Subj: weather tap BLOBS
Date: 5/27/01 2:38:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Namaste Kent from Ft Worth,

The members of the YAHOO CHEMTRAILS TRACKING CLUB USA really appreciate your posting of the Extremely STRANGE radar image showing most of our nation covered in massive "rings + blobs" late Thursday night (May 24th) going into early Friday morning (25th)

Maybe some of your radar contacts could analyze this for us? I am also sending copies of the posts (below) made on the club that night discussing this image & possible correlations with current events. Thanks so very, very much for being here with us at this special time on Earth... May the Great Creator Bless you and yours in Peace & Harmony - rhonda

PS - Thanks much for digging out info re the l998 NUKING of  Mars' Cydonia face. The low-life Luciferian ET rep-demon entities controlling the NWO powermongers & their henchmen spook crowd must be freaking out that they are losing the grip. Resorting to such obvious on us this late in the game. 

Posts of 5/25/01 discussing Radar Blobs copied from Yahoo Chemtrail Tracking Club USA

60727 Huge Low Pressure Area in East  patsees 5/25/01 12:29 am
I've been reading all your posts about the strange skies and peculiar feeling you are having under that really bizarre and huge low pressure area, and the circular (!) jet stream over it. I have very bad intuitive feeling about that formation. Being in California I don't see it affecting us YET, but I was imagining what it would be like if that system grew to encompass the entire United States. To me, it seems clearly artifically created. Tonight on the Weather Channel the talking head was going on and on about the dangerous storms on the southern portion of that system, but not a word about the entire system and its unusual nature. Its very easy to see here:
Now, this evening (as usual) I see a few blobs forming adjacent to or in the system, not like the blobs we were accustomed to seeing before, but still there. What do you think of this theory? The bizarre weather systems in the mid-west (and now east) are being created by one faction, and the blobs are the attempt to stop them by another faction. Weather as a weapon, so to speak. Our language is no longer adequate to explain the bizarreness of our lives to day!

60728 Re: Huge Low Pressure Area in East  rick_m_la(M/Los Angeles)  5/25/01 12:41 am
Pat, look at weathertap right now - this is amazing! Whatever they tried to do to sanitize the blobs sure isn't working tonight. -Rick

60730 Re: Huge Low Pressure Area in East  patsees 5/25/01 12:56 am
Rick, I had just taken a look at weathertap before I came back here and saw your message.
When I was it, it made me scream!! OH MY GOD.I'm afraid it's going to be over soon. -

60731 Whoa - LOOK AT THIS!  gisgaia(44/Texas)  5/25/01
Was just reading Patsees' post about the huge low pressure center over US & blobs being sign of Weather Weapons or ??? Now - take a good look at this MIND BLOWING Radar Image filled with solid Blobs on Weather Tap right now!
Is it me or does it seem all of a sudden that things are just getting too weird!?! Who knows how to save this animated image for placing in a photo album or maybe on Yakadoo's site? I think they are firing all the GWEN Towers at once. Would love to have Flash Radar correlate this image with HAARP activity & ELF frequencies, etc right now... anyone have his contact info to get in touch with him? Another idea: if someone can save this anim image and put it somewhere accessible (or send to me in email attachment), I will forward it to Kent Steadman of ORBIT & see if he can have it analyzed by his team over there. Kent gets info from many many sources & this can certainly be very helpful in our investigations.

60733  patsees
hi gisgaia, i did save the weathertap animation. bizarre isn't the word for it, but there isn't a word for it that i know of!! i will send it to kent steadman. i was just thinking about doing that anyway when i read your post. synchronicity, yes! also, i just read at orbit about lightning hitting the white house yesterday! that massive storm has the potential to threaten tornadoes in washington d.c. apparently! no wonder faction two tries to put a stop to it with the "blobs." who is faction one?

60735 DiMaDuBo (51/F/Wayne, Michigan)
I think we are too late; maybe, this is the plan that has been discussed in the past of the takeover on a holiday weekend. I have not been able to get the herbs I need to take the heavy metal out of my system. Sure looks like this is a test and with the Vermont Senator making the announcement today, a good diversion.

60746 OT/Oh my gosh,look at the radar!!!  msswv123(37/F/North Carolina) 
I know there are some post from last night about it..haven't quite caught up,but LOOK at this map..I don't think I have ever seen it like this...and the weather system we had over us last night looked like a giant hurricane overhead, our weatherman described it as a giant merry go round in the sky...check this out...
---Guess what: Goes satellite down since the 22nd.... found this there:
>>Notice: May 22, 2001 We are having problem with our GOES 8 Groundstation. At this time, we do not yet know if we have a failed receiver card or some other sort of problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. <<

60751 simulatedstone(41/M/houston tx) 
Looking at the weathertap image I'm really blown away, what on earth is going on? The sky over Houston is absolutely the most unusual I have yet to see. Me thinks they have finally totally saturated the atmosphere with their little particles, the weather is out of control!

60756 tap map  webwitchzoie(40/F/usa) 
there is a new flash over the Montana Wyoming border. It seems to be in the same place as previous ones. Weirdest chittin map I have ever seen. 
60757  breezbyyou
very odd...what are those steaks that go opposite the rest? 

60758 rshelse(F/Ontario, Canada)
Hi ms! Lencam at Chemtrails over Canada has posted some satellite shots showing large numbers of "objects". Soon after, the satellite was "down". Maybe they don't want us to see something. Check out his posts #s 1257 & 1268 and check the pics under Chemtrails & UFO's:
60785 Re: Whoa - LOOK AT THIS!  lovebytexs(28/F/Pennsylvania)  5/25/01 12:39 pm
Here I am sitting UNDER the system... Solid white sky.. air feels heavy and low ... thunder sometimes with no rain...then intermittent downpours. Odd temps too.. Cold in the morning , hits 70s by afternoon.. evening cools down, and night hits low 40s.. Throughout the whole time.. SOLID WHITE SKY... I dont know whether to build an ARK .. or an underground shelter anymore.... Yes a very cold wnd is blowing in out of the SouthEast .. It is darker right now then it was at 7:00 am .. last time i saw a weather pattern like this..I lived in Florida and it was named ANDREW ! Forgot to mention also.. I have heard at least one plane every 20 minutes, they dont sound like the regular chem sprayers though ( there goes one now)... in the last couple hours.. My eyes and nose and sinus are burning like on a regular CHEMSPRAY onslaught ... Can't beleive anyone would be flying in or above or below the weather pattern we have.....unless of course theres a purpose...and there usually is.( theres another one now)..they sound very low..but cant be seen. Almost seems like they are circling a wide area. I have my handy digi-cam ready..If I see them.. you will..... Michelle~lea 

60793 Re: Whoa - LOOK AT THIS!  deltastarr2001 5/25/01
Lovebytex, I am having the exact kind of occurrence here in NW Louisiana! Whole different tactics and ingredients...massive amounts of particulate matter, filament strands, and residual, puny chems coming from Texas. Planes acting differently. Feeling extreme;ly ill since this new tactic...eyes, nose, and throat VERY irritated and sore bones and muscles, so bad, can hardly move! Blessings, Joanne  

60768 Re: Whoa - LOOK AT THIS!  karenj97(F/PA)  5/25/01 9:37 am
>>'...Radar Image filled with solid Blobs on Weather Tap...'<<
Dayum! Wish I had seen it. Guess this dispells the theories that the blobs are just a reflection of ground moisture, or that the techs are fine tuning equiptment. Can't all go off at the same time, now can they??- Karen

60777 Re: tap map  webwitchzoie(40/F/usa)  5/25/01 10:39 am
I just compared the tap map from today with one I had saved from 4/15/01 and the flash is in the same place. Any ideas? 

60778 Re: Oh my gosh,look at the radar!!!  deneb_althing 5/25/01 10:54 am
It's a giant Chem-Trailectronic blender mixer over US. No biggy, they come and go just like the many blobs in da mix. That should give the air a nice mayonaise density. BTW Anyone see any correlation with what they see in their sky and the unusual N-E to S-O streaks configuration on the map?