BARDSQUILL:  heard from P. Yahweh?
BARDSQUILL:  only news I get is on GLP
BARDSQUILL:  also check this out:

YOUNG WIZARD:  no.. last I spoke to him, he told me I should submit my will to him, so we stopped talking. Now I just follow him online.
BARDSQUILL:  think he's flippin out?
YOUNG WIZARD:  Well, I know that some of the things people do to themselves to have the experiences he describes can be rather disturbing.
YOUNG WIZARD:  But as to if he is crazy, well, don't know I'm not a shrink lol
YOUNG WIZARD:  But he does have some great video.
YOUNG WIZARD:  Which could mean maybe he's not so crazy, I really am not sure how you would judge that when it comes to this type of situation.
YOUNG WIZARD:  After all just claiming to have regular sightings, and to film them, seems crazy enough.
YOUNG WIZARD:  Start including religion, metaphysics, mythology, etc, the crazier it would probly seem to most people.
BARDSQUILL:  guess it boils down to whether he can summon or not
YOUNG WIZARD:  Well what is summoning?
YOUNG WIZARD:  What is appearing in the sky?
YOUNG WIZARD:  Here's how it works with "summoners" as best I can understand...
YOUNG WIZARD:  They find a method, to get their bodies to release certain types of electromagnetic waves. These waves then go up into the atmosphere.
YOUNG WIZARD:  Now if you follow Prophet Yahweh, and I have even seen this in my own direct experience, often either only Balloons, or first balloons, then "ufos" will appear.
YOUNG WIZARD:  My best guess, is that the waves somehow either attract, get the attention of, or react with what is appearing in some way.
YOUNG WIZARD:  But that's all just theory
YOUNG WIZARD:  Honestly for all we know, with 99% of every "real ufo" that Prophet Yahweh and others have on video, these could indeed be some kind of natural phenomena
YOUNG WIZARD:  All we can really say, is that we don't really know, all we can do is guess
BARDSQUILL:  critters
BARDSQUILL:  seen this video?

YOUNG WIZARD:  Truth is if I was to ever do anything like what Prophet Yahweh is doing, I would present it very differently, and I wouldn't do it if I had to endure what he endures.
YOUNG WIZARD:  I mean really how the hell do you present this to anyone lol
BARDSQUILL:  well one gets flak just by saying they saw a UFO, comes with the territory I guess
YOUNG WIZARD:  That's why there is so little info out there about, because no one knows what the hell to do with it lol
YOUNG WIZARD:  I mean shit, if you could do what Prophet Yahweh does, would you want to?
YOUNG WIZARD:  I wouldn't!
YOUNG WIZARD:  Doesn't, mean there isn't some other way..
BARDSQUILL:  I was amazed when I came on the Internet to find out about UFOs.  Thought I was alone in this, but found a whole bunch of others
BARDSQUILL:  pre-Internet I had no idea how many others there were
YOUNG WIZARD:  You know this is the same dilemma I am faced with, this is why some times I am this name, and some times another... Let me sum it up this way...
YOUNG WIZARD:  In Pine Bush, NY they have a UFO group that meets, I want a few times, and told people about my experiences. One guy came up to me and said you know if you ever want to get into college, you better stop telling those stories..
YOUNG WIZARD:  Lucky me I didn't want to go to college, however I didn't get what he really meant at the time...
YOUNG WIZARD:  What happens I put up a site, then 2maro I gotta go get a job, they may just google me and see that, then what?
YOUNG WIZARD:  Not like ooo be afraid.. Just cautious planning...
YOUNG WIZARD:  And I would imagine, all of these issues just make it impossible for most people to be bothered with the stuff....
YOUNG WIZARD:  You know, I'm like any guy.. I want a nice place, nice things, a pretty wife, a comfortable life, and to make some kind of positive difference in the world... Most of those things can become virtually impossible once you go public and start telling your story.
YOUNG WIZARD:  So anyone having experiences of any kind is faced with all of this incredible obstacles, and I believe that for most of the best thing to do is really keep it where it belongs, and move on..
YOUNG WIZARD:  On the other hand, there is, or at least I would assume there is a large amount of people who are absolutely desperate for this information, for this stuff to happen..
YOUNG WIZARD:  You know  a lot of people want first contact, or mass landings, or ascension, or a flip, they want to turn on cnn and see a ufo on the white house lawn, with ets greeting the president peacefully, and exchanging technology. Or they want Jesus to come down out of the sky and turn the entire world into an eternal paradise...
YOUNG WIZARD:  And you know, I would like something like that too.. BUT....
YOUNG WIZARD:  Look at what we do to ourselves in search of that outcome... The predicted dates come and go, come and go. The mass landings and nesara are always supposed to happen 2maro...
YOUNG WIZARD:  I am stepping back lately and realizing that all of us who are so into these things, to one degree or another tend to put ourselves through mental hell.
YOUNG WIZARD:  It really isn't healthy at all you know?
YOUNG WIZARD:  That isn't to say we should ignore these topics, but I can see how interests in these things can quickly destroy ones mind, body, and life in general..
YOUNG WIZARD:  Do you know that for several years I actually didn't go inside a store or diner, because my interests in these things consumed me so much that, I literally started to HATE everything about life.
YOUNG WIZARD:  That is no way to live!!!
YOUNG WIZARD:  I didn't want this world.. I only wanted the world I had read about.
YOUNG WIZARD:  And that mindset was not fun at all...
YOUNG WIZARD:  Hey man look at all the great stuff we have in this world.. There are sooo many great things that THIS world, has to offer... So many experiences to have...
YOUNG WIZARD:  To be alive, feel good, and enjoy what this world has to offer is to great of a gift to throw away completely...
YOUNG WIZARD:  The hope of a better world, and all these great things happening, of course is something that should be reached for, hoped for, even worked towards.
YOUNG WIZARD:  I really haven't found that perfectly healthy line to walk yet, but I have a feeling a lot of people can relate to what I've said...
BARDSQUILL:  well I'm gettin old, got most of the things I wanted and a whole slew of things I didn't want
YOUNG WIZARD:  It's kind of like risk management.. As a general practice don't push it lol, but if you don't take any risks you may not get what you want.
YOUNG WIZARD:  And I probly just said all this for my own benefit, but thanks for listening lol