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TALL AL WARKA is along a Becker-Hagens earth grid line: it's the line
between points 01 and 12.  I call it the 01-12 grid line because the
first closest node is 01, and the second closest is 12.  TALL AL WARKA
is only 1.9 heading degrees away from the actual 01-12 line.  How far
away from the line is it in miles?  What?  Do you want everything?
Uh... I'm in a hurry: it's at least 15 miles away from the actual 01-12
line, OK?  But magnetically speaking, it's still significant.  I can
produce a list of hundreds of objects along this 01-12 grid line,
including Jerusalem, but I have a feeling, hardly anyone will really
cherish that special list of points.  I'll give it to you if you really
want it... Either way, you simply can't ignore the grid idea here, since
most of the pyramids in Egypt all fall along a B-H grid line, like all
of Mesopotamia was part of some Gaia power plant.

Usual name: Uruk
Biblical: Erech
or just use the phrase: Tall Al Warka'

Ruin of ziggurat of E-anna at Uruk:

By far the best thumbnail page for Eanna at Uruk:

Uruk ziggurat and White Temple to Anu, ca. 3000 (drawings):

The History of the Ancient Near East

Location of Tall Al Warka (Type RUIN, ancient ruins):
Longitude E 45° 39'
Latitude N 31° 19'

Location of Al Warka (Type ANS, ancient site):
Longitude E 45° 36'
Latitude N 31° 19'

Uruk-Warka Collection of the Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory

Historical Tourism page includes the "Warka" ziggurat:

This page includes the Ziggurat of Ur, and a whole slew of other photos:
...above link comes from http://home.tiscali.dk/8x036176/geoghist.htm

More text/photos about the Ziggurat in Ur, and nearby locations:

Cute little map: click on links for more Ziggurat info:


Kent, now that I had time to look at all the named points in Iraq, I
attached a text file that's precisely formatted so that the numbers will
line up when a monospaced font is used.  I excluded cities so the list
wouldn't get too long.

It turns out the Ziggurat of Ur is WAY closer to the 01-12 Becker-Hagens
earth grid line than the Erech/Tall Al Warka' location.

By the way, for the TYPEs of places used, they're not hard to figure
TMB is 'tomb'
ISL is 'island'
FT is 'fort'
RUIN means what it says
ANS is 'ancient site'
CMP is a 'camp'
DSRT is a 'desert'
OIL? Refers to an oil-related site (pipeline, junction, field)

Now that that's out of the way, I'm trying to read more of your story,
to figure out more secrets.  Maybe there's a hidden object in Iraq that
the US government is after.  It reminds me of the Black Stone (Mecca)
which was taken away by the Al-Qaraaamitah for about 20 years (see

Speaking of Black Stones, there is a Sarsen stone in the middle of St.
Mary's church in Eversley, in the U.K.  This church was apparently built
AROUND this stone!  Amazing, eh?

Here's more info about St. Mary's Church in Eversley, borough of
Hampshire, in U.K.

Eversley's Sarsen stone is mentioned here:

Location Info:
- Postal Code: RG27 (first part)
- Grid Ref: SU779608
- Lat-DMS: N51:20:27
- Lon-DMS: W00:52:59
- Lat-Deg: 51.34083333333
- Lon-Deg: -0.88305555555

Nearest train station to church: Sandhurst Train Station, 3.6 mi.

Becker-Hagens grid info for the church:
TC_diff value: -19.64

Aerial photo of church (COOL NEW feature of multimap.com!):

Street map of church:


Thinking out loud again, Kent: see my note at

Since the Egyptian pyramids seem to line up along the "second side" of
this earth grid triangle (the 01-21 line), I figured I better check out
Yemen and Oman.

The ruins in Yemen didn't turn out to be along the earth grid, but I hit
the jackpot with Oman!  Attached in the file is a list (in UNICODE
) of RUINS along the 21-12 earth grid line.

Now: how much you wanna bet that some of the RUINs in Oman are mounds or
ziggurats or pyramids of some sort?  If some of these are mounds of some
sort, you end up with a HUGE triangle of mound-like structures that end
up surrounding Saudi Arabia.

It's only natural that I suggest these ruins were somehow connected in
the past.  In some way.