Date: 9/20/01 5:52:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

You are a temple of light. Each of you have multitudes
of gifts that are waiting to be opened, cherished precious,
beautiful chalices that emanate the gifts from the Holy Spirit,
waiting to be awakened to be opened, to be cherished by you.
These past days you have been in a cosmic blender. You are
experiencing a re-ionisation of the photon frequencies that
emanate the velocity of life patterns through this third
dimensional hologram.
As your planet, your world, journeys through the sipapu,
time tunnels, she is making this journey inter-dimensionally
and is travelling from two worlds. It seems that in spectral
frequencies there have literally been two earth planes in this
dichotomy travelling to the point of one union, one heart.
What you are experiencing that has not been spoken of is
the re-ionisation, the re-polarization of the elemental field of
the energy frequencies of your planet. This literally can be
extremely disorientating.
At this particular phase of transformation along with this
re-ionisation of the polarities, massive chambers of dense
energy fields, with thick layers of dense matter like an iron
coat, has been removed allowing pockets of dense energy
fields to be opened on this planet. It is literally a process of
detoxifying the life energy field of your planet. Many of you
have experienced detoxification, you feel much worse before
you feel better. Earth is going through such a purging and
cleansing of layers of sediment that have accumulated in this
planets inner eco-system.
Many of you who are vibrating in higher velocity and are
experiencing a frequency of the new vibration, resonating at
a higher vibration in megahertz, becoming resonant clearing
devices, resonating energy frequencies that dissolve and
transform the dense energy vibrations for the planet. I would
safely say that 60% of the awakened beings on this planet
right now have viral symptoms - when you cough and sneeze
you are doing so with many of your Star family.
A viral strain that is literally a protective virus that transmutes
what I will call flora carbons has been introduced into your
biosphere, through the Galactic Federation. You think of
viruses as enemies, when in fact life as you know it on this
planet would not exist with out viral strains. The virus that
has been introduced into the Earth's bio-sphere is equivalent
to the T cells action in your blood stream that strengthens
and immortalizes cellular life, and combats the ectoplasms
that have been spread across your planet through chem-trails.
The viruses that were intended by the shadow government
to weaken the species and create robotic behaviour, had to be
infused with a protective viral strain that is a digestive enzyme.
This viral strain was introduced to combat the deadly effects
of the Armageddon virus that was released through the
chem-trails in the months of June and July. The Galactic
Federation worked in many capacities to detoxify the virus.
We had to deal with a number of problems, a weakening of
the DNA, a deterioration of  T Cells and robotic behaviour of
the human species.
Although there are elements of the shadow government
that continue to create havoc and chaos, not all of your
government is heartless. Within the Pentagon and the United
Nations are members of the councils of light who have
attained key positions and are working with the Galactic
Federation to pursue the cause of Global Freedom and
healing. Every one of you are vital to the total plan of the
awakening of the Christ Consciousness. However the
members of the houses of light in the Pentagon, and United
Nations are in key positions to assist the Galactic Federation
in such projects.
The Star of David is forming over your planet, as you know.
It is not limited to a linear day or point, but rather a massive
energetic frequency resonation in the archetype of the
constellations of the ruling planetary systems for the Earth
plane, that connects to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The virus
that I have spoken of is also pertinent to this phenomenon.
The technical name for this virus is Za Karrius Z. Earth has
reached a point of evolvement that permits the preparation
for the opening of the inner sanctum beneath Giza .
During the long dark night of the soul the Dark Forces
of Egypt created a deadly barrier of bacteria, creating a static
energy field. It was frozen in time. It was a plate that covered
a tomb. This tomb is not a burial tomb, it is a chamber that
contains access to 9 gateways. This inner sanctum was
sealed at the time of Genesis.
When Pharaohs were entombed, the soul of the Pharaoh, (an
entity) was literally held in a forcefield in the tomb; this inner
sanctum contains such an entity. The ninth level beneath
Giza contains a chamber that has an entity that is preparing
to emerge into the realm of potentiality on this planet. The
entity's name is Neen Shing Shuung Sha. This energy field
has been waiting for the time of Revelations, and for this
alignment to be present above the Temple of Giza.
The bacteria is an energetic lock over this tomb, the virus
that has been infused into the earth's bio-system was sent to
detoxify that energetic layer before the inner sanctum can be
opened. This was one of the plagues of the Pharaohs, one of
the most devastating plagues that were foretold in biblical
times, prophesised in Revelations. The Za Karrius Z Virus
will de-activate the bacteria.
As this inner sanctum opens and Neen Shing Shuung Sha arises,
Giza will enter into full spectral frequency resonance which
is the destiny of Giza. Once Giza is fully activated we will be
able to establish an interstellar connection that will transcend
any potential that has existed on your planet to this date.
Giza's full activation is a point of history that is monumental
on your planet.
Q What changes will be active on the Earth?
A. You are familiar with the term Chi or Reiki Energy. Your
light energy fields will be magnified enormously upon this
activation. You may be able to detect this increase in the
velocities of frequencies. The sine waves of the base line
of mass and matter will gently quicken and resonate at a
higher velocity. Where once in a given pattern there were
a sequence of five sine waves there will now be ten. The
creative spectral alignment of the life force of your planet
is being quickened. This will affect the very roots of divine
creation, the sine wave, the wave velocity force that creates
and supports life on your planet. This is a velocity of divine
creation that has not been known since Genesis.
During the process of full activation of Giza, you will
experience a time when it will appear that the dark pockets of
fear on your planet will worsen. I am warning you that many
prayers will be needed for areas such as the Mid East and
Ireland. The vision of the White Eagle has foretold that the
last ones to come to the Tree of Peace is the Mid East. There
is a black temple of dense energy, a pyramid of fear, locked in
inter-dimensionally over the Mid-East.
The full activation of Giza will be sending lightning bolts
of energy to penetrate this previously impenetrable fear
blockage, this dark pyramid. There are 43 such minor
pyramids established on this planet, Giza holds the key to
all 44. As light beams begin to emanate from Giza the other
43 will also be infused with light fibres of powerful healing
Christ light.
In the coming days you are to visualize Mother Earth and
view these 44 dark pyramids of fear geographically located
over the most troubled places on the planet. View areas
such as Afghanistan, Turkey, North Korea, Bosnia, Belfast.
Notice the area around Japan. Notice the dense fields of
fear that have been held in different areas of your planet,
some areas are denser that others. It is blotchy, but
three years ago it was worse. View that the darkest area is
the pyramid over the Mid East. View the deteriorating fear
grid. View the areas where enlightened souls gather to pray
and resonate the Christ light. Those areas of your planet
are filled with rainbow light that is like an Aurora Borealis.
Visualize this light spreading. Visualize the Star of David
forming over Giza, and a pillar of light that extends from
the Star of David over Giza through the Black Pyramid
and penetrating 9 levels beneath Giza. Create a beam of
holographic light from your heart chakra and connect this
holographic beam to the pillar of light energy to open the
inner sanctum 9 levels beneath Giza. Visualize a powerful
force of transformation arising out of Giza. Visualize that
from this pillar of light, fibre frequencies enter the Earths
energetics to infuse these 44 Dark pyramids with fibres of
healing and transformational light.
You are an energy frequency device, you are a vessel of the
Holy Spirit, use your gifts to infuse your planet with healing
light. Know beloved ones that these coming days present a
Golden opportunity to transform the power of fear that has
held your beloved planet in bondage.
Freedom is now,
Global Peace is now,
Divine Grace is now.
So be it, and so it is.