10/28/2005 10:40:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent:

I am not sure if I have ever mailed you before, as I do from time to time to other regular and well known posters like Cliff Mickelson or Socrate. I can tell you, however, that I always read your insightful posts and visit cyberspace orbit really often as a source of real good info.

This last message about serbian-bosnian war as a possible PTB plot for leaving room to some unknown origin 12 million aliens has left my with a chilled spine. As wacky as it could sound, we know that TPTB have promoted war since ever for their not so hidden agenda, and only God knows the degree of confabulation with the "bad" aliens established by the one world government.

I am a Chilean citizen that somehow has been blessed (sometimes it looks like a curse!) with a little more awareness about what is happening than the common men. I know that there is a conspiracy between the governments (or at least parts of them) of the world to keep secrets and operate worldwide in secrecy. Chile, as far as it could seem, is not at all outside this dark reality, and secret bases do exist, some of them where the DNA Harvester known as "Chupacabras" is kept for God knows what purposes. Most Secret bases in Chile are from USA origin, however there works people from every developed country.

You must also be aware that as there is a Dark side working for a purpose, one that I cannot completely afford to imagine, There is also the "good side" of "Mankinds" or "societies" some of them native to earth, some others from other places, but all of them aware of each other and performing a kind of Duty to keep things "between certain parameters", as long as they know that they can't act directly to solve our mounting problems (not to mention the big issue of dealing with a sinister TPTB plot), because only trough experience there is learning. They can only keep us alive to attain some level of consciousness, but is our job to get there, whatever it takes.

I may sound somehow "mystical" or even "new age-ish" (God Forbid!), but keep in mind that everything we are now witnessing is part of a much more big process.

Luckily we are going to go trough it, for better or worse.

My Best Regards,