Date: 4/2/02 7:50:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I was reading an Easter report about someone from England that saw adark beam in front of a chemtrail jet. I have seen that several times here in Maine. Here is a couple of photos I took of this event. These are from 10/9/2001. I watched this jet fly up without this dark line and then it appeared suddenly while it was spraying. There were no other jets above it and it was directly coming out in front so I don't see how it could be a shadow. Thank you for taking this issue seriously! Jim Mathers

Date: 3/30/02 7:39:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subj: Lots of Tornados tonight

Flood warnings out for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Texas; flash floods for Texas

Date: 3/29/02 9:56:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Eglin AFB is testing again... And Jacksonville's radar doesn't look too good right now. That is, as of 03/30/2002, 12:52am EST. The radar at Unisys is unavailable for me right now.

Date: 3/30/02 3:54:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Interesting that you post a thing on your site requesting unusual reports etc etc... I was going to write this to you regardless because I see you are not online and I thought you might find this interesting... I've got a pretty rotten headache right now - so if my text seems somewhat lacking logic that is why :) Okay, had a dream - but I remembered some particulars you might find interesting... I dont remember the background but there was a terrible storm around my area that from memory was hanging around for many days. I recall some discussions that the weather changes were now occuring and this was the result. I do remember looking into the distance and seeing a HUGE cloud with white rain?!? Just before waking up I heard someone say the the sun just had a CME ejection that was heading straight towards earth and that australia had a 75% chance of being hit (ie facing the sun when the magnetic onslaught would occur...

Date: 3/30/02 8:01:06 AM Pacific Standard Time

Friday night, around 8 p.m. PST Santa Rosa, Ca. we were watching a video and suddenly the doors & windows rattled, and our ears popped. At first we thought it was a small earthquake, but realized that only the doors & windows rattled, nothing else (we have a hanging wine glass rack that ALWAYS rattles in a 'quake). There was no sound, just this, for better words, pressure wave. I went outside, but it was fogged over and didnt see anything, no trees swaying or anything. This was very odd.

Date: 3/30/02 2:06:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kento Hi - just a quick note to let you know that we in here in UK, Wales especially, have had some serious sunny weather, however, although the days start out great, massive chem T'ing starts early mmorning, and for several days this week the resultant cloud often obscures the sun as per usual..last ditch efforts?? Also, for over a week now my partner and I have been suffering from some weird viral symptoms, can't seem to shake it off, and I am poretty fit notmally...aching joints, flue like symptoms, aching in lower back abd buttocks, tight chest and cough. Any more takers out there?....doubling up on the old vits and magnesium etc

Date: 3/30/02 1:54:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I live in the South East of England, Like a recent report emailed to you, we also start the sunny days with no clouds, apart from the heavy haze from the previous days/months of spraying that now have built up to such a degree that we never see a blue sky, (apart from directly overhead) the further away you look the denser the haze becomes.

I have been taking photographs for months, some are very strange, 90 degree turns, very sharp hairpin turns, and a trail that just stops, I have a photo of a jet leaving a chemtrail in a cloudless sky that just disappeared (NO JET ANYWHERE)

I had a witness to this I saw it one second and the next it had gone!

Last week while I was watching a KC135 flying away from me leaving a normal chemtrail , I could plainly see In front of it, a dead straight line, It seemed to be a very dark line directly in front of the aircraft and about the same witdth as the fusalarge, it stayed the same speed and distance from the front of the aircraft until it traveled right up to the horizon I would estimate it was several hundred feet long ahead of the aircraft.

Has anybody else reported anything similar to you before?

Date: March 30, 2002 at 06:02:41

Hi All, Overabundance of Angry people tonight at work (being in restaurants you can see trends and can "just tell" how your nights gonna be the first few tables). Might have something to do with the full moon, but I swear, there were some mean ones tonight. Including people "burning out" or being overly agressive at quite a busy intersection while I was having my smoke breaks. Might be feeling something thats causing agression towards others? This is in Oceanside, Ca.

Date: 3/30/02 5:49:59 AM Pacific Standard Time

Colima webcam is down now but it has been spewing lava for several days. Latest image I have - for March 27...

Cenepred is down. Telmex shows Popo appearing to be steaming slightly, but can't copy photos there. CAMS

Date: 3/30/02 12:18:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi, Kent, message from germany, black forest area:

The weather report promised steady weather (a height) with moderate to warm  temperatures, no cloud, sunshine for the whole weekend.

So it was, until saturday morning (5 am, GMT +1):

Fine, stringy clouds criscrossed the heaven with a sharply delineated edge on  the south eastern horizon. All during the morning they thickened / spread or  widened rather until they covered the sky like a soupy mist that let no sunlight  through. The edge stayed constatnt in position.

No other weather anomaly was occurring. For a mist it was to high6-8.000 feet

Date: 3/30/02 6:14:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

hello, I live up here in ontario, canada, about 10 miles in from lake erie.

when the wind is blowing inland, about 7-9ish, beautiful blue skies are systematically streaked.within hours the entire sky is a complete haze.

when the wind is blowing out towards the lake, nothing, that seems to be the only time we have, and keep, blues skies all day long.

another thing, really weird.I have a dog, likes to chase a tennis had rained one day, after having been sprayed quite abit days previous.anyway, when i threw the ball for the dog, it went on the lawn.well, he walked along the sidewalk until he was across from the ball, and just stood there.

usually he can't wait to get the ball.I had to tell him to get it, and he gingerly tip-toed across the grass to get the ball, it looked so ridiculous!

but it doesn't stop there, he usually chews on it for awhile, but this time he barely held onto the ball with his teeth and brought it right to my feet and just gently put it down.

he did this every time I threw the ball for him just that one day after the rain.

as for night-time spraying, i don't think they do it quite as night I was out with the telescope, and all of a sudden I saw a sort of mist or something floating maybe 50 feet or so above the trees behind the house.I got really hot and sweaty, and threw-up a bright yellow, bile-like fluid, the feeling seemed to pass within 20 minutes.I've only seen this once, but another time I was momentarilly hit with a vomitting fit.

don't much appreciate what's goin' on though.

send me some info if you can so i can hopefully put it to good use.

Date: 3/30/02 4:10:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Greetings -

Week of March 25 2002

Ventura, CA

I and another (neighbour) experience a "pressure wave" followed immediately by windows shaking, as if there were a light earthquake. The subsequent vibration did not feel like an earthquake though; it was more of a strong, lateral vibration.

The pressure wave felt like the feeling of closing the sunroof of your car while driving on the freeway. i.e, my ears felt pressure and more strangely, I felt the pressure inside my head (not just ears).

My first impression was that a jet was surpassing the speed of sound. But this occurred 3 times within a couple of minutes.

Note: Point Mugu military base is close by and there has been increased flyovers of fighter jets and helicopters.

Date: 3/30/02 4:00:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here in Salt Lake City, Utah It seems every morning for the past week I wake  up to a clear blue sky. Then a bunch of jets fly over and make chemtrails  which spread out and turn the sky completly grey.

And a couple of days ago I was so sick that I was up all night throwing up.  And I just haven't been myself lately, i've been tired every day, and just  feel horrible.

Just wanted to report this as somthing unusual in the Salt Lake City Area.

Date: 3/30/02 2:26:16 PM Pacific Standard Time


The last word from Lt. Col.: The cities are so sick with biological warfare chemicals the threat of Nulear cleansing is possible.

I asked why? If the cities are so sick won't Nuking them make it worse? Is there a possibility that there is a test for a cure of radiation sickness being played out?

Reply: we are so tired and unfit for combat in the US. We have to do something to cleanse the cities.

Date: 3/30/02 2:24:15 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent- Here in the DFW area of Texas last night, major thunderstorms, flooding in nearby towns. Was watching the weather channel, and the storm seemed to be circular on the screen, with the stronger parts of the storm on the outer ring. Went outside to watch the storm around 3am, and the lightning was flashing every 1-3 seconds for about 15 minutes straight, then on and off for another hour. VERY CLOSE, could see it hitting the ground. Wonder if this has anything to do with Bush being at his Texas ranch this weekend?

Date: 3/30/02 2:22:53 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, a violent wind storm blew in from the west,ripped the roof off the shed and then reversed directions blowing from the east.We've had heavy chem trails for weeks; clear sky morning,profuse chem trail x's and then haze.Flash floods Weds--got to go

Date: 3/30/02 2:18:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

O- K.

had a dream.

The sky had HUGE elongated ORANGE clouds rising like spires in the distance.

We could see the impending Yellow front high in the stratos.

The Chinese dust storms are upon us.

A Sino version of KhemTrails


I live 2 blocks from NOAA and NIST (Boulder Labs) in Boulder, a mile from Table Mesa NCAR. (rumoured to be another one of those U'ground bases, (Jim Marrs; Alien Agenda, Commander X Report)

This doesn't seem to stop them from crapdusting like mad.

Queen mother,

Billy Wilder,

Milton Berle,

Dudley Moore,

All infirmed to be sure but all succomb within days of each other and most (ALL?) suffering from "Pneumonia-like" infections of the respiratory system that led to their ultimate demise....

Coincidental to Chinese dust storms hitting California... Crap Dusters?

Begin the winnowing?


War on A'g'stan not going as well as expected... Earthquake in the North...

(Some suspect n*kes.. methinks Scalar...)

Okinawa finds our Naval guy guilty of rape.... EArthquake in Okinawa

France won't help our persecution of Moussaoui... Murderous shooting spree in France labeled "American style" (remember when Love was the only thing American Style?)

Okay, these killer rabbits...

There is something to this.

Look at Python's Holy Grail for a clue.

Coming upon the idea of the killer Rabbi...

Second coming,

To burn the chaff and reap the seed.

Gaia is picking up on it.

Bambi's revenge!

more, much I'm sure

Date: 3/30/02 2:16:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent - regarding strange DC activity. A close relative, who is in the military, resides in a suburb outside DC with his aunt. Approximately one month ago, this relative visited my family here in the Northwest. He mentioned one particular weekend where the skies around the capitol were filled with helicopters apparently searching for several 'suitcase nukes' that were 'missing'. The activity lasted through the weekend. (I'm placing this activity around 4-5 weeks ago.) However, he was not privy to any classified information so he could not say this was definitely the case but rumors were that somebody was being hunted down.

Regarding the chemtrails in DC right now, the aunt, whom is normally the picture of health, was taken to the emergency room last night because she kept passing out. The doctors could find no reason with her illness other than she had elevated high blood pressure. I'm suspecting the chemtrails.

Thought this info might be helpful.

Date: 3/30/02 8:46:54 PM Pacific Standard Time


Several days ago I was out in the yard and noticed a white contrail going Northwest and right above it a black one several hundred feet higher. Never saw what caused either but they were on the exact same course.

Date: 3/30/02 8:19:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I live in Atlanta and, working for an airline, I'm outside everyday. The past few weeks the chemtrail activity here has been extremely heavy. I come to work and the sky already has several noticeable and thick trails. And on most days planes continue to fly over the airport laying down more trails until just before sundown. Most days several lines crisscross,but recently the crisscrossing has been so heavy as to have a layered look. More disturbingly, in the past two weeks I have started seeing trails laid down at night(something I had only seen once or twice before).The result is the usual---trials spreading out and eventually creating a mild to moderate overcast. The incidence of colds,respiratory complaints,and flu-like symptoms has also increased sharply.

Date: 3/30/02 10:09:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

i have seen alot of planes flying at extreme altitudes in new york i just dont know what is going on. alot of long trails and colors i have not seen before.

Date: 3/31/02 3:36:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent

Have been having the 11:11 experience for about 6 or 7 years now, 12:12 to a lesser degree. The last 9-12 months it's accelerated greatly, now getting 3.33, 4.44, 9.11, 2.22 etc virtually every day, and I'm not a clock watcher. Had thought maybe it's a subconscious reminder of the irrelevance of linear time - dunno frankly. If it's really a gateway as some say, why the reminders for so long? I'm getting quite fed up with not knowing! Anyway, reason for this email is that about 3 nights ago I had a dream - usual confusing stuff, lots of action I don't recall - but in the middle of it a sign (black letters on white background) appeared small at first in the distance and then careered towards me so that it nearly engulfed me - 11:11 - closely followed by 9:11. They just kept coming from the distance and growing huge as they got closer and closer. Woke up feeling just a little drained - it's like GET READY!

Date: 3/31/02 4:15:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: While all the UK news channels are blocked with news of the Queen Mum's death etc, I see that much is gong on in Israel, but you have to seach out other news channels/sources to get US aid worker reckons theyare going around assinating palestinians in their own homes (CNN) and attempting to get people out of hospitals etc...One large bonmb in Haifa an hour ago (12:00Z) and Arafat HQ about to be stormed. Anything your end...suggest we look to alt news sources

Date: 3/31/02 8:33:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi, I'm a member of Chemtrail Tracking USA. I watch the skies over Chicago daily. Saturday, the grids of chem trails were thick, and extended for miles over the greater Chicago Area. I'm at least 24 miles West of the city. There were hundreds of sprayed trails, and were most evident at sunset, when the crossing grids were very obvious. I have not seen this much spraying, ever. Thanks Yahoo! Groups : chemtrailtrackingusa Messages :82515-82530 of 82530

Date: 3/31/02 10:06:40 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just saw the post on you web page about the dark line in front of a kc135, and thought wow I couldn't believe that anyone else had seen such a strange thing that I did. About 2 years ago me and a friend were snowboarding in the midwest, while we were at the top of the lift resting we looked up at a plane spraying a contrail, and watched it for a while, then noticed as it was flying west to east getting closer to us, it had a dark line about the same width as the plane in front of it. It seemed abut half the planes length long. We were trying to figure out how such a thing could be possible, it was about 3:30pm and thought possible that the planes shadow was somehow cast onto the mist/airflow around the plane, but didn't seem likely from our viewing angle, and very few clouds. It flew in a straight line. Never seen anything like it.

Very weird

Date: 3/31/02 10:56:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, A really strange weekend here in NW Louisiana. Had lots of severe storms, floods, hail, lots of lightning, tornadoes in Texas and a minor earthquake in the Texas panhandle. On Friday night, a very strange fog rapidly descended on the area. It had a pinkish/orange hue to it, was very low and thick and had the horrendous odor of fresh blood! Felt nauseous and dizzy from it. Went shopping this weekend, and it seemed every other person had a terrible, dry, hacking cough. I have this also since the fog, but no fever.++++Other really "odd" situation for me, this weekend, I kept "seeing" golden shapes out of the corner of my eye...I would just barely "catch them" and then they would rapidly "fade away". Sometimes, they were large, as if people were "fading in and out" of our dimension or something...other times, smaller shapes the size of house cats, also, pin-points of blue light floating about. Had my usual "mini-siezure" type warning of earthquake and then heard of the one in Tiawan. Thanx for listening.

Date: 3/31/02 9:01:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, We are getting some really acid rain. I live in the country and have large flat rocks from the creek and some of these rocks are under the drip line of the house. The rocks are getting pitted and eaten away where the water hits them when it rains. Looks like acid was poured on them.

Also everyone is complaining about being so tired and feeling weak all the time. Not a day goes by that I don't hear someone say they are out of energy, or not up to par, or I feel drained and the day is just starting.

Date: 3/31/02 8:50:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, Yes, I've seen lots of new anomalies on weather channel radar, particularly a new sort of radar ring popping up all over the  the country - it appears as a granular blob, roughly circular, sometimes stationary, sometimes moving, but moving in a way that is distinctly separate and unrelated to the movement of the natural weather front.

These radar blobs are different than the  usual type that shows distict radial lines.

The weather here in NJ is weird too - we are in a critical drought situation. Spring weather fronts move through predictably, but little or no rain falls. It's very frustrating. These no-rain fronts are  almost always preceded by days of heavy chemtrail spraying. Of course, we've had regular and heavy chemtrail spraying since it all started  back in late '98, early '99.

Lots of sickness here too - I hear people in shops complain about respiratory  problems. One high school girl with a horrible cough said her doctor diagnosed her with "tracheal bronchitis", whatever the heck that is. Hearing about lots of deaths, mostly old folks.

Date: 3/31/02 7:22:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

1. ChemTrail Activity

Periods of very heavy activity throughout March. Such activity has finally brought much needed rain to Southeast PA to ease the drought without causing flooding. It seems the precipitation is never "real" anymore. Occasionally, we have genuine weather days; other times, the sky is an intense sky blue, almost like a canvas. If Project Bluebeam is real, it would be a perfect sky to project images onto.

2. Anger in Crowds.

Both Friday, Mar. 29 (especially in the afternoon) and Sat., Mar. 30, people appeared to be more tense and short-tempered, even nasty. I was glad to return home and to be in a more positive environment.

3. Shifts in the Weather.

5/5/2000 came and went without any incidents. However, this year appears to be different. The winds are more intense, almost seem to speak through the howling, and the weather changes are more noticeable. Based on some readings I have done, prior to the Great Flood, the Earth was on a 90 angle providing temperate weather throughout the year, none of this summer and winter stuff. Life on earth was truly paradise. Based on biblical prophecy, it seems we are to go back to this paradise during the millennial rule with people born during that period living well beyond 120 years. We then have to reverse engines and do a 180 to change the earth's axis back to a 90 degree angle. I strongly sense this is taking place on a more active level beginning this year.

I feel that God may allow the Tesla technology to begin this process, and He'll add the additional ingredients as the Day of Reckoning  approaches.

4. Middle East "Crisis" is driving the engine for change</underline>. While carnage and bloodshed is occurring leading the masses to think we're headed for a regional war or the WWIII, we will instead see the formation of a Palestinian state and a false period of peace prior to the rise of the New Age Christ. Then the shit will really hit the fan...just as people thought Noah was loco and had no idea what hit them when the Great Flood occurred, so too will people be deceived into thinking all is well when they get hit with Flood II. Now, is not the time to get comfortable.

Date: 4/1/02 10:08:13 AM Pacific Standard Time

For the past several weeks, and only at night, three fast moving aircraft have been flying over my sister's house every night or every other night. They're faster than any commercial aircraft, and always fly in a loose triangle formation. I'm assuming F-16s from nearby Shaw AFB (I live in South Carolina). Also over my sister's house, my nephew and brother witnessed some aircraft spraying dark gray material into the atmosphere. Oddly enough, my sister's small dog seemed to get very ill all of sudden right after this happened but recovered just as fast.

Date: 4/1/02 10:49:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, is the weekend over yet or are we still watchin' for the Pale Horseman? (I gotta get OFF this machine before my eyes permanently cross)

This just showed up from Vashon Island. Seems rather strange and abrupt. Thought I'd pass it along.

At around 7:am pst I walked into the kitchen, looked out at the water and said Woa! The water was rolling in surging swells.

It's not unusual for this to happen during storms, and when it does happen it's ususlly accompanied by high winds directly from either the north or south. Colvos passeage is like a narrow flume, and swells travel N/S in allingnment with the great cravasse that it is.

The swells I just watched were not travelling down the middle of the passage, but coming from the NW travelling S/E toward the western shore of Vashon Island.

High tide was at 6:44 am, so the water level was farly high, and I mean MOVIN. I've been watching these waters outside my window for 17 years, and I've never seen them behave like this. I went onto the porch and there was only a light breeze. Greenery was barely moving. Theese were deeply generated swells travelling in an odd direction. I don't know the exact time they started. I came to the computer around 6:40, the water was behaving normally. I went back to the kitchen around 7 am and noticed it. I watched swell after rolling swell with no let-up til about 7:30. Something that wouldn't be unusual for the open coast, But not here. It's 8:08 right now, and the water is calm again.

Gotta say, it made me a little nervous. Some event generated this, but what? Not even huge tankers traveling through generate this kind of activity, nor submarines. Pretty trippy. It would have been very dangerous for kayakers, or any close to shore small vessel.

Date: 4/1/02 6:45:36 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi -This might interest you. On Friday I stepped out of the office for a break, and saw this plane overhead. It was flying very close, and did an abrupt turn. I heard it going over again, twice, after going back inside. It seemed very unusual, and I'm not surprised a lot of people were alarmed. Strange that there's no real explanation as to who was flying it, or why. There was also a white trail coming from one wingtip - a co-worker said it sounded like the plane was dumping fuel. That's not mentioned in the article.

Date: 4/1/02 7:49:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

Nothing unusual in KC except for the weather. Not much rain for the last 6 months. Looks to me like it could be a repeat of the thirties or worse. And if we're not getting much, further east is worse. Grain options might be a good investment except that if this turns recovery into a crash, just like the thirties, all the options in the world won't buy breakfast. Prophecy says that we will import corn from Poland. Drought is the way that would happen. It's a fit in my thinking. This could be the year. charlie (system engineer, delasalle education center, kc, mo.)

Date: 4/1/02 11:40:11 AM Pacific Standard Time

this is just an inquiry.......Does anyone know what has happened to the Hard truth website.It is gone and I think that the crack down has begun.It disappeared about 2 weeks ago and I have found no one to amswer me as to where it went.Please see if anyone can tell me what happened. Thank you

Date: 4/2/02 9:57:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Saturday MArch 23, my wife and I were observing the chemtrails. As I was watching a plane spray overhead I noticed a shadow or dark beam in front of the plane. At first I though it was an after image of the chemtrail, however when I moved my eyes away from the plane the beam did not move to another spot in the sky. I then shrugged my shoulders and said "That's weird?" And after saying that my wife said you must of saw that strange shadow too. I'm reporting this from Mesa, Arizona.

Date: 4/2/02 9:20:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, Today is an odd day and maybe some of your minions could help sort it out. Before I left the house it was clear as a bell and promising to be a beautiful day; but, by the time I got done with my first couple tasks of the day and started heading to downtown Portland I noticed that the CONTRAILS (I am trying very hard not to believe the chemtrail conspiracy, maybe too hard) were mounting to the east. They seemed to be headed south to north and I could see several planes heading in from the south, along a common flight path (I've lived here 21 years, near the airport and the mouth of the Gorge the whole time and recognize the flight paths), but seemingly in huge numbers. By the time I arrived downtown there were close to two dozen fresh and spreading CONTRAILS mainly in the south eastern sky. Thirty minutes later there is a spreading haze. Like I said, maybe I'm trying too hard...anyhow, can any of your readers point me to an on-line FAA schedule that would tell me how many flights are coming up from LA, Phoenix, The Bay Area, San Diego, etc. etc. That may east my mind. Also, I was wondering I just a couple of "sprayers" amid a bunch of legit contrails would be enough to trap the moisture in the air and sort of creat clouds. Just a thought. Keep on keepin' on.

Subj: HEAVY Chemtrials over Portland

Kent, We are being blitzed today! Looking south east from Oregon City,  I can see 20 or more...many already a "smudge" in the sky. More being created as we speak...I can see new ones every few minutes...looks like a day to stay in......bastards!!!

Extreme Chemtrail Spraying Reported Over Portland

Date: 4/2/02 10:55:49 AM Pacific Standard Time

SEATTLE: Hiya, Kent! I've been noticing recently that the unseasonable 'coolness' we've been having seems...well, kind of fake to me! I noticed yesterday afternoon that the light from the sun seemed muted/diffused and weak - shadows looked 'wrong' to my perception. Today - and I've noticed this on other days since the start of this year - the air has an almost 'air-conditioned' feel to it - you know, like how coldness caused by freon (sp?) gas feels. The sunshine looks quite strange to me again today as well.

Date: 4/2/02 10:54:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

i've seen the comments about the dark line in front of the planes, i thought is was just a figment of my imagination, but i guess they are REAL and the comment on the shadow vessel i've seen those too  what i would like to know (seeing we have broached the subject) is has anyone else seen the star-like objects in the sky i would maybe say they could be jets firing as i live near wright-pat, but i've been around afbs all my life and never seen anything like these  they are like a small, brightly burning star withing the atmosphere with no smoke trail left behind at all then they suddenly disappear and nothing is there also, as far as the weather goes, i have been expecting storms to get worse, but i was very surprised to see a t-storm on radar with the colors into the black and dark purple in this area it is unusual even with tornados it usually is dark red to light purple on the radar

Date: 4/2/02 8:48:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, Last three days in coastal central Florida total obscuring of sky with spraying. Round the clock. Today is first day that open sky showed. Sat. images verified this.

Date: 4/4/02 12:13:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

I am an authority on chemtrails. There is no conspiracy. These trails happen when atmospheric conditions are just right. They will occur even from the normal atmosheric air that is compressed. As a result of the compression (not combustion) of the air, it heats up, the air is now concentrated, and is able to hold more moisture. Then when the air is thrust out of the engine, it hits the extremely cold atmosheric air and sublimates the moisture in the air causing ice crystals to form. The air is never mixed with anything, no chemicals, no anything, just straight air, nothing more, it (the heated compressed air) remember it is heated due to compression...(this is one of the basic laws of thermodynamics learned in high school chemistry)...compression of air going through the compressor section of the engine allows the air to hold more moisture, the air leaves the compressor section gets mixed with the normal cold atmospheric air (which incidentally has moisture in it as well) and sublimates (goes from a gas to a solid) thus ice crystals are formed and there you have contrails...caused by the very air thats up there. nothing more.

Another perspective.... if these contrails are experiments or undercover conspiracies to cause various effects on people then why aren't there many contrails over the more populated areas like San Diego and Los Angeles... upwards to 25 million people live around these areas but there are very few contrails. LAX airport is also one of the busiest in the world. It seems to me that if you wanted to effect alot of people more contrails would be around these areas yet they are not. Why? Because the atmospheric air in these areas is DRY, and does not allow contrails (ice (water) crystals to form). Yes, the planes are there but contrails can't form. There is no moisture in the air!!

Yet another perspective... IF again these contrails are experiments or undercover conspiracies to cause various effects on people (or whatever other conspiracy you decide upon) then why aren't there more efficient methods of making contrails. It seems to me that if I really wanted to make a contrail I would have at least 8 to 20 of those so called "contrail making devices" attached to just about every part of an airplane, making a big huge wide contail that would look like a superhighway from the start. Whats the use of having just a two contrail making devices instead of 20??? If I really wanted to keep this a secret why would I fly during the day. The air is still the same at night, I'd want to fly at night and create all the contrails and nobody would ever know that it was happening.

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