Subj: Dat-dat-da-DAT-da-DA! CHARGE! Fighting for site 41VT98!
Date: 1/16/02 11:02:15 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, you knew I was goin' to spring into action about Victoria Barge
Canal and 41VT98, didn't you?  Cheers!  Hope all the secrets get dug up!

Read Excerpt from this site:
Channel to Victoria -
A mowing contract was awarded in February 2000 at a cost of $28,300.
A series of archeological services contracts were issued during FY 00
for continued cultural resources work at Channel to Victoria Barge Canal
sites 41CL59, 41CL76, and 41VT98. Continued artifact analysis and
processing (FY 00 total of $280,854) was conducted for site 41CL59,
which was initially excavated under full data recovery mitigation in FY
97. Site 41CL59 is an extensive prehistoric shell and earth midden with
an occupation range dating from 400 B.C. to A.D.  1000.  Archeological
site 41CL76 is located just upstream from 41CL59. The site was tested
for National Register of Historic Places eligibility during FY 99 for a
total cost of $61,233. Post-testing work, including preparation, review,
and approval of the final report of investigations, indicates that
41CL76 is eligible for National Register- and will require data recovery
excavations prior to it's eventual demise due to ongoing bankline
erosion along the Barge Canal. Initial data recovery excavations were
launched during the last quarter of FY 00 for site 41VT98. The site has
been identified as Archaic Period (ca. 2,500-3,500 B.C.) cemetery and
occupation site. Data recovery (field work) excavations were issued
under a separate delivery order for a total of $526,808. Excavations are
planned to continue through FY 01, followed by post- fieldwork artifact
analysis and report preparation that will be conducted throughout FY 01
and upcoming fiscal years 02-03.

NEATO Map of Victoria Barge Canal area is here (may be copyrighted):

Photo of Victoria Barge Canal is here (may be copyrighted):

Excerpt from
During the summer of 1995, Prewitt & Associates, Inc., under contract to
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, undertook testing
along the Victoria Barge Canal in Victoria and Calhoun Counties, Texas.
Archival research and testing identified the antebellum Blair farmstead
along the shores of Green Lake. The farmstead represents one of the only
surviving part of an elite community which had been established
beginning in 1846, and which lasted until the onset of the Civil War. As
an historian described it, "Green Lake was once the locality of a
neighborhood characterized [Session by] wealth, social standing of the
residents and culture. Here elegant residences were erected, and much
refined taste, expense, and labor were expended in ornamenting the yards
and grounds of some of these . . . . "Not a vestige of the settlement
now remains . . . and long horns' browse where once exotic plants
received intelligent and assiduous care." (Rose 1962:30).

Ballpark coordinates of DuPont/Victoria-Barge site 41VT98:
28°38'N, 96°56'W

...and what does that area look like?  Photo 'victoriabarge2' is
attached.  It's in what some would call the "boonies", right?  Just give
us a more exact area to "fly over", and you'll get a better photo of the
archaeological site.

...and what does MapQuest think of the area?  They won't let you get
that close, man.  The best they can do is in photo 'gex_victoriabarge'.

CHARGE!  Will that help, Kent?  Go, go, go, people!  Save the buried
secrets in 41VT98 before it's too late!  And don't forget about sites
41CL59 and 41CL76, too.  For more help, we'll have to painfully wait for
more exacting details from the "archaeological guy".


Sometimes there are
questions appropriate for Wayne and Kay at Lady Kadjina so I throw them
out to get clues for you.  Sometimes, they get answered.  We're all just
beginning to see the powerful forces of good out there in the universe,
and your site is one of the great ones out there to open people's eyes
and mind.  Let us never be in dispair again about our future.  Oh no,
let's hook our brains up to the beneficial and bright light of
consciousness out there.  Sometimes I'm not even sure how to put the
words together.]

[Keep in mind: that Victoria Barge story is almost directly related to
that Oklahoma archaeology story ( &, showing the amazing knowledge
that a former race had.  This Phoenician furnace was BULLDOZED OVER and
shown at this link.  I'm
also the one who sent Wayne this question at This
cover-up is a feeble attempt to keep your viewers from knowing that AN
AVANCED RACE USED TO LIVE HERE ON EARTH.  Hopefully we won't see more
coverups like this.  There are too many people interested in this stuff.
Eventually we'll say ENOUGH!  And the people will no longer accept
having their minds RULED by our government.  It's time to re-learn about
our own willpower.]
Wayne: Your mention above that humanity must face its many shadows
brings forth a very pointed question regarding our governments today. It
seems clear that many events are being controlled by a global shadow
government that operates through many fingers that seem to be outside
the influence of specific world governments. I would like to think that
these will be exposed and eradicated, but am frustrated as to how and
when. Can you shed any light on this large shadow?

The shadows that we speak of are more than just the shadows of a shadow
government. The shadow government came into being because the people
themselves were not standing within the framework of their personal
power. The only way to deal effectively with shadow governments-and here
we are referring to the socio-political-economic factors globally-is for
individuals to reclaim their personal power to the point that they know
that no matter what the shadow government does, it will not affect them.
This is what is meant by taking the poisons of the Earth and not being

Upgrade the meaning of the word 'poison.' It is more than just a
physical toxic substance; it is poisoned thoughts, poisoned emotions,
poisoned courage and stamina. It is a matter of individuals reorienting
their personal selves to the point that they are not ruled by a
Church-the Church is merely a tool that they use to gain spiritually and
that they are not ruled by a government -the government is a tool that
they can use to disburse needs to all peoples world-wide. And this is
the meaning, the real meaning, of New World Order, or One World
Government. We realize that the shadow government right now is in
control of goods, wealth and the disbursement thereof. But as humans
worldwide reclaim their personal power, and elevate it to touch to the
good of the whole of humanity, and shine their lights upon the shadows,
then and only then will the shadows dissipate.

This means that individuals can no longer simply sit with their hands
folded in prayer, but instead will require participation in many fields
of activity and to start where they are on a grassroots level-and to do
it in the communities where they are. What do you think would happen if,
once people in and around Tucson saw how well the wetlands system at
Milagro works, and contractors saw it as something that people really
want and began to clamor for that system, and bombarded City Hall? City
Hall would then get its rear in gear. You are very much like those
ancient kings anchoring a particular kind of energy so that those who
come behind you can work off of that energy that has been set in place.
Can you see better how this all works? It is for this very reason so
important for like-minded individuals, who are wanting the same things,
to link together and support each other, sharing information and

This is the very reason we are pushing Kay so hard to network people and
to find individuals able to respect one another's point of view, free of
the need to lambaste each other if viewpoints differ. This is the reason
we would like to see you put links on your website to other beings who
have similar interests as you do. And this is also a reason why Kay
needs to have her own website. She needs to learn how to do this. If she
needs to go to computer school to learn how to do this, then so be it.
Once she gets her website up and running, you can link yours to hers. I
am expressing myself through her, but she needs to learn to express
herself. She needs to learn to become more co-creative with me, and this
is not happening. She has become dwarfed and overwhelmed by me and the
work that you and I do, which is not her personal field of interest. She
cannot even discuss with other people what you and I talk about. While
it serves a great and noble purpose, we must protect her from being
swallowed up. And this is the bottom line why she is not moving her book
forward. It is a matter of self-confidence. And if on her own website
she placed herself center-front, she will gain the confidence that she

Wayne: One of Kay's friends, Max Tobin, has asked a question about the
coming of advanced fuel technology. He says, "I have been told of the
work of one Stanley Meyer and the development of advanced fuel
technology based upon spirit revelations. This involves splitting water
and combusting the hydrogen & oxygen, energy input is reputed to be
vastly less than output. I am told it is proven technology, I should
like to know more if any one can help. Also along similar lines, any
work on developing applications of Schoberger's implosion technologies."

I have just read this question from Kay's friend Max and simply wish to
point out that the American government has officially switched from
supporting 80-mile per gallon gasoline engines to fuel cells. There are
so many ramifications to this whole scene that are not known to the
general public. The proposed Afghanistan oil and gas pipeline is doomed
and will fail (Wayne's comment: in spite of the Bushmen's attempt at
waging war there). There is great movement to stop exploitation of
Mother Earth for self gain. Technology is now in place to have cars that
go as fast and far as those you currently have much more efficiently and
less polluting. There are so many diabolical schemes being inflicted
upon the peoples of the world by many world governments working hand in
hand with one another.

The return of the Planet X (Nibiru) is not going to be as cataclysmic as
many are suggesting and fearing. It is called a heralding star for a
reason. It is a huge technological ship. It comes and goes as needed. It
is directed by beings. In other words, it is steered, maneuvered,
controlled. And yes, these great ships can, if they choose, revamp or
reconstruct a planet, but only if they choose. That is not the choice as
of now. They will rearrange certain sectors of Planet Earth, but not
nearly as dire as what many believe. As an example, years ago cobalt
therapy, when directed on the human form, hit for example the entire
chest wall -everything. Today, it has become more like a laser-beam
technology, very precise and pinpointed. It is much like this in the now
of time with Planet X. The task force that is coming your way comes with
precision engineering, high tech to the max. So in answer to Max, he is
absolutely right on.

And for those on the spirit side of life, it is our priority agenda. We
of the light have put our shoulder to the grind, and it is now mandated
that these new technologies shall be released now. It is also mandated
that the new financial systems world-wide be implemented now. We told
you some time ago that there was a master soul at the helm of the
European markets, so Europe is now a done deal. And the United States
shall follow suit, and they shall do it now, this year. It is mandated
that new ways of doing things be set in place even though not fully
implemented, prior to mid-summer of 2003. While not all systems will not
be fully implemented, the structure will be in place, the plans will be
approved and the agenda will be clearly defined. And yes, beings of a
more democratic nature, whether Democratic, Republican, or Third Party,
will take over Congress in the next election. Behind the scenes are the
death throws of a great and powerful struggle, each side of government
wanting to dominate. We are not speaking here of political parties, but
rather agendas-agendas to dominate and control the people.

So once again we say, move fearward and you will go forward. Conquer
your fears, your personal fears. Empower your personal self for the
highest good of people everywhere and the diabolical schemes will not
touch you.

Wayne: I assume that this new technology included electromagnetic and
anti-gravity that we know already exists will also be also implemented.
Yes, these also, even though some may not be fully implemented, the
structure, program, and agenda will be in place to assure this.

Wayne: You mentioned the U.S. monetary system will be changing. Can you
be more specific about the type of change and how it will affect us?

The restructuring in the United States is going to be more equitable for
all peoples. Right now, in a savings account in a bank, you have a very
small percentage interest and the banks then loan it out at very high
rates, particularly the credit card rates, which are often controlled by
the financial parts of these institutions.  The ratio and proportion of
what they pay versus what they charge is out of whack. The changes to
come about will tend to equalize the percentiles straight across the
board to prevent homeowners from paying three times for a house or twice
for a car. When this happens, the power structures of the great banks
will no longer be calling the shots. The impoverished areas of the inner
cities will receive equal considerations as the high-rise, high tech
regions of the cities. It will slow down the runaway affluency of many
corporations, giving shareholders more of a voice. Yes, you will still
have a dollar, but it will become worth a dollar again by the
stabilization of interest rates. The banking institutions are working
off a diabolical pyramid scheme, which for the common man has been
declared illegal, but for them, they still use it.

Wayne: There is another question from a reader, Bill N:
Remote-viewer Aaron C. Donahue has drawn a sketch of a
Xenotransdimensional beacon (x-beacon) at this site: Can you tell us more about this device,
its purpose, and who is controlling it?

The x-beacon is very real and is a facilitator for both emergence into a
dimension and an entrance through a dimension. In a sense, it unlocks a
portal door into and out of dimensions. The x-beacon is under the
control of those of the light. It is multi- purpose and multi-functional
in that it clears the way of passage for individuals as well as groups
of individuals and also for ships of passage. It functions somewhat,
energetically speaking, as a lighthouse at the port of entrance,
allowing safe passage. It is beneficent in nature and an energetic
facilitator for the good of humanity as a unit. In other words, it
cannot be used for the gain of individuals or groups for
self-aggrandizement. This x-beacon is for planetary good and for
planetary stabilization. This is the reason that the technological
aspects cannot be expounded upon at this time. We merely wish you to
know of the beneficent nature of available help to all of you. As we say
many times, there is a great deal of help going on behind the scenes
that as yet you know little or nothing about.

Wayne: Are these devices physical in nature, or more on the etheric
planes? They are etheric -physical in nature. They can only be seen with
those with the vision. Yet things such as gamma rays-photons, electrons,
electromagnetic fields- can be picked up by technical equipment such as
possessed by ELFRAD, for instance. The thing is, they won't know exactly
what it is that they have keyed into. So here we have given them a clue.

Also, we would make another final comment before we leave you. That you
are now in a timeframe where you will find many unexplainable objects
appearing and disappearing and flitting here and there, through the
vision of your telescope. This is the precursor and preparation for the
arrival of the 'biggies' next year.

Wayne: Do these x-beacons have specific locations, and if so, where?
Most of them move around at will in the outer stratosphere beyond the
range of your telescopes. They can hide behind electromagnetic shields;
they can position themselves behind the moon, not on the moon, but we
refer only to line of vision. There are several stations behind the line
of vision of the planet Venus. And so what is happening is they pop out
at you to say 'hello' and then they return to their undisclosed hiding
places, if you would.

They have all manners of sensory devices on board and can do almost
instantaneous input readings of anything whatsoever upon this planet.
They can do emotional reads of the population, of volcanic activity, and
quake activity. One of the interesting things going on right now is the
constant spraying of the chemtrails, which is a daily thing. The reason
being is we have our windshield wipers going full speed. We clear it
away on a daily basis. We are siphoning it off. Remember, the ozone
layer was put in place by us, to protect us from you, not to protect you
from the Sun. The Sun is your Mother and your friend. The Sun's energy
hits upon particles that you yourselves have placed in your atmosphere,
and hence it works like a magnifying glass that can burn a hole in a
piece of tissue paper. The Sun herself didn't do it. If the magnifying
glass hadn't been there, there would have been no harm done. So, if all
of the particles in your atmosphere were not in place to act as
condensers to redirect the Sun's energy, there would be no need at all
to fear the Sun.