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Well, well! The white (alchemical) gold info. Been wondering where this has been. I ran across it a few years ago but not much had been released (certainly not this nice long explanation of the process) so I'd forgotten about it. Some of my old research to get back around to someday.
While reading the first part, I was wondering if he'd run across the platinum group metals that interfere with gold recovery - later on, a bit further down the page, my guess was confirmed. There's a mine just north of Williams that I'd like to talk with this guy about. It hasn't been developed, yet, but it appears to be the richest platinum (group) mine on this continent. The only other one I've heard of that's richer is the one he refers to in Africa. But the concentration of the one here is as high at the SURFACE as the one in Africa is down deep. And the concentration goes up as the mine gets deeper, meaning the one near Wiliams could be the richest in the world. If his process is focussed on the type of gold that is 'hidden' by platinum group metals, then he might have a real handy source for the base material.
Now, as to the alchemical process, looks like he's re-discovered it. There were a few of us in Sedona studying alchemy - matter of fact, that's one of the first conversations Jules and I had when we met. The conversation started with this (alchemical) gold, then we 'made' (thought experiment) oil of gold and ended by 'making' essence of gold. We'd run across the white gold powder form in texts as well, just like Hudson. The process IS described in a few old formularies, but it's couched in such archaic language you have to learn that before understanding what the actual procedures are. This is the first time I've read it in 'modern' language and yes, my background was in chemistry, so I understood what he was talking about and it seems a valid procedure.
The interesting part is his statement that he has to GIVE it away. He's holding to the spiritual principle which allowed him to run across it to begin with. If he tried to make a fortune off this stuff (and he could) the process would never have been revealed to him to begin with - nice to see someone who understands this. It will lead him to the Philosopher's Stone.
Thanks -Dirk
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Here is the web site I mentioned.
I don't begin to understand the technical stuff.  I don't know what your background is, any chemistry?  What do you think?  Amazing.  Check out some of the links, too.  David Hudson also has a video.  I might be able to get my hands on it.