11/4/02 12:50:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

Excerpts from Oct 23 post at:

"A promise was made a few months back: "Hands of Earth to swallow
arrays and all traces"

Alaska has suffered a major quake in recent hours. The HAARP site
located there has sustained major damage. It will not survive that
which follows. The same will hold true for all HAARP sites. This
technology will not be allowed to continue as planned. The New Order
masters are now being countered by forces beyond their control. They
were warned. Intervention is underway. Full exposure of their past and
planned atrocities on the human race will not be averted.....Now seen,
a war of intervention. Promises empowered for the keeping. Stand ready
for the promised flood of hidden truths and the proof thereof."

This prediction is astonishing in light of the second quake and UFO.
I haven't seen any mention of this at Orbit so I'm passing it on to you.
My apologies if this has been sent to you a zillion times already.

NOTE: at 11/3/2002; 16:51:07 Alaska Time; 11/4/2002; 01:51:07 UTC. Looks like part o' the beast is still standing. Any other internal damage? Operations Bldg? Sleuths?

Date: 11/4/02 4:27:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

Pretty good graphic confirmation of HAARP coming unstrung! HA! I just KNEW there had to be SOMEbody on our side!

Quake Map

Map Overlays

*Sat Anomaly