2/23/02 5:33:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello kent

I took a look at the designs for water hydrogen systems most of them are far too complex for what they are trying to do.

All you need is:

1. 316 stainless vessel anode and cathode

2. no induction coils in the vessel

3. 12 volt dc electric input

4. and a solenoid to turn the system on with the ignition

5. equal surface area anode and cathode

6. 3/8 inch clearance between anode and cathode

7. no catalyst for electrolysis required

8. a vacuum line from the generator into the manifold of the engine

9. with a non return valve: to prevent fumes returning from the manifold through the pcv valve contaminating the water

10.  positive on the out side of chamber

11. the vacuum does all the work

12. one needle and seat valve to allow some atmospheric pressure into chamber to replace absorbed nitrogen, far simpler as there is negative pressure in generator. The fuel produced is nitrogen hydroxide.  I had it run tested through a gas analyzer

Me and most of the people I deal with have had these toys for over 15 years and do not think much about them anymore.

I will see if I can find the old drawing in the files and send a set.

hi kent
Here is a picture of a generator run of water for the
past 15 years. The cylinder on the side does the
generation of 12 volt. It has still the power supply
for a house and there are quite a few more of these
units in remote areas

Number two jpg is of the engine. It looks simple because
it is.  

It has been tested at 83% efficient by a university.


It has no seals and use labyrinth sealing.

Nine prototypes built size 12" wide by 10" high
8" thick.  120 brake hp max rpm on lpg 44000.  The gas
will not burn fast enough two contra rotating output

It also works as a compressor with no oil in chamber.

I have three sitting as door stops in work shop.

following the suggested trail
had my car running on water for two years.
Designed an engine with two moving parts. No
eccentic linear or oscillating motion.

Got kicked in the head by multi national NAME begins FOR? car company. Been
paying for it ever since.


The engine is designed to run off the water system.

Willing to talk.

Date: 2/23/02 5:38:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

hey kent

I will send some other stuff later from the group hear in the great southern land we have some other interesting toys we play with.