10/23/02 2:36:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent & Charlie,
Feel free to pass this along to Sherlock Bill as well...I don't have his e-mail address.
Been a while since we've written but now we have some questions that you might be able to help me with. While on Kent's website this morning I was noticing the Earth Grid lines that were laid out on one of the maps and in particular Point #8 near the Canadian border on the map appears to be pretty close to us here at White Wolf. Now I know that I have shared with you before the sightings and occurances that we have had here over the years and some of them are documented on our website..but about 2 weeks ago things really started to 'bust loose' around here making me think that some sort of 'shift' has occurred?. The Electromagnetic meter isn't really registering anything more than the usual 4-5 on a scale of 1-10 but Gary's 'abilities' have increased considerably now allowing him to see the 'Rods' ,'Orbes' and other 'entities' that resemble them with his naked eyes now..it's kinda driving him nuts because every time he goes outside they're all around him and come right up to him and hover in front of his face. Our digital camera is acting very strange also when I try to get pictures of these things..it just freezes up and refuses to take a picture..but its fine again when I go inside. It did have a really strange thing happen though just a few days ago involving a particular quartz crystal cluster we have. The camera literally took the picture itself of this quartz cluster...I was a few feet away from the camera and heard it take the picture. Well I took a look at what it caught on film and it was the crystal cluster that I was proping up a pair of earrings on but I had taken them down getting ready to photograph the next pair...then it took the picture. What it caught was this 'wispy energy' coming out of the crystal. Well it just so happens that Gary had a dream the night before about quartz crystals and their energy coming out of them..kinda 'Tesla' like. We're still working on that 'event' and seeing where its going to lead us..hahaha
That's not why I'm writing though...I'm writing because just about the same time that all this started to happen here at White Wolf we noticed really heavy machinery going up the Forest Service Road near our house...so big it was literally shaking the house and scaring the horses. We happened to see one of the pieces that they were hauling up the dirt road and it was a huge conveyor belt contraption that was on the back of a flatbed and this thing took up the whole road. Most of the time though they are moving these big pieces of machinery around 2:00-3:00 in the morning and lots of unmarked black trucks escorting them in. Yesterday we followed the large tire tracks up the main Forest Service road to a cuttoff that lead to a locked Forest Service Gate but you could hear the machinery off in the distance. The road that they're going down has always been locked out to vehicle traffic. We went up the main Forest Service road a little ways and then came back down to see a big Semi-truck coming out of the gate and stopping to lock the gate behind him. We weren't able to take a look in the back of his enclosed trailer except for the top which you could see rocks were filling the trailer. We went down the road and pretty soon this guy was right on our tail end so we pulled over and let him pass and noticed he had tarped off the top of his load. We don't know where his load was being taken to or for what reason. This 'operation' has been going on for 2 weeks now and there has been no information given to the public about it to the best of our knowledge but we're going to be checking at the Forest Service in Tonasket to see if they're willing to give us some info...it could be totally legitimate..but along with all the other things that have gone on over here I'm curious. Maybe they located something up there?   Within the past few years I have heard stories from the locals involving underground bases and tunnels running all the way to Spokane from here in the National Forest and some people running into men in unmarked black uniforms with machine guns telling them to get off 'their land' at gunpoint...land that is specifically listed on the National Forest Service firewood cutting map. Well these certain individuals received a letter from the National Forest Service a few weeks later informing  them that "The U.S. Forest Service had lost the lease on that parcel of land"....but to who? This was in the Republic area about 20 miles to the east of us.
I guess that I'm looking for answers just like everybody else is but I was hoping that maybe Charlie could see if there is anything that he is picking up on ELFRAD from this area in particular? I'm not really educated on Earth Grid Lines either but I'm curious to see just how close we are to that #8 coordinate and if that has something to do with everything that is going on around here? We obviously know that this land here is special and is very high energy and has a huge amount of Granite deposits here, but what else?
Here's our coordinates again:
Eastern Washington State 20 miles East of Tonasket
48 degrees 44 minutes  16.1 seconds
119 degrees 05 minutes  04.4 seconds
The place where all the machinery is going is approx 4 miles due west of us.
Oh ya Charlie.....speaking of....remember the coordinates you gave us for the U.S. Mountain Instalation that is just to the east of us here?...well as soon as Gary put the coordinates in the GPS and was asked to give it a name..so he typed in U.S. Mountain....SPLATOLA! The poor lil' GPS was totally toasted..fried it out big time! They definitly don't want you to play with that coordinate!
Anyhoo....just trying to get to the bottom of this and see if it has anything to do with what's going on around here. I keep looking up and expeting to see a 'Thunderbird' overhead considering all the other things we see out here....film at 11:00......hopefully....
 Take care you guys and any info would be greatly appreciated.
White Wolf Gallery

11/1/02 10:02:17 PM Pacific Standard Time


Remember that point in Canada sent in by a viewer?
--- Lat:  44:44:16.1 N
--- Lon: 119:05:04.4 W

Yes, that one.  It turns out your point IS along an EarthStar line!
Woo-HOOO!  BUT: I have to apologize, because I didn't notice a bug in
the method I was using to find the SECOND closest node point in this
grid system.  It's hard to explain in plain language, but basically, I
was only considering the four closest nodes to a spot BASED ON DISTANCE

NOW: that logic I had been using so far turned out to be inaccurate when
dealing with a spot on the earth that lies along the longest grid line,
and the only other nearby grid lines are the SHORTEST ones.  I realize
this sounds confusing, but if someone wants me to give a lecture at a
college, I can explain myself mathematically later.

Anyway, I revised this method to find the SECOND closest node point.
This new method now does the following:
  1. Simply find the FIRST closest node point (PT1).
  2. Save the T.C. (True Course) value of PT1 to YOUR-POINT.
  3. Go find the best SECOND closest node this way:
     a. run a query on ALL possible lines shooting out from PT1 (4, 6,
or 10 lines).
     b. This table of ALL possible lines has PRE-CALCULATED headings
from node A to node B.
     c. That query subtracts that T.C. value you saved from ALL possible
PRE-Calculated headings.
     d. The query is set to show the "TOP 1" (lowest) heading
     e. The only row in the query answer IS the best second closest node
point (PT2).

When I re-tooled the Visual Basic and RE-SCANNED that point, I now get
First closest node is 08.
Second closest node is (16)! <==NOW THE CORRECT ANSWER!
T.C. Diff value (difference in 08-16 heading): 29.83447971 degrees.

NOW: The EarthStar line check is interesting here, ain't it?
THIS SPOT is EXTREMELY close to the 30 degree EarthStar line.  The
difference is only 0.17 degrees!  Kind of reminds us of HAARP, doesn't

Finally, what am I trying to say?  Hey pal!  YOUR POINT is along a "ley
line" that shoots out from the node near Meeting Creek in Canada, and
connects to the opposite end of the triangle out in the Pacific!

You know why I had to be a stickler for mathematical details here?  I
had to BECAUSE I started seeing that:
HAARP is along an EarthStar line.
AREA 51 is along an EarthStar line.
YOUR OWN POINT is along an EarthStar line (the 30 degree one).

See the light bulb going off yet?  It's because I started seeing these
correlations that I had to go back and be REALLY REALLY SURE that this
math is correct.

Now, while this new algorithm is CORRECT, it possibly might be overkill
to check ALL possible lines shooting out from a node.  But I didn't
bother adding smarts like that because I didn't want to slow my computer
(or YOURS) down.

Care to ask me about more secret spots no one wants you to get near?
Betcha ten to one, it's along an EARTHSTAR line.  Hey, I'll even plot
the point for you in XPLANET with the EarthStar lines overlaid!

Thanks a million, Buckminster Fuller...

10/24/02 9:31:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey Kent,

I'm going to be putting these 'Okanogan Highland Sightings' which are the encounters that the local people living here have shared on our website really soon. I wanted to share with you this e-mail from a good friend of ours who owns a wonderful Jewelry/Gift shop in Tonasket. We hear this same noise and in fact it has really escalated in the past few weeks since this heavy equipment started to roll in.

Here ya go:

Hey K and G! Here's more: * Local Mystery * (or: what the heck is under Cape Labelle?) I recently spoke to Hank (all names changed to protect anonymity) down at the shop. He was being driven to distraction by a noise he hears quite often at his property 4 miles up Cape LaBelle road. Hank is the ex-Marine UFO afficionado/Bigfoot lecturer I've spoken of before. Another friend, Sharon, lives perhaps one and a half miles down the hill from Hank, and was listening to our conversation. "It drives me nuts!" said Hank. "It's a low-level hum, almost like an engine...and it doesn't happen all the time. Suzanne can't hear it at all!" (Suzanne is his wife.) "Oh yeah, I hear it all the time too!" said Sharon. "And MY husband can't hear it either." Both agreed it seems to come from below the earth, and isn't constant, although it does go on for a long time. Denny, another friend who lives another 4 miles above Hank, also hears the noise. He feels quite certain that the noise HE hears from underground is a big diesel motor. Denny told me a story about something he saw above his property, at about 4,000 feet of elevation. He heard an incredible shriek 1/2 mile from his property. Following the sound, he saw what he swears was a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) plane hovering over a recognizable landmark. He took a dirt bike immediately to where he saw the plane, and...there was nothing there. Nothing disturbed, no tire marks, nothing. This took place many years ago. I don't have to tell you two about the MIB's (or at least black-clad paramilitary types) behind a certain nearby locked gate at a once-public access site. On a slightly different note, our first customer at the store (he spent a dollar, which we framed...god bless him!), a man named Wolf (not his real alias...this is getting complicated!) told me about a tunnel entrance above McLaughlin Canyon, which is said to go all the way to Spokane! Not long ago, I mentioned that same story to Wolf, having forgotten that HE told it to me in the first place. "Yeah, I told you that...but I didn't tell YOU who told ME! It was a former sheriff here in the county!" Feeling adventurous? Want to save a tankfull of gas? Walk to Spokane! You might need candles, a flashlight and extra batteries! More as it comes in, Love, K

11/2/02 6:08:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
Heya Kent,

Thanks a bunch for updating us...it really makes sense to us that we're along an Earth Star line.
 "Care to ask me about more secret spots no one wants you to get near?
Betcha ten to one, it's along an EARTHSTAR line.  Hey, I'll even plot
the point for you in XPLANET with the EarthStar lines overlaid!"
 Can we get him to plot out the points for us in XPLANET?  That would be great!
 Things are really 'heating up' around here in the sky above..both military wise and UFO wise. Because of the remoteness of this area this his has always been a 'play ground' for the fly boys but we're seeing things that they're using now that we've never seen before...
UFO wise we're seeing the same things we've seen before..but it's really intensifying now too. There is a particular place in the sky that seems to be where this one object seems to appear. It starts out looking like a big dull star staying stationary...then all of a sudden it will get super bright and 'super nova' out and start moving across the sky...then disappear completely only to reappear in the sky along the same trajectory a little ways further but higher up in the sky (I don't think satellites can change their course like that?). Then it gets interesting...this 'headlight' like beam comes from the object and shines right at us..it literally looks like a head beam coming from this thing aiming right at us!  Then it just disappears again...poof.....and its gone.
 There were 3 of us out by the fire on Sunday ( our friend K. from the jewelry store and Gar and I ) all saw it.
K sees the same things often where he lives out in the Aeneas Valley here in the Okanogan.
 I'll update you further on the other occurrences that have been happening out here. Right now it's 6:00 AM Saturday and still dark so we're going out to check out the sky to see what's cookin'.

11/2/02 9:50:25 AM Pacific Standard Time


A-ha!  You did it!  Eureka!  Thanks so much for just happening to send
along that spot in Canada!  NOT ONLY did you manage to send along a spot
along the 30 degree EarthStar line going away from node 08, but you ALSO

Do you know what this means?  Remember: AREA 51 is along this 19.64
degree line!  Area 51 is now plotted in this map, towards the bottom
near Node 17.

THEN we've got YOUR point "X" in Canada, right near the criss-crossed
EarthStar lines.
And finally, that quake and HAARP are shown up in Alaska.

So is that the secret behind UFOs?  Those fancy UFOs and Aurora planes
HAVE to rely on these EarthStar angles so they can WHISK themselves
between the EarthStar lines and the criscrossed spots?  Notice in the
photo: if the UFOs don't want to stop at your Point X, they can continue
on with their hypersonic speed until they reach the crisscrossed line
further north on the same 19.64 line.  Is this waking people up yet?  If
you have trouble getting people interested in how UFOs fly around, show
them THIS correlation!

I'm not an expert in electromagnetics or levitation or quantum physics,
but if anyone can chime in with the physics explanation as to why 19.64
degrees is extremely crucial to UFO's and stuff, please let us know.
Does is have to do with the frequency of crystals?  Time?  Dimensions?
Earth vortices?

And: finally, with the new algorithm I have, note how in the GAIALEED
photo, CORAL CASTLE is along the main 18-33 grid line?  And YES, of
course, Homestead AFB is closer to the 18-33 grid line than Coral Castle
is.  Specifically, Coral Castle is about 0.4565288 degrees away from
that 18-33 grid line.  It's about 206.5085 nautical miles away from node
18.  So this jives with the idea on another web page, saying, the energy
is now over Homestead AFB, whereas, back when Leedskalnin built his
castle, the energy was over his place.

But, if we wanted to build another coral castle, it ain't like were
dumbfounded now.  All we do is make use of another grid line near some
coast in the world.  See if we can find some similar coral or another
rock that will levitate along the earth grid.  Then we can whip over
there along another grid line, and sing this Leedskalnin song, whatever
that is, and videotape the rock floating.  Hey, at least we have a
better handle on why the castle was built there!

Come to think of it, I better race over and find out where those stones
on Racetrack Playa line on the EarthStar/grid lines...

Sometimes, there are those days you DO end up catching the "big fish"!

11/3/02 8:57:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, just out of curiosity, I figured out the actual location of the
criss-cross point near Dayville, Oregon, where those two EarthStar lines
meet.  White Wolf's original point is about 16 nautical miles away from
the REAL spot where the lines meet.

Just a request: can White Wolf follow the directions below and perhaps
see what energies are in that spot?  Thanks so much.  A photo showing
the X spot to stand on is attached.  It's off of Route 45.  By the way,
they're looking for Mel's Hole somewhere around there too in the
Manastash Ridge area, so if you happen to see any holes, it'd probably
be a miracle just to see one.

The actual coordinates for the criss-crossed EarthStar lines near
Dayville, Oregon are:
Lat:  44.4826432102503
Lon: -119.2117740130825
for GPS tools, use Lat:  44:28:57.5155569 N
for GPS tools, use Lon: 119:12:42.386447097 W

Once again, by "criss-crossed", I mean: there's this EarthStar line
shooting away southwest from node 08 on the earth grid, at a heading of
210 degrees.  Then the second EarthStar line shoots away in a northwest
direction from node 17 on the earth grid.  So these two lines meet in
the middle eventually, right over this Dayville, Oregon area.

Here: look at the topographical map:
Look where the red PLUS sign is.  That's the REAL Point X:

See how the physical land points away from the plus sign in the
Northeast direction?  It looks like about 30 degrees to me.  Then to the
west of the PLUS sign, the physical land points northwest for a little
way out, maybe at about a 20 degree angle or so?

What I'm saying is: gee whiz!  Shall I overlay the EarthStar lines on
this map too?  That way you'd see how this spot is the exact centerpoint
of the 30 degree and 19.64 degree criss-crossed EarthStar lines.

It doesn't appear to be just this "plus sign" area.  Several offshoots
of land near Birch Creek seem to point in the direction of these
EarthStar lines.

To find this criss-cross place, get to Route 26 in Oregon, then ask
directions to get to Mount Vernon Road North where it meets Route 45.
Go north on Route 45 until it forks.  Take the left fork that eventually
would lead to Birch Creek Road, but keep your GPS tool out.  When you
get near this point, get out of your car and walk west.  You'll have to
walk a few hundred feet to get to this point, but you should see your
car from this EarthStar crisscross point.

The GPS tool should show something close to this:
44:28:57.5155569 N
119:12:42.386447097 W

Maybe if you stand on this spot long enough, you'll feel some vibrations
of some sort.  If you end up seeing those "rods" in your photos after
you get home, that would be even better!

Here are places near this cris-cross spot:

1. If you wanted to head to the nearest observatory to check for UFOs or
watch the stars, you'd have to head to WANAPUM DAM (46:54:11N,
119:59:27W), which is about 148 naut.mi. away.

2. If you wanted to mention this idea to a local radio station, you
could try 91.9 FM or KGNR in the city of John Day, which is Life
Broadcasting Inc.  This place is only about 11.2 naut.mi. away.

3. Just out of curiosity, the closest military base to this point is
Umatilla Army Depot, but it's 82 naut.mi. away.

4. The nearest rural airport to ths point is WILEYCREEK (loc.id. 0OR1)
in Dayville, OR. (44:30:09N, 119:22:19W), which is about 6.5 n.m. away.

5. The closest interesting place is MOUNT VERNON HOT SPRINGS.  It's only
about 4.95 naut.mi. away. (44:27:04N, 119:06:18W).  So if you know how
to get to this place, you can find this criss-cross spot too.

11/2/02 12:37:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

Well Kento,

Here ya go. These are some e-mails that I received back in September from our friend but he also includes some encounters that were shared with him from others in the Okanogan. I'm beginning to wonder what the connection is with this area being located on one of the Earth Star Lines, the encounters we're having here (not just White Wolf) and the weird sightings with the military jets that are being witnessed out here? The 'bubble' that traveled with the aircraft that is noted in the 2nd encounter below has been witnessed by us here too. To us it looked like a 'gray aura' surrounded the entire planes (there were 2 flying side by side) and flying right along with them. This just happened a couple of weeks ago. The other incident that K described involving an orb out in front of the plane back in September occurred again right over the top of us when they were visiting us a few weeks back and again just a few nights ago. It's so darned cold out there now at 0 degrees that it's hard to pull up a lawn chair even if it is in front of a roaring fire! You know, thse military jet and orb incidents remind me of an incident that happend to James Gilliland in March of last year. He experiences much of the same phenomenon at his Sattva Sanctuary...wonder if he's on an Earth Star Line?

Another thing that peaks my interest is when K&G saw the "expanding green corona" in one of their encounters. It really reminds me of our encounter that we had back in May 98 that is documented on our website under "Our Angelic Encounter". I don't know if it really was 'Angelic' but that's what we called the encounter..you'll understand if you read the story. We had those same green bands of energy that expanded out like a radar band and then disappeared into that "hole that went into "Forever" in the sky above us.

Once again....questions...questions...but no answers for now. That's why I'm writing you..hopefully someone out there will be able to make a connection somehow between all these events? Another question...as long as I'm already frying a few brain cells over this whole thing......

Since Sherlock Bill verified that HAARP is located on an Earth Star Line and people are seeing the Thunderbird there I was wondering if the appearance of 'Okopogo?'  that creature they see in Lake Okanogan just to the north of us has anything to do with the Lake being located near the Earth Star Line? Is Loch Ness near an Earth Star Line?  Just curious to see if these places that people see these sightings of "things that shouldn't be in our reality" have to do with vortex portal openings like we have out here and the Earth Star Lines. Maybe these things know how to manipulate the vortex areas and are popping in and out at will when they feel like it...that's why there is no evidence when people go in there with the conventional sonar equipment?....OK...enough for now.....Keep the faith everybody!

Here's the e-mails

Happy Labor Day, G and K! We spent a wonderful evening Saturday with a couple of friends from the coast, had barbecued pork shoulders and watched the sky. P’s an ex-Recon Marine - Vietnam - and a seasoned paranormal experiencer/adventurer. (G would say "there's no EX Marines!). P has seen and heard Bigfoot, and has had many a UFO sighting. What is curious is that every time the two of us get together, all we see are airplanes, shooting stars and lightning! This all makes me wonder. Since we are all co-creators of our collective reality, why is it that what we perceive individually is so often not observed by others? Seldom a clear night goes by that I don't sit out in the dark and watch the heavens. The Milky Way, so bright here that it looks like God's own brushstroke, divides the heavens from horizon to horizon. Perhaps one night in five I will see a phenomenon I've started calling my winking light(s). I sit down in my plastic chair, with nothing in my mind, and within moments a flash of bright light will catch my eye. I look up, the light flashes again, then again, then...that's it! I've given up calling G out, because this has been going on for years now. Paradoxically, if I THINK about going out to see these lights, I won't see a thing. There are other lights as well. Three years ago when we first moved here, G and I stood outside on a 20 degree night at about 2:00 A.M. and looked at the velvety starlit sky. Out of the corner of my eye I could see G getting brighter! We looked up and a small point of light was surrounded by an expanding green corona. It grew and grew until it was maybe 1/3 the diameter of a full moon, then shrank down to the original point of light and looked just like any star. I see many lights to the north of our place, above Eagle Rock. One of the most notable ones started out as a typical airplane, at least that's what it looked like. You know, linear direction, blinking red/white lights. Then as I watched, it went straight up, at 90 degrees to it's original path, hovered there a bit, then did circles and zig zags. Finally it stayed in position, looking just like a star...and stayed there for 2 nights! I see a lot of these, although none that start out as airplanes. Just satellite-looking lights that zig zag and circle. You know, Kelli, the direction is right for them to be hanging over your vortex...hmmmm! One more type of light...funny that I called them fairy lights, then when I met Gary that's what HE calls them! They are much like the winking lights in that if I go out to see them they will never appear, but if I don't look for them they will make their presence known. Usually I see them around trees, anywhere from the ground to the crowns. Curiously, I can't focus on them, they seem too fast. They are almost always a blue-white color, and they cluster in the same area, that is to say they are never just everywhere. I was finally vindicated in my observations of these lights. I went to D's birthday party off of Cape LaBelle road a couple of weeks ago. We were drinking beer and talking about the pole shift, and I began to see the fairy lights. I mentioned them and was universally ignored ("hoo boy..another UFO nut") until J saw them too. She said "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd swear they were fireflies!" Okay, enough for now. Next time it's military airplane lights...and more. Love and light(s), K


Good morning you two! Just a quick overview of the military traffic over Aeneas Valley. Apart from the usual (Prowlers from Whidbey Island, probably on their way to Fairchild AFB. These fly almost nape-of-the-earth and, out of radar observation, do some pretty cool stunts!) at dusk and after dark the bigger jets come out to play every now and then. The first time I noticed anything unusual was as I watched what I assumed was two jets flying side-by-side at dusk. As they came around to fly over the trailer, I could only see one jet, with blinking red and white navigation lights. The second appeared to be only....navigation lights! As they flew further east, the "lights only" thing blinked out, and what looked like two jets became one. I have to assume this is some test of an evasion system or something. Gary, I already mentioned a few months back a similar thing involving at least two jets, a fake navigation light "jet" and what appeared to be a small whitish orb. I'll repeat it here. I heard a lot of fairly low-flying jet noise at just past dusk, a few months back. I went out and observed two jets, one going due south, the second curving over Crawfish Lake. As I watched the curving one, it sent out a "fake" navigation light (blinking red laser-like light). I watched it turn north past the Aeneas Valley store, and begin a turn back west down the valley. At this point, the fake nav lights split apart, slammed back together, and turned into a small white light or orb. The jet increased speed to catch up to the small light, and when it "caught up" to it, right above my head, the small light blinked out of range and turned back into the red nav light...and made an extremely tight "curl" just above the trailer. At that point I called G out to see, but the light had gone, and now there were two jets slowly heading toward Canada. Lastly, my neighbor D observed a military jet on a cloudy day late last year. It passed by several clouds, and with the clouds as background, he could see that the jet was surrounded by a "bubble" that traveled with the aircraft! Okay, that's it for now. More on the way! Have a wonderful day! K



Date: 10/25/02 8:20:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

These folks state they are sitting on top of a large granite deposit, which is rich in QUARTZ (mica and feldspar). That geologic area is also becoming increasing compressed by the Pacific plate at this time. When you compress quartz it radiates an electromagnetic field, sometimes visibly so, which is the principle behind a quartz flash. When you introduce an electromagnetic field to quartz it also resonates at a specific frequency, which is the principle behind a quartz watch. However, it looks like quartz has a few more surprises for us yet.

Are these strange aerial "thingies" being reported at White Wolf (near a large quartz deposit) new creations or manifestations or outflowings of the intelligence which resides within the Ganesh particles? They seem very similar to small light-beings observed (blocking airlock doors) on the space shuttle.

Has our physical universe entered into the next phase of "BECOMING"? The term "the living rock" sure seems to have taken on new meaning. If this is observed taking place within the mineral kingdom, then you also have to wonder what is in store for the biological kingdoms? Let's see the elites try and stop this without erasing themselves from existence. "Resistance is futile....." Go with the flow. Let go and let God.