Date: 2/9/01 9:16:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi kent .if you have time.was looking at some scattered clouds 4km, vis. sat. Then i noticed looked like an area of concentric rings . Any thought on what this? Couldn't see clearly as it was on edge sunset. time was 0:200utc 11 lat N 123 long w. Dont know how to check it's movement.

EDITOR: Not sure if you are referring to Utah, but nevertheless found disturbance out at Dugway, which may have been some kind of weird synch. Watch your butts there.



Date: 2/14/01 9:32:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

How are ya Kent? not sure why you moved away from here, was probably a good decision at any rate. We got our okoles kicked real good. Wind direction was movin right. What is the b\w map with dots? Wonder if anomaly left any tracer? wouldnt know where to goto document anything.

24-72 hrs KapaKai flu like, nose bleeds, severe joint injury, res,. gastrointest da kiine. Same old bug soup, far as I can tell. Ma Ma. Are the Angels sposed to give us some cover, apparently not! Jeeez, must be on our own. But eh! thats what its all about. A little character development never hurt anyone. Seems futile at times though.



3 October 1949


SUBJECT: Pubic Release on RW Tests at Dugway Proving Ground

TO: Director of Logistics

General Staff, U.S. Army

Washington 25, D. C.

1. It is the opinion of the Chemical Corps that a public release of some type should be made relative to the forthcoming tests of RW muitions at Dugway Proving Ground, Tooele, Utah, starting 18 October 1949.

2. A properly worded statement by the Department of the Army seems preferable to the sometimes irresponsible scare stories emanating from poorly informed reporters. A peacetime operation of this type will probably draw public notice sooner or later regardless of the security procedures adopted. The territory being used for the tests is being surveyed continually by prospectors for radioactive ore, so that an unusual amount of radioactivity found by such prospectors would certainly draw attention to the area.

3. Dr. Joseph G. Hamilton, Chairman of the RW Test Safety Panel, has indicated that he thinks a public release on the RW munitions tests should be made. He has suggested that the release state that tests with radioactive materials will be conducted at Dugway and that the purpose of these tests is to obtain decontamination data for use in preparing defensive doctrine.

4. It is understood that the Committee on Atomic Energy of the RDB, in a meeting during May 1949, considered an agenda item containing a draft of a letter to the Secretary of Defense which recommended a release on the general RW program. It is further understood that this meeting overruled the desirability of such a letter to the Secretary.

5. The enclosed draft of a public release on tests to be conducted at Dugway has been written in the vein suggested by Dr. Hamilton. There is no reference to the general RW program or to the use of radioactive materials in the Dugway area for the  purpose of formulating defensive doctrine. This type of release should provide sufficient information to satisfy the curious who might hear of the tests and should quell any fears for individual safety that could arise from inopportune stories.

6. A decision on the desirability of a release such as that enclosed is requested.



Colonel, CM1 C

Chief, Cm1 C Res & Eng. Div

The Advisory Committee is authorized by its charter to examine "experiments involving intentional environmental releases of radiation that (A) were designed to test human health effects of ionizing radiation; or (B) were designed to test the extent of human exposure to ionizing radiation." The charter also called for the Committee to "provide advice, information, and recommendations" on the following thirteen experiments and similar experiments identified by the Interagency Working Group.

DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments 2