10/25/02 5:11:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I have been following this breaking story all afternoon. Coleman used to be a Democrat. Both Norm & Paul were Jewish. Back in 1990, Rudy Boschwitz accused Paul of not being a "Good Jew," apparently because Sheila was a Southern Baptist! I think the bruhaha that followed that may have cost Rudy the election. I haven't been politically active for a while, but used to be very active in the DFL -- for over 20 years. I sure wonder about this Rumor Mill News article below!
From press conference out of Eveleth this afternoon, the plane checked in (to Duluth -- Eveleth has no control tower) 7 miles from landing and all was well, yet it was 3 miles off course at the time of the crash. It took about 30 seconds for it to go that distance. Why did it? Local pilot (Eveleth airport manager, I think) went up to look around when the plane was a few minutes overdue. He saw it on the ground. NO FIRE, fuselage intact, but wings and tail had separated. No scattering of debris. Fire followed crash, and by this afternoon there wasn't much left of the plane.
Area is bog next to forest and difficult to get into. Local fire department just couldn't get in. 15 FBI are on their way in to determine whether terrorism was involved. These are all local folk: mostly from Minneapolis, but also Duluth and Bemidji. Let's hope they are loyal Minnesotans.
Ceiling was low (400 feet), but not foggy -- as I understand it. It was 31° and there may have been some icing, but the Beech King is well equipped to deal with ice. NTSB came in this afternoon in similar craft and had ice, but no problem. The question of why Paul's plane was suddenly off course is a mystery. Paul knew and trusted the pilots. Capt. Conrey was from Minnetonka, my "hometown." Eden Prairie is next burb south. Same small airport, methinks, where one of the WTC terrorists tried to take flying lessons and was rebuffed. 
It is NOT true that Paul was losing the election! He had widened his lead in recent weeks. DFL politics here is in chaos. We are all in shock. Absentee ballots have already been cast. State law allows for withdrawing Paul's name from the ballot, if done soon, but that would invalidate absentee ballots. Don't know how it will work out. I guess Jesse can appoint someone to fill out Paul's term until January, but that's doubtful. I guess that makes the Senate evenly divided for now.
I've been watching local reporting, so I don't know how much of this has been broadcast nationally.
There is a candlelight vigil at the Capitol now and the voices are saying, "We must do this ourselves." May be a turning point? Maybe Paul's death will inspire a people's fight for useless eaters everywhere. Let's hope so. Sheila was active in domestic violence issues. Paul had M.S. and was in constant pain. Most people do not know that because he never quit.

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KILLING DEMOCRACY: Sen. Wellstone was Murdered

Posted By: ChristopherBollyn <bollynkaskel@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, 25 October 2002, 4:46 p.m.

The Democrat senator from Minnestota, Paul Wellstone, appears to have been murdered in the same way that John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed. The technology to remotely sabotage planes has been perfected and is an easy way to kill political opponents.

Wellstone was leading in the polls by about 6 percentage points over his opponent, Norm Coleman, who was "hand-picked by the White House to try and unseat the unapologetically liberal Mr Wellstone." (Financial Times 10/25)

Coleman, a jew from Brooklyn, was favored by the pro-Israel lobby and activists. Coleman in September had called for "first strikes against Iraq." Wellstone, on the other hand, had opposed the Gulf War in 1990-91.

Coleman was the state chairman for G.W. Bush in Minnesota.

The senate race in Minnesota was one of the most expensive races in the country with more than $15 million already spent. AIPAC funds from Zionist groups had flowed to Coleman. The race in Minnesota was seen as critical to the Bush Republicans and the pro-war factions in Israel and Washington.

However, Coleman was trailing badly close to the election and when you are losing such an important race so close to the finish there is only one option left - SHOOT THE OTHER HORSE!