Subj: Shadow doubling
Date: 10/25/00 9:29:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The phenomena of shadow doubling mentioned by a correspondent sounds
like the strange light bars seen during the total solar eclipse last
year. Discovery channel ran a special the night after the eclipse that
reported on the observed parallel shadow bands. They attributed the
bands to an optical illusion produced by the lensing effect of
temperature differentials in the atmosphere. But, the bands were only
seen immediately prior to totality which decreased the total light
output by a very high percentage, so that might indicate that there was
something absorbing a percentage of the visible sunlight above the

During that same Discovery channel program, THE LAST ECLIPSE OF THE
MILLENNIUM, there was a segment about SOHO which included LASCO C2 and
C3 movies. They were included to show what a CME looks like, but during
the C3 movie there was clearly an object orbiting the sun from left to
right, and it remains in view for the complete 32 hours the movie runs
(04/11/1998 06:40 to 04/12/1998 14:35). You can see the object at about
8 o'clock apx. 1/3 out from the center in the attached pic. It orbits
under the occluding disk and exits around the west limb at the equator.
I can dub a copy of the program and send it to you if you're interested.
What I found to be so curious is that they used a 32 hour segment of the
many hundreds available that just so happened to have an object orbiting
the sun well inside Mercury's. It would be nice to be able to access a
week's worth of movies on either side of what's shown to see if it was
just a one time occurance. --- Larry ---


04/11/98 MPEG  04/12/98 MPEG



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