Date: 6/26/02 11:14:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

Jim Paxson of the Rodeo fire Incident Management Team just announced (it was handed to him about 2 minutes ago) that somebody has been arrested for starting the Rodeo Fire and will appear before a magistrate (today?). Paxson didn't have any other info - what agency did the arrest or anything, just that somebody has been.

Date: 6/26/02 1:26:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I know from first hand info that the FS set some up in the Kaibab Forest years ago while I was living in Kanab UT. This came from a FOREST SERVICE friend of mine who was in that office. She said it's 'unofficial' and they'd never admit it but the main reason was because the locals had been laid off when the Kaibab had been shut down to logging and hundreds of people went unemployed. Houston's restaurant up there in Kanab has the contract to feed firefighter crews, as well, so it puts a lot of people to work. The local Mormon community leaders up there are a pretty strange bunch. The prime focus is money and business. Anything that threatens their power base is attacked, from new businesses moving into town (doesn't matter if it's a Mormon or not) to any government program they don't understand. They're also willing to do ANYthing it takes to survive financially - including setting forest fires they get paid to go put out.

But I don't think that's what we're talking about. This seems to be part of a MUCH larger picture. Not just 'accidents' or random arsonists getting their jollies (though I'll admit that possibility in some cases). That FS employee up in CO setting a fire while burning a letter from her ex just doesn't seem plausible. Especially when her ex says he didn't write her a letter. Saying that wouldn't affect him one way or another, so it doesn't seem like he'd have a reason to lie. But SHE might.

There are fall guys in every government op, y'know.


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IM from friend in COLORADO

BARDSQUILL: Now what did that dude say last night about starting fires?

Researcher: he said that he was invited to a meeting a couple of years ago...they were discussing what might be good ways to hamstring the u.s

Researcher: he said that his idea to them was, 'simple, just start some fires...strategically...and just let em burn...'

BARDSQUILL: who the hell was he?

Researcher: just some guy i met in a bar after the richard thompson concert...

Researcher: name was jack...

Researcher: told me i could meet him there any monday night after 8pm...

BARDSQUILL: no more about the meeting? Who they were?

Researcher: no more details...the guy i was with who bought me the ticket is my wofe's boss' husband...he was all drunk so i couldn't stay and talk to the guy...had to take dumass shane home

Researcher: i know...frustrating...i wish i had more...

Researcher: are you following something???

BARDSQUILL: Yea, got a fellow, helped in other researches, he's in

AZ I think

Researcher: i will try to track down this jack fella...

BARDSQUILL: See I was in touch with him before concerning weird shit up on the Apache Rez where the Rodeo blaze was started, looks intentional with weird stuff dating back a couple of years.

Researcher: yea...

Researcher: los alamos

Researcher: all those fires started by the feds

BARDSQUILL: see page-top, White Mountain links

Researcher: ok