A work in progress

by Yeshe Dorje

© Copyright, Yeshe Dorje, March 17, 2003


The Spontaneity of the Masses

"…struggles lend a party strength and vitality… a party becomes stronger by purging itself" Lasalle to Marx - June 24, 1852

Jean Cocteau had his own revolution every fifteen days, and I’m liking this philosophy right now as a strategy to be more fully in the present. This is essentially what Lasalle was saying to Marx, the secret to s successful social change agent is adaptation.

It is 1901, the popular slogan of the left is ‘Freedom of Criticism’, and V.I. Lenin is looking into the twentieth century trying to unite all of the Social Democratic movements of the world. In his pamphlet What Is To Be Done?, Lenin reported to readers: "As the reader knows, the attempt failed." I say to my readers, our strength comes from an awakening of consciousness in the masses and our weakness comes from a lack of consciousness of the cause of our suffering.

We will succeed, we are invincible.

Last century’s attempt failed because of a weakness in social awareness of the cause of oppression. In Buddhist terms this would be considered a lack of awareness that afflictive emotions cause suffering. Our strength comes from an awakening of consciousness in the masses and our weakness comes from a lack of consciousness and compassionate initiatives from within the powerful social organizations of energy like the military industrial complex. Those who seek control ultimately fail, this is the wisdom of human experience that the Project for the Next American Century fails to consider. Even within their own organization there will come a revolution that serves the human spirit rather than enslaving it. Our strength comes from our growing collective awareness that this is so. We are finally about to accept this truth in a great leap forward and emerge from the revolution as new beings.

Our weakness has been left rotting in stagnant pools of complacency with the futility of always asking for more from the desire machinery… Our weakness will kill itself, for this is the nature of impermanence and our suffering proves this to our hearts in a negatively self-fulfilling prophecy. The prophet who broadcasts fear is not to be trusted.

Our strength will self replicate because it is free will, this is the innate power of the human spirit when it is freed by a mind and heart united. This is what makes it the most powerful source of energy in the universe.

Our Mothers fought for their freedom. Our fathers worked for the dream of a Great Society. We thought we inherited an enlightened political system. We are fed negative energy through words and images of disinformation. We are deceived by the artifice of leadership. We elect opinion leaders in beauty contests buying into a grand façade of lifeless packaging that’s ready to use.

We leave this world behind.

These are observations of the embryonic final resistance. This struggle is the beginning of the spontaneous upsurge Lenin was calling for in 1901. Finally all the leftist light babies rain into the Earth, flood the seas and float the tides finding their way to heal the land. The consciousness of loving kindness is immortal.

These are observations of the embryonic final resistance. This struggle is the beginning of the spontaneous upsurge Lenin was calling for in 1901. Finally all the leftist light babies rain into the Earth, flood the seas and float the tides finding their way to heal the land. The consciousness of loving kindness is immortal.

The hegemony of Capital currently has such a stronghold on human behavior that any attempt to unite the people with fundamentalist dogmatism will fail. The Manifesto calls for an enlightened elite of warriors to step forward and adapt.

Since the beginning of human existence there was a revolutionary vanguard committed to the long struggle of spiritual awakening. Their work has reached its fruition. In V.I. Lenin’s words, it is particularly important to point out the oft-forgotten fact that although the early social democrats zealously carried on political and economic agitation, they ultimately sought to overthrow autocracy. They aim high but always find the masses confused by Samsara’s reactionary obscurantism. Only a truly spiritual revolution will overcome the evil that enslaves and consumes the human spirit.

When enough of us have awoken from our slumber, our species surrenders to a higher frequency of being, together. We are evolving and overthrowing the last vestiges of our slavery. The first revolution of the 21st century is led by the warriors of compassion. The ideals of the French Revolution live and have been safeguarded for centuries in the mountains of Shambhalla! Liberty holds a torch and now you know why. The people of the world look to the skies in wonder.

Here come the shining ones, to heal every dream home’s heartache.


Less seen in the feathers of rare birds


Before the Sun finishes this… my friends, my ignorance and sense of wonder reminds me to be humble, yet I am compelled to mumble 77,000 or so characters for your perusal. These are the words of June 2003, after a lunar eclipse, a partial eclipse of the Sun, months of magnetic storms, the spread of plagues and pox, the Gilgamesh May dream revealing… and it is today that the Sun calls out to the Universe - Ho! - the wisdom of the ages is born – again - in a coronal mass ejection. You don’t see any of this on the nightly news.

Today I saw the sun emit a giant sphere many times the size of our planet, an energy ghost grew there beside the Sun and dissolved into impermanence. Many more of us are now aware of the light shining on the dark sphere that arrived in the past few bursts of solar energy, but what I saw was a vision that could be a daughter of the Sun. The sphere we have been expecting ejects from the side of Sol, splinters of light bearing the banner: Workers of the World… Unite! We are the Wobblies… The Daughters of the Revolution.






The Sun explodes in strange and awesome ways. I see the reality I knew being exchanged for an upgrade. I feel calm and allow the waves to enter.

Open. Communicate. Adapt.


This is why I found myself on Darwin’s grave in Westminster Abbey, and later that night discussing evolution and vaccines in the Natural History Museum. She wasn’t really a Swiss Pharmaceutical scientist after all, she was from the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, in flesh and blood… right there with me, with the dinosaur standing behind her, everyone in Albert’s great room giving me the desire to write this photonic meme, and I was blissfully unaware of the truth. Until now. The manifesto is 21st century botany and I am a new species. I choose the forest with the new trees, the old trees are dead. All the people sing: the sun is dreaming.


For those of us noticing the end of the world, I would like to share some words about end of days thoughts and how they cause our suffering. You have noticed how ill at ease apocalyptic ideas make our fellow travelers. Some people would rather not hear it at all yet some are consumed by conspiracies.

If we feel that impermanence is imminent, it is because the end of everything is happening in every moment. Call it entropy or nature’s way… even the mountains will crumble some day. I think many of us get lost in our awareness of impermanence.

Nihilism is our personal history repeating, the world ends for everyone every day.

We are caught in the cycle of Samsara. Nihilism is a small prison within Samsara’s beauty. How is it that we are so confused as to see everything as existing and substantial when our awareness knows this is not so. This is the source of so much suffering, seeking an explanation of this duality. Knowing with our hearts that everything is dissolving but having everything we see, and everyone we see, steadfastly suggest otherwise. We create what we see buy naming it, and we do this collectively because we are in fact interconnected.

This is why we think the world is ending, because it is. I am not calling for the end of the world nor trusting prophecies; the Buddha teaches us to teach ourselves and investigate the nature of everything. I am your cosmic consciousness volunteer with some notes from above ground.

Nihilism prevents one from truly feeling the connection of heart and mind, for no heart can love its own destruction.


My hopes and aspirations rest in the fact that every so often, from the ignorance of Samsara, the wisdom of an unexpected child spontaneously emerges. This Manifesto is born from dreams, an awareness of the flow of the sea and a desire for the end of capitalist patriarchy. But underneath everything is the evolving human heart filled with loving kindness.

Last night, as the sun exploded I was spinning in space with my fetal child, my daughter my savior, the two of us laughing and conscious of our union here in this dream. Anci is worried about the position of our baby just one month before her birth and my job as father is to dance with our child in our dreams.


The night before it was the Monument Valley dream.

I am running underneath a deep blue very high sky along a mile wide road paved with beaten shining copper. We are all there, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee and you, watching me as I run down the road chased by a Big Copper Kettle. Hovering just above the shining path, it streaks towards me, rumbling on grid lines and tipping a bit of water out onto the back of my legs every once in a while. Vividly aware of the heat, at first I think I’ll be burned, but I am laughing… everyone is laughing. Happiness pervades the Valley and this happiness is beyond my comprehension. The sun is dreaming, and we are its brothers and sisters. These waves of coronal mass ejections are the tide, rising, shifting the shape of the shore with storms.




The truth is there was an incredible CME this morning, as I tumbled in space with my unborn child. Just like in the Stanley Kubrick movie and this is all about evolution, yes I know… but there were two of us moving together with purpose, without an obelisk, but most remarkably - we knew each other. I don’t know about you, but I meet a lot of strangers in my dreams, so to meet a real person who happens to be my unborn child is noteworthy. This becomes the hermeneutical moment as the treasure is revealed. I see the sign and seek its significance.

In a month the baby will be born, and here we meet in the Baby Bardo as the Sun sings and the worlds swing.


Oh my

tiny Butoh dancing baby

The truth is, I don’t really know anything for certain, but I know it is wrong to attach to experience. Knowing this as mindfulness I try not to pause for a moment, in these days of solar ejaculations everything is constant motion going forward in every direction, so to pause is almost impossible… unless it’s for meditation. This prosody is the voice of dreams. Still I believe that to grasp onto dreams is incorrect, because my Teachers explain grasping and attachment create obstacles and lead you to create all kinds of discursive thoughts whilst trying to understand the meaning of that which you grasp.

But you read these words and know I fail, it is my tale that is my grasping.

Last night I was dancing with my baby, we were tumbling in space as the sun exploded in a giant red rubber ball. My teacher reminds me that this is all a dream, but there in the screen at the SOHO website is an image of the sun exploding a huge ball of energy in the very moments of my dreaming, and this awareness reminds me… there are two equal to the sun. We unite with our consort, create the sun and rush to the stars.


Once during a retreat in the Ponderosa National Forest near Crown King Arizona, HE Garchen came into a dream as I was sleeping, and we tumbled together playfully like boys wrestling and laughing together. As I lay dreaming I could hear the noise of someone in the room, and their laughter awoke me. There at the end of my bed was Rinpoche, I was sleeping in his bed and it was then I realized he enters my mind. Which is the dream? We dwell in many worlds and knowing this makes this moment of awareness crisply clear. A crystal emerges as a moment of Truth. The dream this morning was this way, pure, just so. My daughter entered my dream and told me my teacher is my son.


What does it mean for any of us now gathered like the tribe around the fire, now as the tide rises and the Sun strokes the Earth in unfamiliar waves?

Open your heart with compassion. Your humility purifies the heart with selfless waves of surrender. I know we will be feeling the pain of letting go. Somehow I know this is what it means. But don’t read yourself into prison. Nihilism is a small town, and though my talents are few and much of what I share with you is simply my good fortune, these words are memes to freedom.

You awaken to a new world every day. 

Each day is the last day of your life.


You are a new person. Right now.

How do you focus your awareness?


How do you escape the grand apocalypse?


How do you escape a dream? By waking up.

How do you stop believing the world will end when all of your senses tell you this is happening? By agreeing with your heart that impermanence is the cause of all suffering.


The nature of Samsara is impermanence, it is a radical obscurantism. If one observes signs of this impermanence like patterns in a screen door, they are not wrong to see cataclysm, but they remain confused. Nihilism creates lonely winds on a cold Sunday afternoon and attempts to understand its sinister purpose only find fear. The light shines both ways through this screen. Light seeks its source. The light you see is the light you are.

Recognition of light’s eternal shining flame opens our heart to love, this is why we love Lady Liberty.


This is one truth I have found. It is incorrect to pursue many discursive thoughts in attempts to apprehend the truth. This is what the Manifesto is about… it is pointless to understand unless your intention is to surrender to not understanding.

The truth of nihilism is that we seek understanding and our painful lack of comprehension leads many to an embrace with nothing.

Faith is surrender to not understanding.

We are born to embrace ourselves and know humility. The sadness of Samsara is the sour taste of failure seeping from our pores as we struggle with afflictive emotions. Intellect will never conquer wisdom, but wisdom is willing to be seduced by your heart and mind. This is something the Buddha taught me.


If these are the last words you read, I want you to know that I am grateful for the short time we have spent together. Awareness compels me to share some of the flashes of light I have found along the shining path and be the voice of the sun’s dream.

We are here to remember. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are shining in the darkness. Just like the stars.

In considering humility I think: ‘may my many attempts to take a shortcut along the way be forgiven’, (and there is the red Bay of Fundy clay shining in the Southern Bight. There I am closer to the beginning than to the end. I am at the ebb of the highest tides in the world trying to find my way to my ancestral home. I am always looking for my consort Tara, or Veronica or Emmelline).

I am covered in the mud still, and so I am grateful for your sustained effort through these difficult times. I cannot imagine the confusion you might have waded through to get here, but I can imagine my own.

The Manifesto is meant to illumine, and the truth is I know so little about this world. I know I struggle to find my own way through confusing times. So I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that I am a worthy guide, quite the contrary… there are so many whose guidance and wisdom is far superior to these words I share with you… I thought I tried to make it quite clear with the words of my perfect teachers, I am guided by voices who write the Guide.

I wouldn’t blame you at all for being alarmed about this, for all along I am writing: I have no idea what it is I am writing... I know those who love me have worried for my sanity, and I couldn’t agree more that this is an excellent reason to question all of what has been written. But I must continue, I am compelled to complete the Manifesto because this morning, the sun ejaculated an homage to a goddess.

We await the birth of Amrita Emmeline.


The Sun changes its mind

"John " <> 

Re: the sun and my baby, a pas de deux

That was downright beautiful writing Yeshe. Thank you for that this AM!!

From: Tony Peru <>

Thanks John, but It wasn’t me… ;-}

Kent Stuart <> wrote: Re: the sun and my baby, a pas de deux

mangos are in season

my guy whose head met a dashboard when his drunken car hit a police station at eighty miles an hour is working in a restaurant which is "perfect", where the chef "is everything a cool chef should be" and where the coworkers also meet his standards; in a city whose entertainment industry cowers before the twin chills of sars and march weather in june, after feb weather in may, i could not look much more the man than i do today

i ran into my marx prof on the streetcar this morning, and chatted about psychoanalysis; watta sensa yuma!

tobin is in love, and the thick of papers/ exams

jackson is apparently in love also, perhaps not lost, it is unclear at this point

i think i may have charmed the boss at danforth iga into hiring a young woman with spmhi*; the vp of hr at national bank of greece may be under a similar spell

i am taking a young woman- with a developmental delay who was some years ago knocked across several metres of pavement from a crosswalk- to the north york concert band's weekly rehearsal, tonight, to see if she might join as their second oboist

last night i heard some eminent speakers- including rick salutin, alexa mcdonough, and the much more praiseworthy matthew behrens- dis the son of star wars, which canada has, of course, not only already joined, but is going to talk about soon with gwb's minions

(yes, you heard it right, if you heard figures like a trillion dollars to do this deal, or was it three trillion?)

the amount of energy and spirit in that room (at trinity st paul's) was inspiring

and my old friend who lives in the desert just started to avail himself of 5% of a buddhist corporation which he is poised to tentuple over some period whose duration escapes me,

though i can clearly remember the name, tincture of ginkgo biloba, which my homeopath prescribed for memory recovery...

in spite of the rain and the cold, the world seems somehow a beautiful place today


i'm not worried about the sun, either

and i hold fast to my conviction that we are all alone in our quest to better ourselves



it's a wonderful life




*serious and persistent mental health issues



Tony Peru


nolomolistari     Add to Buddy List


fair use


5/23/2003 at 8:00 PM


I´ve been on the wife´s computer, now on mine, and got your email.
Duh, went and just typed in cyberspace instead of using the hyperlink on email, but it was late and I only read the first block; about the guy in the café trying to disengage himself from the world system.
I sympathize, but long ago determined there would be no half-stepping on that route, and that route lead to what I euphemistically called "living in the Yukon with the Bowie knife in the teeth".
Ted Kazinski in the extreme.
Or high in a hermit cave on a mountain.

Which might be fine for me, but smacked of cowardice in standing my ground where I was, instead of running and withdrawing.

So the catch was, how to redeem myself and the world around me.
First things first, I began working on myself.

Well, I´ll continue reading tonight; and respond in regular email to the points you made in yours.

Feel free to use anything I say. If we don´t realize in the culture we´re in now, that ALL is taken down and stored, then our foolishness deserves what it gets. But eyes wide open, I give out what I expect could travel the globe, and even be used against me.

"So what, you want to live forever?"

From: Tony Peru <>


Excellent beginning to our new exchange, thanks for your comments, it is very nice to hear from you. For much of my life I have been trying to release my inner revolutionary because she’s always screaming for an end to patriarchal capitalism. The Manifesto gives her a chance to walk my talk. Thanks for joining us.

Don't disagree at all with your observation regarding capitalism and that these times require staying amidst people to help them rather than running to the wilds. It is surprising to me that people see Kaszcinsky or believe the Manifesto advocates seclusion, or even a form of monastic existence. But I have complete confidence all of these words mean different things to different people.

The emphasis on spiritual transcendence comes from my growing awareness we live in extraordinary times, I am writing a book on the web, meeting strangers through the words and then allowing their voices to register in the heart-felt belief that every person living has the potential to free themselves from suffering. Why the anti-capitalist rhetoric? Because capitalism is the most successful self-replicating system of oppression exploiting human beings, and there is blood in the streets.

Nature requires adaptation, and so I don’t worry about the Moloch, as we and the Moloch must adapt. One of us will outgrow the other, and writing the Manifesto means that I am betting on us.

From time to time I feel moved to tell people what I see when the veils are raised, and help to expose the machinations of the Empire which frighten the people into submission. Preoccupation with negative thoughts keeps us in prison. The Moloch manipulates the world with fear. As far as the overthrow of capitalism is concerned, I believe if enough of us work diligently at our own spiritual growth we will transform this planet with love and courage. We are the transformers.

The planet deserves nothing less than our submission to its service.

We accomplish freedom through conscious rejection of all the false masters.

The war had not happened as I began listening to my dreams and trying to describe the cities and libraries of the Epic Café. Initially with the imminent onslaught on my innocent brothers and sisters, the portent of comets and coronal mass ejections, my compassion wanted to capture the voices of dissent and opposition to the war. This took me back to my socialist beliefs, and this separates me from many Americans and citizens of the Empire, but also puts me smack in the middle of a lineage of leftists and revolutionaries unable to swallow inequity... I certainly do not agree with any kind of fundamentalism, and being a Buddhist I advocate non-violence. Still I felt compelled to write what my dreams were telling me and what I was dreaming when reading the news... and so it began in the crypts and cafés, the mountains and deserts all speaking the sun’s dream of freedom for all beings.

This meme, a Photonic Manifesto, came when I was sitting in a crypt in London, where most likely there were conspiratorial Italian Futurist echoes and dead European revolutionaries whispering in my ears. Men like William Blake and Georgi Plekhanov, not to mention my ever present guides Balthazar and Jack Kerouac. Most of the time I have no idea what I am saying and the rather extravagant mannerisms and grandiloquent voices which emerge can be somewhat off-putting, but I simply hear them as the ancient ones and they talk this way so that you might listen.

While my ego thinks I have created a series of hermeneutic essays, we must all agree The Photonic Manifesto is certainly not a novel. But what is it?

We cannot possibly know the shocking truth of what the Photonic Manifesto might become, the dark feathers of a rare bird glistening in a distant tree. There between we and the tree my brothers and sisters, are millions of somnambulists. Still, we can hear the bird sing... take my hand…

Eventually I surrendered to the voice and guidance emerging from these shining points of time in which we live. The best advice I can give is to remember to breathe and not worry about all the nihilistic ideas of cataclysm. Wonder instead about the photographs of Lewis Carroll and why they fascinate is still.

Observe the subtle ripples on the surface of the truth.

Most of the Manifesto is moments standing in the middle of nowhere, writing on a notebook on the trunk of a car, or sitting at the feet of my perfect teachers, where I had no precognition nor intention for what was being transcribed. I see myself suspended in vision tanks. I now have a book that surprises me but might entertain Damien Hirst. I'm quite uncertain whether it is comprehensible, and the truth is I know much of it is beyond understanding. Since the Manifesto's nervous system is the idea: ‘the truth is beyond conceptual thought’, my intuition tells me this writing is part of a human tradition of esoteric texts where a message emerges through the voices of bones. Such an exquisite corpse, we cannot see the lips move.

As C.G. Jung said, ‘I am an old African and God speaks to me in my dreams’.

I now want to follow this guidance by collaborating with a few fellow adventurers, to create/edit a compendium of observations regarding the minutiae and scenes from the - 'I am big, its the pictures that got small' - tradition of spiritual transformation.

A theme I am hoping we share: we see a revolution of consciousness arising as a direct result of the extraordinary times we live in, not from any one being in particular. We are observers of signs, interpreters of symbols, lovers of archetypes. Above all, our hearts are central to our existence.

I think of these times as extraordinary because I have been living an extraordinary life. Most important for me and what I really want to share is thoughts from my meetings with Tibetan Buddhist teachers. These incredible shining ones who walk among us and transmit the empowerments and energies of the ancient lineages.

Thus have I heard, we do indeed live in the days when unusual progress can be made by applying oneself to the Dharma. There are special conditions present, and my belief is that these special conditions have to do with the sun and inconceivable orbs of lights moving through me right now guiding my thoughts and creating these words. Hence my fascination with photons. There is a revolution in science taking place right now and it has everything to do with new comprehension arising from the nature of Light.

So in a way I really do believe that in many places of this Manifesto we see the light speaking, and it reveals a revolution taking place right now within our own mind, a revolution fed by light. I like to think this is why your are looking into a computer right now, you look in as the light comes out.

We realize glimpses of the true nature of reality each time we unite our heart and mind.

This is how we find our way out of the Grand Illusion, and is another reason why Jean Gabin is one of my heroes for he is perseverance personified and in the end he walks through the mountains, falls in love, and finds his way to freedom...



<> wrote: Re: less seen in the feathers of rare birds

Kent - its like i look into the eyes and you see the feathers

Most of the time I have no idea what I am saying and the rather extravagant mannerisms and grandiloquent voices which emerge can be somewhat off-putting, but I simply hear them as the ancient ones and they talk that way. To change it seems disrespectful, sorry. 


my comments follow yours:

Kent Stuart <> wrote:

"revolution sucks; why overthrow the scumbags who currently rule the somnolent? even plato (or did it take until plotinus?) knew that the quality of rulers reflects the awareness of those ruled"

 Thought of the philosopher king this morning, fondly recalled Pierre Trudeau and then Martial Law and had to face all of this truth about how we are saved from ourselves by the 'greatness' within others. The greatness I see is human nature, spirit… what have you... The greatest humans are the ones who shine. We must take responsibility for ourselves…

 "i recall bert telling me it was time for aliens to come down and rescue us from ourselves christians await the second coming for the same reason, jews, the saviour;"

countless legends speak of a return or a savior and this could be an expression of our longing or it could be the truth. I see many shining ones coming towards me, and I long to become one.

 "people who see the truth in crystals and pyramids look to the end of days, the next leap in consciousness" ….

You know Kent some of these people actually do take leaps, this is the age of a great leap forward…

 "the truth is that we are stuck with ourselves, with each other, in unholy mud, in man-made oil slicks;"

 … we are not stuck, we choose to stick, once we decide to let go all mud is holy  

"one does not always have control over with whom time is spent, life passed; we certainly don't have much control over with whom we share the planet"

 as one chooses to evolve spiritually, as one's karma unfolds our reality is transformed in incredible ways, the better our karma the more untrue your statement becomes… to dedicate one's life to spiritual transformation completely puts a lie to your statement

 "we will have to solve our own problems with our own ingenuity; no-one- human, alien, divine, daemonic- is going to do it for us because there is no such thing as a benevolent dictatorship and today the biggest forces in the collective consciousness are ad execs and mere marketing managers, selling lust and greed, in order to glorify themselves, under the guise of product promotion, increased share of wallet, and branding; (the panic grandchildren of mcluhan say that advertising was once done to increase market share, but today market share is increased to allow more advertising...)"

funny thing is now I am a marketing manager… well director… the importance of a teacher notwithstanding, the Buddha said that since there is no ego, there is no other, therefore to ultimately rely upon someone else will not help you, you must investigate this for yourself, take responsibility for your enlightenment…

"if i am submissive to everything is too reminiscent of the scene in the dharma bums where jk is going up the mountain to his job as a firewatcher… ‘Oh my brothers and sisters, I try to be strong for you, and today the strength comes from acknowledging my suffering.’ how grandiose can you get? to posit kerouac as the new buddhist messiah was one, mad enough thing..."

‘If I am submissive to everything’ is a reference to one of Kerouac’s rules of prose, and it is good advice for anyone to spend some time being submissive to everything. This is what happens sometimes when one is feeling the bliss of nature… If you don’t get Jack, you just don’t get Jack… Honestly, I do not try to think about him or use him, he simply comes to me in my dreams and I have stopped trying to resist. I don’t understand why I have such a strong connection with him, but I do. Can’t shake him or forget him, he is like any of my teachers, there is a very strong bond.

There was no conscious attempt to mimic Dharma Bums, firstly, so much of my own spiritual transformation has been the result of a union with nature, getting out into nature and plugging in is essential, not necessarily forever but at least for a day. After some contemplation of the dream that initiated this project and what it is that nature has to say, I think that Amrita Emmeline is the daughter of Heaven and the Sea, who brings with her the memory of this union. Our yearning, which is amplified while in nature, is for reunion with the whole. Our savior is born when we joyfully remember the bonds that exist for us throughout nature, this is what the young Buck taught me as I prayed for it while up on the mountain. These are the voices and visions inspired by my dreams. You know I feel awkward about the grandiosity but much of what you find incredible really happened to me or I really felt the feelings behind what I attempt to express… all I can say is this chapter is pretty much the way it happened at the time… I was suffering and knowing why makes me stronger. When you make a pledge to transform yourself for the benefit of all sentient beings, it is meaningless unless you mean it, and sometimes I feel this desire to help my fellow wanderers so strongly that this feeling itself is transformative. I do spend time contemplating the purification of my suffering for the benefit of all sentient beings, it is a central aspect of my life. It is not grandiose, it is the fruit of intention. I do not expect others to understand this, but I think that this intention deserves more respect.

The events in Nevada were fantastic and tragic complete with naked beggars wandering in the luminous high desert mornings, the ringing of countless electronic bells, the staggering of nature stunned by our failure to surrender to the mystery of life, the flashing of lights and moments of solitude beside a deep lake, all of it is what I saw and lived…

 "last night i met a madwoman with amazing energy, multiple addictions, and the attention span of a gnat; i may get together with her next week, in the hopes of helping her to stop vibrating so; this would doubtless be a great boon to her 4 year old son, connor"

you bring your light...

"i'm pretty sure she's never known a man remotely like me before"

 … guaranteed ; -)

 "this was against a backdrop of what she called hillbilly music (actually, it was a sort of nearly-psychedelic folk; a huge wall of sound caused by amplified classical guitar, an old electric acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele, two principal singers and several others who sang part-time the banjo player was quite experimental, even using feedback- or was that because my new companion was pressing him into the mic?)"

 nice… music yeah… there is always a song inside my mind, these days quite often it’s: my head is my only house unless it rains… by Captain Beefheart

 "meanwhile, my favourite grocer has started to bring her daughter into the store on weekends; she is quite sweet, quite together, quite interesting physically; i haven't mustered a decent conversation with her yet though i managed to approach the aforementioned lunatic immediately upon seeing her light up, cause i wanted a smoke, but i don't buy them anymore, knowing this would simply lead to the full-time practice of that particular addiction..." 

and then what happened?

 tony peru


What is this precious love and laughter

Budding in our hearts?

It is the glorious sound

Of a soul waking up!


Kent Stuart <> wrote:

in one breath, you are looking into the eyes (of the most profound truths?) in the next you have no idea what you are saying… - the voices of the ancients seem to be singing a la Tony Peru 1982

 the philosopher king has a tough road; trudeau may have been among the best of the last century, for without his open heart, toronto would be at least 30 years behind its present accomplishment as the most functional centre of multiculturalism

funny thing about philosophers, though; invariably, they are human

the coolest, most sophisticated politician in canadian history had an Achilles tendon, too; will we ever forget the purple of his rage? just watch me... it was personal; these were his old comrades-in-arms wow- can i ever drop this veil of punditry and replace it with a veneer of humanism?

bottom line of trudeau's legacy, for me, is what it has in common with those of other forward- looking actors, constrained by the smallness of minds around them; they shoot for the most radical changes they can imagine being able to effect, achieve something which must feel a pale reflection of that; but in the long run, if they are in tune with the mood of other forward-looking people, their attitudes can become the norm

 i heard a spot on the radio last week on the thirtieth anniversary of a sit-in at  (the ottawa club? the canadian club?) the premier club for ottawa power brokers to meet in; an early female cabinet minister was invited to a luncheon there, by the American ambassador, but refused admittance

in protest, a small group of womyn (which has since grown into nac, probably the biggest womyn's lobby in canada) sat outside the joint, eating sandwiches, wearing outrageously chic garb, and ate lunch, offering some to the men going in for lunch, demanding that the feds boycott the place until they change this policy, which they shortly did...

 it's great to strive to shine, as i do also but the fantasy of superhuman leadership is not only unlikely to happen, it would be unlikely to help us, if we do not strive on our own to be a less docile and competitive group, as marx would have it people do, of course, make leaps; i believe i have made a few myself, so i see no reason that those further along on this journey could not also make leaps, from higher starting points

dedicating one's life to spiritual development may be a great and noble goal, sure to help mancruel become mankind but it is not going to happen soon; we are currently in a dip, with no sign of us approaching a spiritual peak

so i don't understand what makes you think a new age of awareness is imminent

there are currently too few meditators to prevent gwb from being a popular enough figure to raze entire countries... as to what happened next, the salient stuff actually happened before; before i went out in the rain to drink stout and smoke op's, i regretted the fact that i hadn't bought soda water yesterday

(when i left susan, i avoided weed and avoided excessive drinking for some months, led a regimented life, began (unsuccessfully) meditating, slept regularly for the first time in my life, and soon started drinking orange juice with soda water by the gallon

yesterday, i pedaled home from the office, craving soda and orange for the first time in over a year and i realized the significance of this was that, when depressed, i am not so thirsty; when i keep myself clean enough to avoid the depths of despair, i am thirsty

i am glad to report that i am back to being thirsty

(anything to do with two weeks off coffee? i had a raging craving for coffee tonight, the first one since i stopped coffee, after meeting with a homeopath a couple of weeks ago...)

 zen garden will soon have a passage devoted to- or at least inspired by- this contrast between the hunger for stimulants and diversions generally, and the thirst for knowledge and internal cleanliness is the intensity of my individuality really guaranteed?

 i feel like my chrysalis is going to open sometime in the next six months; i may actually become the man i want to be (i shall always remember an acid-soaked night at lake minnicock with gary, in which i malapropped i've always wanted to be a person, but there's never been a person i've wanted to be...)

 the person i want to be is coming into sight




Tony Peru wrote:

Susanne: Thanks for your kind comments about the Manifesto, here is the next chapter attached, it should be up at orbit soon. I would like to use this correspondence in the final chapter of the Manifesto, would this be alright with you? Please let me know.


As for the Forum, I doubted that there was a concerted effort to disrupt the Forum, but now I am convinced that it is true. Nothing’s gonna change my world. Especially the prying of Big Brother.


Not that I am worried about this, nor do I want to spend too much time thinking about this, but the interference with our thoughts is alarming. Some of the best advice I ever received from my teacher was that it is incorrect to fixate on any thought. I really notice when I allow myself to get caught up in that negative energy at the Forum, so I am seeking a new way to share. There are so many other voices speaking to each other in the Web saying what we know is true. What has happened at the Forum just pisses me off that such a great resource has been corrupted.


In light of this and in reaction to my guidance, I will be editing a weekly compendium of reports from readers of the Manifesto. I will suggest themes, such as: how are you affected each day by the changes happening in the earth? What is the role of spirituality in tuning in to the Earth as it is transformed? Can you see the spiritual minutiae? Do you see a connection between the changes in the planetospheric energies and what is happening with your mind and body?


What I seek to create is the real time human expression of spiritual transcendence, as it is taking place for many, many people… right now. In some ways I see the Forum as such an expression, I guess I have volunteered to take the idea of the Forum the next step and edit out some of the interference patterns that distract us from our goal.


So I long to hear from all the readers and have us share what we perceive as the very nature of reality shifts.



Tony Peru


"S. Garst" <> wrote:

Tony, greetings!

I have been avidly reading your Photonic Manifesto. It is wondrous.

I am pleased to be of any assistance to you.

The forum is "nutsy" right at the moment. Bless it all as perfection.

Susanne aka Yellow Cosmic Star

" Tony Peru" <> wrote:

Yellow Cosmic Star, about the Manifesto, it is completed with your message from a Yellow Cosmic Star, the Committee thanks you for your perseverance. You know ‘they’ recently discovered the city of Gilgamesh during the war, and announced this at its end… you noticed this right? We learned of it as Bush symbolically walked upon the water…

Well here is how the Gilgamesh tablets begin:

"He who has seen everything, I will make known (?) to the lands.
I will teach (?) about him who experienced all things,
... alike, Anu granted him the totality of knowledge of all.
He saw the Secret, discovered the Hidden,
he brought information of (the time) before the Flood.
He went on a distant journey, pushing himself to exhaustion,
but then was brought to peace"

this 21st century Jupiter July

Amrita Emmelline will be born spontaneously

within a lotus flower in a lake in the midst of a vast desert

she is a gift from the stars

we will know peace in this lifetime

the Manifesto is written to announce her arrival


Skunk leaps in

Hey Kent: Just sat down in the Epic,

and in leaps Skunk

remember her? The womyn we met in Flagstaff who turned to me

and asked… "so how are you enjoying the end of the world"…

she walks in with a gang of street punks,

but good looking punks

from nice homes

who have come to Tucson to dumpster dive

and share the bounty of this beautiful desert...

Skunk leaps in and is now sitting just behind me laughing with her friends, the bunch of them burbling and lifting the energy of Sunday afternoon with their hearts, happy, they are finding happiness here in the Epic café…

it has been so elusive hasn't it?

They remind us we came to play.

 I see Skunk getting up to leave, her posse bustles the dust and stirs

a murmur within me of

can't let her go

without saying hello

and over she comes

a ball, such a beautiful ball of light


it feels good to speak with someone who recognizes you

allowing light to guide us

cardio astralnauts

we are open hearts opening and surrendering to the river of transformation,

in Skunk’s case she explains this surrender is a brown dwarf star

and a wave of astral energy washing over the planet.... 


she can call me Tony


the name of her band is Subduction

but the band doesn't really pay attention to the seismographs

interested as she is in tectonic plates

Skunk shakes the world with her drums

grinding out some three chord punk rock

so like many of us Skunk is wide awake

she pays attention to an astral body

coming into the atmosphere

it is reflecting the changing of time

the magnetic polarity of the planet is shifting,

how can one discount

such an obvious call to their attention?

Skunk, some of my best friends are still skeptics

Hence SARS…

seething with the skeptical bacteria of doubt and fear

how can we get them to open their arms and

embrace this light, when the shadows and darkness

tempt them into sciamachy?

what we choose to refuse

becomes our enemy in the end

all attachment to thoughts lead to obstacles

it is time to let go and get out

into the small brilliant corners

to let all of the light in

with your back against the wall

as if you have been closely examining

the space right before your eyes

like now as you read these words

and then close your eyes

and allow yourself to occupy the space created by these thoughts

just Googled sciamachy and got

The SCIAMACHY primary mission objective is to perform global measurements of trace gases in the troposphere and in the stratosphere.

I have been fascinated with the word sciamachy since 1997

the Weltanschauung! These messages… a satellite looking in the shadows

the synchronicity is tempting

but ultimately it is wrong

to fixate on any thought…

despite believing this

I also believe I am onto something

by thinking of doubt

I always think of sciamachy

And mean fighting with imaginary enemies or shadows

Today I came upon a satellite device

used to measure changes in the atmosphere as sciamachy



of course Skunk and I agree

this link is merely another window

into the apparatus the Moloch created

to measure the changes in the planet

early warning systems

and we can tune in to all of this and feel it and

consciously explore the transition

as it is happening

let freedom ring for

we have access to the technology too

and it communicates with light

it is transformed into light every nanosecond

optics are the future of the revolution

and it is a new sense and brain

that is opening within our hearts

just keep opening your hearts

find someone to love


skunk has such amazing saucer full of secrets

brown eyes

we meet

the merciful sisters

wandering in certainty

with mirrors

we are on our way home


our breasts

are the ramparts

of revolution

when we recognize nothing

we do our best to calm

our thoughts

to do this we become observers of the planet

the sun the moon the stars

and see our thoughts

amidst the dance of the Luminaries

as we observe the changes

within Our Lady Sun

In Her Victory

we see more of our true selves

like fishermen knowing the tides

this is a word from the wise

the true nature of mind


My sisters and strangers

the energy is so intense right now

so full of potential

manifest your bliss

tell all the trees that you love them

and know that everything to which

you willingly surrender

loves you


we are electromagnetic beings

a storm is about to erase many memories


lets all make sure we are open

the best method is breath

the deep breathing


this is why Respiratory

this is why

an acute reminder 

The SCIAMACHY primary mission objective is to perform global measurements of trace gases in the troposphere and in the stratosphere.

The air and our difficulty breathing brings us to the space weather,

as Mercury retrogrades the Suns slivers

and the current carries new dancers to the luminaries.

This week your very own multidimensional portal opened,

it doesn’t have to be communication breakdown

as most might think,

all rules out the window, ignorance is this

running from the truth

create positive thoughts and intentions to ride the wave with grace…

If you are open to perceiving a new form of language and listen,

eventually the voice within you will speak its truth,

the truth of this photonic transformation.


It is interesting that with all of this activity we see articles from the establishment scientific community about the pole reversal, the "current sheet" and other tidbits of information that begin to align with what the 'spiritual underground', the strangeness beauty of the new age, and those who like to explore esoteric wisdom have been chattering away about for some time now... some for centuries... like my hero Moses Maimonides the 12th century Jewish mystic recently quoted in the NY Times. There in the NYT were his ancient words in a full page ad taken out by an Orthodox Jewish group about these, the end of days... yesterday’s news…. Today!


One righteous act can change the world!

I know this to be true and so I encourage you to continue to read and contemplate what you observe in light of the words... the Manifesto lives in the New York Public Dream Library after all, words have a unique role in our transformation... especially the Dharma... even if you don't comprehend the words initially, energetically they work in your mind as memes...


Namaste! Tony Peru


skunk <> wrote:

oi! and everything. i'm in the school computer lab wishing everyone here was working on wemoon's army and co. deconstructing patriarchy projects instead of writing papers. except if this were our headquarters there would be a candal burning next to every terminal and a boquet of flowers to bury your head in when you need to be revived, refreshed.  and there would be a spa too next door, and a wilderness just outside to go and walk and think, and sit and rest, and commune in.

hope you are well, it's a small world in dreamtime. great to make your aquaintence again.

i didn't read your chapters yet, cause i just got home late last night and now am catching up with correspondance with my friends whom i love thier guts and they live all over the map.

i like to write run on sentences.

i hope to be down in tucson maybe next week-end again. but i don't know cause i gotta git some money for gas. maybe i'll see your choir.

oh yeah, a thought on darkness . darkness is not the opposite of light. i mean darkness is not any less positive than light. i love the darkness, caves, and wombs and shadows. shadows on the alley walls are some of my favorite friends. and on how we get friends to open up and fear less, well, in general, love and creativity are our tools.


in specific, use images, music, subconcious, light and shadow shows, puppet shows, lure them into the vibration of trust and cooperation without pushing them or pulling them. our whole society is based on coersion(fear and threats and competition). there is another way, with out threatening or demanding or demeaning!  instead, inviting, allowing, encouraging, supporting, diving, pouring, drinking, accepting, acting, believing, having a vision, being there, available for them. offering seeds, pulling weeds, harvesting with thanks and praise.  

falling in love more everyday. blood and guts, with the moon, skunkrising


"Tony Peru" wrote:

hey kent I found some of skunk’s lyrics at her website and it answers for me your questioning if there are more than a few awakening…

We are a sisterhood
rising up with one huge shout! and we proclaim...

that it is not alright with us
that the beauty of the earth
is being destroyed
and the value of life

It is not alright
that we are becoming accustomed
to the long, slow death of everything.
We claim the earth to grow old in her bosom.
We claim the earth to bequeath
to our children's children's children.
Step with us, or step aside!