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WS: This is Whitley Strieber and we’re back. And Jim Marrs and William Henry are having a marvelous conversation about what is really going on here in terms of the way the future and the past intersect. And who might be trying to gain knowledge from the past, secret knowledge from the past, most notably in Iraq, and how that might relate to our future. I am sitting here like a fly on the wall and enjoying myself thoroughly, I am really. It’s fascinating stuff guys and I’m going to just let you plunge back into it right now.


WH: Thank you Whitley, very much. Jim, yeah, as I was saying, you know, these... the looting of Iraq actually began with the UN weapons inspectors Who were clandestinely... clandestinely removing artifacts, anything they could take out of the country with them, they were taking and that was well known. But as you mentioned, without a doubt, we had an absolute target on that Iraqi National Museum. We knew what was there and look, you know, you don't have to look much further than what is in, like for example, J. P. Morgan's,  personal library to... for examples of the kind of advanced science that is presented on these cylinder seals. I mean when you look at what J. P. Morgan’s boys brought out of Iraq in the 1850's and the 1860's when the looting of that country commenced.

You know we're talking about people having for a very long time an understanding that those libraries over there, which are buried beneath the sands of Baghdad, we've got, you know, 20 feet beneath Baghdad and throughout Iraq are all the secrets of the Anunaki Gods of the ancient world.

And it's been my supposition that what Saddam recognized that he possessed was literally a...  one of the biggest bombs imaginable. Because once he released this knowledge that's in these libraries...

PUFF, there goes Christianity! POOF, there goes the Jewish religion.

Because we start to realize is that these stories upon which western civilization hangs its hat are literally based upon Sumerian originals. And once that is fully recognized, it brings about a giant question mark about the source of Western civilization.


JM: You're absolutely right and if that's not momentous enough though, there's also the technological aspect of it. Which is that, you know, we often marveled and wondered how the Great Pyramid was built and some of these other wonders of the Ancient World, most of which are no longer around.

But, and we have the ancient records both in the Hindu Vedas and in the ancient Sumerian text of things flying in the sky and all kinds of things. So we’ve got the technology involved, which would involve the manipulation of energy. And once we're talking about this, once we're talking about changing the basic form of atoms, rearranging the atom from within. You know, everything that we think of as reality, the four basics of the Earth: Wind, air, water, fire earth... all of that is basically made up of the same atomic structures. It's just that they're different only in their arrangement, and once you could rearrange that then you can... you know, it's limitless. We’re talking about faster-than-light speed travel, we're talking about anti-gravity, we're talking about perhaps Time-Travel or Interdimensional travel. And of course, this is where cutting-edge physics is taking us right now.

You can perfectly well see that minds within the Pentagon, or within the Langley, they can... not only do they want that knowledge but then they've got to see that that knowledge doesn’t fall into the hands of our perceived enemy.


WH: Well, that's right. And you know, as we know, and as I believe you're going to discuss in your presentation as well, the Nazis were very interested into this too. And...


JM: yeah (?)


WH: Yeah heavy into it… And we have to just remind everyone as I alluded to a moment ago.

This race to Babylon actually commenced in the 1860's when American scholars from Yale, from Harvard, from University of Chicago, from Aten (?), were digging up the sands of Iran and Iraq, seeking to prove that the Bible was true.




And they brought home incredible artifacts that referenced the book of Ezekiel, the story of Ezekiel, and other Biblical references that established in many people's minds that hey, there's no question that the Biblical stories are actually true. Well, they were in a race with the German scientists and archeologists that were looking at the same evidence, looking at the same temples but seeking to prove that the story of Atlantis was true.

And that was the dividing line and that, of course, spun into the occult war of WWII where the 2 sides lined up to see who was going to actually create the new Atlantis. Was it going to be Nazi Germany or was it going to be the United States of America?

And here we are today right back in the same place looking at the same evidence.


JM: With some of the same old Nazi's running the show!


WH: (laughing) I know, talk about that, Jim. I mean, how does that, do you? You've mentioned that the national security state of Germany during WWII, by all accounts, was on the track of this technology we're describing. And that there's evidence that we have a new national security state of the United States. Talk about that and how that plays into this.


JM: Yeah, because after the war, the same ruling elite wanted to continue their quest for this knowledge. And so thousands of high-ranking Nazis, of course, got out of Europe, of course, on Vatican Passports. They came and established themselves in the United States as some of our rocket... top rocket scientists. They went to Canada; it's now been shown that Canada fielded a bunch of them.

And of course at this point, all of this was not necessarily done in a sinister, conspiratorial manner.

It was simply that right at the end of WWII, everybody began looking ahead and they realized we were going to be in some sort of war, either cold or hot, with Soviet Russia. And so it was like we've got to get whatever allies we can. And so we just brought the Nazi's in wholesale.

And they folded themselves neatly right into our emerging National Security state which was, you know, given the stamp of approval and the legislative and lawful background in September of 1947 with the, when Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947.

And you know it's really interesting to me that there's a story that I got from a Congressional Investigator who said that Harry Truman's mother was dying back in Missouri and he wanted to rush to her bedside, but they held him up at National Airport there in late September 1947 for hours, just so they could rush the National Security Act to him for his signature and make it law. And why the rush?

Well, it was rushed into law anyway because it began, although several things had been talked about since WWII, like renaming the War Department the Defense Department and separating the Air Force from the Army. It was, nevertheless, it began to get rushed into legislation only in mid July, 1947 and they had about a month and a half to put it all together. And why the rush? Because I think it had to do with the events in Roswell, New Mexico, the first of July, 1947.

Something crashed there and they didn't want us to know about it so the official approved press release that said, "we've captured a flying saucer," became, "No, no, no, they just found a weather balloon and they were all mistaken.” And the whole thing was swept under the carpet and yet the National Security Council was rushed into being, which among other things, by its very definition, if anything has to do with national security, whether it's energy manipulation, whether it's new airplanes, whether it's enemy intentions, then it's handled by the National Security Council. And that bypassed Congress, the media, and the public.


WH: Hmmm


JM: And this is when we began to have this super secret National Security State. And I agree with you, William that I think at the heart of this was the quest for this ancient technology and this ancient knowledge. Some of which has been kept from us, by the way, because you were talking about Hermes and all the various names. One of the reasons... don't you agree that one of the ways they have kept us from really figuring all this out is because every time a new civilization comes along or a new language comes along, they change the names.


WH: Yeah, right



JM: Well, you know, everybody goes, well, you know, is it Zeus or you know, is it Thor or is it, you know. The basic concept is always the same but the name is always changed and I think that's just to keep people confused.


WH: Yeah, without a doubt, I mean, and that's the easiest way they do it is by changing the language.

And we're going to, we're probably going to see that in Iraq today. I mean I'd like to... it's not a joke. I mean, it's very serious. But I think we should just change the name of the place over there to America, let's spell it A M E R I Q A. You know, because...


WS: Hey, wait a minute Jim, hello; this is the great voice in the sky here, bringing you both down to Earth because we have to take a little break. And when we come back, I'm listening to this and I have a question for both of you. And I want you to kind of grok (?) on it and that is... WHY? Is there some kind of larger presence here that has a, that maybe something akin to the New World Order but kind of deeper, more deeply hidden agenda for this world and for this species ? And if so, what is that agenda?




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