12/2/02 7:06:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

There was a war in Heaven, a third of the angels were cast down.  [Revelation chapter 12]


"And you will be like Gods, knowing Good from Evil."  Satan KNEW the issue was bound up in the sovereignty of the Creator God, Yahweh.


Picture this: 130,000 ascended masters, a good proportion of which have been able to--by hook or by crook--get themselves incarnated into this generation, because this TIME is where the show is going to take place. Babylon the Great is in power, and by means of her goods, technology thrives.


The continuation of the war has to do with, whether Physical reality--which is seen as cheap--should be USED for Subjective "gaming" in addition to, over and above, the "gaming" that occurs in the Subjective, which manifests creative intention visibly, but not as substance..

 It's not appropriate to manifest wars in Heaven, even if it IS fun. So, if they want to fight for fun, they have to come down here and do it. These angels who bolted want to play, and they want to have no consequences for their playtime, in the Subjective. Is this theme familiar?

 Do we know about playing around and getting back no consequences? Has this come up before? I think so.

130,000 souls familiar with the Ennead incarnated--brilliant minds--and began inventing the very technologies that would win their point and their war against God--that He could NEVER contain them nor stop them from having their experiences--the experiences they wanted.

In the Global Gestalt, it says, " It must be stated emphatically that in order for the public to be informed of new and accurate information and to gain greater perceptive faculties on which to make decisions, they must be prepared to rid themselves of all past thought patterns and preconceptions, and in a child-like manner surrender the mind to receive new, novel and unexpected revelations. There seems to be no other way at this time. "

The salient element here is, "rid themselves of all past thought patterns." It is unlikely, given the character of the Illuminati, that they would divest of their long-held intentions.

The apostle Paul said the very same thing to his friends in Ephasus: " ... we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places." It's the same battle, 200,000 years later. The same heavenly agents are smarter than mere men; they can have their way for a long time.

The only thought pattern that will work now, is the Truth. Everything else is just stuff. The media, the government, and industry all forego Truth because it brings up too much competition for resources--which they now see as finite. Besides, they want to limit access to the resources, to themselves, as true predators always do.

Your friend also said, "try to recognize the state-of-the art social engineering being consciously or unconsciously aimed at the entire planet, ... "

Few individuals are going to recognize it. Few humans there are, who can "fill in the empty spaces" between what is presented and what is actually true. In order for humanity to grapple successfully with this conflict, we would all have had to have taken graduate level courses in analytical methods---how to read between lines, fill in missing details, and intuit what we do not know by first-hand evidence.

This is why the Cube returned--that Ezekiel saw and reported in his chapter 9--coming back to do what He said He would do.

We are witnessing Armageddon, nothing more, nothing less.

The "rebels" will be relegated to "the lake of fire," whatever that is, and then Peace will return to this planet, not due to the machinations of men, but rather, due to the END of that War, begun 200,000 years ago, in the Subjective.

We humans, our civilizations, our institutions are truly nothing but the collateral damage in this very savage and long-running War over "Who's in charge of Creating, and who just has to go along with the program?"

The Illuminati are born of the sacred into the profane; and they want to dominate God and His Creation. They will not prevail, else Yahweh is NOT "God".


Date: 12/2/02 6:04:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

Remember, there are 3 surfaces, and they experience different SETS of physical rules.

Our layer, the Underworld, experiences cause-and-effect over time which is marching FORWARD. The Physical, which you have to be annointed into, experiences Values, History, Thoughts & Relationships with God's Presence.

The Subjective, "Heaven," is a place, as a holodeck, where a person's mind manifests instantly, whatever they think of. This means people must create common mental constructions in order to have places to meet. Therefore, in order to do THAT, they search their Past for structures they remember in common.

Stonehenge is a structure which many advanced minds remember in common. It is the focal point, for many Souls, of their experiences here.


This account is part fact and part fiction; however, it does describe what the HAARP grid is doing to our planet. It is possible, there is no way to undo the damage, that the grid is creating. But that's the whole point anyway: they want to destroy the physical and underworld; for by doing that, they will not have to deal with their own fears.

I think the Cube, being predominantly a Subjective reality, is having an effect on the memory of the Subjective Dimension. And they are manifesting into our Dimension, to get our attention.

Yes, I think destroying the entire spectrum of experience from physical to objective, is the point of the whole Illuminati experience, who want to remain clueless and innocent in the Subjective, and only USE the Physical and Objective for THEIR video games.