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All Fall Down - The Politics Of
Terror And Mass Persuasion
By William Thomas

"Nothing would be what it is. Because everything would be what it isn't.
contrary-wise, what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it
would. You see?" -- Alice in Wonderland
Rightly or wrongly, Alice had it right. Or, as that great Yogi named Berra
once said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."
Confuse people long enough (about 25 seconds for the average TV viewer) -
and they will click channels, tune into less arduous distractions, and
their brains to "snooz" control.
It's a time-tested formula. Everyone who runs a scam for personal,
or financial gain relies on their audience's fractured attention to get
with story lines that seem absolutely compelling in the heat of some
manufactured moment - but collapse into complete nonsense if we run the
back and view it frame-by-frame.
Take the events Sept. 11, 2001. Absolutely riveting video, relentlessly
repeated. Authoritative news anchors looking dazed and grim, throwing out
official statements like lifelines to millions of dazed and desperate
viewers drowning in shock and disorientation.
" It couldn't be real, but it had to be true".
* * *
So we bought it. Or most of it anyway. We didn't ask why intelligence
agencies who couldn't catch a whiff of the most complex "hit" since the
invasion of Normandy knew the names of 19 cremated hijackers and their
renal-challenged ringleader within 48 hours of attacks that killed 50,000,
no 25,000, no 6,000, no 2,500 people..
We didn't ask how frightened young men who couldn't fly Cessnas could
navigate and steer heavy jets into their targets. Or why none of their
turned up on the passenger lists of the four airplanes they were supposed
have commandeered. (Total number of Middle Easterners among 257 passengers
and crew: zero.)
We didn't ask what the United and American pilots (three of them military
veterans) were doing while men armed with quarter-inch knives demanded
to fellow Americans, why their cockpit conversations were never released,
why eight indestructible "black boxes" holding the keys to so many
-questions were rendered "inoperable" while hijackers' paper passports
escaped explosions and fire unscathed.
We didn't ask why a plane supposedly driven by its passengers into two
separate crash sites in the Pennsylvania countryside came apart in
Or why the president of the United States remained more interested in the
story of a pet goat than reports of airliners crashing into Manhattan
skyscrapers and the Pentagon.
We didn't ask why U.S. forces were poised to attack across the Tajikistan
border into Afghanistan in an assault announced last June - but could not
scramble a single fighter to defend the U.S. capitol before three
hit their targets on a sunny morning in September.
We didn't ask why the CIA met with an ailing Osama bin Laden in an
hospital as the biggest British battle fleet since the Falklands sailed
waters off Afghanistan, why Washington gave the Taliban $43 millions in
or why the FBI and Attorney General of the United States repeatedly
warnings and blocked investigations into the impending attacks.
We didn't ask what the CIA was doing in the upper echelons of Big Banks
profited hugely from "short-selling" United and American Airlines stocks
the final days before someone dialed 9.11.
We didn't ask why the head of the WTC arson investigation told reporters
there were "explosive devices" in the building, why so few survivors were
burned, or why New York firefighters were dragged away from Ground Zero
when the site was becoming safe and they were getting close to the bottom
* * *
"We did not ask because we were not told what had really happened."
Like good Germans in Hitler's heyday, we looked the other way when more
1,100 not-quite-white people bearing Middle Eastern names were thrown into
U.S. prisons, interrogated, abused, held without notifying their families
lawyers - without ever being charged with terrorist acts. We were sure it
couldn't happen to us.
Anthrax held us enthralled. Instead of asking what a "weaponized" strain
a decades old "Made In The USA" bacteria was doing in silent letter bombs,
we clamored for risky antidotes and even more dangerous vaccines without
stopping to consider that anthrax is not contagious, easily treated,
fatal - and that bee stings pose a far more serious threat to most
Like frightened Germans after the Reichstag fire, we demanded that
authorities "do something". They did. A Constitution generations of
Americans had given their lives to defend was suspended. Laws
were -quickly
passed permitting surveillance, assets seizure, arrest and detention of
"suspects" - without formal charges or judicial oversight. Evidence will
sealed. Special tribunals will hear these cases. Forcible -quarantine and
inoculations are next.
A president who told Americans the day he "took" office - "If this were a
dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the
dictator" - appointed himself supreme ruler of a his new Supreme National
Security Council. A hundred thousand troops were called up for "internal
security". And we said thank God, not realizing that soon perhaps we could
be busted for that, too.
* * *
Everyone knows the score by now.
FEMA is only for hurricanes, the Florida recount can wait, Timothy McVeigh
blew up a big building with the same sort of fertilizer used to cover up
cohorts, Osama bin Laden is an ungrateful madman just like Saddam and
Noriega and all the other thugs we've hugged, Bush's "War on Drugs" is
as urgent and honest as his "War on Terrorism". And kids as precious as
own being blown up in Afghanistan should just get out of the way.
We have to get bin Laden. Or maybe we don't. It's no longer clear. For
we have to topple the Taliban. What they're doing to women must be
But now our leaders say maybe it would be okay if they rule the southern
half of the country and let us take the rest where the pipelines have to
Pakistan is our ally. They are sending troops to fight on the side of the
Taliban. They have nukes. The general who heads their intelligence service
sent $100,000 to a fanatic the FBI says led the suicide planes against
Manhattan. But it's okay now. The FBI complained and the general has
* * *
Already the vultures are gathering.
On Oct. 10, 2001 U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain called on the Pakistani
oil minister to get moving on the stalled Unocal pipeline from
across Afghanistan to a Pakistani port. Selling oil and gas to China is
on the table she says, "in view of recent geopolitical developments."
In the context of appeasing China, Chamberlain is an interesting name.
In the context of Sept. 11, China's ascension to the WTO before the WTC's
dust had settled seemed almost scripted. Like some kind of quid pro quo -
you give us oil and a seat on the organization divvying up the world, we
something for you.
What could that be? At least 15,000 Chinese Muslim troops have been sent
the defense of the Taliban.
Some people think President Bush II's second modern "crusade" is a contest
between Allah and Christ. They are dangerously wrong. This war is being
fought to reinstate the real "god" - gold, oil and drugs.
You and I can switch to bicycles or electric cars. But militaries cannot
convert to battery-operated battleships or B-52s. The hi-tech allied armed
forces needed to keep a lid on people being ripped off - which includes
about everyone on the planet - is running out of oil. The world's biggest
remaining oil reserves are in the Caspian basin. A 20 billion barrel
transfusion must begin flowing through 48-inch arteries just as soon as
can be laid across Afghanistan - and injected into the industrialized
of increasingly desperate oil addicts.
Forget global warming, catastrophic climate change, the oppressed women of
Afghanistan, the starving millions shivering with the onset of winter, and
millions more moderate Muslims who are beginning to believe that Osama bin
Laden is right. We're talking serious money here: $3 to $5 trillion worth
oil and natural gas, and hundreds of billions more in that other addiction
supplied by a country called Afghanistan.
An American administration intimately linked to the international drug
and the banks that launder its dirty money has been beside itself since
Taliban declared poppy-growing against Shariah Islamic law. Maybe the
mullahs were miffed at the CIA for cranking up Afghanistan's heroin
production to finance Osama bin Laden.
Their decree was issued 19 months ago. The fields are fallow; 60% of U.S.
heroin imports have been shut off. Junkies are having withdrawals almost
bad as the White House, where some $250 billion a year in illicit drug
waters Wall Street, Big Banks, and various Bushes.
On the scale of national budgets, the only usable amounts of cash are in
drug trade. Everything else is a digital dream. If the drugs stop flowing,
the world economy will instantly collapse.
The "shadow" administration hopes Columbia can pick up the slack. But a
dedicated drug enforcement officials haven't gotten the word. They keep
cracking down on drug lords like Lehder linked to people with names like
Cheney and Bush.
All the details are in the lawsuits brought by a former Green Beret, a
Contra drugs-for-arms dealer and smugglers gone straight.
But the media ignores the news.
* * *
It's imperative that the Taliban get turfed and fresh poppies planted.
get confused. These aren't the poppies for Remembrance Day. Though in a
they are. Americans have been conned into wars for oil and drug profits
beyond their knowledge or imagination since the U.S. Navy tracked the
Japanese carriers steaming toward Pearl Harbor, the Maddox fought phantom
Viet Cong gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin, and Iraqi soldiers ignored the
incubator babies in Kuwait.
The documentation is voluminous. Much it comes from government sources.
anyone really believe the puppeteers behind the Sept. 11 attackers do not
have a similar agenda?
You decide. Search the Internet. Check the references in the back of this
book. Cultivate independent news sources. Evaluate. Read the evidence
presented in All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion.
if it resonates.
Ask yourself: "Who benefits? Who gains?"
"Well," says David Icke, "The Illuminati want a world government and army,
world currency and centralized global financial dictatorship and control.
They want micro-chipped people and a society based on constant
of all kinds at all times. And they want a frightened, docile,
people who give their power away to the "authorities" who can save them
what they have been manipulated to fear."
That pretty well nails it down.

Note - The following is an excerpt from Mr. Thomas' new book 'All Fall
which is available here: /9_11/AFD.html

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