Subj: IUFO NEWS: Latest On The Sept. 11th Incident.
Date: 11/10/01 7:37:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject:  Latest On The Sept. 11th Incident.            Nov. 9, 2001.

  Here is something I found on the Internet about what happened
in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.  I don't know who this person is
doing the posting and don't whether it true or not.  It's pretty
bad information and it very negative so if that sort of thing
upsets you then please don't read it.


  From: Count Lithium von Chloride <>

  (JW  Which is probably not the person's real name but just a
pin name.)

  Subject: The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks
  The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks (Updated Version No. 6):
  (Note: Navigation to cited documents will be easier at )
  The world sh-dow gov-rnment behind the U.S. gov-rnment is at it
again, destroying U.S. buildings and k-lling people with staged
acts of ter-orism, the intent of which being--among other things--to
start W-III, of which will usher in their long-planned-for New Wo-ld
Order (i.e., a one-world soc-alist [feudal] go-ernment controlled by
the global e-ite, along with a one-world Luciferian rel-gion).
  The F-I tried to bring down the WTC back in 1993, but wasn't able
to park the van filled with explosives close enough to a support
column because the parking spaces next to it were already taken
(they actually went so far as to take down the barriers around one
of the support columns in advance so as to facilitate this). None
of this would be known today if it were not for the FB-'s undercover
agent Emad S-lem taping his conversations with his FB- handlers
(unbeknownst to them). Sa-em thought that the -BI might try to pin
it on him so he took measures to protect himself. Indeed, without
the F-I the '93 WTC bombing would never have happened, as it was
agent Sal-m who taught the other would-be Muslim "terro-ists" how to
make the bomb. Sale- wanted to use fake ingredients for the "bomb"
but the FB- ordered him to make a real one. When the making of the
bomb was complete -alem told the -BI that they could now arrest the
would-be te-rorists, but the FB- told Sa-em that the bombing is to
go forward. After agent Sale- went public with his tapes in a news
conference the F-I found it necessary to pay him over a million
dollars just to shut him up. See the October 28, 1993 New York Times
article "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bo-b Used in Trade Center
See also:
  As well, the Oklahoma City bombing was a staged te-rorist event by
"our" gov-rnment as well. See:
  See also the on-line book The Oklahoma City Bom-ing and The
Politics of Te-ror:
  This book by David Hof-man is very thoroughly referenced, and is
introduced by Oklahoma State Rep. Charles K-y.
  David Schi-pers, Chief Council for the House Jud-ciary Committee
and head prosecutor responsible conducting the impeachment against
former President Cl-nton, has now gone public revealing that months
ago many F-I agents had come to him informing him about the attacks
which have now come to pass. These agents knew the names of the
hijackers, the targets of their attacks, the date, and the sources
of the ter-orists' funding, etc., many months in advance of the
9/11 attacks. The FB- command pulled them off of their
investigations into these ter-orists and threatened them with the
National Se-urity Act that if they talked about any of the
information pertaining to their investigations that they would be
prosecuted. So many of them sought the council of Mr. S-hippers
wanting to get somebody in the U.S. gove-nment to take action
against these terr-rists before their plan could be implemented. Mr.
Schi-pers talked to many Congr-ssmen and Sen-tors, and tried to get
a hold of Att. Gen. John Ash-roft, all only to get the run-around.
Mr. Schi-pers is now legally representing at least ten (!) of these
-BI agents in a suit against the U.S. gove-nment in an attempt to
subpoena their testimony (where they can then legally tell what
they know and legally get it on record). To hear Mr. Sch-ppers talk
about this bombshell, please listen to part 7 and 9 of the October
10th "am" edition of The Alex Jo-es Show below:
and also see:
  All totaled Mr. Sch-ppers is on for less than an hour, and I urge
you hear what he has to say.
  Since Mr. Schip-ers has appeared on the above show revealing this
bombshell Alex J-nes has been contacted directly by many Con-ressmen
and Major Media personnel.
See also:
  "David Schip-ers tells Met-alf feds 'ignored' warnings of WTC
  Here's more proof that those in control of the U.S. go-ernment had
prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and knowingly allowed them to
happen. In remarks made by Tom Ke-nedy, a spokesman for the Federal
Emergency Man-gement Agency's (FE-A) "National Urban Search and Rescue
Team" during an interview on national TV with CBS News anchor Dan
Rather, Mr. Kenne-y let slip a frightening truth: F-MA sent the Urban
Search and Rescue Team to New York City the night before the attacks
occurred! Mr. Ke-nedy tells Dan Rather, "We're currently one of the
first teams that was deployed to support the City of New York in this
disaster. We arrived on late Monday night [Ed. note: September 10] and
went right into action on Tuesday morning" [Ed. note: September 11].
Below you can listen to an audio clip of this interview:
  It has now been confirmed that at least four of the 911 hijackers
had been trained on U.S. mil-tary bases. See:
  "Senator seeks answers on hijackers ties to N-vy base":
  "Pen-agon L-ed: Terr-rists Trained at U.S. Bases":
  Minneapolis -BI agents tried to get a surveillance warrant on one of
the ter-orists who already had criminal charges pending against him
but the Justice D-partment refused to allow it:
"Access Denied":
  Not just that, but the F-I knew for years that ter-orists with
direct ties to Osama bin Laden were training at U.S. flight schools,
as reported by the Washington Post:
  "F-I Knew Terrorists Were Using Flight Schools":

  As well, Osama bin Laden is a known C-A asset. See:
  Not only that, but many of the bin Laden family are big-time
businessmen in the U.S. and have very close ties to top-level U.S.
pol-ticians, such as one of Osama's brothers. In addition, the bin
Laden family runs the largest construction company in the Mid East,
of which company the U.S. go-ernment uses to construct all of its
Mid East mili-ary bases, even to rebuild the ones that Osama is
said to have blown up. See:
  "Do bin Ladens benefit financially from attack?":
  Also, B--h, Jr. has given the Taliban 132 million dollars just this
year. See:
  Indeed, the Taliban was created by the CI-:
  As well, Bu--, Jr. is former business partners with Osama bin
  See: "Bin Laden's family link to --sh":
  "Why would Osama bin Laden want to ki-l Dubya, his former business
  And, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, B--h, Sr. is business
partners with the bin Laden family. See:
  The U.S. gove-nment had already been telling other gove-nments
(well prior to 9/11) that it was planning to invade Afghanistan in
  It's extremely convenient that these 9/11 attacks happened to
coincide perfectly with the U.S. gove-nment's preplanned schedule to
invade Afghanistan while at the same time providing the necessary
pretext for such an invasion. See:
  "US 'planned attack on Taleban'":
  "India joins anti-Taliban coalition":
  The above Jane's Intellegence Review article is actually dated
March 15th.
  India Reacts on June 26th reported that the U.S. go-ernment told
other gover-ments about its plan to invade Afghanistan:;mp;mp;ctg=policy
  In '96 the Saudi gove-nment offered to arrest Osama bin Laden and
place him in U.S. custody but then-President Cl-nton refused the
offer, as reported by the Washington Post:
  Security chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic repeatedly turned down
the chance to acquire a vast intelligence database on Osama bin Laden
and more than 200 leading members of his al-Qaeda te-rorist network in
the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks:
  "Resentful west spurned Sudan's key te-ror files":,4678,0-560624,00.html

Part 1.

John Winston.


Part 2 of 2.


  And now many people who were in the WTC towers who managed to get
out before it collapsed are saying that there were bombs going off
inside (even in the basement levels). For just one of very many of
such accounts appearing in the mainstream press, see what firefighter
Louie Cac-hioli says about it:,11859,174592-3,00.html
  The U.S. g-vernment had prior warning of the attacks through their
EC-ELON electronic snooping network:
  "Newspaper: Eche-on Gave Authorities Warning Of Attacks":
  See also:
  Jeb Bu--, Governor of Florida and brother of President George --sh,
declared martial law in Florida four days before the 9/11 te-rorist
  Here is the Florida gover-ment's own law website where it has the
--elevant Executive Orders:
  EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 01-261 (Signed and Ordered the 7th day of
September 2001):
  Dr. Tatyana Ko-yagina, a Ru-sian go-ernment expert close to
President Pu-in's inner circle and a senior research fellow in the
Institute of Macro-conomic Researches subordinated to R-ssian
Ministry of Ec-nomic Development, predicted in the Ru-sian newspaper
P-avda on July 12th a "financial attack" that "will remind us of the
blast of a huge nuclear bo-b" would happen against the U.S. sometime
close to late August by "a group of extremely powerful pr-vate
persons, with total assets of about $300 tr-llion, [who] intends to
legalize its power and to become the new -orld gov-rnment" and of
who "human lives have zero value for them":
  She said that "The known history of civilization is merely the
visible part of the iceberg. There is a sh-dow economy, sha-ow
politics and also a shado- history, known to con-pirologists. There
are (unseen) forces acting in the world, unstoppable for (most
powerful) countries and even continents."
  She also said that the time of the attacks were chosen by this
group "In accordance with tradition, the mystical and re-igious
components play extremely important roles in human history. One must
take into account the s-adow economy, sh-dow politics and the
re-igious component, while predicting the development of the present
financial situation."
  In 1962 the Pe-tagon was planning on blo-ing up airlines, si-king
ships and bom-ing Washington to blame on C-ba, as an excuse to invade
Cu-a. The plan was fully approved by the Pen-agon and would have gone
forward but President Ke-nedy nixed it. The Joint Chiefs of St-ff in
Freedom of Information Act released documents stated that casualty
lists--i.e., dead Ame-icans--would be helpful in newspapers for
creating a wave of indignation against Cub-. Problem, Reaction,
Solution. See:
  You can actually view the photoscans of the declassified documents
for yourself in PDF format at George Washing-on University's
National Security Archive:
  These WTC attacks have the Ill-minati's signature written all over
them. For the Oc-ultic significance behind these attacks, please see:
  Below are three informational websites which are the best to be
kept up-to-date and informed as to the truth of what is going on:
  The above is the news website of the Austin talk radio host Alex
Jon-s. I do very much suggest you should listen to at least one of
his programs if you get a chance. Alex is by far the most
informative media source.
  The above two links contain a compendium of relevant news from all
over the internet, as well as exclusive information.
  You may be interested to know that a Chr-stian pa-tor by the name
of David J. Me-er had a vision of the WTC buildings on fire when he
visited New York City on July 6, 2001. Read his comments about it
after it came true, here:
  I can absolutely confirm that this vision of his is not some hoax
made-up after the fact, as I remember reading about his vision in one
of his articles weeks before the 911 WTC attacks. Please see that
article, here:
  David J. Meye-'s articles are very informative, as he knows all
about the Ill-minati (i.e., the organization of the se-ret rel-gion
of the global el-te, which is quite literally Lucifer worship), and
was once very deep into the O-cult himself.
  Perhaps you think that I am exaggerating when I say that the global
el-te are quite literally de-il worshipers. But thanks to the
intrepid work of the aforementioned Alex Jo-es, this fact is no
longer honestly contestable. Alex has managed to record undercover
video of the secr-tive Bohemian Grove, where many of the world's
male global eli-e go once a year--including the B--hes--and which
uses the U.S. S-cret Service for security. Alex caught them
worshiping a 45 ft. stone statue of Mo-ech and sacrificing "in
effigy" (let's hope) a h-man to it--of which Levi-icus 18:21
specifically prohibits. The supposed "born a-ain Chr--tian" George
Bu--, Jr. was seen in a bl-ck and r-d robe wor-hiping the image of
Mole-h. The Ill-minati trace their rel-gion back to such origins as
the pagan Babylonian and Ammo-ite reli-ions, so worship of Mol-ch
would certainly be appropriate for them.
  To view clips of this yourself, please see:
  View "Part 1" and especially "Part 2" of excerpts from The Se-ret
Rulers of the World.
  You can also view still photos at:
  I believe there's like 8 pages of photos in the above link.
  Many of Alex's other video clips can be viewed at:
  For a glossed-over background sketch of the Bohemian Grove from the
mainstream press, see the below Sac-amento Bee article:
  "Movers, shakers from politics, business go Bohemian: Annual Sonoma
fete draws B--hes, Ki-singer, Pow-ll, Gi-grich":
  In addition to the above, there is also another fact which clearly
demonstrates that the U.S. gov-rnment (not to imply that it is the
only one by any means) is under the control of Luciferian de-il
worshipers. It is the fact that the street layout of the Go-ernmental
Center in Washi-gton, D.C. is in the form of an upside-down pe-tagram
(which in the Oc-ult represents the dark forces), with the Wh-te House
at the very tip of the southern point--announcing to all Illu-inated
occ-ltists of the world that the Whi-e House is the seat of Lucifer's
power on this Earth--which shouldn't come as a complete surprise to
those calling themselves Ch-istians, as Je--s and Pa-l said in the
Bi-le that Lucifer is the ruler and g-d of this world and age (J-hn
4:30; 2 Cor-nthians 4:4). As well, to the south-west of this can
clearly be seen a street layout forming the compass and square of the
Ma-on's seal. The Gove-nmental Center was designed in 1791 by Pierre
Charles L'En-ante who was a Freem-son, and was approved by the
high-level Free-asons in the U.S. go-ernment at the time. See:
  Anyway, on another front, one of the other reasons for this whole
mess is to get the U.S. mil-tary out of the U.S. fighting some
phoney-boloney w-r so that the 800,000 Ru-sian and other U.N. troops
already stationed here on U.S. ba-es can go rounding up U.S. citizens'
guns (we are already under a declared state of ma-tial l-w, and under
mar-ial -aw anything the Presi-ent declares is "legal"). The reason
the New Wo-ld Order crowd need to do this is because they know that
Amer-cans, especially true Ame-ican Chr-stians and Pat-iots, will
never go along with the global el-te's B.E.A.-.T. (Br-ssels Eu-opean
Aut-mated Sy-tems Tran-actions) world-slave-state system without a
fight. If you should think that I'm exaggerating any of this then you
can view the photo's yourself of for-ign U.N. troops training in
disarming U.S. ci-izens and rounding them up to be taken to
con-entration ca-ps:
  Click on the "INVA-ION OF AM-RICA" photo to see the rest--there
are a few pages full of these photos so be sure to click on the
bottom of each photo page to view the next page.
  The reason they have to use fo-eign troops to do this is because
they already know that there would likely be a mu-iny if they tried
using U.S. tr-ops, based on the responses they got from the 29
P-lms Survey, which was given to select U.S. t-oops a few years
back and which asks if they would fire on U.S. ci-izens during g-n
confiscations. See the survey here:
  There are already in place hundreds of F-MA
co-centration/ex-ermination camps in the U.S. which are to be used
against Chr-stians and Pa-riots, and anyone else who will not accept
the mark of the B.-.A.S.T. (i.e., a Digital An-el [TM] biometric
implant to be used for all bu-ing and s-lling, and to track through
the Global Pos-tioning System everyone's movement at all times). To
view photos of some of these ca-ps and to find out more about them,
  The glob-lists have already many times publicly stated their goal
to exte-minate 80% of the world's pop-lation, and these cam-s are
just part of their Final Solution. The UN Glo-al Biodiversity
Assessment (-BA) calls for a reduction in world population from 5.6
billion to 1 to 2 billion within the next decade (GB- Section
  Here is an excerpt from the UN organized INIT-ATIVE FOR ECO-92
  "The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying
capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate
due to contrace-ption, ste-ilization and ab-rtion, but must be met in
the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must
be done by whatever means necessary."
  And this from a UN publication:
  "The United Nation's goal is to reduce population selectively by
encouraging abo-tion, forced ste-ilization, and control of human
reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess
baggage, with 350,000 people to be eli-inated per day."
--Jacques Cous-eau, United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural
Organization Courier, November 1991.
  "And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them. And judgment was
given to them, and to the souls of the ones having been be-eaded
because of the witness of J--us, and because of the Word of G-d, and
who had not worshipped the beast nor its image, and had not received
the mark on their forehead and on their hand."
--Reve-ation 20:4
  Ge-rgia House of Representatives - 1995/1996 Sessions
---274 - De-th penalty; gui-lotine provisions:
  I know the above must be a lot to digest if you weren't aware of it
all previously, but I hope that if you are at all interested in the
truth that you will take some time out to educate yourself about the
New W-rld Order (assuming you didn't already know all about it). As
you can see, I'm very concerned about actual documentation, which is
why I provided so many links--many being to the mainstream press such
as The New York Times, The Washington Post, A-C, M-NBC, The Baltimore
Sun, Sacramento Bee, Pensacola News Journal and People, etc.,
etc.--because otherwise it just becomes rumor, which does not do you
nor I any service. But when one can show the actual photographs,
mainstream press articles, and even go-ernment released documentation,
then it leaves no room for honest doubt. And the above information
barely even begins to scratch the surface of all the information
available demonstrating just how involved "our" go-ernment was in
actively and knowingly facilitating the 911 attacks (including many
mainstream news reports that the FBI higher-ups positively protected
the ter-orist suspects from low-level F-I investigators conducting
their own investigations on them, as well as with U.S. bo-rder agents
on the Ca-adian border being told to let all known associates of bin
Laden through while deleting the logs recording their passage).
  It has been said by many of the Media commentators that these
attacks are America's second Pearl Harbor, and this is true more
than many of them realize. Of course, it is now known through the
U.S. gov-rnment's own F-IA released documents that then President
Franklin Ro-sevelt knew about the planned Jap-nese attack on Pearl
Harbor well in advance of the actual attack and actually
facilitated the attack by lining up the Navy fleet in the harbor so
as to make it an easy target--as is even being reported on the
Hist-ry Channel nowadays.
  If you have any questions or would like further information I
will try to be of assistance to you. (Or if any of the above links
should go dead I have the articles saved.)

Part 2 of 2.

  (JW I might add that FDR was one of my favorite presidents.  I
also don't have anything against a truthful Ma-on, the Occult and
a few more things.)

John Winston.