people with theories about "The Shift of the Ages", Planet X, even scientifically observable changes in magnetic polarity of the planet is begin covered by mainstream media now. This is why I am continuing to send you Tony’s Manifesto. What appeals to me is all the world’s a stage and now we learn what the chorus thinks. I think this is what is significant about these times, it is a flowering of human expression that makes the Renaissance seem like a florid cartoon. There never has been such a widespread sharing of information, and so much of it does take the form of light coming from computer monitors, Tony has an interesting point about this. What is artifice and what is real, what is the truth? More people seek the truth than ever before. Reading the NYT this weekend I read an article about world opinion becoming the second superpower, that there are increasingly influential ideas being expressed as collective consciousness by the Web. Hasn’t world opinion become something new with the advent of the Web?

Seeing all of these sites where people are entertaining themselves or filling voids or experiencing profound longing, one can wonder why so many are asking questions that long to deconstruct the established tenets of reality. Perhaps it is because there are so many more addicted to video gambling or pornography.

I don’t believe in the millennial fear that speaks from so many because it is a voice of fear that has survived through the ages, as no great calamity occurred. My father told me that every generation has doom-sayers, and I grew up in the cold war era where threat of nuclear annihilation seemed real. Still, Tony argues that if you were to go to Sri Lanka today, you would find many human souls newly dead, lost in a Bardo, with their families grieving and the entire island transformed by floods. Tremendous flooding in China and Southeast Asia as well. Sri Lanka, where the tides begin, as Tony’s dream voice pointed out. My rebuttal is the world ends for many in incomprehensible destruction each day. Yesterday a Garage owner in Maine was crushed by the roof as it collapsed down upon him. A ‘freak’ micro-tornado or dust devil had touched his world, and destroyed it.

The weather is changing, any reason abiding person watching weather for forty years or more would agree that this is not the planet of our childhood. But is the very nature of reality shifting as Tony and his ilk suggest? Does my aversion to the craziness, my fear of madness, close my mind to what I categorize as millennial claptrap? What is the attraction that keeps me reading this Manifesto? I want to believe that I could not possibly believe these ideas, and yet I want to know that I can believe. Spirituality is about belief after all. But belief in what?


Sic Cocteau Lux:

Are we sad that time is dying? Contemplating human suffering and the end of time I see all the light that shines. Realizing that the birth of Amrita Emmelline is imminent and I will enter fatherhood swirled by the rising tides. Today I contemplate the death of time and its location as a point in time and space thirty degrees latitude, thirty degrees longitude. There is so much going on you cannot deny that we are humans burbling as reality destabilizes. I ride the middle of May energy lunar eclipse and discover the Wesak celebrations in Shambhalla.

I just received this hidden treasure email from Moody:

It was said to be a myth. It was said to exist only on the subjective planes. It was said to be inaccessible by anyone but disciples and initiates. Yet here, for the first time, are photographs of Wesak valley in Tibet.

It is said that the ceremony of Wesak is held in this valley at the time of the full moon of May. A vast crowd assembles in the valley, in front of the great rock table at the end of the valley. The valley as photographed matches the description of Alice A. Bailey perfectly. She describes it in The Unfinished Autobiography on pages 38-41 as "large and oval shaped, rocky and with high mountains on either side."

It is said that Wesak is that time at the Full Moon of May in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the forces of Shambhalla. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity.

The secret teachings, hidden for countless lifetimes, reappear to us now. The Buddha is teaching now. This is why protection of freedom of expression, safeguarding the ancient wisdom in the Libraries and protesting the assault on our human liberties is a growing wave, we the people seek wisdom. This is a collective expression of our true Buddha nature. The neo-cons will be surprised by the might of this wave rising against the fascists, but it is truth alone that can follow the tides. The Lie is unnatural. Though the cabal dig themselves caverns in the darkness and have the most terrifying wasting diseases and atoms bristling in their arsenal, human beings will always find the light. The Buddha appears among us. Oppression in not sustainable because humans always find a way to end it.

Mindfulness of impermanence, diligently investigating for ourselves that there is no self, practicing loving kindness, cultivating compassion, these are the indestructible energies that guide us through the most confusing transitions.

Our teachers come to remind us who we are and what we have come to do. We cultivate the wish to free all beings and listen to Macy Gray because we love to dance. Her new album is ‘trouble with being myself’. Everybody has trouble. I’m listening to the web broadcasting my favorite radio station, KCRW Santa Monica, as I recall my teachers. I dream with the dreaming hipsters I revere like all my mothers loving the small gestures of my working class heroes and learning. As time dies archetypes speak from my dreams. Life is full of revolutions, complete creation and dissolution of entire realms takes place as we wander the Bardos of Samsara. I choose the company I keep along the way, we all do, eventually, so many choices later in life.

Contemplating my teachers reminds me of the countless lifetimes of perseverance, struggle, surrender and hardships our teachers experience just to reveal wisdom. In contemplating their sacrifice, I realize their message is everywhere. The teachings cease to be hidden, they manifest now to guide the perplexed into the Underworld. We seek the light of loving kindness in our rush to the stars because first we enter the darkness.

Contemplating this opportunity helps me to find the wisdom within the light coming out into rooms across the frontiers of the Empire… so many strangers being… watching as the light emerges in small cells. We reach out and rescue truth, the wisdom of the ages is ours in an instant. The light pours out on Broadband.

The light emerges from the display. Yes, yours. Isn’t this what the ancient ones remember for each of us? All the old stories have somebody who goes into the underworld, they return with a commentary on this display in which we wander. The deity arises within us and remembers the display, reality is illusion. Here you are looking into the display, being asked to contemplate the dissolution of that which you seek.

To find it you must let it go. When you perceive the light you learn to let it dance. Time and time again.

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As time dies stylish arches speak in my dreams

True reckoning is surrender. Look at this display. Is it the words you long for, or what is truly waiting behind them? Do you want to read, or do you want something more from your mind? What is it you’re looking for? Have you ever considered Hafiz and his desire to eat God? You know the wisdom is there despite what the writer is saying, you know that the light from another century is reaching out to you now. You know this is so because you feel the truth within you reach out for the hands trembling in the display, all the photonic tendrils reaching out a few inches from your body. The ghosts of ancient words might give you a rash.

In these times our bodies recall our guides through the underworlds of our own molecular viscosity as we expand. Every Bardo is too terrifying to contemplate, this is why our teachers come. In this Bardo the Intelligence Agency has created a space division, Future Imagery Architecture, and this is the latest tool the control paradigm uses to create reality. The Empire launches a dozen imagery satellites with the belief control of these images is control of reality. Who can argue with a satellite image?

The Lie eyes lie.

It is my guide’s birthday.> wrote:

Tony, by all means include my thread.  Thx.

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From: Tony Peru


Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 6:07 PM

Subject: a call for submissions - the electrolux realms


Attached is the chapter with your first thread and a couple of subsequent replies, slightly edited to fit in, but not much as you will see. The Photonic Manifesto is posted on the mainpage of, if you want to get all the chapters as word files let me know.

I encourage my e-list to send files or sections to friends, and to send me submissions for the next electrolux realm of the revolution, the Practitioner’s Guide to the Perplexed… This will be a weekly compendium of human evolution… and is the latest assignment given me by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee...

All photonic practitioners are encouraged to submit their incomprehension.

SC, thanks for your response and interest... the Manifesto is actually very similar in theme to many of the ideas in your thread at Godlike... That Forum has really taken a beating lately, interesting that so many seemingly ignorant people would have the time and interest to post such garbage there. Could it be to hide the wisdom? can't buy into the whole disinfo thing, some on the Forum seem to have a large sense of self-importance.

 Really don't know about Planet X but definitely noticing my life rising with the Tide, this is a really Big Wave ; - } SC do you know anything about this:

In 1997, the esoteric importance of 19.5 and 33 was overtly demonstrated as NASA landed a tetrahedron-shaped Mars Pathfinder Lander on the Red Planet at 19.5 N and 33 W.

Check it out at

Is the Empire firing up the Stargate? Does it hurt?

 Tony Peru




tony peru <> wrote:


Self-contraction: Protection of our self-expression is the foundation of the Revolution.

Everything that transpires from here forward, arises from this basic human motivation, we seek our freedom in protecting its expression.

As the Libraries burn, Rumsfeld says: "Freedom is untidy."

Everybody with a website reflecting this untidy shift of the ages is Tom Paine. I’m reading a very interesting website right now where the hermeneutician thinks the end of time is linked with Mars. I think there is a connection to finding his site because I just received the book A Gift, sacred writing by Hafiz, a gift from my wife for my birthday.

On this fascinating website I’m visiting right now as I write you, the author makes a link between the river Nile, the end of time and mars, explaining that Nile means A Gift, one of the four river/gifts in Eden.

As time ends, there are some among us who are compelled to tell the tale.

Thank God for self-expression, what would we do if we couldn’t learn this now?

How deep is the well of ignorance, how long were the dark ages? Information and thought writing has been attacked by men with power through the ages, why do you think Alexandria burned?

Is our power awaiting us with the realization that there is no ‘other’, there is no ‘they’ or ‘them’?

Lightning splits a limb from the tree. Look at this frontispiece Sic Luceat Lux, it looks Masonic, Knights Templar, the secrets of Jerusalem. You know ‘they’ took a lot of wisdom and identified it as occult or satanic and un-natural when of course it was authentic wisdom about nature,’ they’ lied just to keep wisdom away from us, it was the Illuminati representing the Master Control paradigm all along… wasn’t it? How can we overthrow the Empire, with words?

The truth is beyond conceptual thought.

Despite the certainty that I cannot comprehend, I see the two of us in a long exchange of unchangeable and universal information. Here you are Self Contraction, this is the chapter of the Manifesto with your comments incorporated. I would be interested in getting into a dialogue with you about reporting on these times. I’m looking for keen observers on the front lines of the changing nature of time, and so on. Would you be a reporter? Eleven chapters are up and running on the front pages of and I am looking for a league of loving kindness and the revolution is seeking four hundred thousand perplexed minds looking into for light in the shadows of these confusing times.

So many more ask why? each moment. For many of us, these are times of remembering our deepest longing. So many people are questioning the very nature of reality, challenging established paradigms, so that we learn light has no speed and time does not pass. As time dies, the magnetic polarity of our solar system is being rearranged.

Light has no speed.

Time does not pass.

The confusion creates a desire for its satisfaction. Chasing our tails in frustration, we long to understand why? because we live in last lifetime’s models of impermanent non-sustainable interference patterns. As we shed this skin, we long for an end to our confusion and so look to God, or the Sun or the Stars and hope for a cathartic cataclysm.

And because we are so confused we always ask and wonder…

Tom Paine again in the Age of Reason: "THE only idea man can affix to the name of God, is that of a first cause, the cause of all things. And, incomprehensibly difficult as it is for a man to conceive what a first cause is, he arrives at the belief of it, from the tenfold greater difficulty of disbelieving it. It is difficult beyond description to conceive that space can have no end; but it is more difficult to conceive an end. It is difficult beyond the power of man to conceive an eternal duration of what we call time; but it is more impossible to conceive a time when there shall be no time."

As we know SC, this time in which we live and choose to read the light messages emerging from hidden terminals of the web, these days are the portal out of time. Rather than invest the energy I have in nihilism or hopeless chasing of thoughts, I choose revolution and make genetic adaptations cultivating thoughts of hope for the freedom of all beings. The Light is my friend, so I piss on planet X and the New World Order, and I send them a rejection notice by snail mail.

I feel the shifting of everything that is alive and know we cannot possibly understand the truth of reality. We always look to other to explain ourselves. This is why the mirror enters eternity.

Mankind has a tendency of hoping for some solution to their suffering from without, from other. As the Buddha taught, there is no other, so to await the cataclysm and invest all of our deep wells of loss in the dissolution of this world is not for me. I choose to actively create the next realm I inhabit, working to make it as purposeful as possible for the benefit of all sentient beings. I long to live sustainably and so I will.

 I think this will eases the transition of impermanence. If you live on the coast, and feed in the coastal shores, you live in change. We are smart fish who know we are not at the top of the food chain, I recognize you as part of my tribe. My will finds you.

 The Manifesto is meant to be an esoteric revelation of ancient wisdom, transcendence is not new and yet this mind is eternally fresh, pure, just so.  Whilst reading the words, rather than projecting one's mind onto the ideas, I suggest that the radical reader allow their mind to swim within this sea of thoughts. Safety in numbers becomes a school of survivors, I seek a community of radicals committed to the truth of their existence, a fidelity to our human nature, a reverence of our true Buddha nature...

"’Cause love is the saddest thing when it goes away…"

 These ideas are moments from the front and my headphones. Memes from the underground. The Teachers are inside your Prison, this is what I came to say. The Deities arise from within. Bliss transforms everything.

(Were you ever interested in prisoner's dilemma or game theory? When do we choose to act for the collective good, when do we know the benefit of compassion with a certainty that we change our lives and there is no turning back? My heart was always seeking the way to persuade my fellow prisoners to work together and find a way out. I wanted to help my self, or so it seemed. My graduate studies included Marxist Game theory and the recruitment of workers to labour organizations, thinking about what convinces people that a shift in consciousness is necessary. How do we agree that the collective agreement needs to be renegotiated? Learning about other realms and my life as a Socialist was my forty year training for the 21st century, especially living in Margaret Thatcher's Britain and the madness of King George’s Empire and so I seek life as a revolutionary.)

I think it is important to get the word out that the transition involves you!

"Follow the day and reach for the Sun…"

We are the children of the Revolution!

You now choose the life you live, more than any human ever has.

The Moloch will go hungry. Then we will kill it.

"What is my oil doing under his sand?"

"Abuse of power comes as no surprise."

Refusing the beast has been a gradual shift in human consciousness, rather than the screaming and raving that the shift is just happening now and a rogue planet or brown dwarf is on the way, fear and panic the moons of Mars are missing but we’re convinced they’re headed this way, a fleet of powerful cube warships are hovering in synchronous orbit, and everyone in my trailer park was abducted one night… the hysteria that we see in the Forums and on the Jerry Springer show, the wars and famines are scenes in the karmic dramas where humans lose hope.

I have had these same human thoughts and visions all my life. Early dreams as a child of fellow children crawling in the wet mud tunnels of thought mines. Learning later of children working in the mines and knowing this to be so in a way beyond reason. Once, before I had any thoughts of impending cataclysm, I saw myself on a mountain, sitting astride the spine on a peak watching as the entire mountain range sped through the air sweeping across the planet, slicing through reality as the Earth trembled. Later I recognized this vision in the tectonic plate cataclysmic thoughts. Knowing this to be so beyond reason. We have many sense memories of human experience and Earth changes embedded in our cells, this is why many dream of the very large waves. The tide also rises.

The best choices often involve resisting fear's seduction or an obvious literary pun. To recall that there are great forces, angels in the architecture, and a tiff between darkness and light, is to align ourselves with our protection, for wisdom is indestructible and this is why the old man goes to the sea. Thinking of the sea, I recall that fear makes us prey. This is why I don't like even thinking about the Reptilians or sinister spirits, even though I meet them. When I meet them it is a duel, which is why guidance systems are essential for survival.

We are captives in small cells, but these cells are not real, the teachers have arrived and we recall this is so. This is why the manifesto begins with the prison camp teachings. That the opportunity for freedom is greater now than it will be for a long time is their message. This is what is special about these times, the Wave, the Tides and the Sun.

And most likely why The Matrix Reloaded will have such a huge impact on the collective leap of consciousness.

I do believe in the mutation, therefore I am not mute. Hence the Manifesto.

 Highly recommend that you check out the BBC series, The Blue Planet. Truly mind altering. This is the fruit of all transcendental art, the transformation of mind.

This is the sea from which Veronica emerges. Much of what I write is dense, impenetrable in places and I have thoughts of doubt… but much of what you read is free of ‘my’ thought, and I choose not to own it. All I take responsibility for is the quality of my surrender, and the karmic tendencies I purify with the failed attempts to manifest words from other realms. The Manifesto is words from other realms, if one needed an accurate description of the source. I drink from multi-dimensional wells.

Please read a section at a time, that is what the sections are for. then put it down. I find that it is better to allow the writing to just float through the consciousness, without really trying to understand what it is "I" am saying or even what you might have thought while reading. Do not follow your own thoughts, bring your mind constantly back to the next sentence… For the discipline is to free the truth by being available in each moment, humans want to help each other with every beat of their heart, this heartbeat expresses the beauty of human consciousness. I do my best to keep it clean, or at least as far as my surrender progresses in my rush to the stars.

The fact that it is impossible to understand the nature of mind, that the truth is beyond conceptual thought, is the central idea of the Photonic Manifesto, and this is the heart essence of my Mahamudra practice.

I make effort to meditate and each day live a better life, in love with my dreams.





Is suffering lyrical?

tony peru <> wrote:

Last night Saint-Just came to me and said he had a message from the Committee.

‘Please read all of this carefully, think about it, and then I want to discuss all of this, please... we must all face this together... so many of you are in doubt, holding on so tightly to roots along the edges of the river…


What happened yesterday was certainly not intentional, obviously I got the time wrong. My actions are inexcusable, I feel badly that I did not make the appt. at the correct time. I have tried to explain what I think a solution is to avoid this happening again...

I ask you to take responsibility for my actions, but none of this seems to matter to you. You remain perplexed!  


You are acting like this happens all the time, and it doesn't. I have made every appt. save this one. You act like you can't count on me and so many times I have shown you otherwise.

I keep my appointments.


Well how do you like me now?


do you not see this at all? is this the life you choose to continue living? will this never end?

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Wed 05/21/03 17:32 MDT (Wed 05/21/03 23:32 GMT) wrote:

hi kent: don’t mean to begin by complaining but

the dreams are stranger still and

I suffer because I cannot let go

for some reason I am compelled to tell you this story

and sometimes stepping out hurts

the earth is shaking today, just incredible seismograms

from across the planet and shit

here I am fighting with my wife

the poor woman’s studying so hard at school

getting ready for Board exams

and pregnant studying ten or eleven hours straight

so she blew up at me because I

made a mistake

and it’s like worlds collide

haven’t heard from you lately, what’s up?

i suffer in the most peculiar ways in a world of great sufferings

this morning its because the women who work in the Epic Café

have this attitude towards me that I cannot understand

sometimes I do not understand human behavior

you know I seek understanding, I ask, ask, ask… why?,

which of course relates to my difficulties with authority

no one is above my Guru

and therefore I suffer with intention

a couple of the women in the Epic Café

well, they’re unfriendly towards me, as if I have SARS or something

which I find especially odd when feeling full of light

and the truth is I am easily hurt

my heart is so open

I walked up to the counter and asked the beautiful artist

if I could please have some tea

seven tenths of the world is ocean

and now the phytoplankton bloom

covers the earth like a fine lace shawl many shades of green

renewing the underwater cycle of Samsara

as the most striking creatures appear in our consciousness

and one realizes that we are abundance

this planet is teeming life

all of us fed by the light of the Sun.

still this is a short tale of my small suffering

dealing with this server

(she has the flesh of many visions

sometimes terrifying in her malice

she is passing time as an Epic Café barrista

truly in training for a post-industrial landscape

where it will never ever be about the service to others),

could I please have some tea I said

quite nonchalant lost in the

brief in between before returning to these words

so I was surprised to learn she is

not concerned with my desire

as she said quite dismissively:

"Not from me you can’t!"

she actually said this! smarmily avoiding my gaze

of course I could not control the rise of emotion

only its result

so I blushed as she silently acquiesced,

sullenly ordering my tea and taking my money

as I felt the feelings

wanting to speak out and ask why? but said nothing

she just wanted to fuck with me because she doesn’t want to fuck me

when she gave me my change I put it into the tip jar

and dedicated the merit to all sentient beings

this was transpiring amidst the predominant café counter energies,

which is usually a pattern of servility

amidst superficial exchange of pleasantries wallpaper

yet I find myself completely shocked by the




my closing heart chakra sinking into the earth

wondering why any being would so easily slip into the grasp of cacoethes.

Kerouac taught me the word cacoethes

And today I read a quote from Nagarjuna

"When you have an itch you scratch

but not to itch at all

is better than any amount of scratching."

so the itch it was that died

and I said nothing in anger

to woman who is my mirror

it was George Orwell who said

the dog it was that died

and I know you disdain Kerouac, but he is

keeping company with Nagarjuna now

his soul always has

and he writes the truth

of his seeking and sought thoughts

all great poets do

meanwhile back at the Café immediately after this awkward scene

I noticed Medusa sitting outside having her break

so she was just trying to get away from the counter

and for a moment she helped me to feel that

I take her absence personally

still i cannot understand my karma and how suffering

surprises me with the flush of unexpected emotion

my wife is simply doing her job reminding me

every being has been my mother

each day if I am fortunate or have the discipline,

i have a moment where i contemplate impermanence

and remember death.

What comes from the contemplation of death?


Jean Cocteau & The Epic Café

this brief strange exchange of energy that is human behavior

takes place within a realm of collective agreements

all the beings of the realm share the belief in what they see

so everyone in this Café will agree with me that it is Epic

but then a stranger walks in and sits at the next table

sometimes we have a person persuade us

to see all the other dreamers dreaming

this is the guide and this is their gift

this being invites us to leave the

realm of collective agreement

and go within the Tribunal

of karmic purification.

How do we find our way out of the Epic Café?

I watched Jean Cocteau’s Orphée last night

and half way through the film

i found myself welcoming sleep

falling into my dreams of libraries.

Always dreaming about these libraries or oval offices with famous thinkers

thinking famous thoughts

so Cocteau is my muse today

and I decided to watch his complete Orpheus trilogy

Orphée the film, is death poetry

Cocteau was preoccupied with death and mythology

he preferred mythology to history

"because history is made up of truths that become lies

and mythology is full of lies that become truths"…

here in the 21st century café of new myths

as we renegotiate our collective agreements

there is a new mythology of visions

arising from the many contemporary ideas

contemplated in feeble and extraordinary attempts

to understand this shift we’re in

as I listen to the voices and read the ideas

I see gardens of duality blooming amidst

ancient archetypes

I observe the emergence of a 21st century mythology

and the opening of portals to the second whirled

so this is why I am attaching

the messages from forums

from people like Zeus, self contraction

and others

it is for your perusal

fascinated as you must be with mythology

and the opportunity to see

how creative humans can be


thus I see the dance of the Luminaries as the

choreography of the Gods

seeking the new mythology in human expression

look in the mirror

for we are the new gods

as time dies

the deities arise within us

this is why I am obsessed with Orphée

I finished watching it this morning

Orpheus learns of his love for death

as we follow his secret longings for immortality

the beautiful Parisian intellectual, his secret lover - Death –

suffers the eternal damnation of judging others

so that Orpheus might attain immortality as a poet

Kent – this is the concept of compassionate patriotism

the Bodhisattva is a volunteer dedicated to purifying karma for the benefit of all beings

we are the new gods of love

in Orphée Death is a Bodhisattva

because Death feels such compassion for Orpheus

because she loves him completely

she is willing to suffer the judgment of the Tribunal

(which at the time could have been the

sinister of purpose meetings in all the towns of France

where citizens were judged regarding their conduct during the war

and the mistakes of countless lifetimes were repeated)

my faith is embedded in

trusting spiritual progress

through the purification of my suffering.

Perhaps Cocteau is asking us,

is suffering an obligation or something lyrical?

can we make poetry with our suffering?

We find the light in the strangest shadows

some are born poets who become a prey

for a muse, for death, for evil, for a substance

and this is why they seek a way out of this world.

and the seeker? the sister who asks her questions

the brother who longs to know why

poets ask why and thus

"they require a corrective, without which

they are unable to make contact with the outside world.

they float here in this world.

they vegetate in the twilight.

the world remains a ghost until some substance can give it a body. 

sometimes these poor souls live out their days without ever finding the slightest remedy. other times the remedy that they find, kills them." Jean Cocteau

"THE PURITY of a revolution can last but fifteen days.

          That is why a poet, a revolutionary of the soul, limits himself to about-faces of the mind. Every fifteen days I change the show." - Jean Cocteau

i was startled by this reference to revolution

as the manifesto is about noticing the moment


as this being a personal revolution of perception

and this is the purpose Cocteau gave to his life

and I think of how others could

perceive this as madness at worst

or at least eccentric,

once sitting in a Montmarte café I read an interview in the Herald Tribune

Steve Lacy said the secret to his life was always cultivating new appetites

as he created a twentieth century sonic revolution with his alto sax

so i sensed the presence of a kindred spirit

and now the cultivation of new appetites is staying in the moment fully

engaged looking for my next delight

at play in the fields of light

so one arrives in each moment in a state of grace and selfless-discovery

what I love about Cocteau’s thoughts is his sense of

the true nature of the human spirit

most of his life was consciously expressing

his awareness of his own spirit

which for me is seen in Picasso’s Dryad

or my idea of personal nub as I mentioned

Picasso and Cocteau were good friends

they knew the most interesting women

who were these guys really?

the true aspect of our nature beneath all the

karmic obscurations and mud on the mirror

the true Buddha nature that all my teachers reveal

and Cocteau believed that he was a humble servant

of his true nature, "…we are taken by a force that is not external to us

we are taken by this night that is our true self…" from Autobiography of an Unknown

this is really the essence of the message of Buddhism

the sounds I heard from my perfect teacher, HH the Dalai Lama

"the deity arises within us"

Cocteau’s avoidance of habits, cultivation of new appetites

was in service to the restlessness of his spirit

because he became aware of this spirit

and this is an apt description of living a full life

this avoidance of habit and surrender to spirit

assisted Cocteau in remaining open to inspiration,

staying in the moment, being completely present

this is the truth within all transcendent teaching

and what speaks to us from within great art

in Orphée the main characters Orpheus and Heurtebise observe humans being,

wandering in a Bardo

because of their attachment to habit

man has always sought a system to overcome

his shortfalls and bad habits

Mao said there must be a revolution every seven years

and revolution is purification

letting go of attachment

this ancient practice is an antidote

to habit’s exquisite poisoning

that makes us turn down corridors and cross hallways

and push open unfamiliar doors and lose ourselves in a world

where people startled awake by our rustling

are horribly afraid of us.

"NORMAL MAN: Smoker of tree sap, why live this life? It'd be better just to throw yourself out the window.

 SMOKER: Impossible: I'd just float away.

 NORMAL MAN: Your body would get down quickly enough.

 SMOKER: I'd arrive slowly after it." Jean Cocteau

Every artist becomes my grandfather in the end. The voices of my ancestors.

Where does death come from?

The other side.

Cocteau was an ambulance driver on the Belgian front in WWI.

again an artist speaking of the horror of death for the rest of his life

a dead baby screaming in a suitcase

preoccupied with death meeting death with his loss

a dead teacher from the prison camps of Samsara

his poetry is a mirror

a door into another world

his words play between reality and the underworld

until he speaks from the inner world

where poetry is made

death became his lover

because each revolution is a death of one world

as another rises from the flames

we are phoenix

the contemplation of impermanence

is a foundation

which supports all the Buddha’s teachings

Cocteau On Death… "As I grow shorter, she grows longer, she takes up more room, she worries about little details, she busies herself with unimportant, trivial tasks. She makes less and less of an effort to deceive me. But her hour of triumph will be that in which I cease to be. Then she can consider her troubles over and done with, and leave, shutting the door behind her."

On Life… "I don’t think, therefore I am…

all thought paralyses action…"

So Cocteau is of course fascinating me with his

dark pursuit of transcendence

after he returned from the war

he found a boy

Raymond Radiguet was fifteen when they met

and Radiguet dies of Typhoid five years later

death’s messenger sends Jean into an opium dream world,

to recover from his grief and he struggles with addiction

so his first intense experience of death opens hallucinatory portals

to dream worlds and the visions we see twenty years later in Orphée

my attention was transfixed by an unfamiliar lyricism

we see the artist’s visions

this was the dream of Max Ernst

that we see his visions

and now here in 2003

I am amazed to find Cocteau had seen what the 21st century

And the Epic Café …

what all mortals see when they walk with the dead

Cocteau took my cherry last night

the hero is following his guide into the underworld

watching people walking in the underworld

so it made me think of Bardos, the in between place where our consciousness goes

here it is in an old French movie

as I watch my mind recalls a teaching

a student asked HE Garchen Rinpoche

"Who are the people in my dreams?"

"They are other dreamers dreaming…"

in the film a similar exchange takes place…

Orpheus: "Why are these people prowling around? Are they alive?"

Heurtebise: "They think so. There’s nothing more habit forming than habit."

Orphée connects the theme of death with the theme of inspiration

contemplation of death inspires one to move, to keep moving

to allow action to flow through non-attachment to ones’ thoughts.

Jean Marais is a celebrated poet, a 1948 Orphée, who visits a café

and receives the advice from a patron which opens the movie:

"Astonish us."

and Cocteau does with visual tricks and cinematography

languid sanguine beauty shifting in the shadows

Death is a Princess who arrives in a limousine

a drunken young poet, Cégèste is knocked over by two motor-cyclists

who are really servants of the underworld

Orphée carries the poet to the Princess's magic Rolls Royce where he dies

The Princess takes Orphée to a chalet

While on the way the exterior becomes a negative backdrop

with flamingly silver trees and disembodied cryptic messages

broadcasting from the radio

they arrive at Orphée’s home and hide the limousine in the garage

Death solemnly leads Cégèste through his bedroom mirror.

And we all enter the Zone.

during the nights the Princess comes from the Zone

appearing in Orphée’s room betraying her love for him

besotted with his true nature, she tempts and betrays him

by leading Eurydice to the underworld.

(Is there a realm where sinister purpose flourishes?

Are we fed upon by service to self creatures

The seas of Earth are filled with creatures eating to be eaten

Constantly hunting for food, seeking shelter from their enemies

The seas surround us with light and death

And now is the beast swallowing its tail?

I try not to think of evil beings in other realms

Hideous creatures doing unspeakable things

who feed voraciously on negative emotions

but I must say I know they are there all around us

in these times of chaos the darkness creeps with the breeding of fear)

to get to the light we must travel through the Bardos,

this is the map the Dharma gives us

all heroes venture into the underworld

to reclaim the treasure and bring knowledge to the tribe

and Maimonides spoke of this in the Laws of Return

it takes but a single righteous act to tip the scales

in favor of humankind and bring redemption to

the entire world

and that act however minor,

could be performed by

anyone, woman man or child

Heurtebise (good-willed and seeking his opportunity to serve,

tells Orphée that there is a chance of reclaiming Eurydice.

"Mirrors are the doors through which death comes and goes..." he says.

beyond the mirror – in the Zone, which is in fact ruins from the recent bombardment of France – they encounter a Tribunal who will decide what is to done with Orphée and Euridice and i enjoyed the fact that they are strict but fair

on the side of truth like the poet, wanting to in fact ensure the purity of poetry

so that they remind me of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee of my dreams.

Orphée is allowed to reclaim Eurydice,

but on the condition that he never looks at her again

while listening to secret messages

trying to decipher the code of reality

he accidentally sees Eurydice in the mirror of the limousine.

the limousine is highly entertaining because Orphée spends all his spare time in there

trying to decipher secret messages broadcast on the radio

the messages appear in the subtitles as surrealist poems

reading these disjointed abstractions reminded me

of my time scrubbing the Web for clues

and all of these words I write

so ultimately Heurtebise’s service is to guide Orphée back to the Zone

where he embraces death

and death grants Orphée immortality

Cocteau died in Milly, outside Paris, on October 11, 1963.

He was preparing a radio broadcast in memory of Edith Piaf

and when he heard she had expired,

he exclaimed: 'Ah, la Piaf est morte, je peux mourir',

and sank into a coronary himself.

thought you might be interested hope all is well

tony peru

Kent Stuart <> wrote:

and i am interested, of course; death is endlessly fascinating, being the least soluble riddle but, whether it is st peter, the tribunal, a morally-interested universe, or some other omniscient daemon, it seems that our faith in the judgement that surpasses all understanding is yet another hopeful leap of faith;

if there were indeed someone interested in our moral/ spiritual condition, our relationship to good and evil, our moral batting average for what reason should we assume that party to be wiser than we?

not having got our revenge on hitler, we simply hope and pray that he'll get his on the other side of the door;

poetic justice has always been superior to the real variety

 cocteau's art is fine, in so far as it describes pedestrian earth; all the bards agree that you cannot overturn the laws of physics, even with the help of the gods, without experiencing a worse form or torture than that which you seek to escape*...

 i like your theory of dna being the physical attribute of our spiritual development;

it led me to the following thesis: if we have been incarnate countless times, our time here on earth would suffice to require the development of the bodies, genotypes, and intellectual potential we have at present; if we were able to 'store' our collective memory in some body- say, in a collapsing star, for future use after a big crunch/big bang, or simply after our re-emergence from a relatively minor black hole, taking four billion years to reach our pathetic stage of development would seem to indicate a serious problem with the memory retrieval technology...  it seems likelier to me that the Buddhist dream of an existence without beginning in time Is just that; a dream four billion years is more than enough time to develop beings who club each other over the head for the right to extract a stinking toxin from the bowels of the earth, so that they may set it on fire, thinking that only others will have to inhale the fumes...

 i see no reason to believe that those who have reached the apex of spiritual development have thereby access to 'revealed truth;'

your statement that "the teachings are very clear on this," and so on, reveal a willing acceptance of indefensible dogma; my great admiration for the teachings of the Buddhist tradition is based in large part on Buddhist's insistence upon examining all claims in the light of understanding, never accepting on faith what can be understood, or what seems to be false

 i believe that the worst failings of christian theology lie in her insistence upon the acceptance of theories developed by people whose names were not Christ, long after he had risen from the dead;

Buddhist teachings seem much more fluid, evolving as the years pass by and i am very taken by the numerous Buddhist writers on the scene, and uninterested in the transmission of received wisdom by people who show little interest in their audience's thoughts or feelings;

that is not teaching, it is something else… this weekend, i figured out what god means to me, christians say

God is love

this is very close to my belief… whenever you experience joy, whenever you can feel at one with the earth, know the bliss of merging with another soul (or other souls) you have reached god

god is our capacity for love, our ability to create solutions where only problems seemed to exist… god is a mother's smile, a baby's cry (such sincerity is inspiring, whether happy or spiteful)

 my only difficulty with the notion of unity is in my persistent belief in evil's otherness;

where is god in gwb?  in any other self-absorbed egoist?

yet i am coming to believe that god is there, too...


 love, kent

*  i had originally planned to send this response out to dict, since it may be of interest to some of those folks; however, once i started criticizing your faith, i decided to keep it between us...

< "" > writes:


WTF! Who wants to think about old French movies with all the crap that´s hitting the fan right now!? I certainly don´t!

I followed some links… Ok? let´s begin:

Supposedly this is 2012 and not 2003, due to many fuckups with our calendar! And the entry into the Geomagnetic Null-zone is immanent!
According to the Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak the whole damn plan is revealed!

(By the way, the guy´s a CIA and NSA asset) but he does reveal a lot of what´s going on in that one undecipherable book of his. But he has made himself known to those with the skill to decipher
So.........not only is Px going to go overhead, but our galactic core has exploded and the wave will hit the dust outside of our solar system (is already) causing the dust to enter the solar system and into the sun (and planets) and cause the Sun to go haywire, sky to turn blood red, moon, and so on. All this is supposed to be caused by Px as well. Go figure. Lots of predictions of red skies, including red elk’s, so much red it must be blood on the walls

As if that´s not enough, we will soon enter the Geomagnetic Null Zone, all electric devices will stop, the whole solar system will be transported in a bubble to a safe zone near Orion (yikes! the Lizzies are waiting for us), and then the whole thing will go up a step in frequency to fourth density (not dimension, density, stupid)!

And there´s a planetoid from Orion already in behind the Moon, causing a lot of the bad weather, and it´s from the Orion Empire, who are desirous of ruling us now not just covertly, but OVERTLY! Thanks a lot!

And then there´s the pole shift. And the NWO folks found out that it will also occur on Mars, so there go our fledgling Mars colonies!

So what´s the machine intelligence on Mars going to do? Besides take out most of our probes?

And what about the Nordics inside the Earth? When the f*ck are they coming out to help us? They´re supposedly on the side of the good guys.

And then what about your Higher Self, that amoeba-like structure that chose to be part of this big Game, which the Reptillians from Orion created and our Higher Selves took advantage of as a school by incarnating in parallel vs. in sequence like the Reptillians do?

Is this too much for you?

And what about Nibiru? Is it really populated by advanced hominids that are beyond us in evolution and would like to continue to mine their Gold? And are they from the Orion Empire as well?

And isn´t Px or Nibiru a BattleStar? On a LONG patrol? many questions, so many things to talk about........

Let´s go!!!!!!!!!

SelfContraction out, for a bit. Gotta get another vodka!

< "" > May 5, 2003 writes:

Hi Tony! SelfContraction here again, hope you don’t mind my keeping this thread alive… we are all keepers of the web after all

A rather longish rant ensues, but you seem "up to speed" with many of these concepts.

This plane of existence is a hologram created by the intersection of multiple dimensions. Because of their limited spiritual awareness, entities inhabiting lower density reality require the construct of time to order their perceptions of existence.

Highly evolved consciousness can abandon the "crutches" of time and function across multiple planes of simultaneous existence.

At times, dimensional perturbations ripple through the hologram, creating standing waves in the "matrix" of reality. The inhabitants of the lower density planes can then momentarily perceive some of the other realities that overlay their own since their construct of time is suspended.

"God" created free will because existence would be static and pointless without it. (Imagine having to spend eternity with yourself, knowing everything that ever was, is, or will be. Not much of an existence is it?) To avoid the insanity of eternal monotony, "God" divided him/herself like an amoeba and gave the other half the right to self-determinism.

And the "Game" begins. Forces of "Good" and "Evil" fight for possession of the souls continually evolving through the lower densities. Winner take all. When the universe pulses through another "Big Bang" cycle, the slate is wiped clean for the next game.

Is there a way to create our own standing waves in the hologram and perceive the reality of other dimensions? John Lilly did this when he explored new planes of consciousness revealed with the use of LSD and isolation tanks. He gives chilling descriptions of entities so highly evolved that the weak signal of his existence is barely noticed by them. Here´s an excerpt involving the less highly evolved entities he encountered:

self contraction out…

< "" > writes: jj Hurtak: "A time will soon come when man must enter a new galactic shell of the larger graviton spectrum. [duh, 4th density?] This happens when a solar civilization undergoes severe magnetic and gravitational changes upon entering an electromagnetic null zone in its immediate universe. [did we already enter it, starting to enter it? seems like it]" continuing with jj Hurtak:

"The spin orientation creates spiraling effects which change the behavior of the electron and the electron-proton structure causing the spectral pattern to shift into new energy bands. [ie. 4th density and above] one has to go into a weak magnetic zone to allow for complete reorientation from without."

Read the above a few times. THIS is why our magnetic field is weakening!!!!!!!!! Aha!

"Here linkages are forged which allow the body to inherit the Light-kingdom which is to work with certain geomagnetic parameters on the lower planes of creation. However, life cannot exit the geomagnetic parameter until the field is weakened and reoriented."

Hey! What if jj Hurtak really IS a disinformant and this is another one of NSA´s transmissions (beside MOST of the CHANNELINGS! ask me about that...) and they are creating all the weather changes via Weather Manipulation machines (HAARP), earthquakes with ELFs, and brainwashing the population with disinfo, microwave programming, and ...HAARP.

What if?

Why do you think I want OFF OF THIS F*CKING prison planet? Hmmmmm?

And what IF we are reprogrammed to step into the higher densities/geomagnetic time zones??? Who´s waiting to enslave us there?

Lizzies? And who´s above them? THE ELOHIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrrroooooooooooo!!!!

Let me tell you about the Elohim in my next post. IF YOU ASK. Else I shall remain silent.

Ok, forgot to go for that walk.

See you later.

Data from station SBA (Scott Base, Antarctica)

last updated at

Wed 05/21/03 17:59 MDT (Wed 05/21/03 23:59 GMT)

< "" > writes:

Tony you said: "I would be interested in getting into a dialogue with you about
these writings. Eleven chapters are up and running on I
am looking for a league of loving kindness.
Rather than invest the energy I have in nihilism, I choose revolution. So
piss on planet x, I feel the shifting of everything that is alive and know
we cannot possibly understand the truth. Mankind has a tendency of hoping
for some solution to their suffering from without, from other. As the Buddha
taught, there is no other, so to await the cataclysm and invest all of our
deep wells of loss in the dissolution of this world is not for me. I choose
to actively create the next realm I inhabit, working to make it as
purposeful as possible for the benefit of all sentient beings."

You are expressing a bodhisatvic point of view, at least partially in your
last sentence above. My view differs quite a bit. I would challenge you on
this. What is the point of preparing the next realm? What do you think is
going to change Tony? Let me give you the answer, your surroundings, but
not you, yourself, Tony. And do you sense a problem in that?

Listen, I don't mind the transition, you know, changed surroundings, blah
blah blah. But I MYSELF HAVE NOT CHANGED, Tony! The ego remains! It is
not good enough just to aspire to create and move into a newer realm. Once
must aspire to more! One must aspire to bump into a Teacher who is awakened
in that realm! So that that Teacher can help you awaken fully! Not just
move from realm to realm like we have been doing. Otherwise it is a long
and hard journey!

But your document will serve many, in any case! I just hope that you will
include an Ultimate Point of View, if we can say can exist!

With respect to fear, may I add something? One day we must face fear,
utterly, and let it overcome us completely! Our inability to let fear
overcome us completely is what keeps it alive! Everyone must go through
their day of death! The dark night of the soul. As long as you continue to
evade fear, fear will be there.

Excellent start Tony, I just implore you to put in, here and there, a higher
point of view, like a carrot, to draw people ever onwards.

I will go through the Manifesto in the coming days. Hopefully we have a few

God bless you, Tony!
js/SelfContraction wrote:



I recognized you immediately.


I believe there are many more like us who are compelled to speak the truth. My wish is to create the Practitioner's Guide for the Perplexed, a user's manual for the new units we become.


In response to your comments about transition without transcendence. I believe this is death. What the Manifesto points to is an ancient transcendental technology developed for these times, a technology designed to assist us in our evolution so that we transcend death and walk consciously in all realms for the benefit of all sentient beings. We are the revolutionary vanguard in a blossoming consciousness.


My job is to travel to other realms and return with the treasure. Once we were magicians and hid our magic in the bushes. These are the days when leaders tell the people what they have found. This is why those who hide the truth are not our leaders at all. They hide the truth to keep us prisoners it's true, but the teachers have gained access to our cells, and we dream dreams of freedom.


I think we should make every effort to tell the others about what we have found.


Tony Peru

< "" > writes:

Reply to Zeus Re: Elohim

Here´s what Michael Topper had to say (he´s a pretty High Initiate, but he and his wife disappeared during an occult siege around 1993, for obvious reasons, they were revealing much too much):

"Since our bodies physically exist well within the photon-band, mostly under the control of the Elohim-based hierarchical paradigm (since they provide major genetic modifications to the organic physiology of the human body and continue to upgrade it relative to their own agenda)

many things found in Matrix IV (the Flower of Life paradigm, etc.) reflect various aspects of that Master Control Paradigm (MCP), while at the same time giving the reader knowledge of some of the infrastructure of the MCP that will hopefully promote a more expansive viewpoint beyond the MCP. Be aware that you are functioning to some degree within a control paradigm while at the same time examining some of its functions. Functions of the Elohim MCP manifest themselves hierarchically as subordinate interlinked paradigms that simply promote the overall MCP objective, to control consciousness relative to other beings and to gain energy and psychological power as a result of that control. All control paradigms on Earth reflect that agenda, and involve coercion of will and focus of beings into areas benefiting the MCP ojbective. Today, some of the forms that MCP control manifests itself are seen in the NWO, human genome research (preparing to take control of genetics on a human level to act as a hierarchical control force for upper MCP structures), development of virutal reality technology, electronics and EMC, ligt-based computer and electronic technology, human social control paradigms, the "New Age" literature and things to "keep humans busy", amongst others."

Nuff said? They are also said to be one of THE most ancient of races in this Universe.

self contraction out wrote:

SC: what’s up with all the ranting?

when thought is gone god gets in

have been trying to avoid too many thoughts

of the Master Control Paradigm so as not to feed the fear thoughts

but when you put it that way,

the idea of dimensions where we become food

fed upon by negative service to self beasts

by providing them with negative emotions to feed off

I think this is true and the real purpose of war

And terrorists

this is why the neo-con fascists

create the terror and its solution in an endless cycle

they are being used by the dark side

It is to make a feeding frenzy for servicetoself fourth dimension floaters

In the BBC films Blue Planet, the oceanographers call it a ‘bait ball’

A huge school of small fish, herring for example,

Innocently making its way through the sea when discovered by

hungry predators that come up from below and above

the school of Herring form a large teeming ball

attempting a defense which makes them a much more convenient target

and within minutes hundreds of fish are consumed

is not what war does?

this is the truth, this is why Dharma practice focuses

upon the purification of karma and afflictive emotions,

the more disciplined you become

in your awareness of emotions and thoughts

the more this consciousness assists one in dealing with negative entities.

The MCP seems to be using the establishment of different civilizations to control the teeming masses of life here on the planet. When you watch the films the Blue Planet, you see the cycles of samsara how many sentient beings suffer in fear and loss and death each moment swirling globes of flesh cut through by the razor sharp teeth of fish alert to their own potential mortality as their enemies lurk near by, drawn by the feeding frenzy…

So is this what the digging does in these fines breezes of energy

wafting through our planet during the May Mercury lunar eclipse earthquake transit

Mercury never felt this good, and I seek my act of righteousness

I choose to use these energies and this awareness for the benefit of all beings. Love the news you have been sending me of your experiences and opening to spirit and resistance to the Lie, as the Empire creeps frightening the planet into submission. Subverting the dominant paradigm can mean giving up the accepted view of reality, and embracing your choice to live in freedom.

The Fascists are behind the King, George II of America, releasing an Empire with an unquenchable lust for power into an increasingly suspicious world.

Keep connecting with everyone and sharing information, I know truth will out, my heart tells me it is so. Too many good hearts to keep down! Too many are using these energies for the good of mankind we are the nation of lovingkindness, I can see the stirrings of resistance and outrage, these are the times Lady Kadjina foretold when the leadership is awash in scandal. The next year is going to be such an intense battle, and we will witness the creation of a new world!

Thoughts on 9/11 - the Project for the New American Century gang is not far removed from those capable of remote controlling planes into buildings. In fact there are beings on this planet capable of manipulating time and space, creating any appearance they want to create fear in those still capable of free will, and to control those who are not. 

The fact that will is free is the only thing keeping the Moloch from being completely sated.

I was reading an NYT Magazine piece on the new kinds of warfare, and the story mentioned the types of commercial jetliners that you can fly by remote control right now, models that include both planes that flew into the WTC which were Boeing 767-200,  and the other two in Washington and Pennsylvania were both 757-200. Never bought the hijacking story, always believed that people like the PNAC gang was behind 9/11. They were all too ready during the subsequent months to take advantage of this opportunity to put in motion their shadowy intentions. Rather than succumb to sciamachy and take up arms, I just continue to open my heart and develop loving kindness in my own quiet ways.

Who are the PNAC and what do they want with us? This is a question for each citizen of the Planet as the Empire expands and time dies.

--- Kent Stuart <> wrote:

Tony yo-

i read this stuff on 9/11 when you sent it some weeks/ months back;

in fact, i read it cover to cover, and found it somewhat compelling,

but in the final analysis, did not find it convincing, in terms of evidence for it;

also, i just can't accept the ability of the morons who left their fingerprints all over 9/11*

to hide a secret of that size, or the ability of soulless aliens to pull off such crap and never give themselves away;

no-one who has so fully suppressed their own capacity for compassion can really succeed, in the long run...


in fact, it seems increasingly to be a useless diversion from reality,

in which many humans seem hopelessly lost...


i feel like saying get a grip...


i am swamped in the attempt to get my psychic shit together,

awed by the prospect of it,

astonished at the prospect of true adulthood





Kent Stuart <> wrote:

while writing an email to you this evening, i felt compelled to include the following statement of my non-theistic faith

i haven't changed very much from reading your writing, and i am still a humanist through and through;

we didn't invent god in our own image, we simply attached his exalted name to our true potential

  this weekend, i figured out what god means to me christians say

god is love

this is very close to my belief whenever you experience joy, whenever you can feel at one with the earth, when you know the bliss of merging with another soul (or other souls)

you have reached god

god is our capacity for love, our ability to create solutions where only problems seemed to exist god is a mother's smile, a baby's cry (such sincerity is inspiring, whether happy or spiteful)  my only difficulty with the notion of unity is in my persistent- and paradoxically hopeful- belief in evil's otherness;

where is god in gwb?  in any other self-absorbed egoist?

yet i am coming to believe that god is there, too...


love, kent





TonyPeru <> wrote:

Kent: I think that there is an evanescent energy

that this energy is true human nature

Buddhists call it true Buddha nature

Jean Cocteau calls it true human nature

we are compelled to serve our true human nature in complete humility

this is the value of humility, to be willing to make scarifices for faith

to scarifice: facing our fears

we must humble our ego

i was watching Orphee

mostly because i saw it as an exploration of other realms

and death walks in all realms of Samsara

faced with death and unspeakable visions

many find God when they need him most

all the while god speaks in their mind

like the Scottish warrior dying in battle

long ago leaving his family to fend the lonely fen

he is death lying amongst his dead kin

he feels

betrayed by God

in this moment of dying (well well well if I can die easy…)

because he sought His protection and

because he leaves his lover

because he was moments ago taking the life of other men

this why the concept of god just won't do

it only leads to suffering in the end and we seek the truth

we know god is dead

death is in love with the poet

and wants to make him immortal

so we cannot see god as death

god does not want to make us immortal

our heart wants to realize the potential of its light

and this is its vehicle, this flesh we walk in

all light seeks its source

and in doing so creates light

in Orphee, the hero has a guide


they walk through mirrors into other worlds

they walk in different realms of perception

 to ultimately connect your true nature

with all that you perceive as other

so that other becomes Death, and we seek the death of death

to do this we must be conscious

in all realms

this is the message of anyone who perceives the truth

knowing truth you speak its name

we are compelled to attempt speaking the truth

more and more

we recognize the lies we tell

for it hurts to speak a lie

and we seek an end to suffering

and we seek happiness

we seek the light because the truth is

we are light

this is the message of any transcendent philosophy that i have come across

this revolution I am in

includes Jean Cocteau

From Anonymous Coward

Re: transitioned into 4th density at work

jimminy cricket! what a rabbit hole. i´m happy to report that i just read this entire thread at work. stealing time, my corporate crime (fuck you, Porndexter). there´s a prison planet with my name on it, but that´s here and there. right now my mind is mangled by self-contradictions wrought by apparent self to experience holy communion of ´all as one´ yet be wary of selfishly-actualized 4th-dimensional mindfuckers who turn my love into poison? how to realize all is illusion yet obsess over its dark/light hierarchy? how to experience here as everywhere/i am you/you are me/we are all together, yet long for escape and a return home? if 3D AND beyond is paradox, then when/where do we come together? right now, over me? (shoot me). is total annihilation, buddha style, the only escape? is there really any point in analyzing, worrying, hypothesizing? or is it antithetical to pure awareness? (these are just questions, i´m only asking). just what is a thread, anyway? are we sewing or unraveling? who and what is the snag? who made WHO? (see blavatsky)? is it a new vibration, or same as the old boss? I won´t get the answer til the day i die (must meditate tonight). folks, until we relax the inverted grip of the kundabuffer, all this chatter is just food for the moon (see Robing Williams as the moon in the Adventures of Baron von Munchen or something like that). now the rebuff....

SelfContraction<> wrote:

I have pondered, a few times, your adopted name, Tony Peru,

and I have thought that it must be of some Sanskrit/Hindu origin.

And then I learn that you too have a Master!

Breaks my heart! Brings tears to my eyes!

We are in a wilderness my friend, you and I, for we understand the need for
a Master! And the sheople do not.

It is very sad.

But I am so happy to encounter another who understands!

I had to tell you.

SelfContraction/SelfReflection now


The true nature of reality

SelfContraction: When I saw His Holiness the Dalai Lama in LA he began the teaching describing the true nature of reality:

"There is only the mind that can transform the mind. Suffering, negative emotions, destructive states come about from mistaken views of the world. The grasping at self existence is the fundamental ignorance. We must cultivate insight into the true nature of mind. This wisdom dispels ignorance. Have awareness of the negative and positive aspects of mind, so that you may discriminate between the two. This awareness will naturally help you to transform your mind. There are two levels of understanding, intellectual understanding and experiential understanding. The latter is far more difficult and comes about from sustained practice and compound feeling. When you have actual experience with its powerful emotions there arise long-term consequences. There are categories of emotions which are constructive and destructive, By reducing the destructive and enhancing the constructive we transform our mind. How can we know this to be true? All things and events are subject to the laws of impermanence. Everything is going through a process of change and impermanence. We are all aware of this nature of impermanence and at some level we understand this. This understanding gives us the potential for change and development. The cause of creation and cessation comes about simultaneously. This is the fundamental law of impermanence…. This natural fact of opposing forces gives rise to the opportunity of transforming the mind. Contemplating impermanence and contradiction develops insight into the true nature of reality." HH Dalai Lama 6/25/00, Los Angeles






The true nature of mind


Kalu Rinpoche: The Six Bardos

1982 Teaching in New York

"Certain aspects of bardo are more important than others. One of the most crucial is our waking existence, from the moment of birth to the time we die. This waking existence is the first great bardo of our experience, the 'Bardo between Birth and Death' ('che shi bar do').

   The bardo of the dream state, which lasts from the moment we go to sleep at night until the moment we wake in the morning is another example. The state of consciousness that one obtains during that interval is termed the 'Dream Bardo' ('mi lam bar do').

   For an ordinary person, the trauma of death produces a state of unconsciousness, which lasts for an indefinite time: it may be very brief or quite long. Traditionally, this period of blackout is considered to last three and a half days. Afterwards, the consciousness of the individual begins to awaken again and experience things in a new way. The interval of unconsciousness into which the mind is plunged by the trauma of death, and which lasts till the awakening of consciousness again, is referred to in Tibetan as the 'chö nyi bardo', the interval of the ultimate nature of phenomena; here the mind is plunged into its own nature, though in a confused or ignorant way.

   The next phase of the after-death experience is the reawakening of consciousness, which includes the many days that can be spent experiencing the fantastic projections of mind, the hallucinations produced and experienced by the mind in the after-death state. From the moment of this reawakening of consciousness (the end of 'chö nyi bardo') to the moment we take actual physical rebirth in one of the six realms of samsara, is known as the 'si pa bardo', the 'Bardo of Becoming'. Another way of interpreting the Tibetan is as the bardo of possibility, since at this point we have not taken physical birth and there are numerous possibilities for various kinds of existence.

   These are the four major instances of the Bardo principle. Another example is a state of meditation: when someone who practices begins to meditate effectively, there is a certain change in consciousness; when that person rises from the meditation and goes about wordly activities again, there is a cessation of that state of consciousness. The interval of actual formal meditation is called the 'Bardo of Meditative Stability', 'sam ten bar do'. The sixth bardo we distinguish is the 'Bardo of Gestation', 'che nay bar do'. This interval begins at the end of the 'Bardo of Becoming' when the consciousness of the being unites with the sperm and egg in the womb of the mother and lasts until the time of physical birth, the beginning of the 'Bardo between Birth and Death'.

   These six kinds of bardo that we experience as human or sentient beings in Samsara can be changed for the better, but the power to do this lies in the waking state. It is in the bardo of our present lives that we can make the most progress in developing the ability to deal effectively with all the others. What we usually mean by the word, bardo, however, is the 'Bardo of Becoming', the phase of hallucinations before new physical conception."

Kalu Rinpoche The Five Elements and the Nature of Mind

1982 Teaching in New York

"Our present unenlightened state is based on a fundamental state of ignorance, a fundamental discursive consciousness, 'kun shi nam she'. It is the fundamental consciousness which is distorted and confused. There is, however, a possibility of experiencing the true nature of mind, and when that pure awareness is present we no longer have 'kun shi nam she' but 'kun shi yeshe' (wisdom consciousness). That change of a single syllable from 'nam' to 'ye', makes a tremendous difference, because now we are referring to fundamental Primordial Awareness rather than fundamental ignorance.

   In both cases we are talking about mind, which essentially embodies what in our physical universe we term the five elements. The potential for these elements exists in the mind and always has - it is not something created at some particular time. In its inherent nature, mind always has the five elemental qualities, and it is from this potential that the experiences of the after-death state arise.

   When we speak of mind, we speak of something that is not a thing in itself. In its most fundamental sense, mind is not something we can limit. We cannot say it has a particular shape, size or location, color or form, or any other limiting characteristic. The element we call space, which in our perceptual situation also has no limiting characteristics, is this very emptiness of mind; this is the elemental quality of space in the mind.

   But mind is not simply empty; it has the illuminating potential to perceive anything whatsoever. This unlimited ability of mind to perceive is its illuminating nature, and corresponds to the element of fire.

   This mind, essentially empty and illuminating, gives rise to all experiences which, whether Samsara or Nirvana, is rooted in mind just as plants are rooted in soil. This function of the mind as the origin of all experience corresponds to the elemental quality of earth.

   Another aspect of the mind is its dynamic quality. Mind is never still: no single experience in it lasts, but quickly passes to another. Whether one is undergoing an emotional reaction, an experience of pleasure or pain, or a sensory perception such as seeing or hearing, the contents of the mind are always in a state of flux. This continual activity of mind is the elemental quality of wind (air).

   Mind with these four elemental qualities has always been so and always will be. This very continuity, and the fact that mind adapts itself to different situations, corresponds to the element of water. Just as water sustains its continuity and adapts itself to every contour as it flows, the mind too is fluent, continuous, and adaptable."


Dear C. Okuma-Sepe,

Your question to <> about the live data from Wake Island was eventually forwarded to me.  The USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory, where I work, hosts the Live Internet Seismic Server (LISS) web site to which you are referring.  There is currently a problem with the seismometer on Wake, which makes it appear much noisier than it would be normally.  We are planning a maintenance trip in which we will repair or replace the seismometer.  As you can imagine, a trip to Wake is time consuming and expensive, and we need to send a working borehole seismometer to Wake before we send a field engineer there to replace it.  The seismometer there is installed in a 7 inch diameter borehole at a depth of about 82 meters (269 feet) below the surface.

Currently, most of our field engineers are deployed in Africa and the South Pacific region.  We operate and maintain a network of 82 Global Seismograph Network stations in over 50 countries and islands.  So, as you can see, it's a big job.  But we will be repairing the WAKE seismograph within the next few months.  In the meantime, we will probably reduce the magnification of the WAKE "heliplot" so that it is easier to interpret.  You will notice that the magnification of the heliplots is normally 3000 (the magnification figure is displayed at the bottom of each "heliplot").  This means that, if you click on one of the small heliplots so that it is displayed full-sized on a small computer screen (like a laptop screen), or print it full-sized on a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper, the recorded movement of the traces that you see is approximately 3000 times larger than the ground actually moved, at a frequency of .02 Hz (50 seconds period).  Until the seismometer is repaired, we will probably change the WAKE magnification to 1000 or perhaps less, to make it easier to interpret.  This will reduce the size of both the background noise and the earthquakes, as displayed on the heliplot.

Thanks very much for your interest in our Live Internet Seismic Server web page.  If you have any questions about it in the future, please do not hesitate to contact either me or

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 > The data from Wake Island has been difficult to interpret lately. Are the
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