Date: 2/17/02 10:07:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

REPORT ...three objects to the west of Cincinnati that have appeared in perfect alignment, one after another.

REPORT...south of Lexington, KY, report that at the I-75/I-64 split in Lexington he saw an object with a puzzling light pattern that strobed like an ambulance, two objects heading south.

REPORT...eastbound on 70 at mile marker 46 said a huge diamond-shaped white light shooting intermittent strobe lights down at the ground. The reporter said it was standing still about 300-yards away from him. He said it was stopping traffic on the interstate.

REPORT...outbreak is apparently going on tonight, sightings across the country. This as per NEWSRADIO 700 WLW in Cincinnati.

REPORT...something near BLANCHESTER, OHIO. Other callers said that something was seen over ZANESVILLE, OHIO.

REPORT...in Ohio that Interstate 75 was "closed" due to traffic stopping to observe a UFO. Jones informed that 2 people with OHIO MUFON had also observed something that they couldn't explain.

REPORT...sightings also were reported from ATLANTA.

REPORT...describing a hovering object with multi-colored lights.

REPORT...object was visible for 30-minutes before it moved due east towards Dayton, Ohio. The caller speculated Wright Patterson AFB involvement as per the object heading toward Dayton.

REPORT...motorist heading East on 125 near Amelia, Ohio around 10:00 p.m. observed colored lights in a straight line, describing its sequence as blue, red, blue, red, blue, etc. This caller also saw something else around 10:12 p.m. traveling near Eastgate (Clermont County).

REPORT...Bill Boshears and his co-host, from their vantage point in Mt. Adams (near Downtown, Cincinnati), said that they stepped to the window and saw an object with 3-lights rapidly fly through the sky. Both carried on
over this object and suggested it was a UFO.

REPORT...caller claimed to have taken 15-pictures and Boshears said he would post them on his websitewww.scizone.com

REPORT...caller said that he was on Interstate 70 headed eastbound through RIchmond, Indiana when he saw an object close to the ground. The caller said the object went straight-up then straight back down and made
a 'left turn.' Said there was a green and red object toward Dayton, and a third one with red and blue lights. Said there were two more following 'vertical' to each other. Boshears asked if it hovered and the caller said they were moving fast and made a hard left turn.

REPORT...Tim from Dayton said that he saw something with blue and red coming from the east, heading south, and that it could not have been a helicopter. He said it made a sharp angular turn. This caller said that the object made the sound of a 'broken-down aircraft.'

REPORT...Boshears added that the object he saw over downtown Cincinnati made a sharp, angular turn. Boshears said the object was 'not a jet aircraft.'

REPORT...another caller said that at10:55 p.m. he saw lights coming out of the south from his vantage point near MASON, Ohio, near Interstate 75. This caller said that he saw an object with two white lights and one red light that flashed like a strobe. He also said that there were six objects separately heading north-northwest that seemed to approach Hamilton, Ohio (Butler COunty). This man claims to be 'in the army' and said he would know a helicopter or plane if that was what this was. He said another object came out of the west and attempted to intercept the first object, which he said was visible for the past 40-minutes. The last object was moving at a high-rate of speed.

REPORT...Mike in Oakley called Boshears and said that he stepped on his porch after hearing the radio program and saw one object head south and then saw a few more seeming to fly around the Oakley area heading east. This caller said the object looked like a standard swept-wing military aircraft.

REPORT...Boshears complained that his 'chatroom' was flooded with people from all over the country reporting UFOs.

The Kokomo Hum Reports of Mysterious Noise and Illness in Indiana

Date: 2/18/02 12:55:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

You know more than I do and I even live on the Westside of Cincy! I didn't see anything but lots of people called into the morning radio talk show about it. Amount of objects/lights ranged from 3 to 6...or maybe just one big one that looked like a bunch of lights.

We do have WPAFB 60 miles north of Cincy so it could have been a formation of planes. I remember when one of the first aircraft carriers was being sent back from Afghanistan, the pilots of the planes, from it, got to fly back and they flew in formation.

I'll listen to the news and stuff and see if I can find out anything more.

Date: 2/18/02 10:42:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey, seen you had a buncha reports for the 17th, heard on radio, 14 calls about lights and stuff in New-Brunswick, Canada ( in the area of Shipaggan i think). One witness said there was a diamond shaped object.

Date: 2/19/02 7:40:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Greetings and Salutations, I happened across your web site and the many reported sightings that were reported from the area in and around Write-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. I do have some limited info about this that you may find interesting. Take it for what it is worth.

I do consulting for a few telecommunication interests and sometimes advise other interests on electronics issues relating to automation and security new designs. Over the past 8 years or so, I've met a lot of people in the electronics field. A few (very few) have in the past and are currently working on development of very advanced systems for government contractors. Some have told me some really "interesting" things. One of these guys called me a couple yesterday about a mutual friend's recent wedding. After a few minutes he asked me if I've been to Dayton lately (I live within a couple hours drive from there). I said that I hadn't and asked why he wanted to know. He chuckled and said that he had helped coordinate the transfer of some "boxes" to Write-Patt (boxes is a term he uses generically for prototype equipment) and that the USAF had spooked some of the locals and the base got a lot of calls reporting strange lights and sounds in the area.

According to him, these were Comanche helicopters that had been arrived at the base last week. He didn't say if they had been flown in, but that was the impression I got. When I said that it would be pretty hard to mistake a helicopter for a UFO, he said "that may be so for most helicopters, even Comanches, but these were no garden variety Camanches." He explained that these had been equipped several weeks ago with some new stealth hardware. One such piece was a system that suppress and, under certain conditions, cancel out almost all of the noise from the engine and most of the noise generated by the main and tail rotors. He said that it was not ready for use in real combat situations and will sometimes make some very strange sounds that are not even remotely close to the sound a helicopter.

The other system he talked about dealt with being visually stealthy. He said that most of the exterior was fitted with hundreds of CCD camera elements and low resolution color displays. In theory they cameras would send the images seen on one side of the helicopter to the displays on the opposite side. He said that they were having a lot of trouble with this.

When the helicopter was fitted with new instruments for telemetry, they were test flown for several hours. He guessed that this was being done in Dayton because of the increased activity there, people weren't likely to scrutinize every aircraft coming into or leaving from the base. Guess that was not such a good assumption on their part.

Like I said earlier, take it for what it's worth.

Date: 2/19/02 10:04:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

I happen to have a friend in Ohio who works nights near Wright Patterson AFB. I asked him about Sunday night..... he said the only thing unusual about sunday night's appearances is the prolific nature. He says they routinely see stuff around the area.... some of it is clearly experimental Air Force stuff but some of it is clearly not of this planet. He says one night someone apparently hit a button in error and the entire sky lit up, whatever that might mean. However, the significant thing to me that he said was that it's common knowledge in the area that Wright Patterson AFB has taken over where Area 51 left off and on a much, much grander scale.

Date: 2/19/02 8:55:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

I read with great interest the email you received regarding stealth Comanche Helo's.

This is actually not a new item, but has been in development for several years. In fact the BOSE corporation hold several of the patents for the original technology.

Basically how the system works is to sample the sound created by a piece of equipment. A computer controller sound generator then sends out an out of phase counter sound. The two sets of sound waves essentially cancel each out out (we use the same technology in directionalizing radio signals).

The concept is know as wave cancellation.

The visual stealth technology comes in three main varieties. The hottestm one around (original name Predator for the alien character in the Arnold Schwarzenager movie) uses hundreds of thousands on nano mirrors (same technology in the better Computer Projector systems (developed at Texas

Instruments)). The mirrors are moved at various angles at very high speeds making the object not invisible, but reflecting the local terrain such that you don't see the object but what's reflected.

So far the systems work better at night (hint) when recognition is more difficult and the dark background works better at masking the stealtherized equipment.

Now come your big hint... add to this "reflect the background technology", to old fashioned "DAZZLE" technology - a big bright disorienting light, and let your imagination be your guide as to what that would look like to an untrained eye.

Maybe its a shape, blacker that the background, moving slowly, silent, but with a big bright white light.

Why slow? Reflected background stealth is more effective because the human eye see movement and speed stands out, and the mirrors have a had time compensating in real time at high speeds where the background changes quickly.

Now I'll get in trouble... tell you readers to always carry a pocket pointing laser... $19.95. If they ever get close to a black triangle, hit it with the lazer and see where the beam goes after it hits the object.

Next time ....polarized stealth....

Date: 2/21/02 4:34:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I live on top of WP AFB, a few days ago 4 Russian fighter jets escorted an AF cargo plane to Nevada. Besides that the air has been very quiet since then. It was odd in that the fighter planes were in formation around the cargo plane. My question was why were our own fighter planes not used to escort a "cargo" plane?

EDITOR: Odd. Could we have purchased something from the Ruskies, either a technology or an "acquisition," and they insisted on protecting the merchandise? They have been way ahead of us in certain avenues of development because their science has been less shall we say, "Newtonian-prejudiced".

Date: 2/21/02 12:05:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Lt Col. Anon has kept me up on some of the happenings. Naturally, unable to give specifics because of the "classified" statis. She did send information that Friday the 22nd is a day to watch. I have been on base several times and in some very "secret" areas. The one that I felt the most pressure and anger was in hanger 18. I have never seen evidence of the aliens at WP but I have seen several lights in the sky. Unexplained noises that last for an hour were explained as wind tunnels being tested. Yet no one ever knows where it is or why they are testing. With as much activity as WP is getting now, I wonder. Ruskies have long been an advocate of the alien nations. I have read that area 51 is being sent to WP to continue the "efforts".

Should more information come this way, will send it to you immediately.

Date: 2/21/02 12:42:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: According to Victoria Liljenquist tonight your time over there (about 5pm - must be about 2 - 3 pm now) a fleet of UFO's will have a "fly by" over the winter games....see Jeff Rense news

With all the recent hoo ha I shall wait up in UK with expectancy...now is the galactic fed lads or bluebeam??? What a mess!

EDITOR: nuthin new, the ETs been buzzing Salt Lake since the Fifties. I know that FOR SURE!

Syzygy Super Sensitives Kokomo is abuzz over real humdinger Earth sends signal to alien life