Subj: Vril Disc photos: direct links
Date: 6/23/01 1:56:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time


"click on the red logo, then on ... (when the mega page has finished loading)."

Hi Kent,

Here are the direct links. I guess the author won't like it, but neither do I like "no right click"-restrictions and pages I can't show to others.

some pics

I can't decide which weighs heavier, respect to the author for a great site or information's need to flow.

I will link directly, with respect.


What I've found quite heavy and, if true, a good example of "mixed technology", was the photo of the Adamski type saucer sporting Machine gun turrets, at the page.

I thought the Adamski craft thing was "proven" to be fake by, but maybe ...oops, the took it off the server! But it's still at

There are the "construction plans": Vril 7 construction plan (bad copy)


oh, this gives to think: "from secret Reichs-German SS Archives", but "Aussenpanzerung: Unbekannt" (outer armor: unknown) at the "Andromeda Geraet" drawing ...

And other unbekannt's like hovering ability / time ("Stillschwebefaehigkeit"). Well, maybe maximum not tested yet - but type of outer armor?

Wouldn't we suppose that there are no unknowns in this kind in "official" documents? This clearly is an a posteriori assumption, not a document of that time.

Seems more than a Amercian lone nut made a "Reichs German Archives" stamp on a lone German nut's museful drawing of an assumption and took it for official because it was really German. To me, it looks a little naive.

Of course, stuff of this kind is easily fabricated. As a child, I loved to draw cunstruction plans for machines that existed only in my nebulous imagination...

Sad that the "document" at,,

follows the same style of writing. This time "official stamp" "SS - Top Secret" on it. One time the document creator says he doesn't know, the next time he claims it's official. Clear indication of fabrication to me.

This doesn't mean at all that those discs don't exist just like in the fake dokument.

This just means that this is not the document to prove it.