Subj: WTC helper: Disintegration and other wild physics experiments
Date: 11/10/01 8:31:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here's my roundabout way of finding how people disintegrate things.
Here's what I found:

This seems to be the standard blurb about the WTC:

The Towers were steel framed, 110 stories high and square on plan. The
buildings were designed by Skilling, Helle, Christianson, Robertson,
which was the structural engineering firm of record for the World Trade
Center complex, and completed in phases starting in 1970. One WTC was
1368' tall, and Two WTC was 1362' tall. Each 110-story tower had a
floor plate 209' by 209'. The central core in each building was 86' x
139', constructed with steel columns and lightweight drywall for infill.
Around the perimeter of the buildings, 14" steel box columns were spaced
at 3'-3" on center, with 48" deep plate girder spandrels at each floor.
At the third level, the columns transitioned in an arch-like formation
to a 10'-0" spacing for the lower story. Floors were supported by steel
trusses spanning 60'-0" from the core to the perimeter wall, on each
side of the building. The building perimeter structure was the key
element in the performance of the building. In addition to taking
vertical gravity loads, it also resisted all horizontal loads by framing
action between the close centered columns and the spandrel beams, such
that the perimeter structure acted as a pierced tube in resisting loads.
Vertical structure inside the building supported gravity loads only.

Introducing the Particle-Beam Weapon:

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism:

Keely's Disintegeration of quartz. Woah!

Keely from the Snell Manuscript:

Peter Kelly's vaporization using the 13th transistor:

Check out this Power Light Beam idea:

DANGEROUS experiment: Electromagnetic Can Crusher!

Okay, now just hold on a minute... If Powerlabs was able to throw
together this BEAST of an electromagnetic weapon and crush a can,... are
you following me, Kent? ...then obviously the military can hobble
together a FEAR-INDUCING monster of an electromagnetic weapon like this,

ZZZZZAP just the right parts of a building like the World Trade Center,
to weaken the foundation like explosives would.

Then again, there was that report of bombs being planted in the WTC, so
perhaps bombs and a neat little can-crusher weapon were used too.

Perhaps people should take a look at weapons similar to this
can-crushing. Wow. If we were at this guy's house during the
experiment, we just might have more insight as to how to bring a
building down from a plane.


since i found your site and photos a week ago, have not been able to
sleep...thrilled to see new up dates today. i witnessed this event,
real time, judy woodruff cnn anchor person.... DESCRIBED it... as it
happened, & at least twice more . she refered to it and "wondered"
what had happened....someone should inquireof ms woodruff......every
one saw hundreds of thousands of tons of dense dust for which there
has been no explanation ...recent posts on the net have reliably
established that this dust is the forensic evidence of steel
reinforced concrete destroyed with hi speed military explosives...the
side view of 2nd "collapse" , jet hi in top floor, 1/3 height below
fire , bldg. blasts 360 degrees, hurls debris out to 3 times diameter
of the bldg and all that comes down.... is dust & naked i beams
firemen survivors report bombs...who ever detonated the charges which
brought down the towers probably did so within line of sight.. they let
lots of firemen and cops, other 1st responders get inside the bldg.
before they fired......... but what i hope someone could please tell
me,, why the kronos satellite was " tasked" ie. positioned.precisely
above wtc. at split fucking second of attack?!?! ??? & given the
undeniable fact that it was , where are the rest of the photos ...they
must be staggering.........& have kicked myself a thousand
times for not videoing first 48 hours of event coverage, because i saw
a lot of anomalies, story changes....disin is
a link, wonder if you have seen it

thnx jrh


OK, since it was mentioned, I am also upset with the quantity of concrete dust (see No concrete that I have ever known pulverizes like that.

It is unnerving. My experience with concrete has shown that it will crumble under stress, but rarely does it just give up the ghost and turn to powder. But look at the pictures -- it is truly a fine dust in great billowing clouds spewing a hundred feet from the collapsing tower. And the people on the ground see little more than an opaque wall of dust -- with inches of dust filling the streets and the lungs afterward. ( ) What has happened here?