Subj: has ANYONE thought of THIS yet? Egypt air 990 and the WTC, did we miss something?
Date: 10/26/01 3:23:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have just finished reading the documents of OPERATION NORTHWOODS, the
recently unclassified documents detailing covert, US instigated pretexts
for an attack on Cuba.  well, clues from the past, this got me thinking. 

I have read up on most of the theories, including the ones here, about the
real people behind the WTC attacks.  was it the mossad?  the Iraqis?  bin
laden? the NWO?  our own govt.? So far one thing seems certain - that some
fairly skilled people were behind the 9/11 attacks and possibly these
anthrax spreads.  Well, in Operation Northwoods, one scenario called for
the following to be carried out, 40 YEARS AGO....

a civil aircraft was to be outfitted for use as a drone, but in all
appearances be a normal civil aircraft.  the jet was to be charted and
boarded by fake passengers.  they were to be a group of students, or any
other group having a common cause to charter a civil airliner.  the jet
would take off somewhere in the US, complete with fake passengers, then
land at Eglin AFB in Florida en route south.  the passengers would deplane,
resume their normal identities, then the aircraft would be prepped for its
drone capability and take off again (remotely I assume) and continue on its
flight plan to a southerly destination past or near Cuba.  near to Cuba,
the plane was to send  a recorded mayday citing attack by Cuban fighters.
then the aircraft was to be destroyed by radio signal (remote control).
stage set, international incident, sorry Cuba!


Egypt air departs LAX bound New York.  990 make an *unscheduled* stop at
Edwards AFB in California, en route east.  990 continues to JFK, lands,
some more regular passengers board(?)(there were supposedly some 200 on
board), then 990 goes down in its *suicide* dive off the eastern seaboard.
number of people on this flight, publicized I remember, were some 30 or so
Egyptian military officers, some high ranking.  OK.  So here enters a
concept from the northwoods idea which is 40 years old.  The military
officers really do board the plane, but depart via Edwards AFB.  (any
people on board probably just figured they were dropping these guys off on
the way.  maybe they had some emergency and could not be stuck on a plane
for 5 hours.  logical to the average person right?) the flight continues to
JFK.  some new passengers get on, the officers are long gone, but there is
no official record made, so the manifest would show them still on board.
plane departs again and is destroyed by some means (remote control? how?
well, who knows, but its well known that a modern jet doesn't really need a
pilot to fly, and we have flown large jets by remote in the past.  others
have put forth theories on remote takeover too). It doesn't matter if
anyone on board knew of the officers departure, as they stayed on and were
all killed anyway not to mention in a deep part of the ocean.  (no one
departed at JFK I recall, one man tried but I don't believe he did) dead
men don't talk, right?  I also don't recall much of anything being found of
that plane, including *bodies*


the terrorists...  they were skilled, they seemingly came out of nowhere.
there seem to be discrepancies in the passenger lists as well as to the
true identities of all the men involved.  do we even know for sure that
those faces and names we saw are the people who carried it out? for
instance, maybe mohammed atta was on board, but wasn't one of them.  funny,
he being the guy they're plugging as the ringleader is the only one we
really hear anything about as far as family and friends, etc.  We haven't
heard much of anything about the others - just names, pictures and multiple
birthdates.  and for all intents and purposes, it seems from reports that
these men were here approximately here over the past 2 years.  anyway,
stories about the supposed hijackers aside, (we'll never really know who
they were) looking back now, at what opportunity was there to recruit and
remove from visible life a large enough group of skilled people to carry
out a terror attack on America?? hmmm....

I did the best I could to put this together late night, so sorry if its a
bit sloppy.  I may have missed something, but I think I covered the general
point well enough.  If you like it, feel free to use this if you want, just
don't forget to give me a little credit for it.  =)