Pt III: Marrs + Henry Transcript / W Strieber Dreamland




WS: This is Whitley Strieber. It’s Dreamland and Jim Marrs and William Henry are on the agenda here today. We are talking about, or they, I should say, are dialoguing about some of the most interesting stuff that I've heard in a long time. Where are we going and what is… where are we coming from What is being stolen from us about our own past in order to manipulate the way that man... that mankind goes into the future ? Guys let's just keep rolling...


WH: Well, I'll take a shot at that one, Whitley.  I think it goes to what Jim mentioned a moment ago, the Roswell crash in '47. By all accounts, the beings that crashed on that day were what we might describe as the Grays which perfectly match with a group of ancient beings that the early Christians, the Gnostic Christians called Archons. These are non organic beings that do not have a divine spark within them. We have it; they're jealous of us and they want to take it from us.

And when we look into the ancient world we find, that for example, that the first Christians especially, were vitally concerned about relationship with these Archons and how to evade them and to get beyond them to return to the source of the heavenly realms from which we came.

The way that the Archons operated... it appears that they harvest human fear. They operate on the premise of terror and what they seek to do is to do is to keep Earth in its present status as a "Terror-Farm" or a fear farm. And in my opinion, that's a large part of what's happening today.

I mean, I've spoken before that in George W Bush's Inaugural speech , in a 14-minute speech twice he mentioned, asked the question, "does the "angel in the whirlwind still direct this storm?... Does the "angel in the whirlwind still direct this storm?" - referring to America. Well when I looked up the source of that statement it came from a poem by Joseph Addison and the 2nd, or the 3rd and 4th lines of the 4-line quatrain in which that statement is contained says that the "angel in the whirlwind directs this storm and he hurls death and terror over the guilty land," which we presume to be America. And so the ultimate thing would be here to ask the question, is the Bush Administration in league with the "angel in the whirlwind" who indeed precisely matches with the description of the Archons in the ancient world? And is this endeavor that we're all involved in, in Iraq, a move by these “watchers" as they are also called in the Bible... is our endeavor there a means by which we are going to retrieve this technology for them or is there some other scenario that's being painted here?

I personally think that it all relates to this relationship between us and this extraterrestrial species, our present administration is operating as minions of them, and we're all going to pay the price as a consequence of what they're doing and not telling us about.


WS: Now if they feed off our fear, we're heading for a... a mega catastrophe, a die-back of the human species, in fact. And I have seen a pattern in the Bush Administration, of intentionally ignoring, ignoring these impending disasters when they would be easy to control and pretending that they don't exist, like global warming. It's not rocket science to begin to effectively control the emissions human beings, human species generate. But what we're not being told is that the sun is contributing to this.

Most people don't realize it but the polar caps on Mars are shrinking... on Mars!


WH: Uh hum


WS: Now, I don't recall anybody on Mars. There's only 1 car on Mars and it's electrically powered.


WH: Laughs, Right.


WS: So there's no greenhouse gasses being emitted by any human beings or anybody else up there that we know of.


JM: Well, you know Whitley, there's also...


WS: Let me just finish, just a second...


JM: Okay


WS: So, what... if they feed on our fear, and I'm willing to buy into that possibility, then why do they also want us gone?


WH: Well, you know, because that's part of the natural cycle I think Whitley, that you have not only the Archons running the show but you also have the forces that are interested in the ascension of the human species as well. And it appears that they, they in a sense, co-exist. They don't cooperate I don't think but they found that they co-exist with one another. And so what we have is this battle between these 2 forces constantly on this planet. The swords in that battle are human beings. And so we're caught in the middle having to unplug ourselves from the overall terror program that's being implemented. And also then to plug ourselves into the "terra" or love & compassion program that is simultaneously being offered at this time.


JM: I think there's something to that. Whitley, all I was gonna add is that it's not only just Mars and Earth but there's also been some findings about some of the moons of Jupiter. Whatever's going on is a Solar system-wide phenomenon. And it's not strictly global warming although obviously if we were an intelligent species , you're right , we could be taking some rudimentary and commonsense steps to cut down on the greenhouse gasses and the pollution that we're kill... destroying our own world with.

But as William pointed out, there seems to be more than one player in all of this.

And I think the key to this is to understand that... that throughout our history, written history, that there has been this struggle going on but it's been done covertly.

And it might not always been the way because if you go back again to Zachariah Sitchin and his "Wars of Gods & Men", you find that the Anunnaki who apparently came from the heavens and settled here on the Earth, before too long, began to use humans as their pawns. And they would, you know, they would fight their wars with us as surrogates. But today, of course, they... it seems to be very much hidden. And I suspect that this has to do with the Star Trek concept of the Prime Directive, okay, which is basically that the races, intelligent races in the Universe...

And I'm not, I'm unclear on whether this might be an actual law that has enforcement or something.

Or if it's more of an agreed up understanding that it's just not proper to overtly interfere with the progress and evolution of an intelligent species. And as a result I think they have to keep their struggle on the QT. And this is why we are always given these... these dog & pony shows.

You know, we have these wars and there's always some kind of reason and there's... and oh, then we see these disasters and then we wonder if they were manmade or if they’re contrived. And there's always a front show because they have to operate in the shadows because they don't want to be seen universally as violating the Prime Directive And this gives me hope because this means we're not under the control of just one particular group.

If we were under the control of some group, of say aliens and they had all this advanced technology then why don't they just come down and eat us and burn our cities... (laughter heard in background) ...or whatever it is they're going to do? And the fact that they haven't done this yet indicates to me, that there is a counterbalance going on. And we have to just got to find out and separate the good guys from the bad guys and figure out who it is that we want to align ourselves with. And frankly, based on everything I know and based on what Whitley & William just said, I don't think that the Bush Administration are those folks. I don't think they're the ones we need to be aligned with, because obviously


WS: Well, you know, Edgar Mitchell...


JM: ...because they're promoting the fear.


WS: Edgar Mitchell told me... and he's now spoken about this publicly. By the way, which, so I'm going to repeat it. He told me years ago that the... This is the astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, for those of you not familiar with the name, told me that the government had alien bodies. And that the bodies had been under examination for years because there were things about them that did not make sense. And I was of the impression, at the time having had enough relatively intimate contact with the Grays that the Grays were not alive. That they were machines, biological machines, for the simple reason that...


I’ll be honest and I’m going to start, and I promise I really will do this, folks, putting a little bit more on the…

I guess I’m going to put it up in the Subscriber Section, of what actually happened to me.

Because, to be honest with you, I got so sick of these stupid rectal probe jokes being like the thing... like that was sort of what defined Whitley Strieber in the public eye after a while. And I thought, "This is all we have? This is what we have to give?" So I kind of just shut up about what was happening to me. And the result is that there is, probably, 200 or 300 hundred hours of material that I have never talked about at all.

Okay, that said, when you are close to the Grays and you can hear them breathing, it sounds like this (he makes very regular & rapid, forced type of breathing that produced a faint whistling sound) with a difference that it’s so regular it kind of shocks you inside; it’s not, it’s not like a sound of a biological entity. It sounds like a machine working. And their movements, their gestures, their actions, are fantastically precise. Like a kind of a superb machine would be.

And I also think, and I’ll get into this another time, that they think like a brilliant machine would think. Okay, all of that said, what they are and who is behind them is another question entirely. And I have to wonder if we're even getting.... you know, if some malign alien species is out there and there's some Prime Directive that's preventing them from screwing with us. Uh, I'm just not sure if that's the right way to go because there are elements of this thing that are so bizarrely far off the wall.

And I'll give you another example, William, and this is sort of… I think you might react to this.


WS: Bill Chalker, who is an excellent researcher down in Australia; we had him on the show a few things ago, he… with a thing, a book called "Hair of the Alien," and…


WH: Uh hum


WS: He discovered a hair... got a hair from a guy who had been waked up, in the enviable or unenviable position, depending entirely upon your attitude, of being sat upon by this beautiful woman, weird though, and scary. I mean it would have been kind of a freak out because you know, here's this beautiful woman but she's so weird it's really, really scary and she's naked and she's sitting astride you in the night…


WH: Uh huh


WS: …and trying to make love with you, while another woman, equally weird, stands nearby.

They left eventually, after a struggle and they left behind a long dark hair, which the guy gathered.

He gave it to Chalker because he'd been reporting this stuff to Chalker for a while. Chalker had the hair DNA analyzed; there was plenty of DNA in the hair. And it was analyzed in an Australian laboratory, meaning that there was no intervention by the U.S. government making the laboratory lie, as happens here all the time. And the result was incredible. The hair consisted of DN.... elements of the DNA of 2 rare racial subgroups; one from China and one from the Basque country of Spain. And these had not been.... this was not somebody who had been, who had been...come about because these 2 people from these 2 different areas had made love and had a baby. This was some kind of a clone that had been constructed. Now, all of that said, guys, where in the hell are we? Okay, give me some answers!


JM: Laughs


WS: I don't envy you by the way!


JM: Laughing) Well, if I had all the answers, we wouldn't be here today. But I will say this and I think William will agree with me. Whatever is going on, it's coming to a climax. I think there's obviously a rush on. As you know, in my book, "Rule By Secrecy,” I detailed the centuries-old plan for the  New World Order and showed that the secret society members behind it can all be connected back through a series of secret societies going all the way back through history. And, but they've always moved slowly and they've always taken you know 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Well now they're taking 3 and 4 steps forward and only 1 step back. It seems to me whatever the timetable is and whatever is going to happen, will probably happen within our lifetime. And I think their whole little agenda is being rushed up. Would agree, William?




WH: I would say so yeah absolutely, Jim. And I think Whitley, you nailed it in one of you columns on Unknown Country ( ) earlier this year where you describe these folks as rapture crazy. I really think that that's what’s driving all this... is a literal interpretation of Biblical prophecy and the belief make these events manifest in order for Jesus or the Lord or however you want to think of this figure to call his church to heaven as is prophesied in various texts.

And today, what Jim and I are suggesting is that when the Bible describes Jesus calling his church to heaven, this rapture event, it sounds like an awful lot like some kind of a transdimensional Stargate that we're talking about here. And I think that they… what they believe, the people in powers, is that they must lock down these areas: Iraq, Iran, Syria. I mean, what they want more than anything, is to have American tanks rolling through Damascus. What they want more than anything, I think, is to have American tanks rolling through Cairo. And all of this is about getting everything set up for what we might think of as a... as a false rapture and the introduction of…of a new alien... a new alien God. That was called Nebo during the time of Nebuchadnezzar; was called Jesus during, 2000 years ago, and was called by various other names throughout time. I think that's what it's all getting set up for.


JM: I think that...


WS: Boy, you know, wouldn't it be nice if we all could just... that, I mean, that's really, really depressing. I… and incidentally folks, we're not going to have a break. We’re dispensing with the last break in the show so that we can go on a little longer. But I urge you, please subscribe to if you don’t. And I know you… most of you don’t because a quarter of a million people listen to this. 200… about 2,500 or about 1% of you are actual paid subscribers to the website and it depends absolutely on that. And it can't live without that. Anne and I contribute about, about $750 a week to the running of the website. And we can't do that forever, we really can't, I assure you. And you need to do that. Anyway, that said, forget that, let's go on. Go on...


JM: Let me, Whitley…


WS: Yeah, go ahead


JM: Well, Whitley let me give what I consider a positive note on all this. Because, you know, again, what we’re, what cutting edge physics, quantum physics, is beginning to show is that the whole universe is nothing but one complete energy grid. And no matter what you're talking about, another planet or people versus inanimate objects with matter… We are still all a part of this energy grid.

And so, with any energy, you have a positive and a negative, okay. And of course, all the religions have talked about good versus evil, and black versus white, you know, knowledge versus ignorance. So there's always a polarity there and we've been talking about the more negative aspects, the fear factor and all like that. But I think, maybe, if there is these evil entities, then there's got to be a benevolent entity, because there's got to be a balance in the Universe. And I think what we were talking about things kind of coming to a climax. And of course we’re all well aware of the Mayan Calendar that says the world ends on December 21st, 2012.

What I found fascinating; I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but a Dr. Scott Heinman of Sweetbriar College and his associates have announced that they... 2 things that just really strike me. #1, they have picked up low-frequency radio wave images coming from the center of our galaxy and seeming to be beaming outward. And then what we find is that all…


WS: I heard about, wait Jim, just… I just heard in passing about that. Tell us a little bit more about that. I was fascinated by that.


JM: I know it. This is really fascinating because what they show is, #1, the procession of our sun; on December 21, 2012, our sun will be in a direct alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Now, isn't that interesting? And they say, #2, that they have found these low-frequency emissions coming from the center of the Galaxy. It’s almost, I don’t know, I’m… I’m not sure what to make out of all this, but…


WS: Well, you know, low-frequency radio emissions affect the human body.


JM: Of course…


WS: They affect the brain, the brain… I’ll tell you what the brain emits. It emits a radio signal; it emits a harmonic, a little section of an ultra-low frequency radio wave, which is in synch with low-frequency waves that are always being emitted by the Earth itself. There is a connection there that we have never been able to determine if it had any kind of psychological significance. But, when submarines, U.S. submarines, back in the '50's and early '60's, were experiencing, experimenting with ULF, ultra-low frequency radio transmission, they discovered that certain frequencies would derange the people aboard the submarines. And the one that went down, the Thresher, might have been, by derange, excuse me, disorient, might have gone done because the crew became disoriented during one of these experiments. And so they have a profound effect on us. So where…


JM: And it may already be affecting us. Because, if I’m not mistaken, and I'm forgetting now what the exact frequencies were. But it seems like that in years past the human frequency was something like 7.8 megahertz or something like that


WS: It’s something like that, yeah…


WH: That's the Earth, yeah, I covered that…


JM: It's changed in recent years. It's now a different a different frequency.


WS: You’re kidding, where did you hear that?


WH: I covered… I covered this subject in my lecture DVD, "Stargate 2012: Surfing the Tides of the Milky Way."


WS: Yes, you did, and folks, by the way, that’s available from the store. It’s on sale in fact, Anne whispers in my ear. So get it…I mean it’s incredible.


WH: Yeah, please get it because it lays out the positive scenario and the potential that we have for taking advantage of this 2012 event, because they do indeed describe a… a zone of frequency that they called "the field of the Blessed" that are our Solar System is entering into or on the receiving end of. These waves of, radio waves, that Jim is describing come on… come onto this planet sort of like waves lapping on to a shore. And contained within them the Mayans said, is something called "itz" or they called "cosmic sap." And when I googled the cosmic sap, I found that sap is in fact, an acronym for subatomic particle. And what the Mayans are describing and what indeed, I matched up with the early Christians and what they were describing, was their ability to make an ointment or an oil out of these subatomic particles. Now the way that this works is really intriguing because what they… What the cell phone is describing for us now is that our Pineal Gland is… is in effect, a wireless transmitter that’s capable of receiving through that process of resonance, faint messages, even like those that are being detected now from the center of our Milky Wave Galaxy.

And what…


WS: Good Lord


WH: And what can theoretically happen here, Whitley, and what I think we’re all being asked to learn how to do, is to learn how to decalcify our Pineal gland. So that we can en-Christ our brain so that we're capable of receiving these messages because…


WS: Okay


WH: … because contained within these messages are secrets that release the secretions from within our Pineal gland that transmute us into higher beings.


WS: We have come to the end of Dreamland but not to the end of this conversation, guys, if you can continue with me for another half hour or 45 minutes; is that possible?

WH: Sounds great


JM: Sure…


WS: Okay, fabulous, we are going to continue this in the Subscriber section. I want to know what to do, guys, if… I mean I want to be in that number. And I think, maybe, contrary to the screaming, fundamentalist, hate-mongers who are sucking up the great mass of people and maybe these are the ones that are going to be judged. Maybe, the little tiny group that know how to do what you just described are going to be the ones that do respond to this in a positive way and open themselves up to what Jesus admonished us and promised us was there, the Kingdom of Heaven within.