Subj: V Putin
Date: 11/20/01 8:05:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent
I have been reading your "putinrantz" commentary between you and your coresearchers. Man this guy "Mr. Putin" has always triggered my instincts and intuition. I can never lock on to what specifically bothers me about him. There is that cold and sinister look in the eyes....
Anyways as you know V Putin was in Texas with U.S Prez banging heads.  Who knows what they were really discussing? It's on record that Russia is not pleased with the missile defense systems and I am positive there is more than meets the eye there (Think ETs). But not long after V Putin went back home severe floods and tornadoes start in Texas. Coincidence? or.. Weather control and manipulation? Do you think its a little reminder that Russia is still in the game so to speak and not happy with U.S.?  The farmers say the rains were much needed although there were some citizens who drowned so it can be looked at as both helpful and harmful.
Then I see that theres been a plane crash in Russia
As if the U.S. responded saying "Hey you want to play hard ball"  then used a little scalar EM physics to bring the plane down.
I know Mr Bush was trying to act extremely cocky and confident at the televised appearance he gave with Mr Putin at a Texas Highschool when they were together. Bush came off  as almost rude and arrogant (he kept calling a young student "red" because he was blushing from nervousness as he asked the president a question, once was funny the second time was just plain mean) It came off as if he had to show how strong and powerful and in command he was. And you tend to only see that behavior in someone who has been threatened in some manner. Sorta the equivalent off the primal animal defense of puffing up to look bigger.
I am going totally off intuition and psychic hits no specific source of inside info. I just know your on to something investigating Vlad Putin.
I will keep searching with you and see what turns up!!!
Thanks for all your hardwork
Rob C
P.S. Ohh heres a little part of an interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek on meeting with Russian scientists and their ability to control weather which I thought was very interesting.
" Vadim: My question is related to your environmental cleansing program. I am from Russia. Since the former Soviet Union is one of the largest areas that was polluted by nuclear power, I'd like to know if you have had any experience in your environmental cleansing program in dealing with nuclear pollution?

Drunvalo: No. We have only theorized, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work, but we have not had any direct experience. I did sit down with two government scientists from Russia and talk about this in great detail in Holland. And they showed me what they were doing and you guys are way more advanced than we are. I mean you’ve been doing this since the early 70’s and according to them, you can control the weather totally. She was telling me that using computers you can pick out a field, any shaped field and have it rain just on that field and not one inch outside of it. And then in 1976 the United Nations passed laws against this, there is now international laws against weather control, because both the United States and Russia were about to use it as a method of war.

When I met with your scientists they came out of pure love and we met there in Holland and then both of them just laid down everything that they had done, and then we shared everything that we had done because we were looking at it as how to help the world. All of the physical side of what we have done is based on different wrappings of coils. Which is the same thing that Russia has done also, except that Russia has developed the most beautiful and awesome coil that we have ever seen."  ENDQUOTE