When Tempel got blasted the impact and reaction was so much greater than anticipated-- then the data all went covert which had many of us whispering, "uh-oh"...

Our former watch on TEMPEL Orbit

Deep Impact and Shoemaker-Levy 9

Another confusing aspect about Schwassmann Wachmann 3 has been the many Internet references to this entity as 76 P [why the widespread mixup on comet designation?]

Which brings up Deep Space One and its original mission Launched from Cape Canaveral to fly by comet 76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura in 2000 Here are some of my dated notes, alas, many offsite links no longer work:

You can go back in time on the simulator (use the back arrow and the YEAR selection) Check out where 73-P was the first time it brightened and broke up (AUG-NOV 1995) [another idea: was Deep Space 1 or other military spacecraft diverted to 73P?]

The first blasted comet on my watch was comet Linear which blew up and likewise blew the minds of astronomers.

Do we have hunt and destroy killer spacecraft out there or something else?

I once received a report of a ground-based maser, an extremely high wattage chemical maser; On the order of 4.5 terawatts... cooled by two 6500 gallon liquid helium tanks... with a reach of two AU!

Is there a NASA sleight of hand going on? Something DOES feel bizarre about this whole "incoming" scenario with both Tempel and 76 P are in the mixxed-up mix. I would not rule out the "fragged comet" theory, nor the NASA misdirection theory.