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As promised, here are the images and the story line to go with them. I'll
leave the title up to you. The complete story and pictures that make up the
full article are being sent in 3 parts, because of the attached picture
files. There is a total of ten pictures.


In life there are not always clear or easy explanations for the things we
see. The numerous anomalies in these solar images fit into that category.
For the most part the anomalies defy and challenge our traditional way of
thinking, and what we have been taught.

The objects in question were discovered by closely looking over SOHO EIT 304
pictures at the 1024x1024 pixel resolution, and then zooming in on the
images for an even closer inspection.

August 26, 2002

Notice the fairly well defined triangular like object indicated at position
A, and nearby object B, which appears to be flying towards the triangular
object. At C, there appears to be an energy discharge coming from a
partially obscured circular disc positioned somewhere behind the sun. More
and more of these sorts of anomalies are showing up in SOHO images, as the
other images will show. In many of the pictures it looks as if the
triangular object is intentionally creating activity to try and hide, mask,
the large circular disc like object.

Another flying object like the one at B, in the first picture. This is an
overhead view of what appears to be the same type of object. This object is
flying across the face of the sun, away from the direction of the triangular
object in the first picture.

August 27, 2002

Object at A, is very similar in appearance to the two object's seen in the
previous SOHO picture's taken a day earlier.

Triangular object at A. Notice the energy that appears to be coming off of
something obscured/hidden at D in the picture. Looking closer at position's
B & C, relative to D, whatever it is that is being hidden, appears to be
circular/disc shaped, and quite large.

August 28, 2002 - 3 Image's

A bright white light or object is seen emerging from the triangular object
at A. At B, a circular type object can be faintly seen.

Energy appears to be coming from the back of the triangular object at A.
Part of a large circular disk can be seen hiding behind some solar activity
at B. Following the dark line to the left of B straight up you come to a
bright white object with a noticeable dark circle around it, as if the
smaller white object is giving off some type of energy or force field, in
order to mask or hide something.

Another unusual flying object with the same shape as those seen in earlier
images is seen in at A.

August 29, 2002

Triangular object at A. Energy matter at B, appears to be coming off of the
rear of the triangular object and creating some type of a vortex around the
rear of the object at A. Again, a circular/disc like object can be seen at

This picture is in the area right above the triangular object in the
previous picture. Notice the large wave of straight energy from that shoots
through and pierces the center of the solar prominence in the picture. The
wave of energy appears to be coming from the exact direction of the
triangular object.

Triangular object is seen again at A. At B, a noticeable circular like
vortex can now be seen surrounding the rear of the triangular object, as if
it was some sort of an energy field that had been intentionally created by
whatever the triangular object is. At C, the crescent shaped part of a large
circular disc like object can again be seen, as if it is behind the sun.

The pictures continue to raise many more questions than what they answer.
Each new picture adds a piece to helping solve the puzzle, but at the same
time adds to the overall mystery of what the final picture will look like.
These pictures do seem to answer one very large question about
extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe, and that is we are definitely
not alone, and from all appearances the extraterrestrial intelligence is far
more advanced than what the majority on this planet give them credit for.
These folks, whoever they are, for all practical purposes and intent, have
from what I continue to see, been able to actively harness and manipulate
the tremendous energy furnace of the sun - something that humankind only
dreams about for the most part.

These images in the pictures and the information they convey, can not be
readily dismissed as freakish anomalies with no merit. Something is going on
with the Sun, there is no doubt about that; the evidence is found in the
increased solar activity, both in intensity and in the number of solar
flares and eruptions.

What is going on at the Sun, centered around the large triangular object and
the smaller objects flying all around the Sun, and with the large circular
disc appearing on and off from behind the Sun, is an entirely different
matter. What matters, is that it is happening, and what is going on, is not
a scene out of a science fiction novel or movie - this is reality!

What is the triangular object? If pictures say anything [a picture is worth
a thousand words], the images of this object indicate that it is several
times larger than Earth. Even more than that, what is the large circular
disc like object, which the triangular object seems to have some part in
helping to hide, and/or conceal? The mass of the circular object, when it
can be seen, and usually you will only catch a glimpse of part of it when
you do see it, appears to be larger than Jupiter, possibly more than three

Don't expect an answer from NASA, or least an honest and truthful one from
them about this situation. For NASA, these things do not exist, and if it
appears they do exist, then for NASA, the policy is, "...don't let the
public know that you know they do exist."

The pictures where I found the images that I captured for this article are
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