Subj: War within
Date: 10/2/01 11:51:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The month's "vacation" at Crawford, TX, ended with King George's
appearance before the American Legion convention on August 29th where he
delivered a speech on the defense budget and pushed his National Missile
Defense Shield and Budget Black-hole.  Near the end of the speech CNN
switched on their feed and broadcasted the follow-on brief Q & A during
which Bush answered questions about the missile defense budget for about
10 minutes which finished with a question, "will you need to open the
Social Security 'lockbox' if the budget surplus vanishes?"  Bush
answered "No, I don't forsee any reason to do that, except in the case
of a national emergency OR WAR."  I looked at my wife and said, "he's
using the WAR word."  Then King George began to exit stage-left when the
same journalist asked, "So I can tell my readers that the Social Secuity
'lockbox' is safe?"  Bush stopped and turned around and said, "Yes you
can, unless there is a national emergency...," and he turned to leave
again. I looked at my wife and said, "what happened to the WAR word?"
As soon as I got that out of my mouth Bush snapped around and added, "or
WAR, we'll need it if there's a WAR."  My wife and I exchanged a worried
glance; nothing more needed to be said.

Horrified?  Yes. Surprised?  No.  It is my belief that the US would have
been under martial law since September 11, 2001, but for the totally
unexpected heroism by the passengers on FLT 93 over PA.  I contend that
the terrorist cruise missile was targeted on the Capitol building to
have taken out as many Congresspersons as possible.  This shock to the
national psyche would have been easily exploited by the cabal that
oversees all of these events:  Kissinger, Bush41, and VP Cheney.

I am expending immense will power and directing it at my representative
and senators to just say NO to that pit-bull faced AG: the Authoritarian
Ashcroft; the man who miraculously came up with 40 changes to federal
laws in 48 hours that must be passed immediately to fight the WAR ON
TERRORISM.  (Can you hear him bark those words out?  He has somehow
found a way to growl it out louder than his previous mantra "War on

The evidence seems to prove that there already are substantial federal
laws to have enabled the detection of the 19 criminals that murdered
7,000 citizens of the world and destroyed several $billions of property.
Evidence seems to also prove that those same 19 criminals were known to
several federal authorities as was their heinous scheme.

Where's Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch?  Too busy checking out stains
on K-Mart skirts and a philandering California congressman I suppose.

May we all bless America