Subj: Reporter request
Date: 6/14/01 9:42:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Mr. Steadman,

My name is Elaine Camuso and I'm a reporter with Wireless Flash News
Service. Robert Sterling of The Konformist recommended I contact you.

I recently received the press release below, and I was wondering what
HAARP experts like yourself would make of it.

If you would please take a look at this and let me know whether citizens
should be concerned about this type of government intervention, that
would be very helpful.

Thank you,



Conduct Live Demo to State Officials on Easing the California Energy  Crisis Using Satellites

DBSI to Demonstrate How Blackouts Can Be Avoided by
Curtailing  Commercial Air Conditioning on State Buildings and Retail

San Francisco, California, - (NewsWire One) - June 13,
2001  - DBS Industries, Inc. (DBSI) (OTCBB:DBSS), an emerging
developer of low-cost data services to remote locations, will conduct a
live demonstration at Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento’s premier shopping
center, of remote commercial air conditioning load curtailment by
satellite. This capability would allow state energy officials to
remotely turn down agreed upon state and commercial building rooftop air
conditioners at times of high peak load, in many cases saving
enough power to prevent blackouts.  The system utilizes DBSI’s
proprietary remote monitoring and control system technology and
commercially available Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites.

DBSI expects that top State Officials representing the Governor’s Office,
the Public Utilities Commission, the Energy Commission, the Independent
System Operator, and other Government Agencies and Departments will be on
the rooftop of Arden-Fair Mall to witness this proposed new and
innovative approach to managing California’s energy crisis. 

The test is designed to demonstrate how satellite technology can be
employed to selectively manage energy loads to specific buildings across
the State. Company experts assert that energy loads can be cycled,
controlled and managed more efficiently by selectively turning on and off
specific non-critical air conditioning systems throughout the State as
needed. The collective result could be enough energy savings to avert
rolling blackouts that are expected to plague the State throughout the
impending hot summer months. 

DBSI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Fred Thompson noted, “This is a
clear example where LEO satellite technology provides a unique and
valuable application to real world problems. It is gratifying that DBSI
may play a major role in winning the industry the opportunity to have
profound positive impact on a situation such as California’s energy
crisis.  Energy industry officials estimate the State faces a 3,500-5,000
megawatt shortfall on the hottest days this year, or about 10 percent
less than needed by the State’s 34 million residents. It is our belief
that by advocating a statewide program targeting buildings such as major
shopping complexes and state and federal-operated buildings, our proposed
solution could yield upwards of 3,000 megawatts.”

The media demonstration is scheduled to take place Thursday, June 14,
2001 at 12:00 P.M (P.T.) at the Arden Fair Mall, in Sacramento.

About DBS Industries, Inc.

DBS Industries, Inc. (DBSI) is a telecommunications firm dedicated to
providing low-cost satellite to Internet data services to and from fixed
and mobile stations around the world. Through the Federal Communications
Commission E-SAT license, DBSI is the only company licensed to provide
commercial two-way data messaging using store and forward CDMA technology
in conjunction with ``Little LEO'' low-earth-orbiting satellites.

Additional information about DBSI can be found on its Web sites -


Associate Editor, Wireless Flash News Service


Subj: EMP microstrike

Date: 6/14/01 3:58:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I think the way this works is that the satellites broadcast a data signal

containing id numbers corresponding to air condx units they want to turn

off. Each air condx has a box hooked to an antenna and is always listening

for its id number. When the box hears the correct id, then the air condx is

switched off. The satellites orbit over all of north america at least twice

per day. I don't know how many sats they have in orbit, but I know they are

tracking commercial trucks with them.

Not as glamorous as using EMP, but it has the same implications.

Take care, Kent.