prediction on terrorist acts probability AUGUST 9 - 15 from interview

8/9/04 1:09:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Entirely plausible
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 3:34 PM
Subject: August 14-15 Prediction [Time Sensitive]

Is the August 14-15 prediction of a terrorist attack in Athens you made
on the show still on? If so, you might issue a warning to
everyone on

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August 8th 2004 at 11:55 AM


The US does not need another event in the USA. They accomplished
everything they wanted with 911, the complete lock-down of the people in this country
as well as several trillion dollars changing hands. The primary "incident"
would be counter productive if taking place here.

The problem the US faces now is the lingering hostility of the
international community as to what the US has already done with Afghanistan and then
Iraq. What is needed is an incident that will infuriate the International
community to be in line with the US furthering US objectives. An incident that will
create such a smoke cloud to allow the US to move full steam ahead in
wrapping up and finalizing their strategic plan.

So, try this scenario on for size:

1. August 9th at 6:57 AM, Israel takes out the Iranian Nuclear facility
with tactical assistance from US.

2. Iran staying true to its promises to launch an all out assault against
Israel and be at war with the USA if their nuclear facility is attacked,
starts mobilizing their forces at their borders to launch their all out assault
within ten days. It is noted that Iran will have to go through Iraq to hit

3. August 10th, 11th, and 13th, Israel and the USA are condemned as "the
bad guys"

4. The top USA network media on August 11th, 12th, and 13th will launch a
promoted and "created" statement from Iran, that being that Iran has said
"The international community will pay for having allowed Israel and the USA to
attack Iran," The media will make sure this statement is planted well in the
minds of all.

5. August 14th or 15th the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, a very
small plane launches at 3:05 PM from a covert location within 7 minutes fly time
from the opening ceremonies The flying plane just jots above the roof tops at
125 to 145 MPH making any fighter jets covering the skies above totally
ineffective for knocking it down and below radar.  The plane zeros in on
its target.

6.66. The plane hits its target and its payload explodes, that being
several gallons of Sarin gas or similar gas possibly also an Anthrax type
component or the like.

7. Horror and chaos at the Olympics 35-40% casualty rate and
simultaneously a few "token" events take place in the USA and other countries.

8. August 16th, the USA and Israel, with the short attention spans of the
populace is no longer the bad guy, and the international community now
frothing at the mouth in pure anger over the Olympics is masterfully feed the
culprit of this dastardly deed. The one that they heard several days earlier quoted
as saying "The international community will pay."  The syndicated US Media
and the "on the string" Political talking heads now clearly point at Iran as the
culprit that needs to be turned into a cinder, wiped off the face of the
earth for being such terrorist cowards. (worked great twice before, why not a third

9. August 17th, the Iranian forces hot and ready are 70% amassed at their
boarders preparing for the assault against Israel. Even though Iraq and
Iran were enemies in the past, the Iraqi people launch a full scale revolt against
occupying US Forces knowing Iran must go through Iraq to reach Israel. The
stage is now set with the Iraqi populace in full revolt and US forces in a
Hornet's nest, so that when Iran moves forward it may just pick up a few hundred
thousand, maybe a million additional fighters from Iraq in their assault
against Israel.

10. Israel and the US know that "if" the Iranian forces cross their
boarders, pick up Iraqi fighters, and others in their impending attack, that
Israel's conventional army cannot withstand a full out confrontation and will be
overrun rather quickly. Even the US force presence may not be able to stop that
from happening.

11. August 20th, the Iranian forces are 90% amassed and almost ready to go
on the move. Logistics and final equipment is being brought up to support the
move and the assault will commence within 48hrs.

12. Israel has only one "sure shot" way to wipe the forces opposing them
off the face of the earth. That being to launch a Nuclear strike at the
Iranian forces so conveniently amassed at the Iranian border before they move. The
media play has worked and 90% of the populace now believes the Iranians are the
bad guys behind the Olympics attack. Under normal circumstances, no way could
Israel get away with a preemptive strike, but the mood, atmosphere, smoke
screen, and blind aggression has now been focused for the international community
that allows them to do so. The USA cannot use their nuclear weapons, they
are a member of the MAD pact and repercussions would be swift. Israel is not.
Additionally, Israel cannot strike after the Iranian forces are on the
move being that the Iranian forces will be in the midst's and in conflict with US

13. August 21st or 22nd, Israel launches a precision nuclear strike
against the Iranian forces conveniently amassed and delivers a 70% casualty rate.

14. August 24th, Israel launches its second strike effectively knocking
out the remainder, or 85%.

15. September, October, November, US Forces with UN forces secure Iran,
finish off decent activities in Iraq and elsewhere The region though
maintains a volatile mix but any real potential threat has been neutered China and
Russia make the symbolic condemnations and hostile statements on the surface, but
beneath the scenes where consulted for conclusion prior to step #1 above.

16.66. US elections take place as scheduled, and as in all of history, no
country will make a regime change when a "volatile" war scenario is at
play, "the threat of a change is to great", George Bush wins the election for another
term, all threat-full mid-eastern countries have been neutralized, and
Homeland Security commander Tom Ridge gets a pay raise, with an expanded staff and
multi billion dollar budget increase to "protect". Freedom and Democracy
now marches forward. A bright new day comences for the regime. From the
regular people, the tears and fears are to many to count.

Well, you asked!