Subj: Antarctic Magnetic Anomaly
Date: 4/6/01 7:52:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Magnetic anomaly appears to be in the very same
neighborhood as the location of the sizeable sub-
surface craft shown in Chris Carter's X-Files movie.

In fact they went as far as to show the exact latitude
and longitude twice in the storyline, and of the sixteen
separate bases spread out across the Antartic inland
icepack-- the X-Files location (83 degrees S Latitude
by 63 degrees E Longitude), is closer to the Lake
Vostok station than any other.   Hmmm...

I suspect that movie moguls attract the inside scoop
on stuff they are known for delving into--  like second
nature-- and think about the other stuff in the movie--
like the reference to the biogeneticly altered corn--
--ever hear  the name they came up with to market
that new type of corn in the U.S. ?  who would have
dreamed of the name "Starlink" for a grain product?
and why?   I saw just last week how the feds had
made an unprecedented move to buy out many mill-
ions of dollars worth of it because it was starting to
cross pollenate into the human supply. And later I
heard a news report of the head of the company
that developed the stuff saying that since the damage
was already too widespread with cross-pollination,
that the mandated rules of zero tolerance just were-
n't practical-- and that he and his company should be
let off the hook of massive fines, and penalization.
We took a transcontinental flight that stopped over in
L.A. and I went out into the local shops to get some
snacks for my wife, and came back with some name
brand corn chips. She ate them on the plane-- and by
the time we got to Maui, she was severely ill with a
toxin like reaction that ruined the first few days of our
stay. Bastards!  Hadn't had a vacation in 3 years and
this came our way. What the hell-- can't even eat the
damn food!
   The only thing that undid it was to take loads of
acorbic acid Vitamin C powder which knocks out &
flushes out whatever takes hold of you if you take
enough of it immediatly.
I had heard the environmental groups noising about
some genetically altered corn that they had mixed a
DNA virus with, and / or the venom of a spider --
saying that it was effective against either a beetle or
root rot or something.
Let's compare notes and dig on this one--