4/23/02 4:51:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Kent

Your website is truely one of the best regarding science, the universe, etc for over two years I have made it a point to check here for the most up to the minute information. Yet, since mid December I have detected such a clear and present disgruntlment towards our current administration, your liberal views started leaping from the pages as the articles you post leaned so far left one could fall left with dizziness just reading most of the moronic blatherings! Thats ok though, after all this is the beauty of our wonderful country, it's that only now, we are at war, we have thousands dead, our future in peril, people NEED to be held responsible for words, for possibly aiding the efforts which will bring our country to defeat.
McKinney Donors Support Terrorists
I have watched closely since mid weekend to see if you would post an article I read regarding her campaign donations and ties with questionable terrorist associated organizations. I waited and waited to this day still nothing posted on this matter. For some reason I found myself not surprised, but saddened.

I tuned into c span on Saturday, watched in disbelief as numerous foreigners stood on in Washington DC, at the protests, on OUR soil calling for the destruction of America !!! I was shocked.. I was furious. I am outraged as all citizens should be.....these people are clearly our enemy's.. standing on our soil calling for our demise, ARE WE STILL IN KANSIS TOTO????????  .........GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!

Which brings me to this.. are you liberals aware we are in the mother of all fights here? Are you aware our childrens future is at stake?  Does America need a crisis every few weeks to remind us we are in peril?

For the past 35 years, pascifists, liberals, drug induced rhetoric was taken with a grain of salt, but it no longer can it be ignored, for the enemy is within, and I truly believe you are all aiding and abetting their agenda to destroy America. 

The future is unclear, it is very scarey and I pray we do not have more loss of life, I pray the conspiracy nonsense is ignored as it should be.. I am not shallow, nor am I gullible but I do have beautiful grandchildren I pray HAVE a future in the most gorgeous country on earth! I assume you have the same prayers ?

Making my stand

Posting your opinion.

At the moment of the crash of the first plane into the WTC I began an intensive watch, which has continued since now including almost 40 pages, many months.

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From this effort, from what I've seen, the evidence and the implications, have shaped my stance.

Conservative? Liberal? During my life I have been mostly apolitical, although I have brushed shoulders with many crowds that might be pigeonholed as one or the other, from cowboys to crazy artists, academics-street people, Democrats-Republicans, bikers-beatniks. I've taught Sunday school classes and sat in Indian sweat lodges, the latter which I'm about to do again.

Never have I been much of a permanent joiner, but what a ride!


In Defense Of Cynthia McKinney