I caught a lot of flak early-on 9/23/06, for posting this CNN Tom Clancy movie

Larger, more frames


Because of the position of the towers it was hard to determine, but that damn cloud to the left made me wonder if someone blew WTC-7 in a separate deal.

Many said, you dumb clod that's a compression cloud!.

Well I was wrong I guess in my WTC-7 idea because building 7 was pulled at 5:20 later in the afternoon thanks to Lucky Larry Silverstein http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7750532340306101329&q=larry+silverstein

But now I am wondering if that cloud was NOT a compression wave from the first tower coming down-- rather a discharge from a blast down below ground in the pits of hell.

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Tell you what though 9-11 was one big MAJIC trick. You'd think somebody hired a professional stage illusionist to compound all the misdirection, not without precedence by the way.

Neverthless, sharp researchers still have a lot to sort out.

Osama directed the stunt from a cave? PAHHTOOEY!



Date: 9/22/01 4:48:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I found this .jpg titled "New Explosion in WTC" from CNN  shows extremely dense smoke cloud - arguably it could be claimed its from WTC 2 collapsing - so why did CNN label it explosion" unless the building was blown up from lower down causing it to collapse?  . . .still searching for additional data to verify